Magical Halloween Theater Part One (Prologue-Part 5)

Jan 14th, 2018
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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Prologue
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. Witch: .......!!
  5. Kaede: Fuyuuu!! This attacks...!? What should I do...? (At this rate, I'll...I'll...)
  7. ???: Leave this to me!
  9. Karin: To the magical girl born from Halloween, Magical Karin!
  11. Kaede: Karin-chan!
  12. Karin: Oh magical candies, come out from within my hat and fly! Now, Akino Kaede! Recite the spell to me!
  13. Kaede: Yeah! Trick or Treat!
  14. Karin: Wrong!
  15. Kaede: Eh, oh, that's right! Trick and treat!
  16. Karin: Umu! TRICK AND TREAT! If you give me candy, I'll cause mischief. Mischief where I defeat the witch! Eat this! This is the power of candies containing magical energy! Candy Death Squall!!
  17. Witch: ...!?!?!?
  20. Kaede: Fufuu, as long as you have those candies, no enemies are a match for you Karin-chan.
  21. Karin: It can be pebbles or anything, I just need to have them in my hands. What I just used earlier was gravel I wrapped in a bag too.
  22. Kaede: Huh, so that's what it was. But you know, Karin-chan
  23. Karin: Nn? What is it?
  24. Kaede: You don't really feel very Halloween-like.
  25. Karin: Eh...!? T, That's not true! I am the magical girl born from Halloween. Besides, I made sure that the name of my attacks and the equipment I use match too!
  26. Kaede: H--m, that might be true, but... But, I don't know...I wonder if it's because I've heard you say Halloween ever since we met but even though this year's Halloween is so close, I don't really feel like there's an event going on or um...
  27. Karin: ..........
  28. Kaede: Ah, sorry! I didn't mean it in a bad way, okay!?
  29. Karin: I...I...can only hear it meant in a bad way!!
  30. Kaede: Auau...
  32. Karin: Last year's Halloween... Ever since I tried to save my grandma by pretending to be the "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin" who was in the manga I loved so much, I've been fighting as the magical girl born from Halloween for all this time.
  35. Karin: (But, that being said...) It's true, I don't really feel like anything's special since I kept saying it all year...What a shock...
  38. CG: Every year, Halloween arrives in the fall, overflowing with people dressed in costumes and candy.
  39. One girl will work for this day.
  40. We'll all make this play succeed!
  42. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  43. Part One
  44. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  45. Karin: Even though I'm a magical girl born from Halloween, I don't feel like Halloween...No, I'm not going to worry about it...That's...right...That's just something Kaede-chan said...
  47. Karin: (But, it makes me worry...)
  48. Alina: .........
  49. Karin: ........Senpai...Alina-senpai. A--LI--NA--SE--N--PAI!
  50. Alina: SHUT UP! Alina's concentrating on her art! The acrylic gouache will dry up very quickly so she'd like you to keep quiet!
  51. Karin: That doesn't matter!
  52. Alina: It does, but...So, what?
  53. Karin: You'll listen?
  54. Alina: It's fine.
  55. Karin: Do you think that I don't seem like a Halloween magical girl?
  56. Alina: ...You really don't.
  57. Karin: ..............!?
  58. Alina: To Alina, you're a 14 year old aspiring manga artist that's bad at art. As a magical girl, you're an annoying one that mentions Halloween every single day. Yes, that's it, the end.
  59. Karin: What do you think I should do?
  60. Alina: ...........Shh shh.
  61. Karin: Alina-senpai...
  62. Alina: ..............
  63. Karin: ALINA-SENPAI!
  64. Alina: ............
  65. Karin: Uu...
  68. Karin: Just like I thought, I'm basically a magical girl that just says Halloween... What should I do to make myself seem more Halloween...? I don't know...
  70. Karin: H---------m...Hhhhhhhhhuuu-----ummmmm...Hm, hm, hm...Nothing comes to mind... (Magical Kirin's manga felt like Halloween because the stories just happened to be about Halloween...But...I just keep saying Halloween) just kept doing the same thing, so of course it doesn't feel like an event anymore...
