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The Inquisitor's deception

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Oct 6th, 2013
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  1. "This is foolishness, Inquisitor" the acolyte said, quickening his pace to keep up with his mistress. "Wait for the team to return so they can be dispatched instead. Or call for assistance. From anyone, an assassin, the Guard, even planetary defense might..."
  3. Inquisitor lady Genevive Rhun waved a hand irritably at her follower as she entered the encryption code for the lab doors. The heavily enforced and guarded blast doors slid open, and the two entered quickly. This area was restricted for all but the highest clearance personnel of the Inquisitorial listening post and the acolyte certainly had never been here before. His bionic eye whirred softly as it adjusted to the soft blue lighting of the sterile-looking laboratory, stocked with unfamiliar machinery, heavily bolted and locked cabinets, and a vast amount of objects he couldn't immediately identify.
  5. "I am well aware of the risk, acolyte Xoll" Inquisitor Rhun snapped as she walked over to a console, the high heels of her armored boots clicking on the metal floor. "But all of those options are too slow. We let the renegade Malphan trick us into a foolish hunt for him, and now my team are on the other side of the system hunting him while he is right here... ready to strike."
  7. "Surely whatever the renegade has planned cannot be dangerous enough to risk... to risk yourself on such a..." the acolyte began, but was cut off by a stern look.
  9. "Your devotion to my well-being is commendable, acolyte, but every faithful servant of He Who Is On Terra needs to be willing to lay their life down for the good of mankind, if needed. If I can halt or even stall Malphan from his plan to overtake the weapons cache on Dormaire III, then it is worth the risk. I need not remind you that Malphan effectively shut down our attempt to transport the weapons off-world, and has virtually all of the planetary defense force in his pocket by now, do I?"
  11. The acolyte nodded silently. He had not been with lady Rhun for too long, but he already knew that she would not be swayed from her course once she had decided on it. And she was probably right, he admitted silently to himself. The renegade's forces had faked the Inquisition out, and the strike team were now hunting Malphan too far to reach the real goal. The revelation that the "loyal" PDF who had assisted the Inquisitorial investigation had in fact been working for the renegade all along had been particularly painful for the Inquisitor, making her even more irate. And yet, despite all that, and the desperation of the situation, Xoll did not like the plan one bit.
  13. "It's quite simple, really" Inquisitor Rhun said as if she had sensed his thoughts. "At this point, with the renegade's forces massed right under our nose and the closest supports weeks away, a single individual infiltrating his forces may have a chance. A team will have no chance at all. I can either do something now, and go after Malphan myself, or we can sit on our hands for a week or two while a sufficient Guard contingent assembles, by which time Malphan will be gone, and so will the weapons."
  15. She finished inputting a set of codes into the console she was at, and a large, translucent tube hissed as the heavy metal shielding parted from it, revealing a diffuse object inside. The Inquisitor reached up with gauntleted fingers to remove the clasp holding her white hair into its rigid bun, and it tumbled out over the back of her black armor. To Xoll's embarrassment, she then slowly began removing her armor right there, dropping the pieces onto a workbench as she went. The acolyte felt his face burning as each ornate black armor piece was carefully removed, along with undergarments, charms and trinkets and weapons. He averted his eyes a little, but couldn't help peeking occasionally.
  17. Inquisitor Rhun was quite advanced in age, although Xoll didn't know how old she was precisely. The constant rejuv treatments and transplants had kept her looking much more youthful than she should. She was still tall and straight of back, with a lean, taut musculature under her heavily scarred skin. Her hair was completely white, and her face was a bit drawn and pinched, with crow's feet and the occasional wrinkle, but overall she looked like she was in her 40's or early 50's at most, and most definitely not almost twice that age. She kept stripping out of her heavy Inquisitorial gear, shuddering a bit at the cool air of the lab against her increasingly revealed bare skin. She seemingly took no notice, or at least didn't care, about the acolyte half-watching her. A brief smile flashed across her lips as she removed her undergarments, stretching her muscles a little to get accustomed to being free of the weight of her armored suit. She looked down at her small bosom and a memory of years long gone flashed across her mind as she recalled a soft summer evening on a planet so very far. She had been an acolyte herself then, long before decades of harsh service, injury and loss had hardened her into what she was now. With a sigh she recalled his gentle cupping of her breasts as he leaned in, the twin moons illuminating the two...
