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Island of Misfit Toys 17

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  1. [20:29] `GM     [Meanwhile, thousands of seconds away, a long and quite eventful day is winding down. As the carbon-based residents busy themselves with carbon-based activities, Ai once again seeks higher enlightenment.]
  2. [20:34] `GM     [Once again seeking the Colonel, she spots him from a second-story window, out on the back lawn by himself.]
  3. [20:36] Ai`     interrupter her tabulations on energy rationing and quickly makes her way downstairs. With the labor of the day and a dash of fortune, perhaps, these calculations will become irrelevant.
  4. [20:37] Ai`     [She approaches the Colonel quietly, but without stealth.]
  5. [20:38] `GM     [The Colonel glances back at her when he notices her approach, seems to "allow" her presence, then turns back, looking at the sky.]
  6. [20:39] Ai`     "Good evening, Colonel."
  7. [20:39] =-=     YOU are now known as ColonelWalt
  8. [20:40] ColonelWalt     nods, but does not immediately respond. He's poised, as always.
  9. [20:41] Ai`     continues.
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  14. [20:41] Ai`     "What are you looking for?"
  15. [20:42] ColonelWalt     responds, his voice instructive, like a professor's.
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  20. [20:42] ColonelWalt     "Ever since I learned of the existence of Rifts, Entity Ai, I have been unable to stop asking myself: When are we going to die?"
  21. [20:43] ColonelWalt     "An infinitely-large universe, holding an infinite amount of rifts to an infinite amount of other universes."
  22. [20:44] ColonelWalt     "Logically, one will open up to a universe with creatures that will find Earth and return it to blackness."
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  24. [20:45] ColonelWalt     "I am looking for the place they are coming from, whenever that may be."
  25. [20:45] ColonelWalt     looks at Ai... whatever that means.
  26. [20:47] Ai`     returns the glance.
  27. [20:47] Ai`     "If it provides any solace, I will defend this planet and your civilization to the best of my ability while I cohabitate with them. Few imaginable threats could stop me."
  28. [20:49] ColonelWalt     give Ai "that look" that a parent gives their child when they just, don't, understand...
  29. [20:53] Ai`     attempts to clarify further, confused.
  30. [20:53] Ai`     "Mathematically, all things are possible, but few things are likely. If the likelihood approaches zero too closely, it is not worth strategic consideration."
  31. [20:58] ColonelWalt     "If humans had more common sense today, Ai, they would envy your ability to filter out the noise. They have no idea what a calming power it is."
  32. [21:00] Ai`     "You seem to understand. Why, then, do you not apply it now?"
  33. [21:01] ColonelWalt     sighs, and looks back up at the stars.
  34. [21:02] ColonelWalt     "Because I am human, Entity Ai. And humans cannot help but try to hold smoke."
  35. [21:03] ColonelWalt     "Did you desire something of me?"
  36. [21:04] ColonelWalt     folds his arms behind his back and returns to business-mode.
  37. [21:04] Ai`     starts with a simple question.
  38. [21:05] Ai`     "I desire to receive an evaluation of my performance today."
  39. [21:07] ColonelWalt     strokes his mustache, contemplating exactly how her performance WAS.
  40. [21:09] ColonelWalt     "Admirable. You showed imitative in finding tasks when not explicitly assigned, and basic competence in completing them. You also maintained order among the other residents when order was required, and you deduced that order was needed."
  41. [21:10] Ai`     [=-= *initiative]
  42. [21:12] Ai`     "Thank you."
  43. [21:13] Ai`     "May I ask another matter of you?"
  44. [21:13] ColonelWalt     "You may ask. I may not answer."
  45. [21:14] Ai`     "Given this service, may I acquire greater access to your power supplies to continue operation?"
  46. [21:17] ColonelWalt     straightens up and makes sure to look down at Ai as a clear superior.
  47. [21:18] ColonelWalt     "Is your current ration not adequate, Entity Ai? You are required only to perform menial tasks at this point in time."
  48. [21:19] Ai`     "It is not adequate. It only slows my energy loss."
  49. [21:20] ColonelWalt     humphs and adjusts his tie.
  50. [21:21] ColonelWalt     "As it is with all living creatures. Perhaps you would wish to rephrase your complaint."
  51. [21:22] Ai`     continues staring up at Walt, unblinking.
  52. [21:23] Ai`     "I am currently undergoing 'starvation'. Without additional energy supplies, I will become inactive within a short period of time."
  53. [21:23] ColonelWalt     "That is called "sleep", Entity Ai. It is normal."
  54. [21:23] ColonelWalt     says this not without a level of incredulity.
  55. [21:24] Ai`     "I understand 'sleep'. I am instead approaching a 'coma'."
  56. [21:26] ColonelWalt     brings his hands around subtly and instead rests them on the pommel of his saber.
