kunori - Episode 18 Commentary (SAO II)

Oct 6th, 2018
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  3. The year passes and it's now 6th Jan 2026. The Aincrad arc started on 6th Nov 2022, so it's been three years and two months.
  5. On Asuna's and Silica's windows are their winter homework. You can connect to the Internet from within ALO, so typing's fine as long as it's in a web app. Sure seems handy, opening as many of those large windows as you want…
  7. No eye strain, no backaches, and all-you-can-drink without even needing a dispenser. Missing deadlines would be a thing of the past if I had such a working environment… or maybe not…?
  9. Whenever Silica's familiar, Pina, catch sight of a sleeping Kirito, it almost always lands on him and falls asleep. That's one of the 《Forest Home Seven Mysteries》. Perhaps…
  11. The Mother's Rosario arc starts this week! Along with a little change to the OP!
  13. Rewinding time back a little, it's now 20th Dec 2025. 8 days before the Caliber arc.
  15. Agil: "Thanks for waiting!" Whew, it's sure been a while… he did appear for a bit on the 17th's celebration scene, though, lol. Dicey Café had its fair share of appearances, too.
  17. It's pretty far from the Survivor School Kirito and Asuna attends in Nishi-tokyo to Dicey Café in Okachimachi, but they do show up now and then. Kirito may be stopping by after electronics shopping in Akihabara, though.
  19. It takes 30m via the Chuuou rapid line from Kichijouji, switching to the Yamanote line at Kanda. Shibuya's close from Nerima where I stay with the Fukutoshin line too. Not that I go there. I never go Yokohama despite getting on Toyoko...
  21. I had the pleasure of writing a simple screenplay for this Part A. Like taking the chance to introduce Agil's wife… her setting changed a little from the web version, though.
  23. New Aincrad's getting ten floors released at a time with its major updates, but the unreleased floors are completely shut out from the outside, preventing even taking a peek at them. Could've found out if the log house's there otherwise…
  25. By the way, players can only fly up to around the fiftieth floor, so no looking at the top either. Even if the 《Ruby Palace》's up there like before, no one knows if there's a boss.
  27. This golem! It was in Hollow Fragment, too, wasn't it?!
  29. Floor bosses in New Aincrad got way buffed up compared to old SAO, but players can revive, too, so it's all balanced (?), isn't it! Asuna-san's doing her best as the healer, too!
  31. The mage, beside Asuna, freezing the boss is Chrysheight, a.k.a. Ministry of Internal Affair's Virtual Division's Kikuoka-san, lol. 2025's Christmas is on a weekday… guess this must be work!
  33. Asuna-san, charging forth with her rapier. Perhaps the blood from her time in the Knights of the Blood aroused from its slumber. Sinon-san's participating, too (before heading back)!
  35. Obtaining the last attack with her Flashing Penetrator! It's been a while since we last saw Kirito and Asuna's switch attack.
  37. It was a marathon back in SAO, but now it's just a short flight! Still, flying straight to the labyrinth's an issue, so depending on the floor, there would be high walls reaching the ceiling or terrifying flying monsters placed around.
  39. Kirito and Asuna fly over the lake… but what is that odd silhouette…?
  41. Turning back with that smile upon seeing the forest home, along with that twirl afterwards. Asuna-san's adorable there, isn't she!
  43. Of course, this isn't the only player home around; there are plenty about New Aincrad and Alfheim. Location-wise, this would be considered an unpopular spot, even...
  45. Asuna's the only one pressing the Paid button here, but Kirito's definitely handed half over later, too… probably! Since ALO doesn't have a marriage system yet, there's no inventory sharing.
  47. That said, Kirito and Asuna's character data were still connected by a strand from SAO which led to a mysterious incident previously… That's recounted in the short story, "The Day After".
  49. As expected, it didn't come with furniture… Still, customizing the interior's part of the fun of a Housing system! FF14's looks pretty fun, so it'll be a disaster if I try it out now…
  51. …And that was all Asuna-san's dream. Looks like there's way more furniture after these two weeks, but she's nowhere near stopping.
  53. The book Liz's reading isn't some external content, but a novel written and sold by a player in ALO. A literal digital book!
  55. In kanji, Zekken's 《絶剣》. Hence, back in the web version, Arc 3 "死銃" (Death Gun) and Side Story 4 "絶剣" (Absolute Sword) had sort of contrasting titles.
  57. Asuna's papa, Yuuki Shouzou, is the 3rd son as his name says. The family manages a regional bank around Kyoto. Her last customary visit to the head house for New Year's a while ago with her in the virtual world from Nov 2022 to Jan 2025.
  59. The AmuSphere has a wireless feature as well, but Kirito, Asuna, and the rest are normally wired to reduce lag (the cable's on PoE for power). No LAN ports around, so Asuna-san's stuck catching the WLAN waves…
  61. Her cousins pity her for falling through the elite course due to the SAO incident (or so they think), but Asuna doesn't mind it at all. Still, there are various obligations…
  63. Leafa and Silica sure seem to be having fun with that snow bunny and snowman! Handling snow in a virtual world may need some techniques… It'd probably feel like Kinetic Sand.
  65. Zekken appeared on a small island on the 24th floor, but the 26th's cleared by 6th Jan, making the 27th the front lines. The bosses start powering up massively from here, and the players seem to be having a tough time.
  67. Asuna's image of Zekken's cool… heh. It's nice seeing how the game's represented here and there this episode.
  69. New Aincrad gently orbits around Alfheim, and it gets cold over the north most Gnome territory. Not as cold as the Jötunheimr of yore, though.
  71. That tart… looks delicious…! Wonder what flavor that green is…
  72. Favorite: Melon
  73. Outsider: Pistachio
  74. Dark horse: Matcha
  75. Or just maybe: Vegetable Juice
  77. There, an Original Sword Skill. Acronym, OSS. Simply said, it's a sword skill via free movement registered by a player, but since it takes trial and error for the system to recognize it, barely any players have an OSS of 5 hits or more.
  79. Even Asuna had to use her all for her 5-hit OSS, 《Starry Tear》 and General Eugene's 8-hit 《Volcanic Blazer》's practically a miracle; no wonder Zekken's raging 11 hits caused such a ruckus.
  81. To add on, OSS can be passed down through a 《technique book》. The player receiving isn't able to make a book for that (i.e. reproduce it). (there are exceptions, though)
  83. There's a familiar bandana-wearing salamander… in the crowd roused over Zekken's demonstration…
  85. Asuna's sub-character, 《Erika》, is a dagger-using Sylph. Judging from her words, it's a full-blown DPS build, huh… I can't help but want to see her use it… hehe.
  87. Kayaba Akihiko did say he "granted the dual wield skill to the one with the fastest reaction speed among all players"… and the 18th episode ends here!
  89. The ED changes yet again here. This is "Shirushi" by LiSA-san who even wrote the lyrics, too! The CD will be out on 10th Dec, coupled with Caliber's ED, "No More Time Machine".
  91. Strength even in a fleeting moment, a ballad that makes your heart race… It's clear LiSA-san wrote these lyrics after delving into the 7th volume. I want to listen to the full version already…! And live, too…!!
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