Sunday Night Chatroom 2015/06/22

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  1. Implementing the Animal Bots:
  2. (18:17:36) MusicalKitty: Hmm, I'm imagining that the Animal bots (Rush, Treble, and Beat) could be playable like Roll, Disco, and Rhythm
  3. (18:18:13) MegaBossMan: I believe the idea is more for them to be like Mechas.
  4. (18:18:47) TailsMK4: For the longest time I've tried to figure out how they could be implemented, as Rush definitely is a big stable in the series.
  5. (18:19:03) MegaBossMan: I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to the Super Adapter, though.
  6. (18:19:05) TailsMK4: But having him fight like the other robots doesn't make sense...
  7. (18:19:31) ThatOneEnderMan: Rush = Mecha for Mega, Tango/Beat = Mecha for Proto, and Treble = Mecha for bass.
  8. (18:19:36) TheDoc: Why not have them as abilities? That's basically how they worked in the games
  9. (18:19:50) TailsMK4: That's kind of what I end up thinking, but how would they work…
  10. (18:20:54) MusicalKitty: Beat's Shield would be useful
  11. (18:20:56) MegaBossMan: But, that wouldn't make sense with Rush Coil....
  12. (18:21:31) TailsMK4: Nah, I'd say maybe more like giving them fighting abilities.
  13. (18:21:58) MusicalKitty: Rush Coil could launch the user into the opponent, for Neutral or Impact damage
  14. (18:22:31) TheDoc: Rush Jet could give you immunity to Earth attacks (playing off of Flying>Ground)
  15. (18:22:56) TheDoc: Iunno, I'm imagining the Animal Bots more is Support rather than full-on attacks
  16. (18:23:02) MegaBossMan: Most Earth attacks are still airbased, though :/
  17. (18:23:11) TheDoc: I know, that's the problem :P
  18. (18:23:14) StupidStudiosN: Rush Marine could give a resistance to water, maybe?
  19. (18:23:38) ZeroDXZ: Rush Marine should be resistant to both Water and Ground
  20. (18:23:16) TailsMK4: I like the idea of perhaps doing a combo attack with the animal bots.
  21. (18:23:47) TailsMK4: Either that or I thought they would sit on their own part of the bench and randomly attack opponents, but that's not very creative.
  22. (18:24:19) MusicalKitty: But since Bass and Mega Man have "Fusions" and Proto doesn't, it would be kinda awkward to have two Fusions and the other have a shield if Adaptors were in the game
  23. (18:24:40) StupidStudiosN: Maybe Proto Man could transform into Break Man?
  24. (18:24:42) MegaBossMan: I don't wanna limit them to Mechas, really. An extra Robot Master is much helpful than the slot you're saving for a mecha.
  25. (18:27:15) MusicalKitty: Rush Jet, if an attack, should have Rush envelope himself with flames and colliding into the enemy for Flame/impact damage
  26. (18:27:43) MegaBossMan: I don't really want the abilities to play into types :\
  27. (18:27:52) TailsMK4: Keep them Neutral.
  28. (18:29:12) StupidStudiosN: Maybe Rush Bomber from Mega Man 8?
  29. (18:29:45) MegaBossMan: Rush Bomber attacks a large side of the opposing field?
  30. (18:29:59) TheDoc: Have we agreed that they should abilities or mechas? Just wanting to get that straight
  31. (18:30:14) MegaBossMan: I want them to be abilities.
  32. (18:30:20) TailsMK4: And I think we're agreeing that they would be abilities, TheDoc.
  33. (18:30:56) TailsMK4: Maybe give a penalty of one turn to "call" the animal robot, then the next turn the attack is unleashed.
  34. (18:30:47) MusicalKitty: Rush Marine could shoot harpoon type projectiles for an amount of turns while it halves damage the user takes
  35. (18:31:13) MegaBossMan: Should we try to limit how many abilities we have?
  36. (18:33:46) TailsMK4: For me I think 1 would be plenty.
