Changelog [SEN Enabler v5.6.2]

Evilnat Oct 31st, 2014 559 Never
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  1. Changelog [SEN Enabler v5.6.2]
  2. ------------------------------
  4. - Added compatibility with CFW Rebug 4.65
  5. - Added syscall detection [*]
  6. - Universal stealth, you can now make your own SEN Enabler package manually with any ID
  7. - Improved SEN Plugin to v1.2
  8. - SEN Plugin starts with language from SEN Enabler config file (if SEN Enabler is not installed, default language is english)
  9. - Added sounds to SEN Plugin (fast method to know if some tasks fails or not)
  10. - Added colors on checker [L2 button on menu] [*]
  12. [*] RED   = Not recommended
  13.     GREEN = Recommended / safe
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