CQ2 party

Jun 7th, 2013
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  1. Name: Dreamkicker Zulu
  2. Race: Unicorn
  3. Sex: Male
  4. Talent: An eye inscribed upon a golden heptagram (+2 to Sight Beyond Sight)
  5. Class: Omniseer (Mage/Tracker)
  6. Alignment: TN
  7. Skills (10 points, 1 unspent):
  8. -Sight Beyond Sight (1):
  9. -Elementalist/Lightning (1):
  10. -Elementalist/Fire (Magma Broach):
  11. -Farsight (1):
  12. -Magic Bolt (1):
  13. -Scholar (1): Immune to regular fails when reading, researching, etc
  14. -Improved Spellcasting (1):
  15. -Master Caster (3):
  16. Weapons: Enchanted Dagger (can harm incorporeals), Enchanted Crossbow (+1) and bolts (can harm incorporeals), Dagger, Crossbow (+1) and bolts, Sun Lamp (15 turn life/5 turn recharge, all vampires in its pool of light take an extra Hit or Wound of damage, all shadow monters in it pool of light can be hurt by any weapon)
  17. Armor: Ironweave Cloak (+1 Hit), tail ring (+2 to Storm Bolt)
  18. Hits: 6
  19. Wounds: 5
  20. Cash: 0
  21. Other Equipment: Traveling supplies, lantern, spellbook, journal, quill and ink, old gold wedding band meant to be worn at base of tail (found in ancient cesspit), The Masquerade of Vampires (Inquisitorial book about vampires), Book of 1 Skillpoint +1(23/50)(Roll to read once per session), book teaching speaking and writing of local language (resolved), three help wanted ads, sabotaging corrosive sheath (small glass vial at the bottom filled with liquid that quickly corrodes metal, Dreamkicker knows about this), Books: Rolling Low and Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad About It, The Art of Dancing, Horncare for Goats, Riddling Riddles and Diddling Fiddles, and Vampires: Are They Trustworthy?, Magma Broach
  22. Cash: 0
  23. Character Stuff: Dadadadadadadada gay horse dadadadadadadada asshole dada gay horse dada asshole professor of divination royal academy of magic
  25. Name: Brutus Fidget
  26. Race: Buffalo
  27. Gender: Male
  28. Class: Landkeeper
  29. Talent: Shield fighting (+1 to shield combat)
  30. Align: NG
  31. HP: 9/9 (8/8 w/o shield)
  32. Wounds: 5/5
  33. Skills (10 points, 1 unspent):
  34. -Huge (0): Racial passive. If a buffalo has more than one hit remaining before going helpless, an attack that would render them helpless reduces them to one hit point instead.
  35. -Sentry (1): Passive. First combat action is considered Automatic.
  36. -Defense Mastery (1): Passive. Gain an additional hit before being rendered helpless.
  37. -Martial Defender (1): Passive. Gain 2 Additional hits before being rendered helpless. Slam crits on an 8 or higher.
  38. -Slam (1): Damage enemy via a crushing body slam. Crits on a 9+
  39. -Guardian (3): Rechard 5 after it ends. Allies cannot be rendered helpless for three turns. If the user becomes helpless during this time, the effect ends instantly.
  40. -Earthbound (2): passive; while in natural environs, regenerate 1 wound every 2 turns
  41. Weapon: Large shield with the crest of an eagle (Sun Blessing: Extra Hit or Wound against vampires and can hurt Shadow monsters. Returns when thrown), Tatanka's Helmet (Guardian recharge 4, Slam crits on 7+), Enchanted Large shield (can harm incorporeals), Enchanted Greatsword (can harm incorporeals), Silver Sword
  42. Armor: Heavy plate armor (can change shape, Tatanka's Helmet (Guardian cooldown -1, Slam crits on 7+)
  43. Cash: 1
  44. Inventory: Travel sack, book of collected works of poetry, several days worth of rations, spare cloth for polishing horns, two old coins (worth 20 local curreny each), a silver full-moon pendant,
  45. textbooks for speaking and understand local language (one roll per session)(60/80)
  46. Appearance: A buffalo of considerable size. Standard shaggy brown coat of a buffalo, with black hooves and a sturdy pair of horns.
  47. Background: Turning to adventuring to sate his love of travel, Brutus has wandered the world showing friend and foe alike the spirit of the buffalo. He grew fond of shield-based combat after finding it was easily adapted to his
  48. normal style of just running into things.
