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  1. All the Dwarves watching him from the window had the same frozen expression on their faces. Thanks to their messy beards, he could not differentiate one individual Dwarf from the others, but how should he put this -- they looked comical.
  2. 从窗户监视这边的矮人们每一个都摆出彷佛冻结的表情,面孔因乱蓬蓬的胡须而没法进行区分的矮人们,只露出同样表情并排着该怎么说呢——很滑稽。
  4. Suppressing the urge to laugh, Ainz stepped forward, faking an air of calm.
  5. 忍住不笑、安兹一边假装平静一个人向前迈出。
  7. His hands were raised, to show that he had no hostile intent.
  8. 在途中将双手举起、表现出没有敌意。
  10. As he drew closer to the fortress--
  11. 更接近要塞时——
  13. “Hold it right there!”
  14. 「在那里停下!」
  16. --A warning cry rang out. It sounded like its owner was having a seizure. Granted, he was undead, but Ainz could not help sighing internally as he mused, this is a pretty bad reception for someone who’s showing no signs of hostility.
  17. ——发出了有如抽搐般的警告声。虽然是不死者的姿态,但明明这里一丁点的敌意都没展现出来,真是糟糕的对待啊安兹在心中感叹。
  19. “Why have you come here, undead!”
  20. 「汝来这里做什么!不死者哟!」
  22. Ainz stroked his shiny cheekbones.
  23. 安兹抚摸自己光滑的骸骨面孔。
  25. “I am the Sorcerer-King Ainz Ooal Gown of the Sorcerous Kingdom, and I have come to forge a friendly relationship with the Dwarven nation. We will not attack you if you do not attack us, so please lower your weapons.”
  26. 「我是魔导国国王、安兹·乌尔·恭魔导王,为了与你们——矮人的国家建立友好关系而来,你们只要不攻击我们,我们就不会有敌意,将武器放下」
  28. Confused expressions appeared in the eyes of the Dwarves watching from the windows. Ainz took this chance to continue speaking:
  29. 从窗户窥视过来的矮人们浮现出困惑的眼神,安兹趁这机会将想说的话继续说了下去。
  31. “After capturing the Quagoa who invaded Feoh Raiđō, I learned of their plans to attack this play. If you have no faith in your strength of arms, then I -- my Kingdom -- will gladly render assistance. assistance. Yes, that’s right -- it will be a good show of friendship.”
  32. 「我將入侵了菲歐·兰佐的掘土兽人抓捕之後,得知了這裡被他们盯上的消息。如果對武力沒有自信的話就由我——我的國家来進行支援也無妨,没错——作爲友好的證明」
  34. He smiled, but because he had no skin, Ainz’s benevolent smile did not carry over to the opposite side.
  35. 然后微微一笑,但是果然因为没有皮肤的关系,安兹充满善意的微笑似乎没有传达到对方那里。
  37. “What about that Dwarf behind you? Is he a hostage?!”
  38. 「后面的矮人是什么!人质吗!」
  40. It would seem the Dwarves were still wary of him.
  41. 看来矮人们的警戒心到现在也仍没能解开。
  43. “How rude. I am a king, you know? Do you talk to kings like that?”
  44. 「真是失敬,我好歹也是一国之王啊?你那是对王说话态度吗?」
  46. The Dwarves looked at each other, and then one of them responded.
  47. 矮人们互相对看,其中一名矮人做出了回应。
  49. “No, no… hang on, show us some proof that you’re really a king!”
  50. 「不、不是,等等,让我们看看汝是否真的是王的证据!」
  52. “---I see. That does make sense,” Ainz agreed. “Then, allow me to introduce him. He is one of you, Gondo the smith, whom I met in Feoh Raiđō.”
  53. 「——原来如此,很正当的理由呢」安兹强烈同意。「那麼就来介紹一下他吧。是你們的夥伴、技術者,是我在菲歐·兰佐遇見的龚德」
  55. Ainz showed off the kingly movements he had been taking great pains to practice.
  56. 安兹展现出费尽心思练习符合王的举止。
  58. With the air of a natural-born leader, he gestured to his subordinate to step forward.
  59. 作为支配者理所当然的态度、呼唤下属时的举动。
  61. A deep sense of satisfaction filled Ainz as he heard the stifled gasps of awe coming from the Dwarves. It would seem his long hours of practice had not gone to waste.
  62. 能听到矮人们漏出微小的屏息声。安兹的心中对于花费在练习上的时间并没有白费这件事,感到了深深的满足。
  64. Now that Gondo was here, Ainz -- who was in a good mood -- showed off another pose of a gracious king and yielded the floor to him.
  65. 因为龚德来了,心情好的安兹展现出另一种与支配者相符的姿势将场面交给了他。
  67. “Sorry, but can you enter the fortress and explain the situation to them in detail?”
  68. 「抱歉,能够进入要塞与他们进行详细地说明吗?」
  70. “Umu, leave it to me.”
  71. 「唔姆,交给老夫好了」
  73. Gondo advanced to the fortress gates and requested permission to enter, but the gates did not open.
  74. 龚德走到要塞的门前报上名号并要求进入许可,然而门并却并没有开启。
  76. “...What’s wrong?”
  77. 「……怎么回事?」
  79. “I don’t know. Maybe something happened?”
  80. 「不知道,可能发生了什么事?」
  82. “... Is, is that really him?! Is that really Gondo the Weirdo?  Maybe someone used magic to take his face!”
  83. 「……鬼、鬼才知道是不是,真的是那不容易交往的、古怪的龚德呢!是用魔法化为他的样子
  84. 也说不定!」
  86. Ainz frowned as he heard the Dwarves’ voices. Staying alert was very important, and even Ainz approved of it. Still, they would not be able to make any progress if nobody trusted them.
  87. 安兹因矮人的声音而露出了苦涩的脸色。不松懈警戒确实是非常重要,就算是安兹也赞成那个意见。但是,一直不被信任的话事情可就没法进展了啊。
  89. However, he had heard something about the possibility of meeting an acquaintance here. If that were the case, they would be very fortunate.
  90. 但是,在旅途中听到他说有熟人的可能性,如果有的话就很幸福了。
  92. “I say, Gondo, can you prove yourself to them by showing your knowledge of this city? Like say, where you live, something that only a person who lived in this city would know?”
  93. 「那么龚德哟,能将有这个都市、比如说——你所住的地方这类的、有什么是只有住在这个都市里的人才知道的事证明给他们看吗?」
  95. “Oh, ohhh, yes… I’ll tell that guy’s wife his secret. Ah, there’s a restaurant called the Black Gold Beard Pavilion! It’s run by a guy whose face looks like an anvil. His food tastes terrible, and the only decent thing there is the stew!”
  96. 「喔、喔哦,是呢……下次把那家伙的秘密告诉他老婆。那个、在我家附近有一家名爲黑金髭亭的店家!是一個面部像鐵砧的老太一個人在幹的、煮出的飯有夠難吃的店,在那裡像樣的食物就只有燉菜!」
  98. The Dwarves fell silent. Ainz looked at Gondo, somewhat lost for words. His reply seemed like he was trying too hard.
  99. 矮人们一阵沉默,安兹也以有点无语的表情看向龚德,回复的反应也实在太显着。
  101. “Idiot! That place isn’t for eating, but for drinking! Their stout tastes best!”