  37. (18:33:52) TailsMK4: 1 for each.
  38. (18:34:09) TheDoc: I would say max 2 per animal, but I could settle for one
  39. (18:34:11) MusicalKitty: Maybe a move to Summon Rush and when the user selects his own attack, you also select the animal's abilities, so slot won't be a problem
  40. (18:35:18) MegaBossMan: And how many pets? Rush, Tango, Treble, Beat…
  41. (18:35:56) MegaBossMan: Maybe 3 pets. Cut Beat out for something else.
  42. (18:37:16) MegaBossMan: I remember Tango liking Proto in a few sources, and while Cossack made Beat, maybe he'll be something else.
  43. (18:37:45) Tobyjoey: What if Beat was an equipable item? It could work like Focus Sash in Pokemon, protecting you from a OHKO, referencing Beat pulling you out of a pit?
  44. (18:38:24) MegaBossMan: Would he be a regular item as well, or just holding-item?
  45. (18:38:42) MegaBossMan: Cause I kinda like a holding only item.
  46. (18:38:45) Tobyjoey: Just holding I would think.
  47. (18:39:18) MegaBossMan: Would it have a drawback?
  48. (18:39:48) TheDoc: The thing about holding items
  49. (18:39:58) TheDoc: Is that the the drawback is the opportunity cost
  50. (18:40:36) Tobyjoey: And it would only work against OHKO. If MM is at 99%, it isn't doing anything.
  51. (18:41:32) TailsMK4:  I'm seeing a description of a mostly useless item...
  52. (18:43:01) TailsMK4: Could be like the ability Endure.
  53. (18:43:12) TailsMK4: Health reduced to 1, but not getting disabled.
  54. (18:43:45) TailsMK4: But it only works once...either for the rest of the battle, or if the user survives a few turns?
  55. (18:43:59) TheDoc: I was thinking one use only. Period
  56. (18:44:18) TailsMK4: At the same time, though…
  57. (18:44:37) TailsMK4: I think the 1-Up does a much better job since you do get revived.
  58. (18:45:03) TheDoc: @Tails but you require another robot to be in play
  59. (18:47:34) TheDoc: The idea that Beat keeps you alive allows you to follow up with a counterattack, though. 1ups require a.) another robot and b.) that you don't get your attack in
  60. (18:45:14) TailsMK4: Maybe Beat is a better choice for the story and save the 1-ups for Player Battles or what not.
  61. (18:45:24) TailsMK4: ...That is, if Player Battles are still going to be a thing.
  62. (18:47:33) TailsMK4: If we're doing Beat as a held item, what would he do if used?
  63. (18:48:42) MegaBossMan: No use.
  64. (18:48:46) TheDoc: Does he need to be useable?
  65. (18:49:07) MegaBossMan: I don't think so.
  66. (18:49:46) TailsMK4: Maybe make Beat kind of like the screws, not usable in battle but you can see it in the regular inventory outside of battle.
  67. (18:50:02) MegaBossMan: Yeah, that's the plan.
  71. If You Give a Robot a Screw...:
  72. (18:52:17) MegaBossMan: If you hold a screw, it increases drops of zenny.
  73. (18:52:41) MegaBossMan: Does anyone else feel a bit iffy on that?
  74. (18:53:05) TailsMK4: Zenny is kind of easy to accumulate...
  75. (18:53:38) TailsMK4: Maybe holding a screw increases the chance of a drop occurring?
  76. (18:53:57) MegaBossMan: That's the use.
  77. (18:54:10) TailsMK4: No, as in dropping items.
  78. (18:54:16) MegaBossMan: Or are you expanding it to all items?
  79. (18:54:23) MegaBossMan: Oh, alright.
  80. (18:54:34) TailsMK4: Yeah, all a sense. Let me try to expand the idea...
  81. (18:55:04) TailsMK4: Say: 20% increase of smaller items being dropped if holding a Small Screw, 10-15% chance of other items dropping with a Large Screw held.
  82. (18:55:24) TailsMK4: Maybe some items will only drop with a screw held.
