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  1. The really big question for me here is why has CCP handled this situation in the way that they have?
  3. When Manfred Sideous was removed from the CSM CCP made a very simple statement that advised that Manny had been removed from the CSM and that the reasons for doing so were to remain confidential. You can see for yourself here ( https://forums-archive.eveo... ).
  5. But for Brisc we have this ( https://www.eveonline.com/a... ).
  7. The difference in approach seems quite stark, which seems a little odd as this is not the first time CCP has walked this path.
  9. Should I bring up that time the CCP security team made a load of bans regarding RMT during The Casino War? You know the ones that were over turned by higher up CCP management. Which was then later re-instated a few months later. Or perhaps how the T20 "incident" was handled?
  11. I would have more confidence in the actions of CCP if:
  13. 1 - they had treated Brisc in the same manner as with Manny.
  14. 2 - they had given Brisc an opportunity to discuss the matter in private prior to head-shotting him in such a public manner.
  16. Perhaps I have played Eve for too long. Because I cannot help but be suspicious that CCP and the CSM have been meta-gamed to an extent. This mainly stems from the glee and activity of the enemies of INIT. Especially when the very same commentators were so vocal in the defence of Gigx, despite the overwhelming and repeated public evidence of their actions.
  18. I doubt that this will be the end of this story and in time I am sure that something better resembling the truth will surface.
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