  102. 「蠢货!你这家伙,那间店不是吃饭的地方而是喝酒的地方吧!那边的黑麦酒可是最棒的美味哦!」
  104. “Liar! It’s the red mushroom beer that’s the most delicious!”
  105. 「骗人!那间店里最美味的是红蘑菇酒吧!」
  107. “What are you saying, their cloudy wine is the best! Just imagine that bubbly fragrance!”
  108. (TL Note: 濁り酒 - nigorizake)
  109. 「你在说什么,那里最美味的是浊酒阿,那个馥郁的气味!」
  111. “None of you know what real beer tastes like! Bearded Lady’s the best!”
  112. 「你们根本不知道酒的真正滋味吧!是髭乙女吧,那边才是最美味的!」
  114. Ainz made a mental note that the Dwarves liked their beer a lot, and then replied to them:
  115. 矮人对于酒的异常喜好、安兹在心中的记事本里一边记上,开始向他们回话。
  117. “How about it? Can you accept that this is the real Gondo? Speaking of which, all we wanted to do was inform you that the Quagoa are trying to circle around the Great Rift and attack this city. All you have to do is send our warning to the people on top. This way, our country will have discharged its duty, even if the Quagoa attack is a fierce one. It would be quite upsetting if you chastised us afterwards.”
  118. 「如何?是否能认可他真的是龚德?然后刚刚所说的话,不过是想要通知你们掘土兽人们想绕道大裂缝进攻这座都市。如果只是将我所警告的事实转达到上面也无所谓,这样一来被掘土兽人们袭击的都市就算受害严重,我们国家也已经做完该做的事。如果事后再被你们责备也会很困扰」
  120. Several Dwarves pulled their heads back from the windows.
  121. 数名矮人的脸从窗户缩回去。
  123. Some time passed. It would seem several people were having a discussion.
  124. 又经过一段时间,看来数人正在进行讨论吧。
  126. “Wait there! We’ll send a report to our commander-in-chief!”
  127. 「在那里等一下!向总司令官发出传令!」
  129. According to Gondo, that person was the highest appointment holder in this country’s military.
  130. 根据龚德的知识,那个人物似乎是这个国家的军部中的最高负责人。
  132. It would seem they realised that this had to go to their highest authorities.
  133. 看来是被认识为应该上传到最高层级的案件吧。
  135. “Kukuku~”
  136. 「库库库」
  138. Ainz did not suppress his chuckling.
  139. 安兹没有忍住漏出了带有深意的笑声。
  141. There was the sound of clattering, and when Ainz  glanced towards its source, he saw the Dwarves training their crossbows on him once more. Their breathing was ragged; they seemed to be in the grip of powerful emotions.
  142. 嘎锵嘎锵、将眼睛投向声音那方时,矮人们再次将弩架好对准安兹,矮人们的气息紊乱、是被激烈感情所支配的氛围。
  144. Crap. Are they angry because I laughed?
  145. (糟糕了,该不会是因为笑出来所以生气了、吗)
  147. “Forgive me. In any event, is it all right if only Gondo enters? He’s proven his origins, hasn’t he?”
  148. 「失礼,总之、只让龚德进入要塞也没关系吧?已经证明了他的出身了吧?」
  150. “No, he can’t, no, it’s not allowed, stay there! Wait there!”
  151. 「不、不行,不、不允许,在那里!就在那里等着!」
  153. He had not been laughing at them, but it would seem he had upset them all the same.
  154. 虽然并不是嘲笑他们,但看来是引起他们的不满的样子。
  156. Ainz’s strong emotions were suppressed, but small emotional ripples could sneak by.
  157. 强烈感情会被强制的压抑,但是小小的感情波动是没有办法被压抑住的。
  159. How would a company react if a salesman whom they had never met before before smiled at them as though he had something to hide? Ainz was annoyed at himself for not thinking about that. It had resulted in a mistake.
  160. 来到公司第一次见面的销售员如果做出带有深意的笑容的话,对方会怎么想呢。竟然因自己的失误而没有想到那种程度的事,安兹对此感到有些焦躁。
  162. I should be more careful, Ainz thought as he drew away from Gondo.
  163. 应该再注意一点呢,安兹一边思考、伴随着龚德稍微远离。
  165. And so they stood there for some time.
  166. 然后就在那里矗立着等待了一段时间。
  168. When Jircniv came to visit, I provided refreshments, furniture and made all sorts of preparations to welcome them. Don’t the Dwarves do things like that? ...No, the circumstances now are different from back then.
  169. (就连我在吉克尼夫来访的时候都提供了欢迎饮品,给出椅子等等做出招待了哦?矮人是不做这种事的吗?……不、现在和那个时候的情况不一样吗)
  171. In contrast to Jircniv’s prearranged visit, Ainz was essentially a cold-calling door-to-door salesman. He should be grateful that they had not chased him away on the spot.
  172. 与吉克尼夫取得预约后再前来的拜访相比,安兹这边则唐突的上门营销。没有被对方直接赶走就应当感谢了吧。
  174. In addition, he would not be able to enjoy any drinks they gave him, considering his body.
  175. 而且就算拿出了饮品,这个身体也没有办法喝。
  177. Still, we did give the Dwarves very valuable information. I was hoping for an appropriate response. Well, I can use that as fodder for negotiation during official diplomatic relations. I’ll bear with it for now.
  178. (但是这边可是提供了对矮人们来说很重要的情报啊。还是希望能够得到一定程度的对应呢。嘛、那方面等到进行正式国交的时候也许还能成为交涉材料,还是先忍着吧)
  180. Still, it would probably be better to change and avoid giving offense.
  181. 但是,果然还是应该将变更一下服装以免失礼比较好吧。
  183. First, he took out a fake Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. It was a perfect cosmetic copy, down to the metal used in its construction. However, that was all; it did not possess even a tenth of the power of the original, and it was merely socketed with jewels that had the same color as the original.
  184. 首先是将安兹·乌尔·恭之杖的伪装品取出,如果只是外观的话包含使用的金属都与真品完全相同。但也只有那样,与真品相比就连十分之一的力量都不具备,只是镶嵌了同样颜色的宝石。
  186. Ainz imbued the staff with a red glow, which quickly darkened. Now what was that adjustment for? His past companions’ obsession filled him with irritation.
  187. 安兹将红色光芒寄宿于杖中,将之逐渐改变为暗色。这个调整机能是做什么用的呢。安兹对于过去的同伴们中被称为不彻底不罢休的人们的想法也感到烦恼。
  189. It would seem it was not meant to be used in conjunction with his own aura.
  190. 看来也不是为了与自身的灵气产生连动的。
  192. Ainz radiated a black backlight, but as expected, the staff’s aura did not change.
  193. 安兹散发出了黑色的后光。果然杖中的灵气也没有任何改变。
  195. Is it just a visual effect?
  196. (只是所谓视觉系的东西吗?)
  198. There was a sudden clatter, which snapped Ainz out of his thoughts. When he turned to look at the source of the sound, he saw three Dwarves seated on the ground.
