Ileleste Jrnl 3

Darkling Feb 9th, 2019 69 Never
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  1. We worked our way through another part of the maze of a dungeon and stumbled upon a beast that seemed like it might be part of what was causing the ‘darkness’ here, but it turned out to just be another pawn. That said, it was s till a formidable foe and it was impossible to penetrate it’s natural resistance to my magic. Only through an artifact the others had did we actually defeat the beast. I will need to study some spells that take this into account when we get back to town. I have one in mind I have been working on and have perhaps had enough time to master it finally. As a side note we discovered some of the artifacts that we have been finding around the dungeon were affected by this creature, and holy powers can return them from their mundane, drained existence to normal. We have set them aside to be soaked in purified holy waters for some time while we continue to explore. There is a staff that may be some use to me, or perhaps Brooks, when we find out what it is.
  2. While in town we were awoken by alarms and rushed to the outer walls. There were creatures that seemed to shift at random through the planes, perhaps a natural phenomenon, but more likely another side effect of being trapped down here for too long. The dark entity that has perverted this place has warped everything it touches. I again feel lucky that I was not all but turned into a minion of evil forever. We suffered minor wounds at the beasts before dispatching them and heading back to sleep.
  3. I do wonder what this place was before it fell. I also wonder at what the others do not tell me. They have been here much longer than I, and are not very forthcoming with information. They simply seem to wish to escape and be done with their task. I will admit I too wish to be free of this place and feel the sun on my skin again, perhaps it is just their length on confinement here that is driving them. I have seen the Elf make some sidelong glances at myself, ones I understand might be wanting for more. She may be the easiest to ply information from with my talents. I’ll have to see when I get a moment. For now however, we head back out, relentless as ever.
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