  19. A polite cough brought the Inquisitor back to the present.
  21. Inquisitor Rhun sighed as the memory of the moonlit grass hill faded back into memory, and with a purposeful gesture turned towards the cylinder she had opened previously. Turning the switch, the device hissed with pressurized gas as the cylinder lifted, revealing an odd limp pile of cloth-like material suspended from a frame. The Inquisitor reached in to retrieve it, marveling at the soft and silky feel of the surface, so lifelike it could almost trick the eye.
  23. "Are you sure this is really necessary, milady? Your loss would be... unbearable... and this... thing that you have never even used before does not seem safe or sane. " Xoll stammered.
  25. "If either you or I showed up down there, Malphan would find out and recognize us immediately. But if I could get close to him, if he didn't recognize me..." Rhun smiled faintly, shaking the object out.
  27. "But this... surely this cannot be real? I have never heard of such a thing before." the acolyte protested, even though he knew it was futile.
  29. Dangling from the Inquisitor's hands was what appeared to be the empty skin of a young woman, with a slight hint of glistening moisture creating a sheen after the long storage. The acolyte visibly recoiled a little.
  31. "A mastery of infiltration technique... Synth-flesh and polymorphine, combined with some very ancient and very classified artistry. Grown in vats, of course. No need for any messy real skin. Luckily I made a friend of one of the few techpriests who knows how to grow these long ago, and he promised one day they would come in very handy. I guess this is that day." The Inquisitor said, matter-of-factly as her finger trailed an opening along the spine of the skin open. "The fact that I am showing you this, much less entrusting you with the encryption codes for the future is a sign of how much I trust you, Xoll. You won't fail me, will you?" She looked over at the acolyte, daring him to face her.
  33. "I will not, Inquisitor. For the Emperor, and for Mankind." He daringly looked straight at his naked boss, standing there holding the bizarre skin suit.
  35. The Inquisitor merely smiled briefly, waving away any doubts she herself had over what she was about to do before setting about her task. She slid one leg into that of the suit, wiggling it into place as she went. The false skin was slightly warm, very soft and slick to the touch, and she followed with her other leg as soon as she had her balance. While the skin seemed smaller than the tall, imperious Inquisitor's body, it stretched softly and with little resistance, and soon she was working the suit up her body, carefully aligning the labial lips of the disguise with her own. Slipping one arm on like a glove, she wiggled her fingers into place and flexed her hand a little. Then she repeated the process with the other arm, and soon reached towards her back, slowly pulling the seam up from her buttocks towards her neck. The scarred and pale skin of the Inquisitor slowly vanished, covered by the soft tan skin of the suit. Inquisitor Rhun gathered her white hair up loosely, and with a final nod towards the acolyte, grabbed the "hood" of the suit with both hands before pulling it down over her head. It took her some time to align the eyes, nose and mouth properly, but soon she was blinking away the drops of moisture on her eyelids and seeing fully through the skin's eyeholes. With a determined gesture she reached to her back again, and hefted the seam shut, all the way up to her neck, and then let the soft hair of the suit drape naturally down her back.
  37. Acolyte Xoll gasped as his mistress finished donning her disguise, for the obscure polymorphine-fueled tech of the suit quickly went to work. The figure before him moaned as she shrank in stature and her curves inflated to fit her new form. The suit clung to her body tightly, embracing her like a lover as it began changing itself and her. She grumbled and winced as a brief pain flashed over her eyes as membranes coated them, and then felt stings of pain as other slight adjustments occurred. Something probed into her mouth, her womanhood and her ass, growing in and taking hold. The discomfort was, however, mercifully brief. Soon, instead of the Inquisitor he served, Xoll was looking at a young woman, barely out of her teens. She had a soft mass of blonde hair and deep blue eyes, a shapely bust and thick, juicy thighs. Despite her relative youth she looked like she had some power to her, a light tone of muscle under the soft curves which hinted at rougher living. She sighed deeply and stretched, turning to give the acolyte a full view of her altered body.