  199. 因突然响起嘎咻声,安兹从思考中回过神来。看向了声音的出处,只见那里有三名的矮人屁股着地坐了下来。
  201. They looked like the Dwarves manning the fortress, but at the same time they seemed more impressive. In truth, two of them were better-dressed than the other. That one must have been a soldier in this fortress, and the other two would probably be his superiors.
  202. 感觉应该是之前在要塞那里警戒的某个矮人、但又好像是更加了不起的人物。话说其中两人的服装与另一人相比感觉要更加气派些。一人是这座要塞的士兵,另外两人大概是上官吧。
  204. ...Why are the three of them seated there? Is sitting down to talk the proper etiquette among Dwarves? ...They’re staring at me with eyes wide open. It would be annoying if it’s a Dwarf-only expression.
  205. (……为何那三人坐下不动了呢?对矮人来说坐下谈话才是礼仪习惯吗?……眼睛张得大大的凝视着这边,如果是矮人特有的表情的话有点讨厌呢)
  207. Their mouths were hidden by their beards, so it was difficult to see the looks they had on their faces.
  208. 因为被胡须隐藏的关系不容易分辨嘴边,表情不容易掌握。
  210. Baffled, Ainz nevertheless extended a hand to the seated Dwarfs.
  211. 安兹虽然迷惘但还是向坐着的矮人伸出手。
  213. One could take that as the intention to help them up, or that he wanted to shake hands. But in truth, he wanted to tell them that he would rather talk while standing.
  214. 既可以理解为是他们扶起来的意义,也可以被认为是握手的意义。但真心话是,还是想要表达这边想要站着说话的意思。
  216. It was hard adjusting to different cultures. If he handled this poorly, the other side might take offense.
  217. 异文化交流真是困难,如果马虎的话,对于对方来说这可能是失礼的举动也说不定。
  219. If they attacked him with something like, “You should have done some research on our country’s customs since you wanted to form a relationship with us”, he would have nothing to say in response.
  220. 「明知道期望展开国家交往,为何、这边国家的一般礼仪作法都没有调查」被如此攻击的话根本无法回话。
  222. Though he was very uneasy about this, Ainz gave thanks to his unmoving face, and kept his hand extended.
  223. 虽然内心很不安,一边感谢不会动的表情,安兹保持着将手伸出的姿势。
  225. The Dwarves glanced back and forth between Ainz’s face and hands, a troubled look on their faces.
  226. 矮人很困惑地交互看着安兹的脸和手。
  228. Hm? Could it be that they’re afraid of me?! ...Well, given that I look like this… it can’t be helped, right? Reactions like this are kind of expected from humanoid society...
  229. (唔嗯?这该不会是因为在害怕吧!?……嘛、毕竟是这种外表……这也是没有办法的吧?人类社会的话至今的反应……)
  231. Although they feared him in E-Rantel as well, they had not reacted in this way. Therefore, it might be that taking the hand of highly-placed people was impolite in their society.
  232. 虽然在耶·兰提尔确实被惧怕着,但并没有做出如此的反应。因此,也有可能是牵阶级高的人的手是在礼仪做法方面是不被允许的可能吧。
  234. In the end, a worried Ainz decided to pull them up by the hand.
  235. 最后焦急的安兹硬是将矮人的手拉住扶了起来。
  237. Since they have the time to waste on this pointless business, it should mean that the Quagoa haven’t attacked yet. If they did attack, we could have them owe us a big one, but just warning them about it would count as a small favor, so I should bear with it. Ahhh, what a shame. Still, which one of them is their leader?
  238. (既然还能将时间浪费在这种无聊的事上的余裕,也就是说掘土兽人还没有进攻过来吧。如果进攻过来的话就能卖出很大的人情了啊。但能够发出警告也算是小恩情而应该忍耐吗。啊啊、真可惜。但是,哪边的才是上官呢?)
  240. “Well then, I am the Sorcerer-King Ainz Ooal Gown. Are you the gentlemen that are welcoming me?”
  241. 「那么、我乃安兹·乌尔·恭魔导王,你便是欢迎我的责任者吗?」
  243. He did not know which of the higher-ups was of higher rank, so he addressed the space between them. Then one of the Dwarves nodded forcefully, like he was trying to shake something off his face.
  244. 因为不知道两人其中哪一边身份比较高,所以安兹朝向两人的中间搭话。然后,其中一边矮人以快要将构成脸部的零件给甩出去般的力道点了点头。
  246. “Ahem! I, I am the man in charge of the military--”
  247. 「呃!我、我是军部的责任人——」
  249. “The military-- I see.”
  250. 「军部的——原来如此」
  252. So this was the commander-in-chief. Ainz was surprised. He had not expected their top man to come down in person.
  253. 这位便是总司令官吗、安兹感到惊讶。没想到最了不起的人会直接过来。
  255. Could it be that this country has heard of the Sorcerous Kingdom before? Or rather… was it because I brought them news at a very opportune time?
  256. (该不会是这个国家的上层部可能听说过关于魔导国的事?还是说……因为在很好的时机带来了情报?)
  258. “--Are there any problems with the Quagoa? I do apologize for making you come down in person during a busy time, commander-in-chief.”
  259. 「——掘土兽人那一边没问题吗?在繁忙之时由总司令官亲自前来真是诚惶诚恐」
  261. The commander-in-chief’s eyes went wide.
  262. 总司令官的眼睛瞪大。
  264. “I see… so you already know why I came, then?”
  265. 「原来如此……我来的原因已经被解读到这个地步了吗?」
  267. What the hell is he talking about, Ainz thought. Naturally, he did not actually say it.
  268. 安兹心想这家伙在说什么,但说不出那样的话。
  270. “--Of course. That is correct.”
  271. 「——当然、就是那样没错」
  273. He nodded magnanimously, in the regal manner he had practiced many times before.
  274. 以经过反复练习符合王的态度落落大方地点头。
  276. “...I see. ...Well, as you know, we’ve somehow halted the Quagoa advance for now -- no, we’re trying to hold them back.”
  277. 「……原来如此。……如您所知现在,虽然勉强制止住了掘土兽人的进攻——不、正在制止」
  279. “Ho. Hoho. ...And?”
  280. 「嚯、嚯喔。……然后呢?」
  282. Ainz wanted to ask the Dwarf what he thought Ainz knew, but since Ainz had already pretended that he was well-informed, that line of questioning was ruled out.
  284. But has anything leaked out about me?
  286. All he could do was hang on to that thought as he looked forward to their response.
  287. 虽然很想问他到底认为这边知道了什么,但已表现出了知情的样子、不能再那么问了。但是,会不会泄露出有什么情报呢,只是这么殷切期望着接下来的话。
  289. “Before that, I heard from my men that you obtained your information after questioning some Quagoa captured in Feoh Raiđō. Do you have any evidence to support it?”
  290. 「在此之前,我从士兵听说您从菲欧·兰佐那里抓到的掘土兽人们提取出了情报,有作为取得情报的左证吗?」
  292. “There is Gondo, a citizen of this country--”
  293. 「关于那个身为这个国家的国民、龚德——」
  295. “--Material evidence.”
  296. 「——是实物证据」
  298. “Hm, so, you want to see the captured Quagoa, then? I can bring forth several of them and you can ask them yourselves.”
