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  1. Openmoko community resources (was Re: [WikiReader] what's up with Wikitravel?)
  2. Friday, February 4, 2011 1:31 AM
  3. From:
  4. "Rafael Ignacio Zurita" <rizurita@yahoo.com>
  5. Add sender to Contacts
  6. To:
  7. "List for Openmoko community discussion" <community@lists.openmoko.org>, sean@openmoko.com
  8. --- On Thu, 2/3/11, Sean Moss-Pultz <sean@openmoko.com> wrote:
  9. >
  10. > Yes it would require the new base file. Please let us know
  11. > what you think!
  13. Hello Sean, community, question: which is the current status
  14. of the Openmoko community resources?.. You know?
  15. projects.openmoko.org is down, we know. Several days ago
  16. community mailing list (and maybe others) has not been working.
  18. From
  20. http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/community/2010-December/064043.html
  22. "The change is going to be permanent, as the current installation is
  23. unmaintained for about a year and poses severe security risks."
  24. (at least for projecst.openmoko.org)
  26. Should openmoko users/fans try to set other services to survive?
  27. Suggestions? I guess that if somebody does not pay some bill at
  28. some moment, all openmoko.org resources will go down (wiki,
  29. mailinglists, etc) without a previous announcement.
  31. It was not fun last time with mailing lists down, because without it
  32. nobody knows how to agree new ways to communicate. Yes, there are
  33. some IRC channels yet, but mailing lists are the most active.
  35. Rafa
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