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  2. Shota KimishiToday at 9:56 AM
  3. @Ashton Family/Rick/Elijah and @The Family, mind looking at the #【♛】power-ranking-rules【♛】  and telling me what you think?
  4. The FamilyToday at 9:58 AM
  5. yeah no problem
  6. Shota KimishiToday at 9:59 AM
  7. Alright. Just wanted to make a system in which people understood where they stood in terms of power. Feel free to add the rank you want to your OCs, but everyone else should roll.
  8. The FamilyToday at 10:03 AM
  9. I feel like people shouldn't roll for something like this
  10. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:03 AM
  11. alright. i wouldn't mind help with judging. Xavier's is a definite 2 or 3. Wokandi and Gram and Rick would be hero level at 4 or 5. Most likely 4. But Darkhearts would also be a 5.
  12. most likely xavier is 3 and my other 4 heroes/villain are at 4 each...
  13. The FamilyToday at 10:04 AM
  14. Honestly most of my characters would be 4s and 5s due to their quirks
  15. except masanori
  16. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:04 AM
  17. near 6?
  18. Shota KimishiToday at 10:09 AM
  19. People should definitely roll for things like this, we can't have people walk around with extreme power or not enough. It should be a balance, in my opinion.
  20. The FamilyToday at 10:10 AM
  21. then what if you have someone who put a lot of effort into their application roll a 1, while people with no effort roll a 5
  22. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:10 AM
  23. Rather than rolling, they should require to show they have the ability to actually BE TRUSTED with a given thing.
  24. The FamilyToday at 10:10 AM
  25. ^^^
  26. I mean, did we learn nothing from all for one and one for all?
  27. Shota KimishiToday at 10:10 AM
  28. As I said, if you roll low, then you have an opportunity to get stronger. And we have the ability to take a roll away, remember?
  29. I believe I specified within the system that some rolls require RP Samples.
  30. ... Those some rolls being 4 and above.
  31. Meaning that people who RP well and roll a one, likely will have no problem training their way up.
  32. While impatient people only interested in immediate power, with little RP experience, will fail horrifically.
  33. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:20 AM
  34. Then we should also up the requirement for roleplay ability.
  35. At the most, it would require knowing someone is able to handle their quirk.
  37. I would request a strong RP restriction rather than a dice roll.
  38. based on paragraph, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  39. As well as depth, structure, capacity, and so forth with their entry.
  40. To show the ability to make their character shine in their RP entry.
  41. Shota KimishiToday at 10:22 AM
  42. ... Once again, I said dice roll and afterwards, a RP sample.
  43. Which is exactly what you're talking about.
  44. Within my system, I said that for higher ranks, such as six, so much as punctuation being incorrect, or a misspelled word, being a deciding factor on having that much power.
  45. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:24 AM
  46. what I am saying is 'let their entry determine their power ranking'
  47. 2 paragraphs or less + bad grammar immediately denotes a 1
  48. 4 paragraphs or less + average
  49. and so forth
  50. I hate leaving it up to chance
  51. Shota KimishiToday at 10:27 AM
  52. Basing it solely on a RP Sample? That's unfair, as now there is no luck, just the opinions of random people. No opportunity, just opinion. And not leaving it up to chance is the very reason this server failed. People left because there was no power restriction. People left because there was no battle restrictions. Every server that leaves things up to chance - usually does exceptionally well, in my experience. If you don't believe me, I can cite several servers who leave things to dice rolls, and have hundreds of members who are dedicated, and I can offer invites to those servers as well.
  53. Luck and personal belief is what makes RPing fun. Not just saying, "Oh, if you know how to type, you deserve this!"
  54. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:29 AM
  55. I stand by what I believe. I was happy with having to put effort and work into writing engaging and lengthy training stories to work up the strength of Xavier so far. Yuki and Zamasu and Kibo can attest to that.
  56. My view of it is showing that your ability to write and your moral presentation of yourself should have more president than luck. I want to feel that their roles for what they want are earned.
  57. But I would be more willing to trust @The Family on what the swing in the decision would be.
  58. Strict, stubborn, direct, fair, and unbiased.
  59. Shota KimishiToday at 10:34 AM
  60. Your method is admirable. The last two owners had the same beliefs. If you believe that trusting someone's ability to RP is the only way to go, then fine by me. I'm informing you that the server will do the exact same thing that it did when Shotaro ran it - flop. Or, we can actually try using odds, which tends to have more reasonable outcomes and, whereas people don't like it, is the method in which works best when considering the fact that the only person to be upset with is the odds itself, not arguing with an RPer. You win some, you lose some, that's the point of odds. You shouldn't be landing every hit, you shouldn't be just relying on RP ability. Many great RPers came and went because they had immense power and no restrictions.
