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Horizon 4-C

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  1. Chapter 62:
  2. Shakespeare found some research Neshinbara had done on Ookubo, so she sends it to Masazumi.
  3. Kimi works at slapping (and headbutting) some sense into Futayo and tells her she needs a fighting style of her own rather than adapting to her opponent's fighting style.
  5. Chapter 63:
  6. Masazumi rejects the first half of Ookubo's rebuttals.
  7. Ookubo suggests more heavily focusing the Musashi's activities on trade and Masazumi realizes Shirojiro and Heidi were the ones behind that suggestion.
  9. Chapter 64:
  10. Ookubo payed Shirojiro and Heidi to join her and gave them the opportunity for more money in the future.
  11. They give their plan for switching Musashi's main shrine to their money god's shrine and using money-powered spells for defense, etc.
  12. After a few long-distance arrows from Asama, they return to Masazumi's side.
  13. Masazumi rejects the rest of Ookubo's rebuttals.
  14. Ookubo shows off her false arm to show what happens in war, but Masazumi pulls down Ookubo's skirt (and inner suit by accident).
  16. Chapter 65:
  17. Masazumi shows how the basic ideas behind Ookubo's plan are included in her own plan and convinces Ookubo to join her side.
  18. Three crudely-made automatons appear and attack Masazumi and Ookubo.
  20. Chapter 66:
  21. The automatons are made from materials found around the Musashi and briefly display the Sanada crest.
  22. Kanou defeats two of them and calls for Yagyuu Munenori for help with the third.
  23. Yagyuu fights with a hammer and his family performs intelligence and security work for Matsudaira.
  24. He had secretly helped Neshinbara and Futayo when they were attacked.
  25. In Futayo's case, he carried her unconscious back to the Blue Thunder to hide from the public that she had been attacked.
  27. Chapter 67:
  28. Kimi uses her dance to help Futayo find her own rhythm.
  29. Just as Futayo is going in for the decisive blow, Asama fires an arrow from the side to recreate the situation with Matthias in 3-C.
  30. Futayo successfully intercepts the arrow using the Tonbo Spare.
  31. Kimi says she has one last test for Futayo and then shoves Futayo off the platform.
  33. Chapter 68:
  34. Futayo wakes up after having made her way back up and passing out.
  35. Yasuhira arrives once more and talks more about the Amatsugoi Shinrei Academies.
  36. They were the first academies and they contained gates to the harmonic world.
  37. During the Harmonic Unification War, those gates meant the academies were enveloped by harmonic territories and destroyed.
  38. The only possibly remaining Amatsugoi Shinrei Academy is in Novgorod.
  39. While speaking with Komahime, Niwa mentions that Date is making progress on giving Masamune full ownership of the Azure Dragon.
  41. Chapter 69:
  42. Masazumi speaks with the ambassadors as they prepare for their meetings with their respective nations.
  43. Suzu dances with Masamune while Urquiaga dances/fights with Narumi.
  44. Shigenaga takes Toori's group to see Uesugi Kagekatsu.
  46. Chapter 70:
  47. Toori's group meets Uesugi Kagekatsu who does his best to look intimidating while actually being super nice.
  49. Chapter 71:
  50. Kagekatsu gives an overview of Sviet Rus's situation and plans.
  51. Yoshiaki does the same for Mogami and reveals that Komahime chose to commit suicide early so that she could not be used to keep Yoshiaki from opposing Hashiba.
  52. Date says that they will be negotiating from the standpoint of two weeks prior.
  54. Chapter 72:
  55. Mogami and Sviet Rus also refuse to negotiate without removing the Musashi's firepower from consideration.
  56. Toori gives a speech about being a king and restates his intention to conquer the world.
  57. Masazumi proposes creating a trade hub at Edo and becoming trade partners with Date, Mogami, and Sviet Rus.
  58. Yoshiaki points out that would be of little use to Mogami or Sviet Rus because neither of their clans will still be in power by the time all the work is complete.
  59. Sviet Rus attempts to take Toori and Horizon hostage.
  61. Chapter 73:
  62. Nate holds off Sviet Rus long enough for Toori to reach Kagekatsu.
  63. Toori convinces Kagekatsu to let them go.
  64. Masazumi suggests making Sviet Rus, Mogami, and Date managers of Matsudaira land after Sekigahara.
  65. Sviet Rus agrees since that would make up for the land they would lose, but Yoshiaki points out that would do little good for Mogami since the clan has no successor.