  83. (18:55:31) TailsMK4: Like an Attack Capsule.
  84. (18:56:27) TheDoc: Personally, I would much rather hold the items I already have than hold screws to get some other items, unless you wanna grind of course.
  85. (18:58:53) TheDoc: I honestly don't feel like SCREWS have to have other effects either
  86. (18:59:27) MegaBossMan: They're fine to me just being sold.
  87. (18:59:37) TheDoc: Just having them as money makers is fine to me. Trying to shoehorn in an effect is unnecessary
  88. (19:00:45) TailsMK4: Well, screws were brought up because they could be held.
  89. (19:01:03) TailsMK4: Should they not be able to be held then?
  90. (19:01:41) TheDoc: I think that's just part of the design. It's easier to have them be held than make an exception for them just for them not to be able to be held
  91. (19:01:47) TheDoc: I could be wrong though
  92. (19:02:41) MegaBossMan: Mecha cores can't be held, right?
  93. (19:03:00) TheDoc shrugs
  94. (19:04:29) MegaBossMan: "This item's energy is too unstable to be held by a robot master, so it's best to wait until it becomes a new robot core."
  95. (19:05:10) TheDoc: It's best that screws are unable to be held, then. That goes for all items without holding effects
  96. (19:05:12) TailsMK4: So just make the screws unholdable.
  97. (19:05:22) TheDoc: Yup
  98. (19:05:24) MegaBossMan: I'm fine with that.
  99. MegaBossMan: So, if we're leaving out screws, Beat will open the floodgates for holding items.
  103. Countdown to Zero:
  104. (19:13:48) ZeroDXZ: ....the given song is a Sega Genesis remake/remix of Dr.Wily's Stage 5
  105. (19:14:19) ZeroDXZ: it is a great track but seeing as this arena is called Prototype-Subspace
  106. (19:14:27) ZeroDXZ: why not edit that with a "Spacey" tune
  107. (19:14:32) ZeroDXZ: ....a Re-Remixed ver.
  108. (19:14:43) ZeroDXZ: such as this​5DrouNOFLTQ
  109. (19:14:52) MegaBossMan: Renegade’s Version 2?
  110. (19:17:50) MegaBossMan: So, you're suggesting updating the track?
  111. (19:18:47) ZeroDXZ: ...the prototype being updated...we should obviously update the music too....sure we can keep the originals but we should have the option of adding in the newer remixes LoR adds
  112. (19:21:34) MegaBossMan: Just let the music switch between the tracks available.
  113. (19:23:00) ZeroDXZ: then...i have one more
  114. (19:23:06) ZeroDXZ: ....the Alternate Skins of Sigmas
  115. (19:23:23) ZeroDXZ: .....we do have Sigma Skins for the others
  116. (19:23:35) ZeroDXZ: ...but...we also have Fan-Made/Adrian-Made ones too
  117. (19:23:36) ZeroDXZ: .....
  118. (19:23:43) ZeroDXZ: for example....Mine and Bt's Enker
  119. (19:24:10) MegaBossMan: I don't see the reasoning behind Sigma Killers.
  120. (19:25:26) MegaBossMan: Where do you think we should place them?
  121. (19:25:57) ZeroDXZ: .......obviously the Prototype Subspace of course...
  122. (19:26:15) MegaBossMan: In which Chapter?
  123. (19:27:03) ZeroDXZ: let's opinion...i believe that should be the Bonus Chapter....or maybe an Alt Battle against the Mega Man Killers after you defeated them once
  124. (19:27:25) MegaBossMan: Maybe a password battle?
  125. (19:43:41) ZeroDXZ: ......shouldn't the Legacy Skins be usable as well?
  126. (19:43:48) ZeroDXZ: seeing there IS code for them
  127. (19:44:01) MegaBossMan: I think they're just for RP use for now.
  128. (19:44:20) MegaBossMan: Plus, not every robot has a legacy, which means a few would get an extra costume.
  131. sssshhh
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