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  1. -------------------------------STYX and STONES--------------------------------
  3. This is a dangerous (Risk 1): and late-night (Nightzone) bar filled with seedy NPC characters. Anyone can pose for these NPCs using these guidelines:
  5. * Easy Targets: women alone, especially app 4+ character in a seductive outfits will be harassed by the NPC bikers and other sort who gather here.
  7. * Dangerous Clients: Harassment is common. If you look like an easy target you will be pestered, propositioned, or possibly even kidnapping you if they think that they can get away with it.
  9. * Pagan Zone: This is not a Christian-friendly place. Any overt sign of affiliation (priest/nun vestments, reputation, etc.) and you'll be asked to leave by staff. Failure to comply with this request will lead to you being declared fair game to the NPCs.
  11. * Odd Balls: This also applies to other characters who have something about their appearance/demeanor that would make them standout / be a target of opportunity in a biker bar
  13. * Exceptions: If you think you're an exception contact Dawson or Staff.
  15. * Details: +view is used here. Check them out. They'll give you LOTS of information to work into your scene.
  17. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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