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  1. const Discord = require("discord.js")
  3. module.exports.command = {
  4.   name: "mafia",
  5.   aliases: [""],
  6. }
  8. = async (client, message, args, options) => {
  10.   let gameRunning = "false";
  12.     if(args[0] == "info") {
  14.       await"```-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-\nRoles-\nMafia - Every night time mafia has the ability to kill one person and aims to have the same amount of villagers as mafia alive in order to win the game. \nMedic - During night time has the ability to save someone from death , they can save themselves but they cannot save the same person 2 nights in a row including themselves.\nDetective- Investigates people in order to find out who the mafia is\nVillager- Normal person trying to find out who the mafia is and vote to kill them.\n\nCycles\nDay time:Everyone talks and discusses who they think is the mafia. You can accuse someone of being the mafia and if someone seconds you then the person gets 60 seconds to defend themselves. Everyone then votes on whether or not they want to kill the person if the vote is a majority kill the person dies if not they survive. \n\nNight time: Everyone must be silent and the Mafia kill someone. The medic saves someone and the Detective investigates someone. Once night ends if someone dies they are muted. The game ends when either all mafia are dead or the same number of mafia as villagers are left in the game.\n-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-```");
  16. + ", I've send you all the info!");
  18.     } else if(args[0] == "start") {
  20.       if (gameRunning == "false") {
  21.         gameRunning = "true";
  22."I've started the game.");
  23.         console.log(gameRunning);
  24.       } else {
  25."There's already a game going on!");
  26.         return;
  27.       }
  29.     } else if(args[0] == "test") {
  31.     }
  33. }
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