  61. If we look at things logically: your method hasn't worked in the entire history of this server. My method is yet to be tested. Which one, reasonably, sounds like a better investment?
  62. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:39 AM
  63. The last two owners DIDN'T HAVE THE HEART to back up that belief.
  64. Shota KimishiToday at 10:40 AM
  65. They did. The entire roll-based fighting system was abolished because of it.
  66. Ah yes, sorry, you weren't here long enough to see that happen. However, let me assure you, it did.
  67. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:40 AM
  68. I only saw this place go up on february 14th
  69. at least from the records after being here
  70. Did the place they come from have that ruleset?
  71. Shota KimishiToday at 10:41 AM
  72. No, this place did. Unfortunately, there is a thing called deletion, where if something is deleted, then you usually can't see it anymore. Which was the reason I created a #【♛】log-channel【♛】
  73. You see, the main problem that, in my experience of being an RPer, owner, admin, and anything in between is that it is unfathomably hard to be powerful in an odds-based server. Odds tend to stack against those who are stronger than others, and it tends to make those who feel that, under normal circumstances, a stronger OC and a better RPer should easily beat a seemingly weaker OC and a weaker RPer, in terms of RP skill... but instead, the weaker OC may land a shocking amount of hits... or may win altogether. And that makes things exciting, does it not? How fun is it to sit in an RP and fight until an argument breaks out about how tired someone should be. And to be frank, about 99% of battles on this server, and 99% of battles I've seen in which a roll-based system isn't used, it usually involves large amounts of arguing, until someone gets mentally tired of arguing, and leaves the server.
  74. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:47 AM
  75. ...
  76. Shota KimishiToday at 10:47 AM
  77. So, that is the problem, I'm certain. People who want their characters to always win, tends to have problems adapting to an odds-based server initially, but eventually, they come around and accept the necessariness of it. Don't get me wrong, having a character that usually wins is a guttural emotion, we all have it. However, logically, it shouldn't happen. Whereas much of the evidence against odds-based is "Well, what if the dice choose the wrong person?", yet however, that isn't always the case.
  78. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:47 AM
  79. I didn't have any problems talking it over with the others during the U.A. Festival
  80. Shota KimishiToday at 10:48 AM
  81. Talking it over? The festival had to be postponed consistently due to arguments.
  82. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:48 AM
  83. that was durring the cavalry match
  84. I actually got lucky to be matched up against the one with decay and against ardos.
  85. Shota KimishiToday at 10:49 AM
  86. It actually happened throughout the Sports Festival, within several other events as well.
  87. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:49 AM
  88. the hell long has this server been around?
  89. Shota KimishiToday at 10:49 AM
  90. In my scenario, with odds, how would you even argue that? "The odds are cheating!"
  91. A month, I'll presume? I don't know what the age of the server has to do with this conversation, but still... my option outweighs the very few negatives, and has many positives.
  92. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:53 AM
  93. That's just saying 'let's go with my idea because I know I'm right'.
  94. That's how I'm interpreting it without any other facts.
  95. The FamilyToday at 10:55 AM
  96. What's goong on?
  97. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 10:55 AM
  98. You better read up on what we were talking about.
  99. Shota KimishiToday at 10:58 AM
  100. Not much. And Ashton, I'm saying that we should adopt both of our ideas. RP Sample and dice roll. You simply want the server to be based on RP ability, which is the same thing Alonzo and Shotaro said, and as we can see, nothing good truly came from that decision. I've offered reasons on why I am right, and why both can co-exist, whereas you've been focused on abolishing my idea altogether. Wouldn't that be you saying, "Let's go with my idea because I know I'm right", even though, it appears you aren't? Not to mention, you just said you aren't accepting any facts, meaning, you aren't accepting the facts of what I am saying.
  101. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 11:04 AM
  102. you make it sound simple but it's more complicated than that.
