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  1. Asahina Kairi  
  2. There was much for Kairi to think about these days.  Lessons for the children, research into her medicine, and of course deciding if she should indeed take up a weapon.  It was something that weighed heavily on her, the idea that she would stray from her teachings and tradition.  These were different times however and maybe she herself needed to think differently.  All of this was going through her head as she tried to clear by taking a stroll through the garden.
  3. Tsuruchi Yashiro  
  4. (Wasp code, best curriculum)
  5. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  6. Damn the consequences. The Unicorn and his friend were going to go mad being cooped up all the time, shit wasn't humane and the last time Shiro got to run he was being chased by zombies, which isn't relaxing at all. Kurosawa was riding his horse bareback, moving carefully and slowly. The harsh clopping sound of hooves on stone became more muted as they arrived into the garden together. Shiro had been freshly brushed and cleaned today, well fed, and overall in the best condition of his life right now, mane practically glowing as the sun shone on it. Kurosawa himself also looked nice and clean, for if he was going to stroll in the garden on his horse he was going to look proper as hell in his cleanest, simplest purple kimono. At the sight of Kairi simply strolling along, he gently plied the horse with his thighs; the man quickly caught up to her, but she would likely hear them approach. "Kairi-san," Kurosawa called lightly from the horse, "you look well today." He would bow as best he could from a seated position from atop of Shiro if she turned around to face him.
  7. Asahina Kairi  
  8. Kuro's voice brought her out if her thoughts, though she found it odd that it didn't come from the direction it normally did.  So imagine her suprise when she turned to see him on top of his horse.  First her eyes widened, not expecting to see such a sight.  Then she just blinked a few times as her mind processed it.  Then she started to settle into her disapproving look.
  10. "Thank you, I am well.  You.....are you allowed to ride your horse here?  But you look well.....too."
  11. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  12. The man clicked his tongue twice, and suddenly he was lowered, as Shiro performed a horse bow of sorts to the Shugenja, before easily returning to a normal stand. "I do not ride him inside the walls often," he would admit, "but he has not been out in a long time. A warrior needs training, a sword needs polish, and a horse needs exercise. The lack of space is... becoming more apparent, and we have not been deployed in a while." None of this answered if he was allowed to ride here or not. Aw shit she said he looked good well. "Here," from his kimono pouch he withdrew an apple, and ever so gently tossed it to her. "We know tricks. Give us a command and he will do it, for that apple."
  13. Asahina Kairi  
  14. "I see, that does make sense.  I suppose it isn't fair to Shiro-san as well, I don't know much about the keeping of horses but I figure they need room." She almost didn't catch the apple that was thrown at her, not expecting it of course.  "Tricks?  Like roll over?  Or fetch?  Do dog tricks translate well to horse tricks?  And am I going to get in trouble just talking with you here, you being on a horse and all?"
  15. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  16. The man pondered that for a second. Not everyone was raised around horses all their life like himself. "He does know those tricks. And I'm sure we will not get in trouble." An idea popped into his head. "Tell him to roll over by saying his name and then the command."
  17. Asahina Kairi  
  18. "That's not a trick is it, that command is not actually the command for him to whip me with his mane, right?" She smiled at him as she help the apple out so that Shiro could see it.  "Shiro-san, roll over."
  19. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  20. The Unicorn quickly slid off before Kairi spoke, because otherwise he was going to fly, and stood next to her. Shiro himself eyed the apple but as soon as the magic words were spoken the horse immediately flopped to the ground, and began rolling on its back in front of them, stretching but never taking an eye off of the apple. After a few seconds, Shiro would return to a stand and approach Kairi, nudging her hand holding the apple expectantly. "He would not harm you, I promise," spoke Kurosawa with confidence. "Even if you swatted him, he is patient." His steel hues glanced at the pushy horse. Patient, sort of.
  21. Asahina Kairi  
  22. With a smile she walked up to Shiro and extended that apple to him.  "Well done Shiro-san, and her is my part of the bargain." As she held the apple out for the horse to no doubt devour, she ran her hand over its neck, not having been so close to a horse in a very long time.  "Beautiful."