  72. SE: Knock knock
  74. Karin: Yes...?
  75. Karin's Grandma: Kari--n-chan.
  76. Karin: Grandma... What is it?
  77. Karin's Grandma: There's a big favor I wanted to ask you, Karin-chan, but will you listen?
  78. Karin: Nn? What is it?
  79. Karin's Grandma: At the next children's group meeting, they're going to have a Halloween event, right? I thought we could perform a play there.
  80. Karin: A play...
  82. Karin: A play...
  84. Karin's Grandma: And
  85. Karin: THAT'S IT!!
  86. Karin's Grandma: Eh, what's wrong!?
  87. Karin: I'll do a play!
  90. Karin: I'm Halloween all year long. But, on Halloween day itself I'll do some kind of event...! And if I do that, then there'll be some kind of meaning to me being a magical girl born from Halloween!
  92. Karin's Grandma: That's a relief, I wanted to ask you to do that for me.
  93. Karin: Yeah, leave it to me! As a magical girl born from Halloween, I'll make sure it succeeds!
  94. Karin's Grandma: A magical girl...?
  95. Karin: Ah, I'm just talking to myself.
  96. Karin's Grandma: Is that so? Then I'll let the children's group know, so I'll leave it to you.
  97. Karin: Yeah!
  99. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  100. Part Two
  101. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  102. SE: Scritchscritchscritch...
  104. Karin: (Alright, I'll just change this story...)
  106. SE: Patterpatterpatter
  108. Alina: Ahh-- no good... This isn't the color I had in mind at all...
  110. SE: Scritchscritchscritch...
  112. Karin: (And if Karin makes her appearance here...)
  114. SE: Patterpatterpatter
  116. Alina: Tch, this is a failed work... Alina can't forgive this...
  118. SE: Biribiribiri!
  120. Karin: It's done!!
  121. Alina: It's not done though!
  122. Karin: Ehh!?
  123. Alina: Oh, so when you said "it's done", you were referring to another badly drawn manga?
  124. Karin: No! The script for the play I'm going to perform this Halloween is done! Also, my manga is not badly drawn either!
  125. Alina: Hm---m... So it's a continuation of the last conversation we had about Halloween, right? You're saying you want to at least do something special on the day of the holiday, is that it? Well, seems a bit last minute, but it should be alright. Anyway, Alina's going to go home now, since her brush isn't in the mood either.
  126. Karin: Um, this time the story's going to go like this!
  127. Alina: Alina thought she told you that she's going home though.
  129. Karin: On the night of Halloween...
  130. A devil woman and her servant demons, a cow and a wolf, appeared in a certain village.
  131. The devil and demons had "magical foci" that could steal life energy and they were trying to make people to suffer.
  132. But a lone knight appeared there, in order to rescue them.
  133. But, even that knight found himself in peril!
  134. And then the magical girl born from Halloween, "Magical Karin" went to where everyone was, cast her magic over her candies, defeated the demons and the witch to save everyone!
  136. Alina: I don't really get it, but...It's almost an exact copy of that Phantom Thief Girl Magical Kirin you like so much...
  137. Karin: It's an homage! A way for me to show my respect for the work!
  138. Alina: It's not like Alina feels like butting in or anything. She just thinks you should do your best as much as possible. Later. Seems like gathering people and whatnot is going to be a lot of work though.
  139. Karin: Ehh...Gathering people...! ....I didn't even think about that...I've done nothing except drawing and writing manga so I don't have that many friends...Oh, but maybe...
  142. Kaede: Karin-chan, you don't really feel very Halloween-like.
  145. Karin: There is...I might as well get her to help me!
  147. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  148. Part Three
  149. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  150. Kaede: Karin-chaaa--n
  151. Karin: Ah, Kaede-chan!
  152. Momoko: Yo, long time no see, Karin-chan.
  153. Rena: How've you been?
  154. Karin: Thanks for coming with her, Togame-senpai and Minami-senpai.
  155. Kaede: So, what's up?
  156. Karin: The thing is, since we talked about that Kaede-chan, I made a decision!
  157. Kaede: We talked about?
  158. Karin: That I'm not very Halloween-like.
  159. Momoko: Hey, Kaede... You said something like that...?
  160. Kaede: Eh, um, I really wasn't trying to be mean or anything, but...
  161. Rena: There's some things you shouldn't tell someone, even if they're true.
  162. Momoko: Heeey, Rena!
  163. Karin: ...........
  164. Rena: But she already said it, so Rena thought it'd be okay.
  165. Momoko: No, it's not...
  166. Karin: But, I'm don't mind anymore. I decided!
  169. Momoko: Ohh--, a play!
  170. Kaede: Sounds like fun!
  171. Karin: A magical girl that performs a play only on Halloween! That's how I'm gonna be more Halloween-like! And then, I was thinking that maybe Kaede-chan and the others could appear in the play too.
