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  1. Light Bow Gun
  2. Low Rank
  4. Bowguns are easy to use when you get into a hunt, but you’ll have a lot of statistics thrown at you when you look at the weapon information. Different ammunition types, rates of fire, reloading speed, recoil, and a slew of information that is daunting for a novice. Light Bowguns have the ability to rapid fire certain types of ammunition, and have higher mobility. The highest tiers of ammunition and higher loading capacities are locked behind heavy bowguns.
  6. A brief over view of ammo: Normal Shots are just standard single bullets that deal reasonable damage. They will be the focus of the guide, as they’re easy to use, and deal good damage when paired with rapid fire
  8. Pierce Shots, will continually deal damage while going through monsters. These are best used on monsters that are long, mostly applying to Brute Wyverns like Barroth and Anjanath or Diablos where you can line up a shot to maximize the number of hits you can get through the body. It doesn’t work nearly as well broadside, and you won’t get as many hits on weakpoints. It’s a reasonable option against most late game monsters.
  10. Spread is basically a shotgun. You have to be extremely close to get maximum damage. It’s actually quite strong, and easy to use, but does put you at higher risk than normal shots or pierce due to your close proximity with the monster. The higher tiers of spread at close range deal respectable damage, especially against weakpoints. Any monster that has a low head that’s easy to reach like Paolumu or Rathian will be susceptible to spread shots.
  12. Sticky Shots are essentially bombs you can fire onto targets that blow up after a certain timeframe. The actual damage output is fairly low considering the timer and their reload speed is usually slow. They do deal concussive damage and can be used to KO monsters, as well as break troublesome parts. These are good to utilize on occasion on light bow gun, but are much better on heavy bow gun.
  14. Slicing Shot used to be the big boy, but it was nerfed pretty heavily. It can be a decent option but it usually comes with slow reload speeds and limited ammo capacity on light bowgun. It’s primary function is a way to sever tails. It behaves similarly to Sticky, where after a certain timeframe it will fire off several blades to cut enemies. It’s still useful, and I did solo a tempered Kirin using exclusively slicing shot on the Odogaron Rifle, so it’s not terrible, just don’t go around expecting to break records using it.
  16. Then there are Elemental Shots. These are similar to Normal Shots but have the bonus of dealing extra damage while hitting weakpoints, as well as coming with Rapid Fire on certain guns. Rapid Fire Element is decent, but it’s still surpassed by rapid fire normal shots in most situations. There will be a few situations where it’s about equal and beneficial to use them.
  18. Finally there are also status shots. These are all low damage but obviously inflict status. Paralysis, and Poison are great for general purpose hunting. A few of the guns will have sleep shots, which can be used to sleep bomb. This is great when combined with the Wyvernblast special all light bowguns have. It’s hard to use while fighting normally, but you can easily set up an extremely powerful combo on stationary monsters. Put a monster to sleep, fire 3 wyvernblasts near it’s head, place 2 barrel bombs, and blow them up for massive damage. If the gun you’re using has sleep, utilize this every hunt to speed things up significantly.
  20. Bowguns also have mods you can take. There are reload speed increases, damage at close range, damage at long range, and deviation reduction. These are going to factor into your playstyle. If you’re using Spread, Close Range Up is great. Pierce and Normal will benefit from Long Range and it’s a safer playstype. Deviation is decent on guns that have high deviation, and Reload Assist are usually extremely effective, and a safe bet. As you unlock more mod slots you can stack these bonuses for increased effect.
  22. Make sure you harvest whatever you can get your hands on for ammunition later. Gunner is inherently more expensive than blademaster because you’re spending zenny every hunt on ammunition. You can mitigate this by crafting your own ammunition from harvesting nuts, plants and bugs, make sure you utilize the ancient tree.
  24. Now that that’s out of the way:
  26. The Short Answer is, well there isn’t really a short answer. A lot of this comes down to preference.
  28. Use your default gun, until you can build Barroths, or Jyuratodus’ before picking up Anjanath’s, and or Odogaron’s Light Bow Gun for Rapid Fire Normal-2 and use it to take on Nergigante before making his. Yes, Odogaron finally has one decent weapon.
