Digging Days (RGRE) (Anon/Pinkie Pie) [Fluffy]

Aug 31st, 2019
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  1. "Uh, Mrs. Cake? Pinkie is digging a hole outside the shop. Thought you should know."
  2. > Mrs. Cake sighs and shakes her head
  3. > "Poor mare. I remember my digging days, it felt like it would go on forever."
  4. > You raise your eyebrows
  5. "So this is something ponies just...do?"
  6. > The baker nods
  7. > "There comes a time in a mare's life when you feel empty, like a shore without a sea. Digging a hole helps fill the space in your heart, a little bit. And if some handsome stallion happens to climb in..."
  8. > You tilt your head
  9. "I think I get it. So, uh, is there anything we can do for Pinkie? It doesn't sound like a fun time."
  10. > Mrs. Cake grins
  11. > "Nothing I can do, but I think she would love to hear how concerned you are about her."
  12. > You roll your eyes
  13. "Subtle. Still, what kind of friend would I be if I left her alone like this?"
  14. > Mrs. Cake smiles fondly at you
  15. > "You're a good colt, Anon. Never change."
  17. > You stare down into the 6ft deep hole
  18. > Pinkie is swaying, her limp curls of her mane inflating and deflating
  19. > You glance around, but most ponies either ignore it, or send pitying looks at the hole
  20. > You sigh, then sit cross-legged at the edge
  21. "You alright, Ponks?"
  22. > She looks up at you with wide eyes
  23. > "Nonners? I mean, haha, yeah! Just, uh, just wanted to see what the dirt was like, you know, for party planning!"
  24. > You raise your eyebrows
  25. "That's some deep preparations."
  26. > Pinkie Pie giggles, her mane inflating a bit more than usual
  27. > "Yup! You have to plan the hole thing out in advance!"
  28. > You chuckle
  29. "Well, I don't want to dig too deep into your business."
  30. > The party mare wiggles her hoof in a so-so gesture
  31. > "Eeeeeeeeehhh, half points for using "deep" again. Anywhoodles, what brings you to my dig doodles?"
  32. > You scratch your cheek
  33. "Mrs. Cake told me a little about digging days? I don't entirely get it, but I figured you could use some company to keep your mind off things."
  34. > Pinkie beams at you
  35. > "That's super de-duper sweet! And I would know!"
  36. > You grin
  37. "Thanks, Ponks. Hey, I'm going to go get some grub, then I'll be right back."
  38. > Pinkie wiggles happily
  39. > "Good idea! I'll be right here, so come back quick!"
  40. > You can't help but get caught up in her cheerfulness
  41. > You get up with a grunt and start jogging towards the Apple stall
  42. > You're going to need a decent amount of food, and it has to be cheap and able to drop a fair distance, so apples it is
  43. > Even though the mare can eat like Scooby Doo, you suspect she just has a stomach of holding for desserts
  44. > When it comes to healthy foods, she just eats normal amounts
  45. > Baffling
  46. > Of course, after a few headaches, you followed the local wisdom and just stopped trying to figure out Pi-
  47. > You stumble, skipping a bit to stop from falling on your face
  48. > "Look at what you just did, Bloom! You nearly made Anon hurt himself!"
  49. > You turn around to find Applejack glare over the counter of her stall at a pothole
  50. > The pothole replies dejectedly,
  51. > "Ah'm sorry, Anon. Ah didn't mean to do you no harm."
  52. > You look down to find Apple Bloom at the bottom of a two-foot deep hole
  53. "Uh, right. This that digging days thing again?"
  54. > Applejack rolls her eyes
  55. > "No it ain't, she just wanted to get some practice in. An' she'll fill that hole right back in if she knows what's good for her!"
  56. > Apple Bloom clambers out of the hole, scrunching hard
  57. > "Ah know, Ah know! Do you really have to yell at me in front of a stallion?"
  58. > Applejack blinks, then tips her hat to you, her cheeks red with embarrassment
  59. > "Beggin' you're pardon, Anon. Sorry you had to hear all that. Can Ah get you anything?"
  60. > You smile and wave your hand dismissively
  61. "It's fine, I don't mind. I would like two dozen apples, though."
  62. > Applejack's hat rises in surprise
  63. > "That'll be four bits, but uh, Ah can't help but notice you forgot your saddlebags. How about Apple Bloom helps carry 'em to where you going?"
  64. > You pay the mare and eye the pile of apples
  65. "That's not a bad idea. Lemme just..."
  66. > You pull the hem of your shirt up, and scoop about half the apples into the makeshift sling
  67. > Applejack's eyes flicker from the lumpy dip in your shirt to your face
  68. > "Maybe Ah should just carry them all myself? Ah'd hate to stretch out a colt's clothes like that for no good reason."