  299. 「哼嗯,这么说的话就是捕捉到的掘土兽人吧?把其中几只叫出来,让你们从那些人问话就行」
  301. “An immediate answer… It seems I will have to be frank with you, then. ...At this rate, an evacuation to Feoh Raiđō will be very difficult.”
  302. 「立刻回复吗……。看来有必要推心置腹的谈了吗。……这么一来要避难到菲欧·兰佐的话也很困难了吧」
  304. “Commander…!”
  305. 「总司令官……!」
  307. Judging by the reproachful tone taken by the man beside the commander-in-chief, Ainz guessed that the man was harping on the fact that the commander-in-chief was talking about military secrets in front of Ainz. However the commander-in-chief calmly continued:
  308. 在总司令官旁的军人发出责备的声音,从这推测,是在弹劾在安兹面前说出关于战况的军事机密的话吧,但是总司令官不慌不忙的说了。
  310. “His Majesty already knows everything. It is as he said -- the fact that someone who should be commanding at the frontlines is here is a clear sign of a stalemate. Since he already knows that, it should also be easy to imagine what our troops -- who cannot look forward to any reinforcements -- intend to do.”
  311. 「魔导王陛下已知道全部的事。刚刚就说了吧。应该在阵前指挥的人能来到这里这件事,无疑是战况陷入胶着、了吧。既然已经了解到这个地步的话,没法期待援军的我军能够采取什么行动,自然也不难想象」
  313. No, I was just asking to be polite. However, Ainz could not speak the truth, and instead he nodded, in the practiced manner of a true ruler.
  314. 不,其实那只是作为客套话而提出的问题吧。无法说出真话的安兹果然还是以反复练习的支配者态度点头回应道。
  316. The commander-in-chief described the terrible state they were in.
  317. 总司令官详细的说明起了,眼下这非常不妙的现状。
  319. The fortress defending the Great Rift had fallen, and they had been pushed back to their final defensive line. Only one gate stood between them and the enemy, and if it fell, the foe would pour into the city and many Dwarves would die. While they had originally planned to buy some time for people to flee to Feoh Raiđō, it was clear that the survival of the entire species would be in doubt if the plan was not radically altered.
  320. 防守大裂缝的要塞遭到陷落,已被进攻到了最终防卫线。因为只有一扇门在防御,如果那个被攻破的话都市将遭到入侵,众多的矮人便会因此而死亡、的吧。虽然本来还想着争取时间到南方的菲欧·兰佐进行避难,但现在计要是不大幅度修正计划的话,对于整个种族可就是关乎存亡的危机了啊。
  322. After Ainz learned of the Dwarves’ dire straits, he smiled in his heart. Everything was developing in a favorable direction for him.
  323. 安兹在知道矮人们已被逼迫至太过于糟糕的情况后在心中撇嘴一笑,所有的事情都往这方有利展开。
  325. “How about this? I will lend you the use of my forces to beat back the Quagoa for the time being. What do you think?”
  326. 「这样的话如何?我将兵力借给你们,暂且将掘土兽人击退如何?」
  328. The commander narrowed his eyes, as though to hide the emotion within them.
  329. 总司令官眯上双眼,彷佛在隐藏其中蕴含的感情。
  331. “Can you do that? But…”
  332. 「能做那样的事?但是……」
  334. Traditionally speaking, one would need to put down the terms of a deal in writing before a contract could be signed. There were many advantages in handling matters in that way. However, if he freely lent them his strength, he would earn the gratitude of everyone present. One could make gains with a loan that one could not with a written agreement, and Ainz was gunning for that.
  335. 本来的话应该经过协议,约定好回报之后才进行协助。那种方式能够得到好处才更多。但是如果这里无偿的借出力量的话,一定能够得到现场的感谢。所谓的借出有时能够得到在交易中无法产生的回报,安兹所瞄准的就是那个。
  337. Between the fixed and the formless, the formless was generally more troublesome. It was like being paying for a meal at a restaurant based on one’s mood. There was the chance that one would be overcharged compared to paying a fixed price.
  338. 有形和无形、比较麻烦的不如说是无形的。就好像如果在店里面用餐时,根据心情而定付钱。如果被这么说的话,比起被告知清楚的金额,结果可能会付出更多的金额。
  340. Generosity is often similar to greed, hm? Did Punitto Moe-san say that?
  341. (无欲有时和大欲是很相似的、吗?是布妞萌桑所说过的来着?)
  343. “After coming all this way and taking so much effort to find you, it would be quite troublesome for me if the country I wished to befriend was destroyed. Won’t you accept my help?”
  344. 「好不容易能够开始友好国交的国家要是灭亡了我也很是困扰,不接受我的帮助吗?」
  346. “...But if we don’t have the approval of the Council…”
  347. 「……如果不经过上面的判断的话」
  349. “Well, as long as there’s enough time, it should be alright. This is simply an offer of assistance from me. The final decision is yours. Of course, the Council should settle important things in session… but you should know how this sort of thing usually ends up. Meetings go on from dawn to dusk and in the end nobody can come to a conclusion. While it would be a shame to let my journey until now go to waste, it can’t be helped.”
  350. 「如果时间足够的话也没关系。不过是约定进行协助,最终决定的还是你们自己。虽然重要的事项是由所谓的摄政会的议会来决定的……但常有的事呢。在会议上是吵得天昏地暗,可最后就是无法得出个结论。虽然不想要让我至今的旅行最终白费了,但也没办法啊」
  352. “...Your Majesty, are you confident in your ability to repulse the Quagoa?”
  353. 「……魔导王陛下有着能击退掘土兽人的自信吗?」
  355. “If they are only of the calibre that we saw in Feoh Raiđō, then it should be child’s play.”
  356. 「如果只是在菲欧·兰佐见过的、那种程度的话还是非常轻松的」
  358. Mm, Gondo nodded from the side.
  359. 嗯嗯、龚德在旁边点头。
  361. “Of course, that is before the Quagoa break into the city. It is very difficult to only eliminate the enemy during a chaotic melee. I trust you won’t want to stand by and let the fighting spill over into the Dwarven city, am I right? So I think that right now, your one little door is your last chance, right?”
  362. 「但是时限只到掘土兽人攻入都市内之前,如果是在乱战之中,只击退敌军可是非常困难的。就算是你们也不可能默认矮人市民受到牵连吧?我认为只剩下一扇门防御的现在可是仅存的最后机会了哦?」
  364. A bitter expression came over the commander-in-chief’s face--
  365. 总司令官做出苦涩的表情——
  367. “--How much longer do you have? How many more days can the gate hold out?”
  368. 「——还有多少时间呢?门还能够称几天?」
  370. Ainz’s repeated hammering on the point seemed to have made up the commander-in-chief’s mind for him.
  371. 安兹的再三叮嘱的台词似乎让总司令官下定决心。
  373. “...I understand. Your Majesty, I pray you will lend us your nation’s strength.”
  374. 「……我明白了。魔导王陛下,还请将贵国的力量借给我们吧」
  376. “Commander-in-chief!”
  377. 「总司令官!」
  379. Another soldier called out in a panicked voice, and the commander-in-chief glared sharply at him.
  380. 另一名军人的声音慌乱,而总司令官以尖锐视线看向了他。
  382. Then, the commander-in-chief apologized briefly to Ainz before taking the other man some distance away, so he could not hear.