  30. Now for the long answer:
  32. The ore path and bone path start out roughly equivalent, with similar ammo loading options. Bone has more damage, but Ore has lower deviation. This is really your preference, I prefer the lower deviation of the Ore Path and it’s what you start with. Both will be able to rapid fire Normal 1, which will be your main source of damage in this early stage of the game. Normal-1 ammo is free and endless. When you’re broke and haven’t stockpiled items to combine better ammo it’s the best choice.
  34. Pick whichever you prefer, and upgrade it to the next tier.
  36. Upgrade your original Chain Blitz 1 into a Chain Blitz 2 by using 2 iron ore.
  38. Or
  40. Make a Hunter’s Rifle 1 and upgrade to a Hunter’s Rifle 2 by using 3 Monster Bone S total.
  42. Use these to take on the Great Jagras.
  44. If you’re using the Ore Path, you’ll see that Jagras has an upgrade. This is a trap. The damage is higher yes, but you lose rapid fire normal shots. It only loads one normal shot 1 and 2 at a time. This is actually awful, especially early on when you have low money, and don’t have the materials stockpiled for the superior ammo types Jagras offers. It can shoot Normal 3, but has pretty heavy recoil and Normal 1 rapid fire will be easier to use and free. Avoid this upgrade.
  46. Stick with your Hunter’s Rifle 2 or Chain blitz 2 to take out the Kulu Ya Ku and the Pukei Pukei.
  48. After Pukei-Pukei you’ll be able to upgrade the bone path again.
  50. Upgrade your Hunter’s Rifle 2 into a Hunter’s Rifle 3 by using 2 Monster Bone M, and 1 Ancient Bone.
  52. Now you’ll be forced into an expedition in Wildspire Wastes, mine for Earth Crystals here. Upgrade your Chain Blitz 2 into a Chain Blitz 3 by using 2 earth crystals, 2 machalite ore, and 5 iron ore.
  54. Continue with your mandatory story hunt of Barroth. Barroth is the first monsters really susceptible to Piercing shots, so consider them a viable option. It’s also weak to poison so start the fight off by poisoning it.
  56. After Barroth you can build the Carapace Rifle 1. Upgrade a Hunter’s Rifle 1, into a Hunter’s Rifle 2 by using 3 Monster Bone S. Then upgrade it to a Carapace Rifle 1 by using 1 Barroth Claw, 3 Barroth Shell, and 2 Barroth Ridge.
  58. Carapace Rifle 1 does Rapid Fire Both Normal 1 and Normal 2, and can use Spread 1-3. It does have negative affinity which does hurt,. But overall it will be a superior choice to the Hunter’s Rifle or Chain Blitz. It will also bridge into Odogaron’s Path later.
  60. After Barroth, hunt Jyuratodus. Shotgunning it’s face does pretty good damage if you’re using a Carapace Rifle 1, otherwise Rapid Fire Normal Shots still reigns supreme.
  62. Jyuratodus’ Madness Rifle is extremely versatile. It can rapidfire Water S which will be great against your next 2 mandatory hunts of Tobi-Kadachi and Anjanath, but will taper off shortly after. It can use Level 1 2 and 3 Spread, making it a reasonable shotgun for close range. It has piercing 1 and 2, as well as sticky 1 2 and 3. It’s damage is respectable and it has low deviation. It’s a reasonable general purpose weapon.. Other guns will out perform it in certain tasks, but as a general purpose weapon it’s really solid, and is capable of taking out anything. It has sleep shot, so use Sleep Bombing with this rifle.
  64. Build it by making a new Hunter’s Rifle 1 and upgrading it to a Hunter’s Rifle 2 by using 3 Monster Bone S all in. Then upgrade it to a Madness Rifle 1 by using 1 Jyuratodus Fin, 1 Jyuratodus Shell, 3 Jyuratodus Scale and 1 Aqua Sac.
  66. Hunt Tobi-Kadachi as part of the story. Use Spread in close range, or Rapid Fire Water with the Madness Rifle 1 to make short work of it. Normal 2 Rapid Fire with the Carapace Rifle will also be effective.
  68. Next up is Anjanath. Anjanath is again, weak to water so rapid-fire Water will be a safe bet, and it’s also a Brute Wyvern so poison and pierce are effective. As is Normal 2 Rapid Fire.
  70. Anjanath has a good upgrade you can take. It has insanely high damage but negative affinity and high deviation. It has the great ability to rapid fire Normal 2 however, and when tied with it’s high damage it’s a beast. This will be one of the best options through Low and High Rank, but again, it will depend on your preferences.