  69. > You shake your head
  70. "Nah, don't worry about it, you still have a stall to run."
  71. > Then you look down at your t-shirt and shrug
  72. "The damage is done, and Rarity will only try to kill me a little. Ready, Apple Bloom?"
  73. > The filly salutes
  74. > "Yes sir! The cargo is locked and loaded!"
  75. > You nod at her
  76. "Autotrots, roll out!"
  77. > Then you give Applejack a nod and a smile as you set off
  78. "See you around, Applejack."
  79. > She tips her hat
  80. > "Be careful not to fall in some mare's hole, alright?"
  81. > You call out over your shoulder,
  82. "No promises!"
  83. > She just chuckles and waves
  85. > You can't help but watch Apple Bloom waddle along, her saddlebags almost dragging on the ground
  86. "You alright down there?"
  87. > She holds her head high and puffs out her little chest-tuft
  88. > "Ain't no need to worry about me, Ah'm a big, strong mare! 'Sides, Ah carry way more apples at a time back home."
  89. > You adjust your shirt and move one of the apples closer to the middle of the pile
  90. "Really? How many can you handle?"
  91. > Apple Bloom chews on her lip
  92. > "Uh, fourteen, Ah reckon."
  93. > You let out a low whistle
  94. "That's a lot!"
  95. > Apple Bloom beams at you
  96. > "You betcha! Granny says it won't be long before Ah can pull the wagon!"
  97. > You shake your head
  98. > You've tried pulling that wagon, it's pretty heavy
  99. > Then again, Earth Ponies are considerably stronger than they look
  100. "They grow up so fast."
  101. > Apple Bloom nods
  102. > "Granny's been sayin' that too."
  103. > As you approach Pinkie's hole, you realize you don't have anything to put the apples on
  104. > Well, you can just brush off the dirt
  105. "Just set them down by that hole, Apple Bloom."
  106. > She blinks
  107. > "Oh! Okay."
  108. > The filly trots over and peeks over the edge
  109. > "Hi Pinkie Pie!"
  110. > You listen to them exchange pleasantries with half an ear as you set your load of apples down
  111. > Apple Bloom empties her saddlebags with practiced ease, then gives you a salute
  112. > "Payload delivered, Sir!"
  113. > You salute back
  114. "Payload received, private. You are dismissed. And good luck with your practice!"
  115. > Apple Bloom blushes
  116. > "Thanks. Um. I'll leave you two alone now."
  117. > She gallops off, and you just shake your head
  118. > You shrug, then sit down by the hole
  119. "Want an apple, Ponko?"
  120. > She wiggles her haunches
  121. > "You betcha! Fire at will!"
  122. > You toss one down and she leaps to bite it out of the air
  123. > You blink, and the whole thing is gone
  124. > Pinkie spits out some seeds and a stem
  125. > "Mmm, thanks!"
  126. > You honestly can't tell if she's very hungry, or just rather Pinkie
  127. "No problem. Want another?"
  128. > She hums in contemplation
  129. > "Nah, I'm good for now."
  130. > You nod
  131. > ...
  132. > To be honest, you aren't really sure if you should ask about the digging thing, you have no idea how to deal with normal depression, let alone horse depression
  133. > You mean, her hole, is just so big
  134. > You can't believe it's just so round, it's like out there
  135. > You mean geometric, look
  136. > It's just so, deep
  137. > "Sooooooooo..."
  138. > You blink, pulled out of your reverie
  139. "Yes?"
  140. > "Wanna play I Spy?"
  141. > You look down at the cheerful mare, then the hole which cuts off most of her line of sight
  142. "...Sure."
  143. > Pinkie rubs her hooves together in anticipation
  144. > "Okie dokie! I spy, with my all-seeing eye... something brown!"
  145. > Surely it's not the obvious thing
  146. "Is it the shaft of the shovel?"
  147. > She giggles
  148. > "Nope! Guess again!"
  149. > ...
  150. "Is it dirt?"
  151. > She gasps
  152. > "How did you know?"
  153. > You look at her with a deadpan expression
  154. "Psychic powers."
  155. > Her eyes go wide
  156. > "Woooooooow, that's amazing! Okay, your turn!"
  157. > You look around
  158. > It's a fair bet that she knows the shops and landmarks around here
  159. "I spy something white."
  160. > Pinkie sits in lotus position, her forehooves pressed against her temples
  161. > "Clouds?"
  162. "Nope."
  163. > "My teeth?"
  164. "That's a negatory, pink friend."
  165. > "Sugar Cube Corner!"
  166. "Yup. Your turn."