  39. "Amazing, isn't it?" said the girl with a youthful, warm voice utterly unlike the Inquisitor's. She grasped her throat briefly in surprise, then smiled and lowered her hand to heft her breasts a little, examining them. "Not a single scar..." she mumbled.
  41. "I-inquisitor?" Xoll inquired, blushing fiercely.
  43. "Yes?" the girl blinked. "Oh. Oh! I need to get ready. I'll take the small lander ship down, then trek the rest of the way on foot, or hire local transportation. You're the only one I'm entrusting with the full detail of the mission, all in that dataslate I gave you. I will do my best to detain Malphan as long as possible, but if I do not return and you survive, you are to submit the report included in the dataslate to our masters. Do you understand?"
  45. While she watched Xoll look awkward, Inquisitor Rhun secret relished in the flourish of feelings the synth-skin disguise gave her. She felt young again, truly young. Her skin was so soft and sensitive, as were her breasts. She had just the right balance between nubile and athletic to be a young native woman raised in the wilds of Dormaire, and hopefully enough to gain a spot in Malphan's growing army. She smilingly flexed a hand, brushing across the smooth, gently tanned skin.
  47. "Yes ma'am" Xoll nodded, trying to conceal the growing bulge in his pants with said dataslate.
  49. "Oh and Xoll?" the girl smiled as she walked over to open another cabinet.
  51. "Yes ma'am?"
  53. "Don't worry. This is our little secret." She winked, and felt oddly amused by the situation despite of how utterly desperate it was.
  55. She giggled as he pointedly turned away, and hefted her soft bosom again. Yes, this would be more interesting than expected.
  57. ***
  59. Inquisitor lady Genevive Rhun waited impatiently with the others as hot, moist winds of Dormaire III rustled her hair. Or well, not her hair per se. Thankfully the acclimatization period had been brief, and by the time she'd landed on the planet's surface she'd already gotten used to her new body's different balance and greater stamina. It was enticing, feeling so young and vital again, and going deep into the jaws of death on her own. Relying only on herself, just like when she was young. It was no suicidal urge that drove her, merely a reawakened spirit of adventure, even if she were fully willing to lay her life down if necessary. Having adopted the garb and speech pattern of the locals, she had not raised any form of suspicion upon arrival, and quickly set about her search to locate the renegade forces. Now, in a small village on the large southern continent of Dormaire she stood waiting with a group of other malcontents, benighted fools and mercenaries looking to join the most glorious and famous army of his eminence, Doctor-General Eru Malphan.
  61. Despite still feeling naked going into the field without her armor and heavy weapons, Genevive stood confidently and somewhat nonchalantly as she waited. Her abbreviated dress mimicked that of the lowlanders who dwelled in the moist, jungle-choked areas covering most of this continent, with a brief two-piece garment made from dirty white cloth keeping her modest and her legs and arms swaddled in similar cloth. A ragged travelling cloak hung from her shoulders, a simple scarf around her neck and a leather backpack which held what little possessions she'd scrounged up completed her disguise. A rusty stubber rifle rested against her leg, ready to be snatched up at a moment's notice. She felt vulnerable, and yet knew she had to trust in her disguise to carry her through. If she didn't act and talk like the savage she pretended to be, including showing total confidence in herself, then her mission had already failed.
  63. "Listen up, scum" a harsh voice bellowed as a small group of heavily armed men and women returned to the village square where the group of hopefuls were gathered. The bulldog-like man leading the soldiers began barking orders and jabbing his stubby hands at various individuals in the waiting group. "You, you, you and you, go with Sarth. You're good for labor. You, you and you, you're coming with me. You'll be outfitted and armed immediately."
