Talk Shit Get Licked 2

Oct 10th, 2018
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  1. >You were furious
  2. >Beyond furious
  3. >Who the hell did this loser think he was?!
  4. >Asking you out was bad enough, that alone deserved being shoved in a locker
  5. >But that... stuff he did to you was...
  6. >It was...
  7. >You didn't remember how you had gotten home
  8. >All of your fucking clothes had been ruined
  9. >You had gone to the pharmacy to get all of the plan-b pills that you could get your hands on and taken half of those fuckers
  10. >Fuck, you could still taste his CUM
  11. >This deserved punishment
  12. >No, no, no...
  13. >This was FAR beyond punishment
  14. >This deserved an execution
  15. >A drawn and quartering that would live in infamy forever and ever
  16. >It had taken a few day for you to... collect yourself, but now the Queen Bee was fucking back
  17. >You were back, and you were ready to take take some fucking SKULLS
  18. >With your connections it had been pretty simple to find everything about this boy that you needed to know, though in all honestly you only needed two things
  19. >His name and his schedule
  20. >Now that you had both of this he was a DEAD MAN
  21. "Move! Outta my way!"
  22. >You stomped through the hallway, fists clenched
  23. >Students and even teachers were diving out of your way, as they should be
  24. >You were making your way toward the lunchroom
  25. >This loser had lunch this period, giving you the perfect opportunity to destroy him
  26. >And you were going to destroy him
  27. >It wasn't gonna be quick and painless either...
  28. >As you stepped into the lunchroom everything went silent
  29. >Everyone knew that you were looking for this pathetic man, though thankfully not for the EXACT reason
  30. >Honestly, you were a little insulted that this Anon still came to school after what he did
  31. >If he'd have any sense he'd have left the state by now
  32. >It wouldn't have done him any good, but still...
  33. >Speaking of that fatherfucker, he was sitting at the other end of the cafeteria, nose in a book
  34. >There you are...
  35. >Snorting, you made your way over toward him
  37. >A teacher stepped in front of you, shaking in her boots, but a look sent her running for the hills.
  38. "Hey, Anon!"
  39. >The loser looked up from his book
  40. >A smile came to his face when he saw you, which made you grit your teeth
  41. >"Oh, hey Sunset. Did you figure out what movie we're watching tomorrow?"
  42. >Movie?
  43. >MOVIE?!
  44. >Oh, you'll show him a fucking MOVIE!
  45. "We're not watching SHIT, you dumb fuck," you snarled, slapping the book out of his hands. "The only thing I'm going is ripping your Celestia-damned head off, skinning you alive, and ripping your damn heart out of your chest!"
  46. >The idiot boy blinked
  47. >"...Wouldn't just ripping my head off make everything else a little redundant?"
  48. "It's, wha--SHIT THE FUCK UP!" you said, poking his chest. "Did you think you could get just walk away after what you did to me? I've ruined people's lives for just looking at me funny! But you, oh you."
  49. >You leered down at him, grinning evilly
  50. >"Oh, I'm gonna take my time with you. By the time I'm finished there won't be anything left."
  51. >His brow furrowed
  52. >"So you don't wanna see that movie then?" he asked
  53. >You clenched your jaw so hard that it hurt
  54. >Grabbing him by his collar, you yanked him to his feet
  55. "Get up. Get up! You and I are taking a little walk..."
  57. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  59. "Gulk, gulk, urk!"
  60. >You gagged as you felt the losers cock slip into your throat
  61. >Your chest was burning, you were dizzy
  62. >Tears were streaming down your face
  63. >Cum was dripping off your chin and cheeks
  64. >More than anything, you wanted to bite down, to hear him scream in pain, but you couldn't
  65. >His girth was stretching your jaw too much
  66. >You could feel his hands on either side of your head, holding you in place as he thrusted away
  67. >You let out a muffled yell, gagging yet again as your nose was forced against his pelvis
  68. >The fucker held you there until your body was shaking with the need for oxygen
  69. >You slapped at his legs, trying to force
  70. >Those slaps became weaker and weaker
  71. >Your eyelids drooped, and you felt yourself losing consciousness
  72. >Before the darkness embraced you however, Anon suddenly pulled out of your mouth with a pop
  73. "Haaaaaaaah..."
