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Dec 16th, 2013
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  1. Korah frowned as the end of his blade slammed into the bestial creature before him, the last of several like it and the only one that remained standing. The broadsword, a slightly oversized, double-edged affair with a basket-like guard, split through the skull of the eldrazi nightmare accompanied by an otherworldly shriek of pain. Then it was over, and the woods surrounding him were quiet once more.
  3. With a brief glance at the inconvenient vacancy on his left side where by all accounts his arm should have been, the fighter carefully embedded his blade in the turf in front of him so that he could retrieve his canteen. It was an old wound that traced back to some of the earliest human contact with the eldrazi menace, back when he had been an arrogant guard Captain in Kabira. He'd escaped the encounter with his life, though: better than the rest of his company fared. It was a painful reminder of his failures, and what overconfidence could do to a man. But despite its constant inconvenience, Korah had long taken the lessons it taught him to heart.
  5. As he sipped at the lukewarm water, however, he couldn't help but shake the feeling that something was off about the situation. The eldrazi were dead of course, but all the same there was a certain warmth in the air, and his heart was no longer racing the way it had been through the whole fight. He was still quite fit, aside from some atrophy in his left shoulder caused by a distinct lack of any arm to speak of, but even for him... he had simply recovered much too quickly. Carefully holding the canteen between his thighs, he screwed the cap on tightly, the unnatural calmness of his surroundings growing ever more obvious.
  7. Finally, he felt it: he was being watched.
  9. Slowly, calmly, Korah reached for the handle of his blade and pulled it free from the dirt. The polished metal reflected nothing but trees at first, but finally revealed details about the figure poised several paces behind him: golden hair that spilled down onto her shoulders, fair skin wrapped gingerly in a light silk robe, and most notably four feathered wings.
  11. “Linvala,” he mused, turning to face the still-silent angel as he carefully eased his blade back into its sheath at his side.
  13. “I should have known it was you again.”
  15. Linvala said nothing, and merely nodded in reply with a serene smile. That was her way, of course: even though Korah felt that the angel had taken a particular liking to him after finding his broken and bloodied body where he once fell to the eldrazi horde, she had never spoken to him. Nor could he recall anyone claiming to have heard the sacred warrior's voice, or even any rumors of someone having heard her speak. Sometimes he privately wondered if her “gift” had somehow robbed her of the capacity for speech entirely, or whether she had never had that ability to begin with.
  17. It must have been obvious that Korah's mind had begun to wander, as he suddenly noticed that the angel had come closer to him, her eyes communicating a mixture of concern and confusion as effectively as if she could speak.
  19. “Sorry,” he muttered. “I'm always happy to see you, of course. It's just...”
  21. The angel cocked her golden head, silently inviting Korah to finish the thought.
  23. “It sometimes feels awkward talking to you like this.” Linvala frowned, a hurt look apparent in her eyes.
  25. Korah quickly scrambled to explain himself. “I mean, you're basically the living embodiment of hope for all of us, and I owe you my life, but we can't even hold a conversation. Despite that you keep... you know. Coming back to me.”
  27. “I'm not sure I understand...”
  29. The man was suddenly silenced mid-sentence by one slender finger pressed against the corner of his lips, which traced a slow arc across his lower lip to the opposite corner. A warm feeling washed over him as the angel's smile returned. Of course. For an angel to seek out a mortal for the pleasure of his company alone was a rare blessing, so perhaps he had been a fool to wonder about the reasons why. Perhaps he should be content to enjoy the fleeting moments of peace and calm they could share together, before her duty called her away once more.
  31. As Korah continued to muse to himself, Linvala's soft smile widened into an impish grin. No longer content to wait on the hesitant mortal, she finally grabbed Korah by his scruffy chin and drew his lips to hers. He offered no resistance, and in an unusual moment of bravery, he even dared to sneak his hand around the celestial woman's waist.
  33. As their lips finally parted, Linvala lingered in Korah's loose embrace. Her long fingers made short work of unclasping the straps and belts that held his armor on. The cuirass she dropped to the ground at their side with a soft thud, and the scaled tassets and sword that hung from his belt she allowed to simply fall to the ground around his feet.
  35. “Thanks, it's kinda time-consuming to do that myself,” Korah muttered. “Let me return the favor.”
  37. Linvala's robe, though cut from luxuriously woven cloth the like of which Korah had never seen against a mortal's skin, thankfully proved much simpler to remove than his own armor. Sliding his hand across her shoulders, he teased the garment loose and gently guided it up and over her head before letting it fall free. The silken cloth seemed to linger in midair just a bit longer than should have been possible as the warrior's hand worked its way down Linvala's hip and thigh, finally freeing the angel entirely from her robe.