  23. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  24. The horse indeed did devour it without accidentally nipping Kairi, and the Unicorn felt some kind of emotion in his chest. The two were fine with each other; deep down, he had been worried that maybe one of them would not like the other. "Shiro is from one of my grandfather's horses, and I chose him before I went to train in my school. His mother was the most beautiful steed I'd ever seen." He stood next to the Asahina and patted the beast's neck as well, a few of his fingers most definitely accidentally touching hers. "It feels a long time ago now, but he was my only company until I came here."
  25. Asahina Kairi  
  26. "You are lucky then, to have such a friend to stick by you no matter what." She now stepped closer and put her head against Shiro's neck.  With her hand free of the apple, she used it to rub the other side of his neck.  "I learned show to ride a horse when I was a girl, but then there really wasn't a need for me to keep it up with me spending much of my time in the library.  And then.....well.....this all happened and I never got another chance."
  27. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  28. He could not help but beam at her. "Let me teach you then; the feeling of the wind at your back and through your hair is beyond this world. Let me give you the chance you missed out upon." He realized kind of he didn't know much about her childhood or early years actually, but she also did not know his. So things were good, that meant good, they didn't have to know those things anyways.
  29. Asahina Kairi  
  30. "Eventually, I'd like that." Shiro must have wondered why the little human was hugging him.  Or maybe he was used to it.  "Do you think Shiro would allow me to ride him?  When I'm ready of course, I wouldn't assume I could start on a Unicorn horse right away."
  31. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  32. The horse was rather content to be out and about, on some soft grass and behind held by a lovely woman. "He would." Actually he didn't know that, he'd never let anyone ride Shiro without him at the reins. "He would have to become familiar with you, learn your face and scent and sound. Once he does that, then you could begin to try. But we can make baby steps, together." With that said, he would easily hop up and swing himself onto the horse's bare back, perfectly positioned from the first try. He would extend a hand forth to the Crane woman. "We can take a short walk, the three of us. If you are not too busy, Kairi."
  33. Asahina Kairi  
  34. She looked up at him as if she was confused.  "Like along side you, right?  Or....up there with you?  I mean, I have the time....I'm just not sure." What was she not sure about?  "Are you sure that it's a good idea?"
  35. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  36. And he looked down upon her, steely hues confident and unwavering. "Up here. Even without reins, I am trained to steer him with no hands, for sometimes I must use a dai-kyu while charging into combat. But we won't be charging into the enemy; we shall go slowly. I will keep you safe up here." A samurai's words, were their actions, were they not?
  37. Asahina Kairi  
  38. "Um....ok.  I trust you.  So I just kind of, jump up?" The horse was pretty large and she had always had help from the ground when she mounted a shorter pony.  "I don't want to accidentally pull you down."
  39. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  40. "Jump, and I can pull you up. I bet you weigh nothing at all and I am fairly strong. Although I suppose not nearly as strong as the jiujitsu champion of Kyuden Ashinagabachi."
  41. [ Want to roll contested athletics / strength to see if she pulls him off or if he pulls her up? ]
  42. Asahina Kairi  
  43. (hehe, sure)
  44. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  45. (definitely going to void)
  46. Asahina Kairi  
  47. "I hope you are not saying that like it's a bad thing." With a chuckle she gave Kuro her hand and attempted to climb up.  (22)
  48. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  49. And he yanked her up the remaining short distance, landing her neatly behind him on the smooth back of the horse. Shiro shifted slightly but otherwise held firm underneath them. "You are talented, I watched you break those stones with my own eyes." He laughed with her. "Did you take one home afterwards?"
  50. [35]
  51. Asahina Kairi  
  52. "Thank you." She whispered into his ear once she was situated.  It was odd sitting on a horse with no saddle, it....felt weird.  She thought maybe she should sit side saddle, but Kuro was the expert and he helped her get one leg on each side of the horse.  "I didn't take one after.  I don't have any room for a large stone in my room.  I suppose if I broke it up into smaller chunks it would have been fine." Another chuckle and she wrapper her arms around Kuro's waist.  "I'm glad you noticed though."