  49. -Happyhorn manage to make a little bunker for herself in the fluff on his back
  51. Name: Pomelo vs
  52. Race: Goat
  53. Gender: Male
  54. Talent: Heal
  55. Class: Preacher
  56. Skills (10 points, 1 unspent): Improved Spellcasting (1), Cheapshot (1), Glorify (1 discounted), Inspire (1), Heal (1) [Mend], Bolster (1) [Inure], Prayer of Healing (3) [Overhealinging], Huge (Immovable Chain Mail)
  57. Alignment: Chaotic Good
  58. Weapon: Enchanted slingshot with ammo (can harm incorporeals), Staff with a squeaky ball attached at the tip, Boxing cannon: (Single. Crit success and fail range extended by 1. Two turn recharge. Not a ranged weapon)
  59. Armor: Immovable Chain Mail, Poncho, sombrero (+1 to all magic)
  60. Hits: 5
  61. Wounds:5
  62. Inventory: Music orb, Rope with squeaky balls of various sizes and pitch attached, periapt of luck (allows one reroll per session), some old coins (valuable local curreny), Superbubble Supersoap
  63. Cash: 0
  65. Name: Andelia Andelia
  66. Class: Druid
  67. Race: earth pony
  68. Gender: Female
  69. hits: 6
  70. wounds: 6
  71. CM: long leaf, +2 natural remedy
  72. Skills (10 points, 1 unspent): natural remedy(1), child of gaia(1), earthen grasp(2), war totem(wolf)(MC 1), read intentions(2), wrath (2)
  73. Weapons: Enchanted boomerang (can harm incorporeals), silver spear, silver dagger, Miiba's Club (+1 to next roll after killing in wolf form, Earthen Grasp can do damage)
  74. Inventory: leather armor, bits, strange Andelia mask, Soul's Candelabra (unlit)
  75. Cash: 2
  77. Name: Happyhorn Giaus Smitebird
  78. Race: Goat find a way to give him an extra skillpoint to catch him up with everyone else
  79. Gender: Female
  80. Class: Dark Hunter
  81. Talent: +2 to regain vantage point
  82. Alignment: CG
  83. Skils (10 points, 3 unspent): Cursed arrow (1), Survival (1), raise dead (1), trick shot: Knockout (2), Vantage Point (1), Commune (1), Elementalist: Fire (Raise Dead only), Magic Bolt (Rayblade)
  84. Weapons: Rayblade, Enchanted Crossbow (can harm incorporeals and shadow monsters, +1 Hit or Wound against vampires), Enchanted Dagger (can harm incorporeals), Dagger, (Silver Dagger was destroyed by dragonfire)
  85. Armor: Thick Leather (+1 Hit)
  86. Inventory: Rope, quarrel, spark powder, bone/tooth pouch, old silk ceremonial Inquisitor minotaur outfit, unlocked Campfire's horn (see Items.txt), Lightly Decorated Dagger Hilt
  87. Cash: 0
  88. Hits: 5
  89. Wounds:5
  90. Unlocked horn: You can now apply Elementalist: Fire to Raise Dead. Whether or not you want to do this must be chosen at the time the skill is used and cannot be applied after the minion is raised. Raise Dead defaults to normal if you do not specify what you want to do when casting it.
  93. Olga BDN
  94. Lifebinder
  95. Goat, F
  96. Talent: Commune +2
  97. Skills (10 points, 2 unspent): Raise dead/Riase Ancients (1), Commune/Last Rites (1), Resurrect/Abomination (3), Reincarnation (1 discounted), Heal/Mend (1), ISC (1)
  98. Weapon: impressive-looking staff decorated on one end, ceremonial dagger
  99. Inventory: Cursed Paw (3 uses), Holy Water (5 uses to bless weapon, +1 for 1 turn), Sun Torch (20 turns left) assorted talismans and charms, book of scripture, water bottle, holy paper stack (slightly eaten), decorated robes,
  100. Cash: 0.5
  102. Name: Bessy Sol
  103. Race: Buffalo
  104. Gender: Female
  105. Cutiemark or Talent: Surprises! (+1 to all Trick Shot)
  106. Class: Omniseer
  107. Skills (10 points, 2 unspent): (Party) Survival (1), Marksman Shot (1), Vantage Point (1), Trick Shot: Smoke (2) Exploding (1) Null (1), Sight Beyond Sight (1 discounted)
  108. Alignment: Chaotic Good
  109. Weapon: Party Cannon (dires spliters that do +1 hits to vampires)(being worked on to bring recharge down to 2 (1 if she does well in miniquest) (great weapon, enchanted, recharge 3), Sling, (2 assault pies, +1 to attack wit pies or cannon),
  110. Armor: 10/10 sombrero
  111. Hits: 5
  112. Wounds:5
  113. Inventory: Basic Adventuring Supplies. A small, pink talisman of a balloon. A few bright pink and yellow feathers stuck into a headband, one is enchanted and acts as a catalyst, (9 critfailed but marked as bad by Bessy (rolled 10 on chart
  114. Potions; 5 Heal potions
  115. Cash: 0
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