  167. > Her eyes dart around the hole
  168. > "I spy with my third eye... something cute!"
  169. > Your heart sinks
  170. > You just got tricked
  171. > Backstabbed, or quite possibly, bamboozled
  172. > Something Pinkie Pie finds cute? That could be anything!
  173. "The shovel?"
  174. > "Nuh-uh!"
  175. "The clouds?"
  176. > "Youplayit, Pinkie on the bottom, nope on top!"
  177. > You frown
  178. > Pinkie did mention a third eye
  179. "Apple Bloom 5 minutes ago?"
  180. > The party mare giggles
  181. > "No, silly, I can't see her right now."
  182. > Well, that doesn't leave many possibilities
  183. "The dirt again?"
  184. > "That'd be a good fake-out, huh. Too bad that's wrong!"
  185. "The sky?"
  186. > "Nopers Nonners!"
  187. > You sigh
  188. "I give up. What is it?"
  189. > Pinkie grins
  190. > "It's you!"
  191. > You groan
  192. "I totally forgot abo-"
  193. > Hold up
  194. > She's saying you're cute
  195. > You blush, a hand automatically covering your mouth
  196. > "Ehehehe, I spy something pink!"
  197. > The folks at immigration told you about this
  198. > They said the mares are clever and strike without warning
  199. > You should have listened
  200. "Th-that's not fair!"
  201. > "Oho, has somepony finally gotten the better of our favorite janefilly?"
  202. > You look to find Rarity trotting towards you with an amused smile
  203. > Pinkie jumps up above the rim of the hole
  204. > "Hi Rarity!"
  205. > She falls back down, then jumps again
  206. > "Isn't he the cutest?"
  207. > You purse your lips, not sure what kind of face you'll make
  208. "I am not cute."
  209. > Rarity raises an eyebrow, wearing a smug smile
  210. > "Truly? This is news to me, Darling. At any rate, I thought I would drop by when I heard Pinkie was digging, but I see you have the situation well in hoof, or hand as it were."
  211. > Pinkie jumps again
  212. > "Thanks! I-"
  213. > Jump
  214. > "Appreciate it!"
  215. > Rarity seems about to leave, but you speak
  216. "Say, do all ponies have digging days? Unicorns and pegasi too?"
  217. > Rarity flicks her tail
  218. > "We do have something similar. Pegasi build nests out of colorful and shiny things. After Rainbow Dash raided my inspiration room, I just leave a box of scraps and gem shards outside."
  219. > You smile
  220. "That's nice of you. What about unicorns then?"
  221. > She examines her forehoof, her tail swishing back and forth in a way you recognize as embarrassment
  222. > "We, ah, find the highest perch we can and consider our place in the universe."
  223. > Pinkie Pie flops halfway onto the rim of the hole
  224. > "I remember that! You were on top of Town Hall and were all like, 'Wahahaha! Cower before me, unfabulous mortals!' "
  225. > Rarity blushes
  226. > "Yes, well. I really must get going. It was good to see you, Anon, and I'm glad you're feeling better, Pinkie."
  227. > Pinkie wiggles her forehooves
  228. > "Bye bye, dark mistress of fashion!"
  229. > You pat Rarity's withers
  230. "It's too late for me, flee while you still can."
  231. > She shakes her head
  232. > "If you two had a colt, he would rival Discord for whimsy. Good luck Darlings!"
  233. > Rarity vanishes in a burst of sparkles and high class laughter
  234. > You roll your eyes
  235. "Like she's one to talk about whimsy. Right, Panko Pe?"
  236. > "R-right."
  237. > You look down to see Pinkie blushing like a tomato, slowly sliding back into the hole
  238. > You poke her cheek
  239. "You alright there?"
  240. > She squeaks, flails, then falls down with a thump
  241. "Oh crap!"
  242. > You hurriedly drop down after her
  243. > Pinkie winces, rubbing her flank
  244. > "Good thing I got so much cushion in my tush-in!"
  245. > She laughs a little shakily
  246. > You frown in concern
  247. "Should I go get a doctor or something?"
  248. > She gets to her hooves, wincing
  249. > "Nah, I think my fruity patooty is just bruised. Wanna kiss it better?"
  250. > You roll your eyes
  251. "It certainly sounds like you'll be fine."
  252. > Pinkie grins
  253. > "Worth a try!"
  254. > She almost goes to sit down again, then winces
  255. > You frown, sitting down cross-legged and patting your lap
  256. "Come here, lay down. It's better than the dirt."
  257. > She blushes lightly and trots over
  258. > It takes her a little to get comfortable, rolling onto her back and wiggling a bit
  259. > The mare is kinda heavy and warm, but it's not so bad
  260. > You automatically start rubbing her belly, and she positively melts
  261. "That better?"