  383. 然后总司令官对安兹回以「失礼」后——似乎不想让声音传来吧,带另一名军人到了稍远的地方。
  385. Then, they talked.
  386. 然后滔滔不绝的说着什么。
  388. He could hear fragments of conversation, like “this is bad”, “un--”, “Quagoa”, “we still”, “danger before us”, “in any case” and so on.
  389. 像是「不妙」之类「安」之类「掘土兽人啊」之类「现在还」之类「眼前的危」之类「不管怎么说」之类的、多多少少还能够听到些。
  391. The general idea seemed to be that it would be hard for them to deal with the Quagoa on their own, so they should take advantage of this opportunity and gamble on it.
  393. It would seem the time had come for one last push.
  395. Infusing strength into his voice, Ainz called out:
  396. 大致意思就是说,靠他们独自的力量难以应对掘土兽人的入侵,所以看到机会的现在应该放手搏一把吧。那么,就最后推一把好了。在声音中灌注少许力量、安兹问道。
  398. “Don’t you think it’s about time to decide your future plans now?”
  399. 「差不多是时候决定今后的方针了吧?」
  401. 3
  403. There were eight clans of Quagoa living in the Azellisia Mountain Range.
  404. 存在於安杰利西亞山脈的掘土兽人一共有八個氏族。
  406. They were the Pu Rimidol clan, the Pu Randel clan, the Pu Surix clan, the Po Ram clan, the Po Shyunem clan, the Po Gusua clan, the Zu Aygen clan and the Zu Riyushuk clan.
  407. 普·利米多尔、普·蓝戴尔、普·史利克斯、泊·拉姆、泊·修內姆、泊·古褚亚、褚·艾根、褚·留修克。
  409. The children of Pu -- the hero of old -- formed three clans that took his name, and they feuded with the clans which named themselves Po and Zu. There were slight differences between each individual clan, but on the whole each was composed of 10’000 Quagoa, for a total of 80’000 Quagoa distributed throughout the Azellisia Mountain Range.
  410. 太古的英雄——自称为普的孩子们的三氏族,和自称曾经与普相互竞争的泊和褚的孩子们的氏族。构成一个氏族的掘土兽人的数量虽然有少许差异、大约有一万,共计八万的掘土兽人们散布在广大的安杰利西亚山脉中生活着。
  412. Now, if someone wanted to know if the Quagoa people were strong, the answer was that they were not.
  413. 那么、如果要问掘土兽人们是否强大的话,其答案也只能是并非如此了。
  415. Even if one clan had 10’000 members, the Quagoa had little in the way of technology or civilization, and ranked among the lesser races of the mountains. They were little more than prey for the strong.
  416. 就算有着一个氏族一万的数量,文明程度较低的掘土兽人们在这个山脉中是属于从下面数起的劣等种族、不过是强者们的被食用动物。
  418. Now, if one asked who the greatest enemy of the Quagoa race was, the answer would be the fellow clans of their race. No, sometimes even the people of their own clans could become their enemies. Other monsters viewed the Quagoa as little more than food. They did not hate the Quagoa, not did they compete with them. However, their fellow Quagoa thought differently.
  419. 那么说到掘土兽人最大的天敌是什么的话,那就是同种族的其他氏族。不、并不能断言一定是其他氏族,有时就连同氏族都能成为敌人。在其他的怪物们看来掘土兽人不过只是捕食的对象而已,而并非憎恶掘土兽人、也不认为与他们有着竞争关系。但是,同族却不是这么想。
  421. That was due to the way in which the Quagoa grew.
  422. 那个原因主要是掘土兽人们的成长方式。
  424. The ores and rocks which the Quagoa ate at a juvenile stage determined their abilities later in life. In other words, they had to compete with their own people for rare ores and metals to strengthen their bloodline. Thus, their fellow clans were their enemies, but it was only natural that the nearby foe was more troublesome than a distant one.
  425. 掘土兽人在孩童阶段藉由吃下的矿石决定了成人之后的能力差距,也就是说为了强化自己的血族、不得不与同族相互争夺稀少的矿石。其他的氏族确实也是敌人,但是比起远距离的敌人、近距离的敌人比较麻烦是理所当然的。
  427. Similarly, the Dwarves who contended with them for ores were also their enemies, but it was more likely that the dwarves would chase them away with their lightning-enchanted weapons.
  428. 然后同样的,互相争夺矿石的矮人们也是敌人,但是被手持寄宿雷的武器的矮人们赶跑的情况比较多。
  430. However, at some point, a hero of legends -- one who surpassed Pu, the hero of old -- was born.
  431. 但是某个时间,一位传说中的英雄——凌驾那位太古的英雄普的存在诞生了。
  433. He was the Lord of the Clans, Pe Riyuro.
  434. 那就是統合氏族王、培·里由罗。
  436. His might far surpassed that of the Blue and Red Quagoa. His overwhelming power allowed him to unite the clans.
  437. 其能力远远凌驾于青与赤的掘土兽人,藉由这压倒性的力量他完成了所有氏族的整合。
  439. Riyuro’s revolution did not stop there.
  440. 里由罗的辣腕举止还不只是如此。
  442. After discovering an abandoned dwarven city, he gathered the clans there and formed monster-fighting units, using Dwarven prisoners to develop agriculture and animal husbandry.
  443. 发现了矮人们放弃了的都市、在那里召集全部的氏族,创造了与怪物作战的组织,使用矮人的俘虏发展农耕技术和畜产技术。
  445. That was not all. Usually, when a new clan leader was born, he would exterminate the bloodline of the previous clan leader. This was the commonly-accepted means by which power was exchanged within the Quagoa people. However, Riyuro did not do that. Instead, he chose to let the leaders of the various clans rule themselves. However, Riyuro ordered all the ores to be brought to him. Those who obeyed Riyuro and performed well would be given rare ores, regardless of their status.
  446. 还有其他的。本来的话在新的族长诞生之际,会根绝至今为止的族长血脉。这才是是掘土兽人最普遍的政权交换方式。但是里由罗却没有做出那样的行动,反而是选择了让至今的氏族由各个族长们统治的方法。不过里由罗命令将所有的矿石集中到自己的身边。听从里由罗的命令且工作成果出色的人,与地位无关的会被给予稀有矿石。
  448. For instance, those clans who defeated monster invasions would be known as brave, while those clans who found more gold or precious stones would gain favor and more members. He would reward them for their work with the appropriate ores.
  449. 举例来说,阻止怪物入侵之际所留的血越多越会被评价为勇敢的氏族,让他们搜集黄金或宝石之际能取得更多数量的氏族才会被评价为优秀的人们,会将与工作成果相符的矿石交给他们
  451. Their competition against their lord turned into competition with each other, and the Lord’s seat was secure.
  452. 竞争从对王的对抗心转向为其他同氏族,王的地位可谓安泰。
  454. He had done all these things which no Quagoa had even dreamed of to expand his influence and to set into motion a certain plan.
  455. 做出了至今为止绝对无法想象的掘土兽人的行为的他,为了更加扩大势力而开始行动。
  457. That plan was to attack the Dwarven city.
  458. 对矮人都市的攻击。
  460. The clans gathered their best warriors in response to their Lord’s summons. They sent 2’000 people per clan, for a total fighting strength of 16’000.