  67. Chapter 74:
  68. Yoshiyasu suggests she takes Mogami Yoshiyasu as a second inherited name.
  69. Yoshiaki says she will put off her decision until Sekigahara and not hinder Musashi's actions which is essentially an agreement.
  70. Tenzou explains why P.A. Oda can't make any major moves against Sviet Rus just in time to receive word that P.A. Oda has done just that.
  72. Chapter 75:
  73. Jurakudai is on its way to attack Novgorod.
  74. With Kojirou leaving, the Azure Dragon will appear from Masamune at full power.
  75. Urquiaga offers to help, Narumi refuses, and he challenges her to a rematch to see if he will leave or help.
  77. Chapter 76:
  78. Urquiaga and Narumi fight and Urquiaga ultimately wins.
  79. As she lies helpless on the ground with all her false limbs gone, he confesses his love for her, invites her to come to Musashi, and rips off her clothes.
  80. They decide to work together to defeat the Azure Dragon.
  82. Chapter 77:
  83. Narumi, Urquiaga, and the rest of Date hold off the Azure Dragon while Suzu convinces Masamune to accept the past and look to the future.
  84. Masamune cuts out her eye, thus completing the history recreation of the One-Eyed Dragon, which feeds back to the god of war and stops it long enough for Narumi to get in a finishing blow.
  85. Masamune takes full control of the Azure Dragon and the dragon god ether in the air briefly gives Urquiaga human form.
  86. The Musashi sets off for Novgorod.
  88. Chapter 78:
  89. Ookubo helps out in the engine division.
  90. Yuri and Nezu use the Musashi departing as a chance to attack but are defeated by Naruze and Naito.
  92. Chapter 79:
  93. Ookubo stumbles across Isa's sabotage, but it can't be immediately removed and the Musashi is about to use the gravitational accelerators.
  94. Isa allows Yuri to escape and stays behind to hold off Musashi's guard unit.
  96. Chapter 80:
  97. Naomasa fights Isa.
  98. The Musashi uses the damage from the sabotage to prove it's modifications allow it to function even after taking damage.
  99. Kanou and Yagyuu fight Isa.
  100. Isa's accumulated injuries catch up to her and she dies.
  101. Toshiie, Sakuma Nobumori, and Mori Nagayoshi (a tentacle being) prepare to recreate the Siege of Nanao at Novgorod.
  103. Chapter 81:
  104. Naoe of Sviet Rus attacks the P.A. Oda forces with the power of love.
  105. Saitou of Sviet Rus lands on Novgorod and leads the attack there.
  106. The Jurakudai arrives and Niwa appears before Saitou.
  108. Chapter 82:
  109. Saitou battles Niwa but decides to make a suicide attack when he starts to lose.
  110. Toori, Tenzou, and Nate show up to stop him.
  111. Urquiaga and Narumi also show up.
  112. Toshiie attacks with his army of the dead and Date gods of war appear to fight back.
  114. Chapter 83:
  115. Niwa and Narumi fight.
  116. Niwa eventually stalls Narumi long enough for the Jurakudai to fire an ether cannon through her and into Narumi.
  117. Urquiaga stops the ether cannon blast with some instruction from Saitou.
  119. Chapter 84:
  120. Toshiie retreats when faced with the Date gods of war and leaves it to Mori and his gods of war made from artificial muscles rather than a skeletal structure.
  121. Sakuma's fleet battles the Sviet Rus fleet until the Musashi de-cloaks above it and performs a low power test firing of its main cannon.
  122. Sakuma's fleet is mostly obliterated and the Musashi announces it is taking part as a mercenary hired by Sviet Rus.
  124. Chapter 85:
  125. The Jurakudai puts up a protective barrier for the remnants of Sakuma's fleet, but Noriki destroys it.
  126. The Musashi and Sviet Rus mop up Sakuma's fleet.
  127. P.A. Oda has the Testament Union announce the end of the Siege of Nanao and the beginning of the Battle of Tedorigawa, meaning Shibata can join in.
  129. Chapter 86:
  130. Naomasa battles Mori, Mori falls in love with her, and she knocks him over the edge of Novgorod.
  131. P.A. Oda decides to end the Battle of Tedorigawa and move on to the Siege of Uozu Castle, despite that hastening Nobunaga's death.
