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  1. Patatee:  努努 你妈怎么还没死
  2. Badideagamin left the lobby
  3. Patatee:  你这么玩游戏
  4. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  tiananmen
  5. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  square massacre
  6. sLyJulia:  我也觉得
  7. erkoo left the lobby
  8. sLyJulia:  他妈怎么没死
  9. Patatee:  你也不去上坟
  10. LCO Pinkman left the lobby
  11. sLyJulia:  cnmmp
  12. Patatee:  不孝东西
  13. JimpanBoi left the lobby
  14. Patatee:  傻逼
  15. Patatee:  草泥马的四壁
  16. sLyJulia:  狗鸡巴玩意
  17. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  ?
  18. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  ching chong ling long
  19. sLyJulia:  夸你cool
  20. Winterdusk left the lobby
  21. Elijahz is a ggdοg:  ching ling
  22. Patatee:  傻逼
  23. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  taiwan numba 1
  24. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  MingLee
  25. Patatee:  just say youare good player
  26. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  i am
  27. Patatee:  you know
  28. sLyJulia:  yes
  29. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  i am many good
  30. sLyJulia:  you
  31. sLyJulia:  is
  32. sLyJulia:  good
  33. Patatee:  you are the best
  34. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  i am good
  35. Elijahz is a dogggdοg:  like ur mom
  36. sLyJulia:  狗逼
  37. Patatee:  草泥马的傻逼
  38. Elijahz is a dog ggdοg:  rice farm
  39. Elijahz is a dog ggdοg:  ur mom good rice
  40. Patatee:  给你点比练了真的是
  41. sLyJulia:  metoo ilike you mom
  42. Elijahz is a dog ggdοg:  mau zedong
  43. Patatee:  你算个几把
  44. Patatee:  你麻痹
  45. Elijahz is a dog ggdοg:  ?
  46. Patatee:  死去吧
  47. Patatee left the lobby
  48. Elijahz is a dog ggdοg :  stop speak ching chong
  49. sLyJulia:  sb玩意
  50. sLyJulia left the lobby
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