  461. 呼应王的命令从全氏族集合了顽强的掘土兽人们、各氏族两千——最终产生出了共一万六千的兵力。
  463. This was an army never before seen in history. However, even with that much manpower, a direct attack across the suspension bridge would lead to horrendous casualties. Not only would that defeat the purpose of gathering such numbers, but they ran the risk of being defeated without being able to bring down the fortress.
  464. 这个是从未有过的大军,但是、就算聚集了如此多的兵力,要从正面攻略吊桥的话无可避免的会有莫大的损害,不只是如此还会被剥夺大军的优点、也有无法攻陷要塞就败北的可能性。
  466. Thus, Riyuro ordered them to find a way around the fortress.
  467. 因此里由罗发出的命令是寻找能够迂回的路线。
  469. Although several of the scouting teams did not come back, they managed to find a route to bypass the Great Rift in the end. After that, his troops divided themselves up into three to carry out their tasks.
  470. 送出的调查队中虽然有好几支都没能回来,但最后还是发现了能够迂回大裂缝的路线。之后,接下三种任务的军队分别开始了行动。
  472. One group was assigned to find and capture fleeing Dwarves. This task was divided among many smaller squads.
  473. 一支是发现、捕获可能逃亡的矮人们的部队,这个是由复数的小队组成的部队。
  475. One group was designated as the main force. They were to conquer and loot the Dwarven city. If the elite group took too long in bringing down the fortress, they would step in to help.
  476. 一支是本队。为了在攻陷矮人都市之际从都市将各种东西运出的部队,如果精锐部队攻陷要塞时花费太多功夫的话也会进行协助。
  478. The last group was filled with elite Quagoa, who would bring down the Dwarf Fortress. This group would move ahead of the main force, bring down the fortress and they might be used to conquer the city as well.
  479. 一支是为了攻陷矮人的要塞而集中了精锐掘土兽人们的部队。这个部队作为本队的先驱前进,将要塞攻陷,可能的话也会命令他们攻陷都市。
  481. The third group, the vanguard, was led by a Quagoa called Yozu.
  482. 其中、指揮第三支先遣隊的掘土兽人正是由欧兹。
  484. He was one of Riyuro’s top men, an exceptional Red Quagoa. His mind was sharp, he was a capable fighter, and he was one of the top candidates for the spot of leader within his own clan.
  485. 即使在里由羅的下屬中也是得到數一數二評價、精選的赤·掘土兽人。頭腦清楚、個人的戰鬥能力也很高,在原來的氏族中也是放眼族長寶座的男人。
  487. Even so, it was not easy for someone like him to command his mixed battle group.
  488. 那样的他想要灵活的指挥集合起来的部队也不是件容易事。
  490. After all, the elites from the various clans had deep-seated grudges against each other. However, Yozu could even make use of that.
  491. 因为从各氏族们集中的所谓的精锐对于氏族之间的对立是根深蒂固的。但是由欧兹就连那个都能加以利用。
  493. By fanning the flames of competition between the clans, he brought down the fortress.
  494. 煽动氏族之间的竞争意识、成功的攻略了要塞。
  496. Their victory was assured by taking the flanking route and then the fortress, but even then, nobody could doubt his extraordinary command ability.
  497. 通过迂回路线、配置在要塞的阶段就已经肯定会胜利了,但就算如此也无法怀疑他非凡的指挥能力。
  499. In truth, nobody else among the Quagoa could match his skill as a commander.
  500. 事实上、在掘土兽人的全氏族中能有与他匹敌的指挥能力的人恐怕是没有吧。
  502. And now, the Quagoa were preparing to checkmate the Dwarves.
  503. 然后现在、掘土兽人们正在矮人攻略中下最后一步将死棋。
  505. ***
  507. The first Quagoa among the vanguard who attacked the fortress were assault troops composed of the best of the best of their kind. These Quagoa clawed savagely at the hateful gate, but they could not break through.
  508. 在先遣队中也是最初向要塞袭击过去、能说是最精锐中的最精锐的突击部队,所属其中的掘土兽人们对可恨的门用爪子猛挠,然而也还是对其毫无办法。
  510. One more step. Just one step closer, and they could break through that door and trample their hated enemies, the Dwarves. One more step, and they could take this entire domain for their own. They would be ranked first for their achievements, and as their reward, they would receive enough ore to make their heads spin.
  511. 再一步,再一步就能入侵门的那一边,蹂躏敌人的矮人们、就能够把这个地方完全纳入自己的口袋中。那样的话就能大活跃成为功勋第一名、作为褒奖被赐予的矿石数量可谓让人目眩吧。
  513. However, that chance was denied and sealed away by the cold gate before them.
  514. 可是,那个机会正被眼前的这扇冰冷的门扉所封闭。
  516. The Quagoa had a saying; the worm that hides deeper grows bigger.
  517. 就像是掘土兽人俗话说的,躲得越深的蚯蚓越大。
  519. One of the Quagoa was so angry at being so close but so far that he tried biting the gate. Naturally, he did nothing more than scratch the surface.
  520. 明明近在咫尺却够不到的愤怒,使得其中一只的掘土兽人用牙齿咬了上门。然而也不过只是刨掉了一些表面而已。
  522. Seeing him, several others tried the same thing.
  523. 目睹那个行为的数只也采取了相同行为。
  525. However, regular Quagoa could not harm it at all. They could try for a hundred years and still get nowhere.
  526. 但是一般的掘土兽人根本就咬不动,恐怕即使花上百年也没有办法突破吧。
  528. Even when they thought to burrow through the rock and bypass the gate, they found that the walls were reinforced by lattices of the same metal which made up the gate.
  529. 就算想要削减周围的岩石以迂回的方式挖掘前进,像是与门有着相同材质的金属方格不管到哪都被铺设着。
  531. Regular Quagoa could not breach that gate. Their rare elites like the Blue or Red Quagoa were held in reserve as a secret weapon and not assigned to those assault teams. In other words, their advance was briefly halted here.
  532. 屬於一般的掘土兽人的他們沒有辦法打開那扇門,像藍·掘土兽人或是赤·掘土兽人那樣少數的精英們是作爲王牌的存在、應該保存,並沒有配屬在這個突擊部隊裡面。也就是說進擊只能在這裡暫时停止了。
  534. Anyone would be frustrated by being denied their glory at their very last moment. However, they were not anxious. This was because they had already reported this to the vanguard commander. If the great Yozu was here, he would surely think of a way that they could not.
  535. 不管是谁都因还差一口气的地方,就是无法掌握荣光而感到苦恼。可虽说如此也没感到急躁,说到是为什么,因为状况早已报告给先遣队的指挥官。如果是优秀的由欧兹的话,不久之后一定能想出些他们想不到的处理方式吧。
  537. Even so, they formed up in clans to rest, because they did not know how much time it would take.
  538. 尽管那样,因为不清楚到底会花多少时间,他们根据氏族不同成群的小做休息。
  540. If they were regular troops, they might fidget and wander from stress, or start fighting with other clans. However, everyone here was the best of the best. They rested when it was time to rest, saving their anger and strength for the next battle.