  72. Upgrade a Hunter’s Rifle 3 into a Blazing Rifle 1 by using 2 Anjanath Fang, 3 Anjanath Scale, and Flame Sac.
  74. This will be better than the Carapace Rifle now, but you can almost upgrade it to the second tier. You won’t be able to upgrade the Blazing Rifle 1 for awhile.
  76. Afterwards it’s Zorah Magdaros…. Setpeice… etc.
  78. In the Coral Highlands, you’re forced into an expedition to explore.
  80. You can mine here for Dragonite Ore.
  82. You’ll want to upgrade your Carapace Rifle 1 into a Carapace Rifle 2 by using 3 Dragonite Ore, 2 Barroth Claw, 1 Barroth Tail and 3 Kestodon Shells. Do this even if you don’t immediately use it, as it bridges into Odogaron’s Rifle.
  84. Continue progressing by hunting Paolumu, and unlocking the Rotten Vale.
  86. In the Rotten Vale you’re tasked with hunting Radobaan, but you can deviate and hunt a Great Girros if you’re using the Madness Rifle. After you’re done, upgrade your Madness Rifle 1 into a Madness Rifle 2 by using 2 Great Girros Hide, 3 Jyuratodus Fin, 3 Jyuratodus Shell, and 3 Gajau Skin.
  88. Afterwards, finish off Radobaan.
  90. Then return to the Coral Highlands to take out Legiana
  92. After Legiana you’ll hopefully get 2 Monster Bone+. If you’re using the Madness Rifle, upgrade it into a Madness Rifle 3 by using 2 Monster Bone+, 4 Jyuratodus Fang, 3 Jyuratodus Shell, and 3 Gajau Whisker.
  94. Aterwards you’ll descend further into the Rotten Vale and have to fight Odogaron. Odogaron has a weapon that’s extremely similar in ammo loadout to Anjanath’s Blazing Rifle 1, except it has lower damage, but also really low deviation and high affinity. Damage wise it’s over all weaker, but if you like Low Deviation, it will be your preferred path.
  96. Upgrade your Carapace Rifle 2 into a Garon Rifle 1 by using 2 Odogaron Claw, 4 Odogaron Scale, and 2 Odogaron Fang.
  98. Finish up your mandatory hunts of Rathalos and Diablos in whatever order you choose.
  100. If you’re using the Blazing Rifle 1, upgrade it after taking out Rathalos and gaining marrow. Upgrade your Blazing Rifle 1 into a Blazing Rifle 2 by using 1 Rathalos Marrow, 4 Anjanath Fang, 1 Anjanath Nosebone, and 1 Anjanath Tail.
  102. After beating the Zorah Magdaros setpeice, and killing a deceptively strong Pukei-Pukei, you’ll gain access to High Rank quests. Congratulations, the baby gloves are coming off.
  104. High Rank
  106. Our immediate goal in High Rank is a weapon upgrade to compensate for the increased health of monsters. Thankfully, gun’s don’t need to worry about sharpness, but in high rank we will gain a 3rd mod slot, which will be extremely beneficial. Your ammo loadouts won’t be changing from low to high rank, so it’s just about the damage.
  108. You have a few options once you hit High Rank, depending on what guns you prefer.
  110. If you’re using the Garon Rifle 1, immediately gather Quality Bones in the Ancient Forest, or as rewards from low-tier high rank monsters like Pukei-Pukei. Upgrade your Garon Rifle 1 into a Garon Rifle 2 by using 5 Quality Bone, 2 Odogaron Claw, 2 Odogaron Tail, and 1 Odogaron Plate. Strongly recommended 3 Reload Assist as it will push all of your ammo types to normal and fast reloads. Extremely worthwhile since you won’t need to worry about deviation using the Garon Rifle.
  112. If you’re using the Blazing Rifle 2, immediately hunt Anjanath. Upgrade your Blazing Rifle 2 into an Anja Buster 1 by using 4 Anjanath Fang+, 5 Anjanath Scale+, 3 Inferno Sac and 1 Anjanath Plate. You’ll probably want to either decrease reload, or deviation with the 3 mod slots. Of course if you’re the boss, you can just stack damage to play to the Anja Buster’s strengths, and deal with the downsides.
