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  1. There are about 10-12 kids milling around outside with a husky dog, some of the kids are smoking. It's crowded inside. Lots of people standing. I find a single seat on a couch and camp it before I place my order (passion shaken iced tea lemonade, no sweetener). I later find there is an outlet behind a neighbor's chair. I have found my camping spot for the night. Counter people are friendly.
  3. There's good oldies music on interspersed with less good oldies music.
  5. 10pm: Very crowded. 10 kids outside, another 15+ inside without seats, not counting those sitting on the floor. A lot are trying to consolidate groups though. It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to find a seat alone. Might take 40 in a group of 3+. Not too noisy, beside loud music.
  7. My allergies start bothering me and I take an asthma pill (Bronkaid). The active ingredient is ephedrine. Will try to avoid too much coffee.
  9. 11pm: Less crowded. Outside kids are still at ~10, plus 4 cops. Maybe 5 more people milling around inside. Definitely less people standing at counters or sitting on the floor, if there are any. No line to order anymore.
  11. Christmas music has started and I am not pleased. Dude across from me is rocking out to "Little Drummer Boy" though. If he does this to all the music this will be alright.
  13. 12am: A little more crowded, but not much. Internet is still too slow for hulu, I discard fantasies of playing Team Fortress 2 or Altitude tonight. Christmas music has mercifully stopped,
  15. 1am: Most seats are still filled, but there's a lot less activity and a few empty ones by now. People still have to walk around a bit to find seating for groups 2+. Singletons are sitting easily. Music has mellowed out considerably. Outlets are in much lower demand.
  17. 2am: Opera now, but not much else different from 1am. Still pretty busy in here.
  19. 2:30am Evicted. Forced to sit in a corner while someone cleans my area. She's been shuffling us in sections.
  21. 2:45am Returned.
  23. 3:00am Maybe 20+ people left in the store, still nowhere you can sit in isolation, but there's enough seating for anyone who'd come in. Still 3 kids outside smoking cigarettes, I'm not sure if they ever come back in or of what they're doing out there.
  25. 3:15 - 400am More Christmas music.
  27. 4:00am Dudes outside are gone. The population has plateaued since 2am, I think it's only only going to get busier from here on in. Christmas music is driving me insane. Pa rum pum pum pum.
  29. 430am: Went for a walk with my bag, someone took my seat. It's okay, I sit across from them.
  31. 5am They've turned the awful music up very loudly. People walking in are forced alert by bad harmonies followed by very quiet singing and plucking, then very loud harmonies again. There's a loud industrial grinder or a backing track by Merzbow. Even when the grinder stops, the music is way too loud. Either they're trying to pump up employees, scare away all-nighters, or supplement their stimulants with fight or flight response. I and a few late night students are undeterred.
  33. 6am  Breakfast rush is coming. Lines are longer. Place is busier. People are whiter. Music is much better now.
  35. 7am. Full on morning grind. Children and mothers and students. Everyone looks as haggard as I am. Music is okay. Easy listening.
  37. 8am Ebbing again, less business. Sun is fully risen. I'm out to Bob Marley and Andrew Bird.
  39. Internet speeds in Mbps
  40. 10pm: 0.13 down / 0.29 up (yeah it sucks)
  41. 11pm: 0.22 down / 0.17 up (still sucks)
  42. 12am: 0.24 down / 0.10 up (sucking no less)
  43. 01am: 0.70 down / 0.50 up (great success)
  44. 02am: 0.24 down / 0.12 up (and back down again.)
  45. 03am: 0.28 down / 0.12 up (poop)
  46. 04am: 0.25 down / 0.19 up (see above)
  47. 05am: 0.28 down / 0.28 up ()
  48. 06am: 0.09 down / 0.19 up
  49. 07am: 0.37 down / 0.85 up
  50. 08am: 0.78 down / 1.21 up (best speed yet.)
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