  132. Fukushima and Kiyomasa enter Novgorod and see Katsuie fighting Tenzou and Nate.
  134. Chapter 87:
  135. Tenzou and Nate fight Katsuie until they cut off his right arm.
  136. Just as Katsuie is about to kill Tenzou, he is saved by Walsingham who has arrived along with Mary and Raleigh.
  137. O'Malley and Cavendish join the naval battle outside Novgorod.
  139. Chapter 88:
  140. Toshiie's army of the undead is destroyed with curry, but he had essentially rigged them with an explosive that destroys half of Novgorod's undead army.
  141. Oichi begins severing people's right arms because of what happened to Katsuie.
  142. She is using Caput Fides - Vetus, K.P.A. Italia's Testament Arma, which P.A. Oda has rigged to work outside K.P.A. Italia at lower power.
  143. Using it means she cannot die as long as she has faith in the Testament.
  144. When she tries to attack Toori and Saitou, Muneshige and Gin arrive.
  146. Chapter 89:
  147. Muneshige and Gin begin fighting Oichi.
  148. Katsuie fights Raleigh, Narimasa and Walsingham join in, and Futayo arrives.
  149. Futayo and Katsuie fight, they reach what essentially amounts to a draw, and they agree to fight again when she has Tonbokiri and he has two arms.
  151. Chapter 90:
  152. Muneshige and Gin continue fighting Oichi.
  153. Muneshige realizes Kamenuki's ability is to "fly" towards its target to allow its attacks to reach.
  154. He uses it to sever Oichi's right arm which Caput Fides can't heal becuase Kamenuki is a divine weapon.
  155. Happy that she now matches Katsuie, Oichi leaves.
  156. Fukushima and Kiyomasa fight their way to the center of Novgorod.
  158. Chapter 91:
  159. Yoshiyasu helps Naomasa with Mori's secondary gods of war.
  160. Fukushima fights Marfa and Kagekatsu interrupts just as Fukushima is about to win.
  161. Futayo and then several more Musashi students arrive to visit the Amatsugoi Shinrei Academy.
  163. Chapter 92:
  164. Oranje calls Motonobu his teacher and that he came to know someone known as the Princess while seeking a solution to the apocalypse.
  165. Futayo and Fukushima fight and Futayo wins once she finally manages to activate the Tonbo Spare.
  166. Futayo decides to work toward inheriting the name Honda Tadakatsu.
  167. Kagekatsu confronts Marfa and Marfa threatens to use Maska Orge on him.
  168. He says she will not, she turns it on herself, and he redirects it back on himself.
  170. Chapter 93:
  171. The Musashi group reaches an Avalon-like area and the Double Border Crest briefly appears in the air behind them but vanishes.
  172. From behind a tree, Oranje tells them his group had tried to become friends with the Princess but had failed.
  173. Once they check behind the tree, Oranje is gone and the tree contains a Double Border Crest and the message "What's taking Mitsuhide so long?"
  174. They find a pen he presumably dropped which has the number "01" on it and which resembles the graduation gift of the 13th Mutsugoirei Academy.
  175. Kiyomasa sends Novgorod crashing to the ground using Caledfwlch.
  176. Speer-04 and Speer-05 make an appearance taking Fukushima and Kiyomasa from the crashing city.
  177. The Jurakudai supports Novgorod before it crashes into the ground and explodes.
  179. Chapter 94:
  180. The Musashi prepares to fire its main cannon to destroy Novgorod, but Komahime has to remain on the Jurakudai to keep the city from falling before they are ready.
  181. Hidetsugu/Kojirou arrives to help her.
  182. The Musashi fires.
  183. With their regrets of not being with each other resolved, Kojirou and Komahime vanish.
  184. Mogami, Date, and Sviet Rus agree to ally with Musashi and Sviet Rus drops Maska Orge onto the Musashi.
  186. Chapter 95:
  187. A ship carrying Hashiba and the four Speers present at the battle travels past the Musashi.
  188. Horizon fires Maska Orge and Hashiba blocks the blast with something that looks like Aspida Phylargia.
  190. Final Chapter:
  191. Musashi makes plans to liberate Kantou.
  192. Narumi and Urquiaga move into a new home on the Musashi.
  193. Narumi learns he lied about his birthday and is actually older than her.
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