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Dec 29th, 2015
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  1. I chose bae over Bay. The entirety of the series has, at least to me, been about choosing what adulthood means to you. Do you believe in the childish things of your past, or do you have a more cynical/realistic outlook on life (report Nathan or don't)? Do you show vengeance or compassion when Victoria gets paint on her? In other choice-driven games, your Telltale adventures or whathaveyou, choices like this feel more like "hey, what kinda person do you wanna be" binaries. In LiS, because Max is at such a crucial point in her life for a million reasons, they feel more like you're defining her values as she moves into maturity.
  3. The final choice, then, is a culmination of that idea: is your version of adulthood about sacrificing the things that matter to you (sacrificing your dreams so you can get a good job/raise a kid/whatever), or are you willing to be more selfish in the pursuit of the things that you really care about (in this case, Chloe)?
  5. Personally, the latter resonates more with me. I hate stories like Knocked Up, that endlessly reward their protagonists for giving up their individuality in the pursuit of "real" adulthood, which always means giving up all the shit that matters to you so you can be a True Man Who Takes Care Of Shit.
  7. So, yeah. I saved Chloe. It's selfish, and the associated epilogue scene is really undercooked (why isn't Chloe more mad at me for saving her, and why do I not get to find out exactly who lived and died in the tornado, and why is Chloe kind of smiling as we literally drive past dozens of dead people that I killed), but I like what it says, thematically. That there are dire consequences to following your dreams and holding onto the things that you care about from childhood, but that those consequences don't necessarily mean you shouldn't keep holding onto them. If they matter enough, at least, which Chloe certainly does.
  9. Also, I'm not gonna let my sister die in any game where she's a character, so there's that.
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