  65. The designated aspirants were quickly shuffled to their respective groups, and the laborers were quickly marched off by the thin, foul-looking man known as Sarth. The disguised Inquisitor felt her heart skip a beat, as she had not been chosen for either group. She had hoped to be noticed either by her sharpshooting or her athletic ability, and failing both of that for her looks. But since all three of those seemed to have failed, she suddenly feared that her mission was over already.
  67. "And you. The revered Doctor-General wishes to see you." It took Genevive a moment to realize the thick, sausage-like finger was aimed directly at her. "Come on, we don't got all day" the man roared at her and she quickly gathered her rifle and pack and followed him. Behind her, the aspirants who had not been chosen quickly dispersed, mumbling and cursing between themselves, casting jealous looks as she was led off on her own.
  69. The group leading the Inquisitor quickly marched through the village and out onto the plain beyond, where a huge army camp sprawled on top of the soft green grassland like an ugly boil. They were less than a day's march from the concealed Imperial weapons cache, located in a previously secret mountain fortress a some kliks northeast of here. Rhun studied the camp lazily as they stormed through it, with the bulldog-like sergeant leading her group scattering soldiers who were too slow to scramble out of the way and anyone he considered looking insubordinate. The army Malphan had assembled was roughly outfitted like a PDF force, but likely due to shortage of quality weapons and armor, many of the scruffier recruits seemed to use much more primitive weapons and gear. Once again, Genevive mentally cursed the traitorous PDF forces which had led Malphan to his prize, as well as confounded her own attempt to curtail the renegade's efforts.
  71. The group passed through several security posts, featuring increasingly well-armed and well-groomed troopers. Genevive recognized the local PDF uniform on most of these sentries, and again wondered just how long Malphan had worked behind the scenes. The ratty tents gave way to organized row of regulation shelters, which gave way to a series of bunker-like strategic command posts and similar officer dwellings. Despite the temporary nature of the camp, and the makeshift nature of most of the army, the core of it was operating on a worryingly high level of organization. The men following the sergeant diverted down a different path, and Inquisitor Rhun was left with only the sergeant himself and two bodyguards as they marched up a small hill towards a sprawling command tent. This area was heavily fortified and guarded, confirming the fear the Inquisitor had harbored that a small strike team would have no chance to get to Malphan at this point.
  73. "Inside" the sergeant snapped, jabbing a finger at the large entryway, flanked by PDF troopers in well-pressed uniforms.
  75. Genevive nodded and entered, blinking to get her eyes accustomed to the lower light levels inside. The inside of the tent was part living area, part strategic meeting room. It was spacious enough for several side wings, separated from the main area by elegant curtains and everywhere it was luxuriously furnished. The Inquisitor coldly realized that these objects of art and craftsmanship were most likely ones that the renegade had "liberated" upon his initial rebellion and execution of a number of Imperial officials. She felt a presence behind her, and spun around. Facing her was a clean-shaven, tall man with wearing an elegant uniform and with slicked-back black hair. He had an intelligent, piercing gaze and a faint smile on his lips as he studied her.
  77. "Do not worry, my child. I am Doctor-General Malphan. But you may call me 'sir'." He circled her studying her ragged appearance. "A lowlander. What is your name, my child?"
  79. "Vaala Lorn" she said, not missing a beat. "I wish only to join you and serve you in overthrowing our tyrants, my lord." She added what she felt was the right mix between reverence and fiery determination to her voice.
  81. "As do we all, of course" he chuckled. "You tested quite well, the sergeant said. Yet you never tried out for the PDF?"
  83. "No" she shook her head. "I'm a dox hunter. Never wanted any part of the PDF. My father always taught me they were the tools of the tyrants."
  85. "Ah, a wise man indeed!" Malphan laughed, stepping a bit closer and lifting the cloak away to show 'Vaala's' body fully. "And he raised his daughter well. I have heard many tales of the bravery and skill of dox hunters... I am honored that you chose to journey here to seek my audience."
  87. "Thank you, my lord" she mumbled, averting her eyes as she felt would be appropriate.
