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  1. 33646   Rare     Pepper Bottle        Fried        Empty Pepper Bottle     Yes
  2. 33864   Piece    Guacamole Bottle     Fiery        First Cup Of Guacamole  Yes
  3. 40985   Rare     Thyme Bottle         Pasta        Empty Thyme Bottle      Yes
  4. 53284   Rare     Cardamom Bottle      Exotic       Empty Cardamom Bottle   Yes
  5. 60820   Rare     Garlic Bottle        Curry        Empty Garlic Bottle     Yes
  6. 71501   Rare     Mayonnaise Bottle    Burger       Empty Mayonnaise Bottle Yes
  7. 82337   Rare     Allspice Bottle      Fried        Empty Allspice Bottle   Yes
  8. 89518   Piece    Coriander Bottle     Exotic       Eighth Pinch Of Coriand Yes
  9. 89531   Piece    Pepper Bottle        Fried        First Pinch Of Pepper   Yes
  10. 89791   Rare     Peppers Bottle       Fiery        Empty Hot Peppers Bottl Yes
  11. 89894   Rare     Guacamole Bottle     Fiery        Empty Guacamole Bottle  Yes
  12. 91991   Piece    Tomatillo Bottle     Fiery        Ninth Cup Of Tomatillo  Yes
  13. 92042   Rare     Turmeric Bottle      Exotic       Empty Turmeric Bottle   Yes
  14. 92676   Piece    Guacamole Bottle     Fiery        Seventh Cup Of Guacamol Yes
  15. 92682   Rare     Parsley Bottle       Pasta        Empty Parsley Bottle    Yes
  16. 92683   Piece    Love Bottle          Chocolate    Sixth Dollop Of Love    Yes
  17. 92997   Piece    Dill Bottle          Exotic       Second Pinch Of Dill    Yes
  18. 113865  Piece    Ketchup Bottle       Burger       Second Squirt Of Ketchu Yes
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