1/13 It felt Good to be Free (Danger Cap 6)

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  1.  Lucian Valintine says, "Hello Dun."
  2. Lucian Valintine says, ". . ."
  3. Lucian Valintine says, "You don't seem pleased to see me."
  4. Lucian reached forward to squeak his nose.
  5. (Lucian Valintine)
  8. Lucian Valintine says, "Cameo.. Dun is going to kill me."
  9. Lucian Valintine says, "I.. can.. you're right."
  10. Dun says, "Hmm."
  11. Dun says, "Very well, I will spare your life."
  12. Dun says, "But I'm taking your tongue."
  13. Lucian Valintine says, ". . ."
  14. Lucian Valintine says, "No."
  15. dipped
  16. (Lucian Valintine)
  19. Dun would use his willpower to make Lucian stay.
  20. (Dun)
  23. Cameo Orn Octavius says, "..."
  24. Cameo Orn Octavius says, "Fights are just aaaalways going to happen."
  25. Reiya Faren asks, "... What is even going on?"
  26. Paradox says, "Yes."
  27. Cameo Orn Octavius says, "They're fighting."
  28. Reiya Faren says, "Nice."
  29. Reiya Faren says, "Anyway, I need to get a move on."
  30. Silanos says, "Hello Sih'Ianhu."
  31. Dun would beat the absolute tar out of Lucian as he hardened his fists black with manifested energy magic, squinting with determination towards his compatriot of the Shields as a sheer, menacing aura of willpower could be felt from the clown warlord.
  33. A shroud of brilliant blue, ethereal mana would cling closely to his crimson cloaked form, swishing idly with the sheer intensity of the manifested mana as the warlord displayed to the disrespectful comedian a vicious assault reinforced by a mastered resolve, his musculature pushed to its limits and hardened black with condensed spiritual energy to display how a clown did in fact throw hands.
  35. "I gave you a chance Lucian. A chance to cease with these persistent, terrible jokes. You had a choice, you made it. Your bed comes with it. Now, I will take your ability to make them."
  37. The clown prince would prepare to tear out Mister Valentine's tongue with brutality and determination. This was the way of things in Theria.
  38. (Dun)
  41. Cameo Orn Octavius says, "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii guess Dun didn't have time for his jokes."
  42. Dun says, "That is a good pun Cameo, ten points."
  43. Sih'Ianhu says, "Greetings, Silanos."
  44. Paradox says, "I guess Lucian is... Dun for."
  45. Silanos says, "Another great joke Paradox."
  46. Silanos says, "Please, never let them end."
  47. He simply shook his head.
  49. "Dun.. Dun."
  51. He clicked that tongue.
  53. "You shouldn't tell jokes about people not having tongues, it's quite.. tasteless."
  54. (Lucian Valintine)
  57. Dun says, "..."
  58. Silanos took a seat for himself. Attention turning towards the presumed public execution, eyes glancing between Dun and Lucian as he awaited the beat down.
  61. Another joke left Lucian's lips. One in poor taste.
  62. (Silanos)
  65. Heidi just stood there, watching. Observing. Her eye moves to look up. . down at the bunny man for a scant second before returning to the fight with a baffled expression upon her pallid visage, hand coming to rub the back of her head.
  67. "What. . am I observing here?" she asked, eyebrows raising as Dun reached to sever his tongue.
  69. "He shouldn't'a Dun that."
  70. (Heidi)
  73. Cameo Orn Octavius says, "Iiiiiiiiit's just a shame."
  74. Cameo Orn Octavius says, "Lucian should have just asked Dun to be his Valentine."
  75. Heidi says, "He's Dun making jokes, thats for certain."
  76. Sih'Ianhu asks, "... What is a Valentine?"
  77. Heidi says, "Dunno."
  78. Cameo Orn Octavius says, "His last name."
  79.  Sih'Ianhu says, "Failures, then."
  80. Heidi says, "His days of talking are Dun. ."
  81. ** Dun has inflicted an injury upon Lucian Valintine. ("Clown Tongue Removal", "It seemed this man had made a terrible joke for the last time. A jester proficient with energy magic and pugiism seems to have torn out Lucian's tongue, searing the nerves behind it to ensure that no normal prosthetic would ever fix his ability to speak entirely.", "Permanent",
  82. Silanos says, "...."
  87. Dun was good to his name as a warlord of Theria, lunging forth at the water magi staffsman with brutal force and repetition, lunging forward with timestream accelerated swiftness to deliver brutal punches and kicks to the man's torso sheathed by blackened sabatons and fists. Hardened immensely, they easily broke down Lucien's defenses as a snap of his fingers forced his dreadful nostalgia upon the joker, withering him to make his other array of tricks more effective for the crowd.
  89. Raise his palm flat, the clown would catch a great cannon of water as if it was merely an instrument to juggle, sending it back forth towards Lucian with ruthlessness as he followed the force to catch the man by his torso, raising him up to the crowd with one arm in a display of his sheer pugilist's physique and frightening clown strength.
  91. A whole circus by himself.
  93. Looking into Lucian's eyes, the clown would glance directly into the man's visage before thrusting his blackened, hardened fingers into his mouth, knocking out a fair bit of teeth as he seized Lucian's tongue before staring him directly in the eyes with his remaining one through the melted mask.
  95. "I am a patient man, Mister Valentine. I can tolerate occasional offenses, forgive many things, but when I tell someone to stop telling me bad jokes, THEY BETTER WELL GODDAMN DO IT. A clown deals in absolutes, I am removing your ability to tell jokes until further notice."
  97. Dun would radiate his blackened fingers with the sheer, intense heat of concentrated energy, tearing out Lucian's tongue with a brutal retraction of his hand, a fleshy snap, and a grunt of exertion from the clown pugilist as he sighed in relief.