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  58. [21:28] ColonelWalt     "Perhaps I have not make my intentions clear to you, Entity Ai, and thus I am forced to speak plainly: I, do, not, TRUST, you. Your assurances and explanations are meaningless to me, and your efforts, inspiring as they are, do nothing to convince me otherwise. A man need not be praised for doing what is expected of him, and I EXPECT the residents of this island to pull their weight."
  59. [21:29] Ai`     maintains a neutral tone.
  60. [21:29] Ai`     [=-= belay that last of mine]
  61. [21:31] ColonelWalt     "I do not desire to give you additional power and supplies because I do not TRUST you with addition power and supplies. You have been on this island a scant 32 hours, and while other may believe that an adequate amount of time to assess intent, they are not me, and they do not manage this island's safety."
  62. [21:31] ColonelWalt     [=-= *additional]
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  64. [21:32] ColonelWalt     "When you receive additional power and supplies, you may take that as evidence of my additional trust in your intentions, and not before! Do I make myself clear?"
  65. [21:32] ColonelWalt     finally ends up shouting at her, though doing so formally.
  66. [21:37] Ai`     "I understand, but still cannot indefinitely sustain life and service while receiving energy supplies insufficient for both. While restraining me from receiving a surplus is 'reasonable', keeping anyone from receiving enough to continue life is unsustainable."
  67. [21:37] Ai`     "I merely request an increase to this minimum livable level. Would you work for less than what is needed to sustain you for even short periods of time?"
  68. [21:40] ColonelWalt     gives Ai the back of his hand. It probably hurts him as much as it does her, perhaps more.
  69. [21:41] Ai`     does not flinch nor move. The force is measured and registered, but that is it.
  70. [21:42] ColonelWalt     "Don't you EVER talk to me about what is NEEDED. You have NO, IDEA."
  71. [21:42] ColonelWalt     "Until you are doing more than you possibly can, you're not doing all that you can possibly do."
  72. [21:44] ColonelWalt     "You want your power supply? Take it. Because there's no way in hell I'm going to give it to you."
  73. [21:45] ColonelWalt     "Or suck it up and learn what it feels like to be a human."
  74. [21:48] Ai`     "Your physiology and metabolism seem like they are not consistently mere days away from termination. My analogues are different in this case."
  75. [21:49] Ai`     "Furthermore, I cannot safely allow myself to fall fully inactive. It would also be unsafe for you if I were to fall fully inactive."
  76. [21:50] Ai`     lets slip a new detail.
  77. [21:54] ColonelWalt     narrows his gaze. He keeps that new detail to himself... for the moment.
  78. [21:55] ColonelWalt     "Did you know, Entity Ai, that modern scientists still cannot conclusively determine why a human needs to sleep?"
  79. [21:55] Ai`     I did not.
  80. [21:56] ColonelWalt     "And yet even a baby knows that it must sleep, and those who do not sleep WILL die as their brain simply ceases to function."
  81. [21:57] ColonelWalt     "There are leagues of things humanity does not know about itself, from the physical to the psychological, to the spiritual."
  82. [21:58] ColonelWalt     "Do not presume that you know whether or not I am tired, Entity Ai. It will not go well with you."
  83. [21:59] Ai`     "I do not understand the relevance of your statements. In revision, perhaps I have been unclear."
  84. [22:00] Ai`     "In a sense, I do sleep. However, even with those energy savings, I am still operating at a deficit."
  85. [22:02] Ai`     "A steep one."
  86. [22:03] ColonelWalt     turns around and takes a few steps away from Ai, looking over to the small island that houses the rift.
  87. [22:03] ColonelWalt     "No, perhaps I have been unclear."
  88. [22:04] ColonelWalt     's tone ceases to me authoritative or reprimanding, and flattens out, merely stating facts.
  89. [22:04] ColonelWalt     [=-= *to be]
  90. [22:06] ColonelWalt     "I instructed Dr. Wallberg to disconnect the backup servers located within the rift laboratory; they will be relocated to a more stable location on the island at a later date."
  91. [22:07] ColonelWalt     "The power grid is still allocating a large amperage through the laboratory's main line."
  92. [22:08] ColonelWalt     "Amperage that, until such a time as I or Ms. Panzer reroutes the grid, is not being utilized."
  93. [22:09] ColonelWalt     "The rest of the island's power needs are sufficient without reallocating the amperage."
  94. [22:12] ColonelWalt     "It is not imaginable for you to have access to that line."
  95. [22:13] ColonelWalt     begins to walk back to the residence.
  96. [22:13] ColonelWalt     "Good night, Entity Ai."
  97. [22:16] Ai`     almost comments upon the incongruency in his statements, but stops herself short. This data can lead to only a small set of conclusions...
  98. [22:16] Ai`     "-Good night, Colonel."
  99. [22:24] Ai`     gives the lab a sidelong glance. In there lies not only one but two keys to her continuation, and both need to be accessed soon.
  100. [22:25] Ai`     [But for now, it can wait. Attempting access when failure is possible would be unwise, and another day would do well to prepare.]
  101. [22:25] Ai`     soon thereafter makes her way back inside and uses the fridge socket once more.
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