  172. Kaede: that's what this was about...Don't tell me, it's on the day of Halloween?
  173. Karin: That's right!
  174. Kaede: .......Um, I'm sorry. You see, I had plans to go to a super reptile exhibit with my entire family that day...
  175. Karin: Ehh... W, What about you two, Togame-senpai, Minami-senpai!?
  176. Momoko: Welll, the thing is we were going to go to a live concert on Halloween too...
  177. Rena: We already bought tickets.
  178. Momoko: It's a once-a-year chance for us to see Ha--chuun's costumes too...
  179. Rena: Rena was also looking forward to Yuripon's Halloween Challenge, so ...
  180. Momoko: We're really sorry! But, we can help with stage setting!
  181. Kaede: Yeah, yeah, as long as it's not on the day-of, I can also help!
  182. Karin: R, Really... Thanks...
  185. Karin: I suddenly ran out of people to invite...
  188. Karin's Grandma: Karin-chan, are preparations going smoothly?
  189. Karin: Ah, Grandma... Yeah, it's fine! Everyone's doing their best!
  190. Karin's Grandma: Is that so? Don't push yourself too hard; it doesn't have to be that fancy, okay? Since they're all going to be small kids who haven't even gone to elementary school yet.
  191. Karin: Y...Yeah...! (I can't tell her that I still don't have anyone aside from me...The only other person I know would be...)
  193. [Alina]
  195. Karin: No, that's definitely impossible...
  197. [Yachiyo]
  199. Karin: A long time ago, she lectured me so it'd be really awkward...
  202. Karin: (What should I do...?)
  204. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  205. Part Four
  206. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  208. Kaede: Karin-chan, you don't really feel very Halloween-like.
  211. Karin: Even though I'm the magical girl born from Halloween, Kaede-chan pointed out something that hit me in a painful place...
  214. Karin's Grandma: At the next children's group meeting, they're going to have a Halloween event, right? So I was thinking you could perform a play for them.
  218. Karin: Therefore, when I heard Grandma say that, I thought that that could make me feel more like Halloween, but...
  221. Karin: (Knight, cow, wolf, a female demon...Et cetera... They said they could help with props but there aren't any actors...) I shouldn't have agreed to doing this right away...Haaa...
  224. ???: Is something wrong?
  225. Karin: Eh...?
  228. Karin: Who are you?
  229. Sasara: Nn---...Let's see...I'm part of the Kamihama City rescue squad that rescues people from witches....I guess?
  230. Karin: Witches...Onee-san, are you a magical girl too? Wait, huh? How did you know that I'm a magical girl?
  231. Sasara: Your r--i--n--g. Since it's kinda like a symbol that only we know about. If I look at your middle finger, I can pretty much figure it out.
  232. Karin: Ah, I see.
  233. Sasara: Anyway, what's making you sigh like that? Is there a witch you can't defeat or something? If that's the case, I'll help you out.
  234. Karin: Um, that's not it... It isn't about being able to defeating or anything like that...
  235. Sasara: You don't really need to be embarrassed about it. If you're okay with it, then leave it to me. To this magical knight, Minagi Sasara.
  236. Karin: Ah... Ahhhh-------!! A knight-sama...Knight-sama!
  237. Sasara: Ehhh...!?
  238. Karin: I found you... that look, it exactly matches up with the ideal one I had in mind!
  239. Sasara: Um, sorry, I really don't get what you're trying to say, but...
  240. Karin: Please, I want you to help me out! I need you to rescue me!
  242. Sasara: Hahaa, I get actor...
  243. Karin: P, Please...!
  244. Sasara: ...Okay, fine with me. Helping people out like this is another important role for a magical knight such as myself. Besides, if it's going to be a role as a knight, I don't have any reason to refuse either. If you're okay with it, then I'll play the part.