  262. > Penka Po hums in contentment
  263. > "Mmm, yeah, that's the stuff."
  264. > For your part, you still can't get over how soft and smooth their fur is
  265. > You lose track of time, just petting her fur and watching her twitch a leg from time to time
  266. > It's comfortable, in the shade of the hole wall, listening to the murmur of passing ponies going about their day
  267. > Eventually, your arm gets tired, and you just rest your hand on her soft tummy
  268. > "Nonny?"
  269. "Yeah, Pinkie?"
  270. > Her stomach growls
  271. > "I could go for another apple right now."
  272. > You nod seriously, only smiling a little bit
  273. "So I hear. But you'll have to get off my lap if you want me to get you one."
  274. > She pouts
  275. > "But this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, Nonny! If I leave your lap now, I might never get to get your sweet, sweet belly rubs again!"
  276. > You nod seriously
  277. "That is a pretty difficult problem there, Ponks. What if, now hear me out, we eat some food, then I sit down and you lay in my lap, and belly rubs happen again?"
  278. > She squints at you, rubbing her chin
  279. > "That just might work!"
  280. > You chuckle
  281. "It's crazy, I know. But I think we can pull it off."
  282. > Prencissa Piana rolls onto her hooves, bouncing in place as you get to your feet
  283. > You stare up at the rim of the hole, just high enough that you will have some trouble getting up
  284. "In retrospect, I should have brought a ladder or something."
  285. > Pinkie puffs out her chest tuft
  286. > "We don't need a ladder, you've got me!"
  287. > You blink
  288. "That's true, I'll just-"
  289. > She jumps completely out of the hole, then turns around and reaches out a foreleg to you
  290. "-grab on, I guess."
  291. > "Yuppers!"
  292. > You reach up and put one hand on the rim, and hold on to her foreleg with the other
  293. "One, two, thr-"
  294. > Pynekey Poi hauls you up with a grunt, and you actually catch some air before you land on your feet
  295. > You shake your head in awe
  296. "Dang, girl. You're freaking strong!"
  297. > She grins
  298. > "You betcha! Ain't no mare like an earth pony party mare!"
  299. > You dust off your pants
  300. "I'll say."
  301. > You bend down, pick up an apple, and dust it off on your shirt
  302. "Thanks, Pinkie."
  303. > You toss it to her
  304. > She snaps it out of the air, caught between her teeth
  305. > "Wou're wewow, wowwy!"
  306. > You chuckle and start cleaning off an apple of your own
  307. > Between the two of you, you manage to finish off about a third of what you bought
  308. > Pinkie licks the apple juice from off her lips
  309. > You crack your neck
  310. "Well, shall we go back down, Pinkie?"
  311. > She tilts her head, tail twitching a little
  312. > "Mmm, I don't think so. I'm not feeling hole-y mole-y anymore."
  313. > You smile
  314. "Glad to hear it. What are you going to do now?"
  315. > She chews on her lip, blushing lightly
  316. > "Well, I might have to do some special preparations, depending."
  317. > You start picking up the apples
  318. "Oh? Depending on what?"
  319. > Pinkie Pie takes a deep breath, then looks you straight in the eye
  320. > "If you would like to go on a date with me."
  321. > You blink in surprise, not even sure what to think
  322. > But you feel a warmth in your chest that tells you all you need to know
  323. "Yeah, Pinkie. I think I would like that."
  324. > Her eyes go wide, and her mane inflates almost to the breaking point
  325. > "R-really?"
  326. > You smile, feeling your face warm up
  327. "Yeah, really. You're a fun mare, and I like hanging out with you."
  328. > Pinkie grins, vibrating in place
  329. > "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is really happening! Okay, well, I gotta get everything ready, so I gotta go and do that and and-"
  330. > You boop her nose
  331. "Just let me know when you're picking me up, okay?"
  332. > She comes to a stop and takes a deep breath
  333. > "Be ready by eight! And bring a rubber chicken!"
  334. > You nod
  335. "Eight, and rubber chicken. Got it."
  336. > She squeals happily and disappears in a puff of smoke
  337. > You shake your head at her antics, a smile stuck on your face
  338. > You turn to look at the hole, but it's mysteriously filled in
  339. > When?
  340. > You had your eyes on her the entire time!
  341. > Maybe she wasn't vibrating, you were only seeing her afterimage?
  342. > ...
  343. > No, no use trying to figure it out
  344. > Anyways, you have a rubber chicken to buy and a date to go on
  345. > You pick up the rest of the apples and set off, a vibrant warmth lingering in your chest long after you get back home
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