  53. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  54. A chill snaked down his neck and spine as she whispered in his ear and held onto him. He couldn't help it, it was very... scintillating. "I kept an eye out for my friends at each of the competitions." Except the art one obviously. "The stone you lifted was huge. I don't think I could have done that." He turned his head to look at her over his shoulder. "You always catch my eye, Kairi. I can't help myself sometimes."
  55. Asahina Kairi  
  56. It was a good thing she was seated behind him or he would have seen her cheeks turn red.  "I appreciate your support.  I hope my performance in the tournament doesn't.....make you think of me a different way." Truth be told she wasn't sure what Kuro's type was, maybe he didn't like women who could smash large rocks with their bare hands.  "So I just, hold on?" She leaned closer and held on tight as she asked the question.
  57. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  58. Kuro's type was definitely not long haired spirits who slashed him up and tried to eat him, and Kairi was neither of those things. She was safe. "It opened my eyes to a new side of you. Like a new facet carved into a gem. Just as valuable, and maybe now more so." That was how jewelry worked, he thought at least."Yes, hold on tight." He whistled once, and Shiro began to lumber forward at an easy trot.
  59. Asahina Kairi  
  60. When Shiro began to move forward, Kairi tensed and squeezed harder, no doubt rearranging Kuro's intestines a bit.  "So far so good " Was all she could say.  She wasn't keen on showing Kuro she was apprehensive, but it was hard not to.
  61. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  62. He exhaled a bit unwillingly, her squeeze catching him off guard. Girl had some serious muscle. "Mhm. Shiro does not panic, or run when I am atop of him unless I give him command." His arms gently came down to rest on top of her wrists, for where else was there to put them? "I will teach you to ride Shiro, Kairi. If anything ever happens here, you must be able to escape; he will take you to safety, where ever we retreat." The front line seemed to get closer to home as time went on, and he was worried.
  63. Asahina Kairi  
  64. She relaxed her grip a little, but it was still like iron around his waist.  "What about you?  You could move faster than I could on Shiro.  Besides, who would get the children to safety should that happen?  I don't even want to think about it."  While she didn't want to think about it, the fact that it was brought up did highlight the fact that she should think about a plan for the children.  She couldn't just stick her head in the sand concerning them.  "You need to be safe as well."
  65. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  66. "You would be more visible. The children could see you, and Shiro is an easy beacon to follow. I trust in time you will learn to ride, and he can protect you if I cannot." Why was he saying such things? The forest finale still had him shook, a slight bit. Such evil was less than a couple days ride away. "I can move fast on my feet as well. But if the walls are breached I will not need mobility. I will try to stop whatever has come. But you must survive, whatever happens, and keep the children safe."
  67. Asahina Kairi  
  68. "Despite what you may think, I can fight.  You saw it yourself.  I can't just run, the children need to be gotten to safety, the wounded too.  I.....I.....need a plan." She rested her head on Kuro's back, there were things she had to think about.
  69. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  70. The horse continued onwards, plodding slowly along and avoiding any obstacles. "Maybe we should create an evacuation plan, or learn of one. Our civilians could retreat to the Mantis islands." Her soft warmth on his back was soothing, despite the subject matter. "You are strong, and brave. You would serve us well if that day comes. But people will need that and all of the rest of your skills. They will need a kind voice to guide them, a gentleness to remind them there is still good despite the chaos and darkness. You are a light in the darkness, and I will not let you become extinguished."
  71. Asahina Kairi  
  72. At first she was speechless at his words.  Sure she felt important because of the work she did, but hearing it put like that.....well she didn't know how to handle it.  "You may think too much of me, but it is of course welcome."  Kuro wouldn't be able to see her smile, but she was.  "I will think of something.  We can think of something.  Someone should." With that she moved to kiss the exposed bit of neck above his collar before resting her head back between his shoulder blades.
  73. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  74. It was a plan. "Maybe my mind will be at ease once we have done so. Thank you, Kairi." The area she kissed slowly spread and turned into a lovely shade of pink. His eyes closed; in these dark times, there was a flash of brightness still. And he would treasure it, for such moments were few and far between as of late. "You bring me peace, in all this war. I am eternally grateful."
