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  1. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:48 PM
  2. You should have dmed me instead of calling me out in general chat. You started the drama. This is why children shouldn't have power. You do whatever you want & blame everyone else.
  5. and i brought it up once i wasn't talking to jules on purpose but he had the nuts to tell me to use international chat
  6. blueToday at 9:49 PM
  7. "this is why children shouldn't have power" how did I abuse it tho?
  8. whether or not I say it in general chat has nothing to do with anything, point is you should've stopped
  9. +
  10. who's the immature one bunny? the one who insults me every other sentence or the one trying to stop the whole thing?
  11. you always crap on jules
  12. "how you're getting married is beyond me"
  13. do you realize how rude that is
  14. I don't even understand what your point is
  16. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:50 PM
  17. but all of this shit you both do isn't rude
  18. saying the f word like it's nothing when it's offensive to people
  19. saying the n word like it's nothing
  21. blueToday at 9:51 PM
  22. it may offend you but it doesn't make me homophobic
  23. saying that word != actually hating gay people
  24. yet you make it seem that way
  26. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:53 PM
  27. you know it offends people, but you say it anyway. that means you don't care about peoples feelings. which is rude. the word is a derogatory term for gay people, which makes it homophobic.
  29. blueToday at 9:53 PM
  30. you're missing the point
  31. you called me homophobic
  32. saying the f word doesn't make me homophobic
  33. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:53 PM
  34. you say the f word
  36. blueToday at 9:53 PM
  37. how does that make me homophobic tho
  38. just because I say a word doesn't mean I hate gay people
  39. wtf
  41. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:54 PM
  42. it's a derogatory term for gay people
  43. how do you not understand
  45. blueToday at 9:54 PM
  46. how does saying it make me homophobic
  47. explain that to me
  49. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:54 PM
  50. it is not a nice word
  51. blueToday at 9:54 PM
  52. I don't care, explain how it makes me homophobic
  54. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:55 PM
  55. you would not go up to your boss in a professional workplace and say "hey, f word" because it's not a nice word. it is a word specifically meant to hurt a gay person's feelings. how else can I put it? it's like calling someone a pussy behind their back.
  57. blueToday at 9:56 PM
  58. ya but I didn't go up to someone and call them that did I
  59. I said I'm not one
  60. also that still doesn't explain how it makes me homophobic
  62. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:57 PM
  63. okay you're actually braindead
  65. blueToday at 9:57 PM
  66. when did I insult you bunny
  67. through out this whole thing I've never insulted you
  68. yet you call me brain dead and a child
  70. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:57 PM
  71. by being okay with using the f word you insult me
  73. blueToday at 9:58 PM
  74. "being ok with using the f word insults me"
  75. do you realize how dumb that sounds
  77. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:58 PM
  78. do you realize how dumb it sounds to get mad about being called a pussy but you say the f word and n word
  80. blueToday at 9:59 PM
  81. it wasn't just pussy
  83. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:59 PM
  84. what else
  86. blueToday at 9:59 PM
  87. who wouldn't be mad
  89. SunnyBunny21EToday at 9:59 PM
  90. none of it is okay, but you're okay with the f word and n word, but saying pussy is bad????
  91. what
  93. blueToday at 10:00 PM
  94. it's different; danny said things directed towards me
  95. never did I use those words at someone
  97. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:00 PM
  98. pussy isn't a term directed at a specific group of people
  100. blueToday at 10:00 PM
  101. "he's a pussy"
  102. it was directed at me
  104. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:00 PM
  105. f word is directed at gays, n word is directed at blacks
  106. blueToday at 10:00 PM
  107. you're missing the point
  108. danny used the word at me
  109. I never used the word at someone
  111. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:01 PM
  112. it doesn't matter
  114. blueToday at 10:01 PM
  115. to say that me using the word in any context is me directing it at all gay people is dumb
  116. oh
  117. so context doesn't matter?
  119. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:01 PM
  120. not in the server? it's against the rules?
  122. blueToday at 10:01 PM
  123. that doesn't matter
  124. what danny said to me wasn't in the server
  125. you're making comparisons
  127. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:02 PM
  128. the rules don't matter?
  130. blueToday at 10:02 PM
  131. what danny said abt me was in a seperate server
  132. so how can you bring up the rules in this
  133. also
  134. you can't make the argument that I'm homophobic/racist and use server rules to back you up
  136. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:03 PM
  137. that wasn't my sole point, you just refuse to read
  138. blueToday at 10:03 PM
  139. it was one of your points
  141. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:04 PM
  142. it's offensive but you say it anyway, let's start with that before you change the subject to "but i'm not homophobic"
  144. blueToday at 10:04 PM
  145. okay
  147. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:04 PM
  148. if you know it's offensive why do you say it
  150. blueToday at 10:04 PM
  151. when have I said it before that
  152. it's natural for me to say it bc I use it a lot
  153. I slipped once a month ago
  154. I don't do it on purpose is my point
  155. when have I ever said it before that
  156. I try not to say it
  157. if I didn't I'd say it a lot more
  158. in the server*
  159. otherwise yeah I use it a lot
  160. plus
  161. tons of people say it in the server
  163. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:06 PM
  164. i haven't seen it but what's the point if they can just say "unban pls" and get unbanned the next day
  166. blueToday at 10:07 PM
  167. like I said
  168. I wasn't the one who unbanned him
  169. why are you even bringing that up
  171. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:08 PM
  172. ok
  174. blueToday at 10:08 PM
  175. so is that it
  176. what else are you mad about
  177. get it out now because I really don't wanna argue with you again bunny
  179. SunnyBunny21EToday at 10:09 PM
  180. there's just no talking to you it's like i'm talking to a toddler
  183. **i get blocked**
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