  39. For a few moments Korah merely stood, admiring Linvala as she stood before him. If there were any gods still watching over Zendikar, surely one of them must have had a hand in creating such a beautiful, powerful, wonderful being. Eventually, Korah noticed a faint tinge of red in Linvala's cheeks, and that she had diverted her gaze ever so slightly to one side. Looking down, he saw why: lost as he was in amazement, he had gotten rock hard without even noticing.
  41. “Look,” he offered, noticing the angel's discomfort, “maybe we should slow down for now.”
  43. Linvala nodded quietly in agreement, spreading her wings slightly as she stretched her shoulders and neck. Speaking of which...
  45. “I know. Why don't you lie down, and let me take over for a bit?”
  47. Korah's offer was met with a frown and an appraising, skeptical look from Linvala.
  49. “You seem tense,” he explained, “so I thought I'd help you relax and loosen up a bit. That's all, I swear.”
  51. Linvala's glare softened once again into a smile, and Korah breathed a sigh of relief. Without ceremony, the angel lay across her silken clothing, allowing her feathered wings to fall to her sides at rest and her golden hair to drape across her shoulders and neck. First with his eyes, and then with his fingers, Korah began to explore and massage his partner's body. He had seen Linvala a fair few times since she first saved his sorry hide, which must have made him the closest thing to an expert, but even he had to admit that the finer points of angelic anatomy escaped him.
  53. She seemed more or less like a normal human at first glance, aside from the wings. Korah brushed her hair to one side to gently work the muscles of her neck, and found the skin there wonderfully warm and smooth to the touch. It took a little more pressure than he anticipated to depress, however: as it turned out, Linvala would have been physically powerful even without her seemingly inexhaustible supply of mana and her unique abilities. After having her neck and shoulders massaged thoroughly, Linvala seemed to have settled in comfortably, and Korah moved his hand down her back to the base of her wings. These had been the subject of some curiosity for quite a few on Zendikar who had seen angels up close and lived to tell of the encounter, and Korah was no exception.
  55. The muscle seemed to be layered in a complex pattern over one “shoulder” for each of her four wings, giving that part of Linvala's back the sort of definition one would expect of a prize-fighter's abdominals. It was even more difficult to work some of the more densely-packed spots around the angel's wings, but with some exertion Korah managed. And it was well worth the effort: as he massaged the powerful muscles of Linvala's back, he heard her stifle a contented little moan. Vaguely, he realized that was the first sound he had ever heard from her lips: possibly the first sound anyone had heard her make.
  57. “Feeling a bit more relaxed, are we?” Korah chuckled, massaging in slow circles between the four wings with his thumb.
  59. Linvala nodded silently, but emphatically. Korah hadn't even needed to ask the question. He could feel that the angel was happy, but it was still exciting to see such a powerful and graceful being respond with almost puppy-like enthusiasm. What made it even sweeter was to know that he was responsible for that happiness.
  61. “Great. Let's try something else.”
  63. Korah gently prompted Linvala to raise herself up to her hands and knees, and she gave him an inquisitive look. Without bothering to explain, Korah slid beneath her from the side, carefully maneuvering his legs around Linvala's right arm before placing his hand firmly on her hip. Then, he pulled her close and paused, sensing that the angel wasn't sure what to do.
  65. So he simply showed her himself.
  67. Linvala didn't have to tell Korah that this was the first time she had ever lain with a man. The little shiver he felt as his face settled between her thighs, as well as the unmistakeable feeling of tension emanating from her told him that much. But as his tongue ran down the length of her pussy, he felt the tension start to dissipate a little at a time. By the time his lips found her clitoris and started to push back the hood that surrounded it, Korah felt Linvala's lips as they almost eagerly engulfed his member.
  69. For what he presumed to be a virgin, Linvala's proficiency caught Korah completely off guard. It was all he could do to focus on his own task, trying desperately to help his angelic host feel even half as good as she was making him feel. Almost every detail that registered through the growing haze of pleasure was incomparable to any mortal woman he had ever known.
  71. Her scent wasn't pungent, but floral: like the jasmine that grew on the courtyard walls of his old barracks in Kabira. When he dipped his tongue into her, he was greeted by the flavors of honeysuckle and citrus. The pressure from her mouth was irresistible, the occasional flutter of her tongue across the tip of his member was tantalizing, and her lips drove him mad as they worked up and down the length of his shaft. Even the feeling of her smooth fingers, uncalloused even after years of fighting the eldrazi, gripping him lightly by the scrotum would have been wonderful on its own.