  541. 如果是杂兵的话会因为压力而到处闲晃、或是与其他的氏族开始起争执也说不定,但在这里的都是精锐中的精锐。该休息的时候就好好休息、静静地为下一次作战行动储备愤怒和力量。
  543. And then, after resting for some time, the Quagoa suddenly looked up, as though their heads were mounted on springs.
  544. 然后在经过一段时间的休息后,突然掘土兽人们都纷纷像装了弹簧似的抬起了头。
  546. There was a low bass creaking that sounded like it came from deep beneath the earth, and the gates began to slowly open.
  547. 随着有如地底深处传来响振的重低音,门开始缓慢的左右打开。
  549. The assault Quagoa looked at each other.
  550. 突击部队的掘土兽人们互相看了看对方。
  552. The Dwarves had sealed the gates in a panic. Why had they opened them again? Did they want to surrender? There were many Quagoa who thought that way, and they laughed mockingly as they bared their teeth.
  553. 慌慌张张将门封住的矮人们,事到如今为什么又要将门打开呢。可能是想要投降吧。这么想的掘土兽人们有很多,而那样的他们漏出尖牙嘲笑道。
  555. As if they would accept a surrender.
  556. 投降什么的怎么可能会同意。
  558. Their plan was to exterminate the Dwarves. They would not give the Dwarves the time to spout useless words.
  559. 本来就是打算将矮人尽数杀死的计划,可不会给矮人们耍嘴皮子的工夫。
  561. They would flood in like an avalanche through the opened gates and brutally slaughter all the Dwarves in their way. After that, they would trample the city underfoot and massacre with all their strength.
  562. 从开启了的门的缝隙有如雪崩一般攻入,将门前的矮人们予以血祭。接下来乘势蹂躏都市,尽全力展开杀戮。
  564. A gap slowly opened before the bloodthirsty Quagoa. It was still too small to fit through. One of the murderous Quagoa worked his arm into that gap.
  565. 在全身沾满杀意的掘土兽人们的面前,门缓缓地打开一条缝隙。还是无法容身体进入的、狭小的缝隙。可充斥着杀意的其中一只掘土兽人,还是将胳臂伸进了那条缝隙中。
  567. He ventured his sharp claws forth, trying to murder any Dwarves in front of the Gate.
  568. 试图以锐利的尖爪将可能在门前的矮人杀害。
  570. And then--
  571. 然而——
  573. “Gyaaaaaaaaah!”
  574. 「嘎呀啊啊啊啊啊!」
  576. The Quagoa who wanted to be number one screamed and rolled back. The arm he thrust in was gone, replaced by a fountain of fresh blood.
  577. 想要成为最先立功的掘土兽人发出悲鸣、往后翻滚。而本应伸入其中的手臂已经不见,取而代之的则是从中喷出的鲜血。
  579. Their shock at this development was like dumping cold water on the fires of their bloodlust.
  580. 惊讶于发生的事态,掘土兽人的杀意有如被泼水一般。
  582. It was easy to imagine what had happened.
  583. 发生了什么,这很容易想象。
  585. I all likelihood, someone had cut the arm off with some kind of weapon, but was that even possible?
  586. 大概是用武器什么的将其砍断的吧,可是那种事情真的有可能吗。
  588. The Quagoa special ability was that they were extremely resistant to the weapons which the Dwarves typically used. During their surprise attack on the fortress, some of them had been hurt but none of them had died. That should have held true as long as they were not hit by electrical attacks.
  589. 掘土兽人的种族特性,对于像是矮人一般挥舞武器的种族来说有着极强的耐性。实际上在出其不意攻陷要塞之际,虽然有人因为矮人们的攻击而负伤但却没有人因此送命。只要不是被雷造成的攻击的话,应该是这样的才对。
  591. But then, why had their comrade’s arm been chopped off?
  592. 那么、为什么同伴的胳臂被砍断了呢?
  594. There was only one reason for that.
  595. 理由——只有一个
  597. That would be the existence of an extraordinary swordsman, who could easily cut through the arm of a Quagoa, a member of a race whose skin and hide repelled all blades.
  598. 能够轻易两断,用毛皮能反弹刀剑的掘土兽人手臂的、不寻常剑士的存在。
  600. In other words, there was an unimaginably powerful warrior behind the slowly-opening door.
  601. 也就是说,在这扇要开启的门的前方有着超乎想象的战士。
  603. The Quagoa stepped back, gripped by an emotion they had not yet felt in this battle -- fear. During this time, the gap in the door continued to widen.
  604. 由于至今战斗中未曾感受到的感情——恐惧,掘土兽人们纷纷后退了数步,在这期间门的缝隙也渐渐地越开越大。
  606. “Why are you backing down?” called a powerful voice from the rear of the assault team.
  607. 「为何退下了?」
  609. 从后方突击部队中,响起以力量著称的声音。
  611. “There are no cowards among Clan Pu Rimidol!”
  612. 「普·利米多尔的氏族中没有胆小鬼!」
  614. “Ohhhhh!”
  615. 「喔喔哦!」
  617. That cry of agreement must have come from the members of Clan Pu Rimidol who had been chosen for this assault team. Panicked, those from the other clans shouted as well, proclaiming their strength.
  618. 发出同意的呐喊的应该是这支突击部队中,普·利米多尔的氏族中被选出的人们吧。慌张地、其他氏族中以力量自豪的人们也发出吼声。
  620. “Clan Po Gusua knows no cowards either!”
  621. 「泊·古褚亚的氏族也没有胆小鬼!」
  623. “Nobody from the Zu Aygen Clan will lose to the Pu or the Po! How can we let our ancestors laugh at us from the Land of Derey?!”
  624. 「會輸給普或是泊的氏族在褚·艾根的氏族中根本沒有哦!怎能讓祖先们在德雷之地笑話我们啊!」
  626. To the Quagoa, the valorous dead would watch their children prosper from the Land of Derey. It was said that the ancestors would mock those who shamed themselves.
  627. 对掘土兽人来说,勇敢死亡的人会在德雷之地注视着子孙繁荣的姿态。传承中如果子孙做出羞耻的行为的话,会被祖先在那里作为嘲笑的对象。
  629. Those words were the trigger that reignited the fighting spirit of the Quagoa.
  630. 那句话彷佛成为最后的契机,燃起熊熊战意的掘土兽人们迅速开始了行动。
  632. They dragged the disarmed Quagoa aside, to the wall. The assault teams kept their distance and took a close formation, ready to slaughter this mighty swordsman.
  633. 将失去手腕的掘土兽人拖至墙壁旁边。为了屠宰强者的剑士,突击部队从门稍微保持距离,组成了密集阵型。
  635. “Charge! No matter how strong he is, the enemy only has one sword! We’ll hit him with more people than he can handle,” someone said.
  636. 「突击!不管对方有多强也只有一把剑,这边用超过那个数量袭击过去就可以」
  638. 不知是谁这么说道。
  640. “No, we just need to rush straight ahead once the door opens. Once we knock him down, we’ll trample him. Then we’ll sack the city.”
  641. 「不、门打开了的话,再进行突击硬闯过去就行。打倒他后直接踩烂。然后乘势将都市消灭」
  643. “Then, let me take the lead!”