  74. >Your eyes shot open as you took a deep breath, chest heaving
  75. >The loser kept you falling over
  76. >He clenching his cock in his free hand, and was proceeding to rub the spit and pre accumulated on it's tip against your cheek
  77. >"You know, if you didn't want to see a movie you could have said so," he said, switching to the other cheek. "I'd have been fun with something else. We could go bowling if you want. There's also a skating rink that I haven't been to since I was little. We could go do that if you want."
  78. >He tapped his cock against the bridge of your nose
  79. >You reflexively inhaled, taking in his scent
  80. >A shiver ran through you as the hand down your panties went into overdrive
  81. >Oh, if he thought he was dead before he was DOUBLE dead now...
  82. >He reached down and grabbed your chin, gently tilting your head up, pressing his cockhead against your lips
  83. >"I think I got one more in me. After that we can figure out what we're gonna do, alright?"
  84. "You--urg!"
  85. >Your eyes crossed as his cock slid against your tongue
  86. >An orgasm washed over you, soaking your completely drenched panties
  87. >This was the--
  89. >"Anon what are you--OH MY GOSH! Anon! What in the world are you doing?!"
  90. >Your gaze snapped toward the door
  91. >There was one of those prissy popular kids that you made fun of the other day
  92. >Carmelo or something
  93. >Eyes widening, you weakly tried to push yourself away from the idiot making you choke on his cock, but he simply held onto you firmly, slowly pushing more of his length into your mouth
  94. >"Oh, hi Caramel!" he said, giving the other loser a little wave. "Hows--hmm~ How's it going?"
  95. >Caramel's eyes darted from between you and Anon
  96. >You would have shouted at him to fuck off it Anon didn't suddenly decide to bury his cock in your throat
  97. "Gulk!"
  98. >Caramel jumped at your gagging
  100. >"It's that... that time already? Shit, sorry man,time totally slipped my mind."
  101. >Your head bounced back and forth, faster and faster
  102. >You couldn't feel a hand on your head anymore
  103. >Your eyes were crossing again, and everything was becoming hazy
  104. >A moan escaped you, barely audible with the cock in your mouth
  105. >"Oh yea~ Just like that Sunny," Anon said, bucking his hips. "And, um, give me like five minutes, Car. I'll drive us to the country club."
  107. >You rubbed your nose against Anon's pelvis
  108. >His cock was pulsing
  109. >He was going to cum soon
  110. >"Honestly, I have no idea," he said, looking down at you. "I think. There was a lot of stuff and, you know."
  111. >"No, No I don't know, Anon," Caramel said, watching as a bead of drool feel from your cheek and onto the floor
  112. >"It's one of those things," Anon replied, making a gesture with his hand. "It's... whoo... it's like how magnets work, or how the earth spins."
  113. >Caramel's mouth opened and closed for a good minute
  114. >"Anon... that doesn't--"
  115. >Anon grimaced, eyes becoming unfocused
  117. >"Hang on buddy,"he said, raising a finger. "Just give me... a... second..."
  118. >A hand was placed on the back of your head, stopping your bobbing
  119. >Anon pulled back until just his tip was in your mouth
  120. >Without thinking, you began bathing the leaking tip with your tongue
  121. >"Here it comes... Sunny," he said
  122. >You felt him throb about your lips
  123. >The first fat, heavy load coated your tongue
  124. >You moaned, fingering yourself to another orgasm as you swallowed
  125. >The next load was just as large
  126. >As was the next, and the next
  127. >You tried to swallow between spurts, but accidently mistimed one
  128. >You gagged on the throatful of semen, sending it all shooting out of your mouth
  129. >A coughing fit insured
  130. >Anon's cock popped out of your mouth, but he didn't stop cumming
  131. >The front of your shirt was coated, as was your face and neck
  132. >You were forced to close your eyes as the cum made its way down your face
  133. >Eventually, the unending tide of cum did stop
  134. >Anon's tip was pushed back into your mouth for a few moments, just long enough for you to lick him clean, before he pulled away and gave you a pat on your head
  135. >"Hey, we'll talk about the dating thing later. Just give me a call later tonight, okay?"
  136. >Cracking open an eye, you saw him zipping up his pants, a smile on his face as he turned his attention toward the wide-eyed loser in front of him
  137. >"Alright, let's go buddy. I've been waiting all day to see you kick the crap out of the other guys," he said, walking over and giving Caramel's shoulder a slap. "I've been practicing my golf clap for like three days. I'm gonna support you harder than you've ever been supported. Believe it."
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