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  1. Crazed man Jayce Reynell goes massive killing spree in Walmart. A SWAT team made their way in the parking lot of a Walmart, but the man went too far, hitting two more cops and wounding another, according to sheriff's department spokesman Officer Charles Scott.
  3. Rico Cruz Ramirez had called in the SWAT team just after 3 p.m. when "the man was on top and he ran, and we found his hand on the side of the cop's helmet, and we brought out both his hands and held him down," Chief David Brown said.
  5. The man was taken to the hospital, where we found a gunshot wound to the head, Brown said. There were no serious injuries, but he is expected to recover.
  7. "The officer is in the custody of the police and his status is being kept under wraps," said Scott of the department.
  9. Cruz Ramirez was arrested in a Walmart parking lot a short time after the shooting. He is being held in the Walmart building for resisting arrest.
  11. The SWAT team arrived and arrested several more civilians in the area, Scott said.
  13. Officers were unable to locate the suspect at the scene and were forced to return fire, Scott said.
  15. "In a short time the incident turned into a domestic dispute," he added.
  17. "The incident did take place inside that retail complex, so we're still reviewing CCTV footage and will continue to provide a fuller account as it happens," he said.
  19. He said police are still looking into the possible link between the shooting and the victim's family. He said the suspect has a criminal record.
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