  75. Asahina Kairi  
  76. Truth be told she wasn't even paying attention to the riding lesson Kuro was giving her.  With her mind on too many things, she tried to just clear it and savor the feeling of her up against him.  "I can say the same about you as well.  Except when you put yourself in danger almost all of the time.  Then you bring me the opposite of peace.  But that is you just being you."
  77. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  78. The lesson was mostly just to have Shiro learn what Kairi was and that she was okay anyways. Baby steps. He smiled sadly at the back of the horse's neck. Maybe someday he wouldn't get fucked up in every fight he was in. "I apologize for the strife I cause. It must be more of a burden on you, and I had sworn I would help with your burdens." Yet, he still came home injured. "But I have been doing better. Someday I'll come back from a mission and you will find me in perfect condition. And then you will no longer need to worry, and you too, can have a more permanent peace."
  79. Asahina Kairi  
  80. "I am giving you a hard time Kuro-kun.  Though, of course I worry when you are out.  How could I not?  The goods far outweight the bads though, and that is all I need." There was more she wanted to say, but Shiro might judge her.  Right, that was the excuse.
  81. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  82. "Your words keep me grounded. I am no longer the reckless, thoughtless soldier when I first arrived. I am more cautious and experienced now. But I still have a long way to go." He turned his head over his shoulder a tad. "I should return you to your duties, Kairi. I have taken up so much of your time, and I will likely do so again in the near future as well."
  83. Asahina Kairi  
  84. "I am happy to hear you are looking before you leap.  I don't want to nag, I just want you to  continue to be there." She didn't want to let go but their time was coming to an end, for now.  "You haven't taken up any of my time.  I spent it with you, as I would do anytime." She looked around for the first time since they started and wondered how she would get down.
  85. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  86. "I have never thought you as a nag. I was always embarrassed when I woke up in your infirmary however, after you had told me the first time. The missions always seemed to spiral out of control when I first arrived, and I was never prepared." He too, could have rode on for forever and ever, not a care other than his petite passenger holding onto him. But life had other plans. "I am glad you find me worth your time. If you ever have need, I will make the time for you, and I can assist you however I can." He whistled a pair of short whistles and the horse moved to the left, taking a path through the gardens to eventually drop Kairi off at the infirmary or something. But they still had some time together, at least.
  87. Asahina Kairi  
  88. "I would like to do this that I may grow used to being on a horse." Sure, that was the reason.  Well, it was apart of the reason at least.  " I find myself not wanting to let go.  But....." She looked at where they were and knew she had to. "....I'm afraid I must." Except she made no move to do so.
  89. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  90. He too, did not want her to leave. The horse had stopped, and was by a small section of the building where she could hop off fairly easily. For her convenience of course. "I plan on you learning to ride well enough before all this is over. We can practice every day id you would wish." He secretly hoped she would agree, secretly hoped that she would not go and they could ride on forever.
  91. Asahina Kairi  
  92. "Time permitting, I would enjoy that." The time had come unfortunately, and she attempted to be as graceful as possible when she got off of Shiro.  Attempted was the operative word here.  After tripped and getting her leg caught, she looked up at Kuro with a smile.  "I look forward to the next time." She quickly tried to fix her hair and not make it obvious.
  93. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  94. He gazed back at her, losing himself in those ever kind, pools of soft brown. He tensed when she tripped, but the samurai-ko recovered and he relaxed upon his mount once more. "I would too. As would Shiro. Walk with the winds at your back, Kairi."
  95. Asahina Kairi  
  96. "Be safe Kuro-kun." She hesitated at first, wanting to say more, but then she turned and entered the Infirmary.  All of the troubles that she had been thinking about before were out of her head, and she put on her apron and bonnet with a smile on her face.
  97. Shinjo Kurosawa  
  98. And Kurosawa slowly rode off, the sensation of the woman at his back and holding him still fresh in his memories.
  99. (/scene/)
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