Bath time fun

Jan 10th, 2014
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  1. >you are Anonymous
  2. >and you are currently relaxing in the bathtub
  3. >the room is dimly lit with scented candles and you enjoy the warm water upon your naked flesh
  4. >this is heaven
  5. >you turn to look at the wall behind the tub and draw a few penises on the moist surface
  6. >suddenly a pair of clothed hoofs place themselfs onto your face, blocking your vision
  7. "Guess who~"
  8. >"...Dandelion what are you doing?"
  9. >there is no mistaking her voice, but what on earth could she be doing in your house?
  10. >you feel the hoofs leave your face and you turn to look at the filly in question, but then do a double take as you see her
  11. >"WHOA!"
  12. >Dandelion is wearing striped socks and panties
  13. >black and white horizontal stripes
  14. >there's also a big black bow in her mane
  15. >Awwww shit you are no filly fondler but damn if this getup is not pushing all the right buttons goddamit
  16. "Dandelion tought Dandelion would help you relax tonight~"
  17. >Dandelion winks at you seductivly
  18. >Shhhhhiii- fuck you feel a reaction down there
  19. >"Uh, I uh, Ahem yeah I-I'm good, no need to bother"
  20. "Are you sure?"
  21. >Dandelion hugs your head against her chest
  22. >resist it, resist the temptation
  23. >Now she moves her hoof across your chest and damn all it feels amazing
  24. >your eyes roll a bit in your head as you stiffle a moan
  25. >"Uhh, Ahem yes, Dandelion you should n-oh drear god, I mean you should not be in here, you umm... your clothes could get wet and dirty yes!"
  26. >you smile in triumph at your last minute save
  27. "But Anon..."
  28. >Dandelion lets go of your head and climbs into the tub with you, splashing the water around a bit as you try to back away as much as you can
  29. "Dandelion doesn't mind getting wet and dirty~"
  30. >Dandelion stares at you, bedroom eyes in full bloom and biting her lower lip teasingly as droplest drip down her now wet mane and bow
  31. >Oh sweet baby Jesus, your D is trying to assume direct controll as it twitches painfully, arising from the water like a powerfull periscope
  32. >"D-dandelion please stop, I'm not into f-fillies"
  33. >Dandelion just raises her eyebrow questionably and points at your peeking wonder
  34. "Are you sure?"
  35. >you nod panickly
  36. >a grin develops on Dandelions face and she closes the distance between the two of you, her mouth now an inch away from your ear as you feel her little body press against you
  37. "Too bad for you Anon, Dandelion is into you~"
  38. >before you can react Dandelion takes your earlobe into he rmouth and starts to nibble it
  39. >"OH LORD!"
  40. >it was a cry of both surprise, fright and pleasure, you are starting to have a hard time to stay in control
  41. >and then she pulls in the tongue and starts to tease your ear with it, panting huskily into your ear with her hot breath
  42. >your mind surrenders to the pleasure like a frenchman and you start to breathe heavy yourself
  43. >Dandelion pulls away and stares deep into your eyes, her face blush with arousal and her hoof nearing your crotch
  44. >and your D takes over right there and then
  45. >driven by lust only, you take hold of Dandelions panties and ripp them into two with sheer dick-driven strength and then lift Dandelion up by her waist and then pull her down onto your cock, making her yelp in suprise as her eyes roll to the back of her head and her tongue extends all the way out of her mouth
  46. >you have entered as deep into her as you can, you're going in guns a blazing and you're not taking any hostages
  47. >you rise up from the warm water, still holding the twitching Dandelion against your loins and then proceed to jackhammer her with all your might
  48. >her wet little buttocks slap against your wet loins, filling the echoing bathroom in lewd slapping sounds
  49. >Dandelion's eyes stay rolled up as drool drips down her open mouth and along her tongue as she squeaks and screams in pleasure with each of your high power thrusts
  50. >you are fucking her brutally now, with only your own satisfaction in mind, grunting as your dick rams into her over and over again
  51. >you feel the buildup in your testes and quicken the pace
  53. >that was the final edge you needed
  54. >you ram yourself as deep into Dandelion as you can and hold her there as her body convulses in an erotic samba and drain your seed into every reach of her orifice
  55. >some of it shoots out in high pressure as she can not take all of it into her body
  56. >Dandelion screams in pleasure as you fill her up
  57. >after you feel empty you pull out, making buckets of cum fall out of Dandelions now raw red hole
  58. >you collapse back onto the bathtub with Dandelion held against your chest, the water still warm
  59. >the two of you pant in there for a while, collecting yourself
  60. >then Dandelion kisses you again, tonguing your mouth in lust and then pulls back to catch some more air into her lungs
  61. >...more?"
  62. >Dandelion grins at you deviously
  63. "More~"
  64. >and that is exactly what you gave to her for the rest of the night
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