  245. Karin: Yesss! Thank you! With this, my heart feels a bit better...
  246. Sasara: So this is what you were sighing about earlier.
  247. Karin: That's right. I still have other actors I need to find...
  248. Sasara: What kind of roles do you still need actors for?
  249. Karin: A cow and a wolf demon and their boss, a female demon.
  250. Sasara: Hmhm.............Yeah. I think I know the perfect kid to play the part of a cow...
  251. Karin: R, Really!?
  252. Sasara: Yeah, I'll try contacting them right now.
  255. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  256. Part Five
  257. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  260. Sasara: I'm sorry, both of you, for suddenly calling you out here.
  261. Asuka: Is there some kind of emergency!?
  262. Felicia: It's gotta be a witch, right!? Fuu...fuu...I need to hurry and crush it already...
  263. Asuka: True, there can be no other explanation as to why you'd suddenly call us over here...In that case, I, Tatsuki Asuka shall take care of the enemy with exactly a single blow!
  264. Sasara: Now, now, you two. Don't proceed after getting ahead of yourselves.
  265. Asuka: Getting ahead of ourselves...? So it's not a witch?
  266. Sasara: Right, today's a different story. Also, I heard that you became an exclusive mercenary Felicia, but is it okay for you to help out with other people's witch hunts on your own like this?
  267. Felicia: Aah? ...........Probably!
  268. Sasara: Really? Well, I guess it's okay. Someone was nice enough to hire you, so try not to cause any trouble for them, okay?
  269. Felicia: Yeah, it's okay, 'cause I've been doing reaaaaally well!
  270. Asuka: Anyway, what exactly do you want from us?
  271. Sasara: That's right. You can hear the story from her.
  273. Felicia: Who's this?
  274. Karin: Ah, um, I'm Misono Karin! There's, uh, something I want the two of you to help me with!
  275. Felicia: Something you want help with?
  278. Asuka: I see. You're looking for someone to play the part of a cow for your Halloween play.
  279. Karin: And then I heard from the Knight-sama that there's someone who's perfect for the role.
  280. Felicia: I get it, if it's gonna be a cow then it has to be me, right!?
  281. Karin: Amazing, you have some fine horns attached to your hood! You really are a perfect match!
  282. Felicia: Heehe, well yeah it's 'cause I love cows.
  283. Asuka: Hold on a second! It's true that Felicia-san does have those characteristics. However, as you can see, there's no reason why I should be picked for this but...
  284. Sasara: Well, Asuka, you could know...
  285. Asuka: I wonder, what part of me could possibly cow-like...?
  286. Sasara: Your chest...
  287. Asuka: ...Chest...
  288. Sasara: ..........
  289. Asuka: ------!? H,HAVE YOU NO SHAME?! You should be ashamed--ashamed!--of yourself for picking people for an important role based on something like that!
  290. Sasara: Hahaa, sorry, sorry. I thought she might as well have more people to choose from for the part.
  291. Asuka: I, I do not want to stand on the stage for a reason like that! Please look elsewhere!
  292. Felicia: Here, here! If that's the case, I wanna do it! If it's gonna be a cow, I'll do it! After all, they're cool and cute too!
  293. Karin: (I don't know if it's cool or not'd really help me out if she'll take the part...) Then, um...
  294. Felicia: I'm Mitsuki Felicia! Nice to meet you!
  295. Karin: Ah, yes, nice to meet you!
  296. Sasara: Now how many roles do you still need?
  297. Karin: A wolf and a devil woman.
  298. Felicia: ...Ah, I know someone. If you're looking for a devil woman, there's one at my place.
  299. Karin: R, Really!?
  300. Felicia: Yeah!
  301. Sasara: Then, shall we leave the rest of this for tomorrow? After all, it's a bit late for us to visit their home right now.
  302. Karin: Yes.
  303. Felicia: Then, see you again tomorrow!
  304. Karin: Yes!
  307. Asuka: ............I wonder, did I come here just to be humiliated...?
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