  89. "No need to stand on ceremony, Vaala Lorn. I hereby accept you into my glorious army. You will be at my side when we raze the fortresses of our oppressors and reach for the stars themselves." His voice was melodic, soothing. No wonder he had managed to sway so many. "But first..." His hand reached out and gently unclasped her cloak altogether, making it fall to the ground.
  91. "My lord...?" she mumbled, questioningly. The Inquisitor already knew what it was the renegade wanted. She had prepared herself for it for a long time, knowing the eventuality was always there. Her dignity was a small price to pay.
  93. "Do I not please you, hunter?" He grinned. "Am I not what you expected?"
  95. "O-of course my lord, it's ju-"
  97. "Eru. You may call me Eru, and I may call you Vaala. This I decree." His hands gently massaged her breast, sending pangs of pleasure through her body.
  99. "E-eru... I am not worthy... I'm only a commoner..." she moaned.
  101. "That's the way our oppressors talk, Vaala. You are a beautiful woman, headstrong and skilled. You and I are as much equal as any.
  103. His hands deftly undid the clasps on her clothing, and it fell to the floor revealing her supple body. Pulling her into an embrace, her lips locked with his and she felt a rush of euphoria overtake her. This had been a mistake, she realized. The feeling of this changed body, the forbidden nature of the pleasure... It was wrong. And yet there was no way out now. She returned the kiss hungrily, shutting the tiny voice in the back of her head up as her hands pulled on his uniform. He guided her roughly through a flap leading into what seemed like a private quarters, where a large, soft-looking bed sprawled over an ornate carpet. His jacket and shirt had been left along the way, showing the charismatic leader to be quite fit underneath. She scrambled to remove the rest of his clothes, and he helped her by pulling his boots and pants off, revealing him to already be quite erect underneath. He tugged at the remainder of her outfit, undoing the leg and arm wraps and leaving her stark naked, her nipples already rock hard in the cool, processed air of the tent.
  105. They kissed again, even more passionately this time, and her nipples drilled into his chest. He tugged his underpants off, revealing his manhood, and she reached down to grasp it with a soft but firm grip, and started to massage it gently. He groaned and almost went cross-eyed at her touch, pushing her back to sit on the soft bed as she went. Her hands grabbed the thick shaft and began stroking up and down, while she occasionally reached over to fondle his balls as well. He was straining against the arousal, and soon she bent down and licked the tip of his shaft with her tongue. Leaving a thick trail of precum mixed with saliva, she leaned in and swallowed his dick, letting it slide back and forth between her soft lips. The Inquisitor was losing herself in the moment with the small voice inside screaming for her to stop being silent now. This wasn't just a pleasure, it was her one chance to get close to this would-be-tyrant, her one chance at preventing a bloodbath that would swell to engulf the entire system, maybe even the sector.
  107. Swallowing his manhood she felt the trickle of warm precum seep into her throat as she kept going. She felt his hands close on her head and assist in thrusting her back and forth, making her soft lips trail across his member for maximum pleasure. A hot pressure was building in her own groin, and one hand instinctively darted down to dive between her legs and begin stimulating herself. In the red haze the disguised Inquisitor wondered how long it had been since she last had sex, and realized she couldn't remember. And so, when she felt him stiffen and twitch, she let her soft hand dive deep inside her own sex to bring herself over the threshold as well. He pulled out at the moment of ejaculation, showering her face and hair with hot cum. She orgasmed shortly afterwards, yelping as she fell back against the bed moaning in pleasure.
  109. As the orgasm subsided, doubt began flooding her mind again. She suddenly felt dirty over what she'd just done, and wondered if acolyte Xoll hadn't been right all along. Malphan lay down next to her, stroking thick ropey strands of semen from her hair as he smiled at her. Instinctively, she pushed against him, realizing she couldn't let her revulsion show in any way.
  111. "That was wonderful, my lo- Eru" she mumbled.
  113. "That it was, my beautiful Vaala." he replied, stroking her cheek. "And now... you are mine."
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