  99. Releasing Valentine, he would dust his hands off contently with a smile.
  101. "...Aaaaa. There. Much better."
  102. (Dun)
  106. He only wanted to tell one more joke, one more time.
  108. Why, Dun..?
  110. His friend.. to have done this to him. It was unbelievable. He would never forgive this error. He knew Dun well, too well. He was wise.
  112. But in this moment he was a fool.
  114. Lucian would spend the rest of his days gathering coin and having Dun die at the blade of his own devices. Perhaps Sajid? Perhaps an aspiring mercenary?
  116. Oh it would be interesting. Kraus willing, for Dun's sake, Lucian would bleed out here. Hand raising to cup that jaw as blood excreted out between crevices between fingers.
  118. One more joke, the final punchline. It would have to be Dun. The man who couldn't understand a joke to save his life.
  119. (Lucian Valintine)
  122. A new sight for the ookami. Blood staining the snow before his eyes, a sigh sounding out from his lips as he leaned backwards into the chair, looking to further distance himself from the crippled Lucian.
  124. "I guess we won't be having that chat again Lucian.."
  126. Hand raised towards his jaw to scratch away with his nails, attention turning back to scour the few around the circle.
  127. (Silanos)
  130. Lukas stepped out of their house to behold the most Therian of shenanigans- A man having his tongue torn out. The sight was absolutely brutal, they cringed as blood coated the snow.
  132. "What the hell." Yet no one helped him as he bled out. Lukas sighed and approached him. They had zero medical experience whatsoever but still assisted in whatever way they could. Crouching down, they lifted Lucian's head- Looots of blood. He could've choked on it actually, probably died. so, Lukas stopped the blood from flowing so furiously from his now removed tongue. That's all they could do. Stop the bleeding, force the blood back instead of the wound.
  134. Lukas let out a heavy sigh.. Yet nothing could be done about it. Not a single medic in sight.
  136. "It's not the wisest to be fatally injuring those on your side, Dun." They remark softly as they tend to the tongueless man.
  137. (Lukas mer Joyau)
  139. It seemed like Lucian wouldn't be bleeding out in the snow. A shame in way, for it meant he wouldn't be able to loot the corpse for any coin available, attention turning towards Lukas and Lucian.
  142. "A missed opportunity.."
  144. Silanos muttered away underneath his breath.
  146. (Silanos)
  149. Dun would flick his palm idly as blood spattered across the frozen ice of the lake and the powdery snow, a light crimson drizzle as he cleaned his hands of the situation with a thoughtful hum. Turning to Lukas, he chuckled with a shake of his head, smiling to himself behind the mask like he'd just hurt a punchline.
  151. "Nonsense, that is the way of Theria! You talk too much, you lose your tongue. This is the second tongue I've teared, it's truly only business with a bit of pleasure."
  153. The clown warlord would nod, crossing his right, serpentine scarred arm over his left before folding the pair over the black plate of his cuirass with a shrug of nonchalance.
  155. "Besides, he couldn't tell a joke, I cured him of his bad….taste.."
  157. Terrible.
  158. (Dun)
  161. Lucian just straight up left. Lukas stared before looking at Dun with narrowed eyes.
  163. This man was actually insane.
  165. "Well. I won't fault you there. This is Theria. But still" The looming circumstances around the free city meant all hands needed to be ready and uninjured. But, Lucian was gone and Dun was the last person to ever listen to reasoning. They inhaled sharply before rising to their feet.
  167. "Just don't.. tear out people's tongues..." Lukas flicked their bloodied hand, sending every drop of it onto the snow. Their attention fell to Elias and Sicks who arrived...
  168. (Lukas mer Joyau)
  171. The smile so easily spotted, an eyebrow raised towards Sienne as he questioned her underneath his breath. Clearly his interest was drawn towards the past interaction.
  172. (Silanos)
  176.  Dun would chuckle to himself with glee as he slapped the black plate of his cuirass with cheer, finding Lukas' frustration highly amusing all things considered. After all, how was he supposed to just stop tearing people's tongues out?
  178. That would be ridiculous.
  180. "Sometimes it just do be like that Lukas, people occasionally need to lose their tongues. If he wanted to keep his tongue, he should have kept it in his mouth. There is a clown code to follow."
  182. The clown prince of Theria would nod firmly, as if this was always the way of things.
  184. "Now he won't have bad taste any longer."
  185. (Dun)
  188. Lukas could only sigh.
  190. "I suppose he won't tell bad jokes anymore.. But still..."
  192. They wouldn't go back and forth. It'd be endless. Instead, they smiled at their fellow Warlord.
  194. "I'm going back to sleep now... I've seen enough of Theria..." With that, the rather tired and most sane of the four walked off and back to their home.
  195. (Lukas mer Joyau)
  197. Dun tossed the tongue to the wind as he paced away from the scene at hand, incinerating the blood that coated his palm with a concentration of unrefined, superheated mana as he hummed to himself in thought. He felt a sense of relief in having delivered such a ruthless beat down upon Mister Valentine, a man that had tested his patience more times than he could count.
  199. Task wouldn’t have done a thing, he would have swallowed every last morsel of mockery. He would sit in his office rotting away with drink, or sitting in the park listening to the chatter of cheese eaters and their saber rattling. He’d never act on his anger, on his instinct, and it had torn him apart at his seams to the point that he’d begun to feel like a hollow husk of a man.
  201. Since the day Audree had grown sick, and left him quite alone.
  203. Raising his fist as he took a deep breath, the clown warlord would thoughtfully nod as he raised his fist with a genuine, missing toothed smile. Dun did not take such disrespect, his resolve was beyond such measures of tolerance. Lucian had gotten exactly what he asked for, and the pugilist was all the more invigorated for it.
  205. It felt good to be free.
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