  644. 「那么就让我走前面!」
  646. There was a mineral called Nuran which was crushed into powder and mixed into paint. The courageous would take this paint and draw two stripes through their fur as proof of their bravery.
  647. 用叫做努蓝[ヌラン]的矿石磨碎后作爲涂料,在毛皮畫出兩條線的是有勇氣之人的證明。
  649. The Quagoa gathered behind one such brave soul. If he was struck down by that sword, they could still shove him in.
  650. 从那样的他的后面能推挤到的位置,掘土兽人们聚集起来。若是他被那把剑砍倒。能就这样将他推挤进去。
  652. The gap in the door was now big enough for a single Quagoa to pass through. While it was too cramped to burst through, they would be losing men for nothing if they hit the entrance with the lightning magic from just now and then closed the doors again.
  653. 门的缝隙、总算是开启至一只的掘土兽人能够通过的程度。虽然对于突入来说还过于狭窄,但如果再次放出刚刚那般雷击魔法后又关闭起来的话,这边的兵力就将白白浪费了。
  655. “Charge!”
  656. 「上吧!」
  658. With a valorous cry, over 10 Quagoa made their move.
  659. 与勇猛的喊声一起,十只以上的掘土兽人发动了突击。
  661. The brave Quagoa at their head stiffened. The people pushing him from behind felt him being killed by the swordsman. However, they could not stop. If they stopped now, they would be insulting his courage.
  662. 冲在最前头的是有勇气的掘土兽人的身体产生了硬直。从背后推挤的掘土兽人预感到他被剑士杀害了。但是、无法停止。如果停止的话将会成为愚弄他的勇气的行为。
  664. Because of that, the Quagoa from behind pushed forward with single-minded intensity, intent on letting their momentum carry them into the Dwarven city to loot and pillage it...
  665. 正因为如此,在后面的掘土兽人们毫无迷惘的不断推挤,乘着这样的气势将矮人的都市蹂躏
  667. --And then they stopped.
  668. ——他们的脚步也停了下来。
  670. No matter how hard they pushed, they could not carry on. It was as though a thick, massive wall were blocking them.
  671. 不管如何推挤也无法继续前进。宛如门的另一方有着一堵厚重的、巨大的墙壁在阻挡着。
  673. One of the Quagoa raised his head and looked forward.
  674. 掘土兽人的其中一只抬起头来、确认前方。
  676. It was only natural to wonder if the Dwarves had made a wall.
  677. 实际上、是不是矮人们做出了墙壁呢,会如此认为也是当然的。
  679. Because indeed, there was a jet-black wall there.
  680. 在那里的是一堵漆黑的墙壁。
  682. All their eyes could see was the wall. And then it started moving.
  683. 全部的视界中尽是布满了的巨大墙壁。而那个开始移动了。
  686. 「喔喔喔喔喔喔喔哦喔喔喔喔!」
  688. It was a mighty cry that made the air quiver.
  689. 彷佛大气都在震动一般的吼声。
  691. What they had thought was a wall was in actual fact a gigantic shield.
  692. 让人不禁以为是座城墙的巨大盾牌。
  694. The Quagoa had no history of weapon or armor use, but they had seen the Dwarves use them before. However, they had never seen anything this big. Before them was a shield that could have been mistaken for a wall.
  695. 掘土兽人们虽然没有使用武器或防具的文化,但也看矮人们使用过好几次了。然而、却从没见过如此巨大的。在眼前出现的那个是会被误认为墙壁般的盾牌。
  697. As the Quagoa were baffled by this development, the loathsome creature behind the shield revealed itself.
  698. 在掘土兽人们对这个情况感到困惑之时,从盾牌的后面某种令人厌恶的存在显露出了它的身姿。
  700. It was a creature sheathed in black full plate armor, its crimson eyes glowing with hatred.
  701. 被黑色铠甲包覆全身、赤红的眼瞳中寄宿着憎恶的、某种存在。
  703. Even the ignorant Quagoa could understand that it was evil, it was violence -- it was Death itself.
  704. 即是是没有知识的掘土兽人也能够理解,那个是邪恶、是暴力、以及——死亡。
  706. A pyun! rang out.
  707. 噼欧的!响起了那样的声音。
  709.  In that instant, the heads of three Quagoa took flight as one.
  710. 瞬间、三只掘土兽人的脑袋一齐飞出出去。
  713. 「喔哦哦哦喔喔喔哦哦!!」
  715. The roaring battered at the bodies of the Quagoa.
  716. 吼声彷佛敲打着掘土兽人的全身。
  718. The hair-raising impact made the Quagoa want to run away with all their hearts.
  719. 毛发倒立般的冲击,使的掘土兽人们迫不及待的想要拔腿就逃。
  721. Within their tribes, they considered themselves courageous warriors who did not fear death. However, they had never imagined a being like this in their wildest dreams. The monster before them obliterated their courage.
  722. 自己在氏族之中也是充满勇气、不怕死的战士,他们是如此认为的。但是、这样的存在就连想象中也未曾有过,眼前出现的怪物是足以击溃他们勇气的存在。
  724. That being the case, why did they not flee right away?
  725. 那么、他们又为何没有马上鸟兽散呢。
  727. That was because they lacked the strength to do so. Their instincts told them that if they ran, they would be slain in a single blow from behind. Even so, the eyes of that black being reminded the Quagoa of their desire to live.
  728. 那是因为脚上无法使力。他们靠直觉预感到了就算想要逃走,也会从背后一击杀死。尽管如此、那个黑色存在的眼瞳中寄宿的些微光芒,还是让掘土兽人们回想起了对生存的渴望。
  731. 「喔喔喔喔哦喔哦哦哦哦喔喔!」
  733. That roar seemed to come from deep beneath the earth. The Quagoa whimpered in response, and took several steps back.
  734. 如从地底深处来的轰鸣般吼声,让掘土兽人们与小小的悲鸣一同退下了数步。
  736. And then, as though to seize the opportunity which had presented itself, another being identical to it appeared. And then--
  737. 彷佛为了不错过这个时机而开始行动的黑色铠甲身后,又有一只相同的存在现出了身姿。然后——
  739. “Hiiiiiii!”
  740. 「唏!」
  742. One of the Quagoa screamed.
  743. 不知哪个的掘土兽人发出悲鸣。
  745. As they looked toward the owner of that voice, they saw their comrade who had lost his head.
  746. 看向那声音的主人他们所见到的是,首级消失了的同伴们的样子。
  748. He was dead. There was no doubt of that. However, his arms started moving, as though grasping for something. It was clearly not a spasm or anything like that.
  749. 绝对是死没错。然而、那只手却有如要抓住什么似得动了起来,很明显那不是痉挛什么的。
  751. The only conclusion they could draw was that the corpse was moving.
  752. 只能认为是那具尸体做出了动作。
  754. As though trapped into a nightmare, the still-living Quagoa found themselves imprisoned in a cage of fear.
  755. 宛如被囚禁在恶梦的世界一般,还存活的掘土兽人们有如被关进了恐惧的边疆。
  757. Clang, clang, went the two massive suits of armor, and then they raised identical, bizarre swords: flamberges.
  758. 鏘、鏘地兩具巨大的铠甲迈出了步伐,然后举起了手中握着的异样大劍——波纹剑[flamberge]。
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