  103. Shota KimishiToday at 11:05 AM
  104. By all means, explain.
  105. How difficult is it, truly? It is quite simple: accept the fact that you won't always win.
  106. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 11:06 AM
  107. Which is improbable since it's in human nature to struggle with that fact a lot of times.
  108. Shota KimishiToday at 11:08 AM
  109. Considering that odds are completely random, there's a possibility that they could work heavily in your favor. And Ashton, if that's how you wish to look at it, then there is nothing I can do for you. If you are 100% unwilling to say "I lost, but I'll try to be mature and show something called sportsmanship, which no, not all humans have, but to be successful in the world, I'll need", then that's you. But that's immaturity on your behalf, and is completely irrelevant when considering which of our methods are more logically efficient.
  110. Which, judging by all of my evidence, mine is.
  111. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 11:11 AM
  112. It's not me being immature. It's me going with what I feel.
  113. Shota KimishiToday at 11:12 AM
  114. And as an admin, and a owner, I'm asking you to think logically and critically.
  115. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 11:12 AM
  116. It's hard for me to do that when you write stuff like this and our history together on the other servers.
  117. There's three of us. Not two.
  118. If Family believes there's a compromise then we can compromise.
  119. Shota KimishiToday at 11:14 AM
  120. Perhaps that is a problem you should deliberate amongst yourself, Ashton: how to think critically and not with emotion. And what I have been typing, before now of course, has came solely from logic. And our relationship on other servers has nothing to do with this, though if you want to insult me similarly as you did back then, you are welcome to.
  121. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 11:14 AM
  122. It wouldn't help the case at hand. It'd have no bearing on how it would benefit the server from how we're both seeing it.
  123. Shota KimishiToday at 11:16 AM
  124. And I find it endlessly amusing how you are adamant on needing approval to reach a respectful and mature compromise between two individuals, but I'll play things your way, I suppose. @The Family, please, do you have an opinion on this topic? Should we reach a compromise, or just solely adopt Ashton's method?
  125. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 11:16 AM
  126. that's the wrong way of phrasing it
  127. you're making it a loaded question
  128. it's 'should we throw luck into this instead' ' should we stick to role play and trust' 'should there be a compromise of the two'
  129. and the other problems have been - AND I WILL SPEAK THEM FIRST BEFORE YOU INTERJECT
  130. 1.) a maingoing plot
  131. 2.) People on the player side that would care
  132. 3.) everyone having a hero, villain, and student and having not been doing any collaboration with them
  134. alonzo being the example while Shotaro showed he didn't have faith in the server - regardless of how he kept with trying.
  135. The admissions side of it all is one thing. It's another to say that it's the SOLE REASON why this server failed
  137. and if you give another word twisting reason behind this kind of thing with your college and universal education and speech then I swear ...
  138. Shota KimishiToday at 11:25 AM
  139. College? Universal? I'm a freshman in high school, first and foremost. Second, many admins deliberated the plot, plots in which you weren't even here to see, so in my humblest opinion, you shouldn't speak on. Three, that was one of my rules: heroes shouldn't be friends with villains, villains shouldn't be dating students, etc. I made that rule because I saw much of that occurring, and in fact, that was key to the server surviving, and I made that rule before the fighting system was deleted. And four, admissions had something to do with it, yet had little in the grand scheme of things. Several of the people who abused their power and had decent RP ability yet no restrictions (Relic, being one) used a canon Quirk. I also would appreciate being spoken to with respect, the only time I ventured away from logic is when you did. I'd appreciate if we make this more into a conversation than a rage-filled argument, thank you. And you have the burden of proof, Ashton, not me. You have to prove how this server would succeed by using an already-used method. Also, my question was very straightforward: collaborate between both of our methods and reach a consensus, or just adopt your method. Also, this isn't the Bleach server, Ashton - tread lightly. You do not give me orders, and vise versa, I'd appreciate it greatly if you behaved as a Owner, not as a immature child, thank you. Once again, only venturing upon areas that you ventured upon yourself.
  140. Ashton Family/Rick/ElijahToday at 11:30 AM
  141. Buddy I am 31 and I've been through emotionally scarring SHIT than you can imagine with that kind of thinking.
  142. Shota KimishiToday at 11:33 AM
  143. Right, now you immediately presume that my age clouds my judgement, yet wouldn't you agree that my point is being made? As a high school freshmen is currently being calmer and more mature than an adult. You are venturing upon personal and emotional rhetoric, which by the way, is not proving your point, and now, you are making me question your validity of even being a Server Owner, to be frank. Please remain on subject as we continue deliberating this, thank you. Once more, I would like to ask you to stay calm, and not to venture upon insulting words, such as profanity. Let's be mature, shall we?
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