  114. The plate requirements for these guns make them less than ideal, but you should be able to get them in a reasonable time frame. You can always go back and farm the low rank versions of Odogaron and Anjanath for faster kills.
  116. If you’re using the Madness Rifle, immediately hunt Jyuratodus. Upgrade your Madness Rifle 3 into a Jyura Bullet 1 by using 2 Jyuratodus Fin+, 2 Jyuratodus Carapace, 3 Jyuratodus Scale+, and 5 Gajau Scale. The Anja Buster and Garon Rifle will be better options than the Jyura Bullet over all, but it will be an acceptable option if you prefer a lot of bullet types.
  118. Make your choice. Garon Rifle and Anja Buster are probably the way to go, it’s just your preference on high damage vs. lower deviation.
  120. All of these will have to tide you over until you beat Pink Rathian and reach the Elder’s Recess.
  122. After Pink Rathian you can upgrade you Jyura Bullet 1 into a Jyura Bullet 2 by using 3 Monster Hardbone, 4 Jyuratodus Fin+, 3 Torrent Sac and 3 Grand Gajau Whisker.
  124. In the Elder’s Recess, you can mine for Firecell Stone, and gather bone piles for Dragonbone Relics. Once you get these, you can hunt a Rathalos to upgrade your Anja Buster 1, and an Odogaron to upgrade your Garon Rifle 2.
  126. Upgrade your Anja Buster 1 to an Anja Buster 2 by using 2 Rathalos Medulla, 5 Anjanath Fang+, 4 Anjanath Pelt+ and 1 Firecell Stone.
  128. Or
  130. Upgrade your Garon Rifle 2 into a Fate’s Ember by using 4 Odogaron Claw+, 8 Odogaron Scale+, 3 Odogaron Fang+ and 1 Dragonbone Relic.
  132. Your next mandatory hunt is going to be Nergigante. Any of these weapons will be viable choices. Use what you choose, but the Fate’s Ember is what I used. You can sleep bomb to break the horns, use Slicing Shot on the tail, and use Rapid Fire Normal 2 on the Wings, with the ability to Thunder Shot, Normal 1 or Spread if you run out of Normal 2 ammo, which you shouldn’t.
  134. After your hunt, if you got 2 Elder Dragon Bones, you can upgrade to the final tier of the Jyura Bullet. Upgrade to a Jyura Bullet 3 by using 2 Elder Dragon Bone, 5 Jyuratodus Fin+, 5 Jyuratodus Fang+, and 1 Wyvern Gem.
  136. You won’t be able to upgrade the other options until after Teostra, but you can build Nergigante’s Nergal Spitter by going through the Ore Path.
  138. Build a Chain Blitz, and upgrade it into a Chain Blitz 2, into a Chain Blitz 3, into a High Chain Blitz 1, into a High Chain Blitz 2, into a High Chain Blitz 3, into a Cross Blitz 1, and finally upgrade that into a Nergal Spitter by using 3 Nergigante Talon, 4 Nergigante Regrowth Plate, 2 Nergigante Tail, and 2 Nergigante Carapace.
  141. Congratulations, you now have a weapon that’s completely capable of getting you through the rest of the game, and one of the best Light Bow Guns. The Nergal Spitter, Fate’s Ember, and Anja Buster 2 all have similar playstyles, ammo loadouts and damage output. They just have some minor nuances and you’ll have to decide where to go.
  143. Any of these will be sufficient for taking out the remaining Elder Dragons.
  145. For final targets, after beating Teostra, you’ll be able to upgrade the Anja Buster and Fate’s Ember to their final tier.
  147. Upgrade your Anja Buster 2 into an Anja Buster 3 by using 2 Teostra Mane, 6 Anjanath Fang+, 2 Anjanath Nosebone+ and 1 Anjanath Gem
  149. Upgrade your Fate’s Ember into Karma by using 2 Teostra Claw+, 6 Odogaron Claw+, 5 Odogaron Fang+, and 1 Odogaron Gem.
  151. After taking out Xeno’jiva, you can upgrade the Nergal Spitter one more time into Cataclysm’s Trigger by using 2 Xeno’Jiva horns, 5 Nergigante Horn+, 5 Nergigante Talons, and 1 Nergigante Gem.
  153. The Gems will make all of these difficult. Pick your favorite, and use that, and then pick up the remaining guns at your leisure, as they’re extremely similar.
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