  73. After some time Linvala sat up again, and Korah rose to his elbow.
  75. “Linvala? Did something happen?”
  77. After a moment she turned around, now facing him as she straddled his waist. Korah now saw why she had stopped: a bit of his seed was spread across her face, and he could tell that the rest was still in her mouth.
  79. “Ah. So something DID happen. Sorry I didn't warn you, I was... preoccupied.”
  81. Linvala, after visibly rolling the cum around on her tongue, finally swallowed. Then she wiped her face clean, and made a slow, deliberately provocative show of licking every last drop from her fingertips. For his part, Korah recovered almost immediately, and now found himself almost painfully hard in anticipation. What he had done so far went beyond anything most humans on Zendikar could even imagine: the angels were sacred, living embodiments of hope in the face of the eldrazi menace. It was practically blasphemous to want more... and yet he did.
  83. Without a word Korah took Linvala into a half-embrace, and brought his lips to hers, which still tasted slightly bitter. He felt the welcome sensation of long fingers caressing his shaft, and when he broke their kiss he met Linvala's gaze. Her eyes were steady, her expression was one of determination. Though she could not put a voice to her desires, they had never been more clear: she didn't care that he was a human and she was an angel. She didn't care about the eldrazi, or saving the world, or bringing hope to those who had lost their own. And for the first time in as long as he could remember, Korah didn't care about those things anymore either.
  85. He was the one she had grown so attached to, the one she had sought out. All that mattered to him at that moment was her.
  87. As Linvala guided him into her, she winced briefly in a moment of pain. Korah felt her entire body suddenly grow tense, the muscles of her stomach in particular going taut and not relaxing again afterward. Worried, he held the angel around the waist.
  89. “Are you okay, Linvala?”
  91. His voice carried a tender tone to it that even he had not expected, and Linvala responded with a simple nod. Good, he thought. It made sense, though: in retrospect he should have expected it to hurt, as everything had suggested that this would be her first time. With that in mind, Korah gave Linvala a few moments to collect herself, and waited as her ragged breath gradually grew smooth and regular once more.
  93. Then Linvala started to move. Slowly at first, pressing against him in a rhythmic pattern that caused his shaft to work itself around inside of her. Korah felt the angel's muscles relaxing bit by bit as she strained against him with increasing strength, and began to add his own movements to the rhythm. Each thrust drove him deep into her belly, and with each passing second it seemed the pace quickened. She lifted one leg, then he lifted the other with his hand, until she was straddling his torso between her thighs, with his forearm supporting her from behind and her feet locked behind him. Linvala's gentle motions grew in ferocity, until she was practically writhing in the throes of her own ecstasy. Her great feathered wings began to move in powerful, broad sweeps in time with her lover's upward thrusts, which grew faster and stronger and far, far more passionate as Korah put his entire body into each motion.
  95. The downward strokes of the angel's wings kicked up a small cloud of dust around their feet, and as Korah heard gentle, uncharacteristic moans escaping her lips he also felt a strange sensation of lightness. It was almost as if he were being lifted up, and as he glanced downward what he saw made him cling tighter to Linvala's body.
  97. His feet had left the ground, and each thrust and vaguely-corresponding wingbeat lifted the pair higher into the air. But Korah hung on desperately with his arm, and Linvala's legs weren't about to release their hold. Her moans were replaced by frantic, wordless, strained cries: weak and rasping sounds produced by vocal cords that had gone almost unused since her birth. Higher and higher they were borne aloft by both powerful wings and magic, until a powerful shudder shook Linvala's entire body. She clamped down hard around Korah, driving him deep with her heels and all but crushing him between her legs as one final shout, wordless as all the rest, echoed about the woods. Korah similarly reached his own climax, and felt the sudden relief and release of his own orgasm.
  99. Gently, they drifted back to earth, with Linvala setting Korah down on the grass once more before settling in atop him. Her skin was flushed and glowing with sweat, and her radiant golden hair cascaded messily over her shoulders. No words could describe how Korah felt in that moment: all he could do was beam at the angel, the first genuine smile he'd given anyone since he left Kabira in disgrace.
  101. Linvala, herself without any words to share, gazed serenely back down at Korah: the man to whom she had entrusted herself to, and her closest, dearest link to the mortals her sworn silence was meant to protect. With her fingernails and thumbs meeting in the middle, she positioned her hands carefully between her breasts to form the outline of a heart, and smiled.
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