Soarin' x Shining Armor (nsfw)

Jul 15th, 2013
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  1. >First day of basic training
  2. >Dunno why I have to go
  3. >Was an ace at the academy
  4. >Spitfire and I were unstoppable
  5. >Some stupid rule about anyone in service of Celestia having to pass through general guard training
  6. >Even future Wonderbolts
  7. >So lame
  8. >We stand there in a line, ScreamyStan drill sarge yelling about something
  9. >Just do what Dad told me
  10. >Stare ahead, don't make eye contact
  11. >Don't laugh
  12. >Don't fantasize about pretty mares and pop your wings
  13. >....gonna be a long six weeks.....
  14. >Screamy Mc Guardingson done yelling
  15. >Another pegasus starts shouting out room assignments
  16. >Least its only two to a room
  17. >Hear my name
  18. >Hear my bunkmate's
  19. >Sounds like a douchecracker
  20. >Guy said we were paired up to work as a team for the entire time
  21. >Whatever, so long as he can fly fast enough and keep up
  22. >I'm wonderbolt material not stand around with pointy stick stallion
  23. >Wonder what he's here for
  24. >We're told to disperse, find our bunkmate and go unpack
  25. >Something about being back in...shit thats only an hour
  26. >No lunch?
  27. >Thank god Mom packed me a fruit pie
  28. >See everyone pairing up
  29. >Look for a pegasus by himself
  30. >Not seeing any
  31. >Weird
  32. >Call his name
  33. >See a hoof go up in the air
  34. >There he is, on the other side of this mess of chatty ponies
  35. >...wait a second...
  36. >He's a unicorn?
  37. >Oh for fucks luck sucks
  38. >This has to be wrong
  39. >I'm not here to learn how to paint or play music
  40. >The heck do unicorns even do in the guard?
  41. >Why would they....the other teams aren't...
  42. >Oh wait...
  43. >They ARE all mixed too, save the couple of earth ponies who they all lumped together
  44. >Always extra earth ponies everywhere
  45. >Damn
  46. >He's walking over
  47. >Well, Soarin', be friendly
  48. >Don't shake his hoof too hard you might ruin his hooficure
  49. >Don't flick his horn either, I heard they sneeze and jizz at the same time
  50. >Wait, that's kinda funny
  51. >Maybe I'll flick his horn like, once.
  52. >For science
  53. >Huh...we'll he's certainly bigger than most unicorns
  54. >Kinda chubby-big tho
  55. >He's going to be slow
  56. >Oh well, it'll make me look faster
  57. >"Hi, I'm Shining Armor. Guess we're going to be roomies"
  58. >Roomies?
  59. >He really just say that?
  60. >41 days, 18 hours to go
  61. >Shake his hoof, introduce myself
  62. >He says he's going to be future captain of the guard
  63. >I reply saying I'm future captain of the Wonderbolts
  64. >We both laugh
  65. >Sure we both mean it
  66. >But realistically we're both in for a long trek
  67. >Ok, he isn't so bad
  68. >He starts toward the rooms, I follow
  69. >My eyes drift for a split second
  70. >Dear god
  71. >Is he a really big mare or a really shapely stallion?
  72. >Maybe he had some kinda magic accident?
  73. >Either way someone stuck the roundest butt on this otherwise normal looking guy
  74. > wings
  75. >Resting position
  76. >Think about food
  77. >He's staring at me, waiting for an answer
  78. >Fuck what did he ask?
  79. "I like pie"
  80. >He looks at me oddly
  81. >Wrong answer
  82. >But hey...I do like pie
  83. >Unpacking
  84. >Still chatting it up with Shining
  85. >A lot less of a prissy unicorn than I thought
  86. >He likes sports and even played a little in high school
  87. >Good, we have common ground
  88. >I couldn't fake my way through some conversation about poetry or...math or something
  89. >Tried once with this unicorn broad and it didn't end well
  90. >Pie should only have one meaning
  91. >Shining is still chatting away and...
  92. >I have to stop looking at his ass
  93. >I swear every five minutes he bends over
  94. >And bam and its there
  95. >Short blue tail, massive white plush cushions
  96. >This isn't fair
  97. >I'm not a coltcuddler
  98. >Not that there's anything wrong with that
  99. >But six weeks with no mares in sight
  100. >Rooming with most inviting ass I've ever seen
  101. >Its like a test of...something
  102. >I couldn't even begin to explain
  103. >His butt is like a shooting star
  104. >You have to look!
  105. >Least he finally stood up
  106. >He's taking out pictures
  107. >Telling me who they are
  108. >His parents, little sister and some pink unicorn
  109. >Great so they get to stare at me while I stare at his rear-end
  110. >He turns around and asks if I have anyone special back home
  111. >I mention Spitfire
  112. >He seems pleased to hear that
  113. >I'm kinda happy I can say it too
  114. >Her and I sneaked off to the locker room a buncha times
  115. >And the equipment room
  116. >And the weather factory
  117. >And under the captain's desk
  118. >Especially under the captain's desk...holy christ she nearly got us caught she moaned so loud
  119. >What can I say, they said get close to your wingman
  120. >We weren't the only ones
  121. >Good times though, really good times
  122. >I'll have to think about those times to keep me focused
  123. >Basic is going to be a cakewalk
  124. >But six weeks with no mares
  125. >That'll be rough
  126. >Fuck me he's bending over again
  127. >41 days...17 hours....30 minutes
  128. >Not surprised, Basic goes easy for us
  129. >What I can do with my flying he can do with his magic
  130. >He can make these shield things that...stuff.
  131. >I dunno, don't ask me to explain how magic works
  132. >Point was, you come in ready, you do great
  133. >It's not nearly as bad as ponies make it out to be
  134. >Though to be fair him and I jive really well
  135. >Been about a week now, working together, eating together
  136. >Everything really, they encourage you to be practically glued to your teammate
  137. >Even showering
  138. >That's the roughest time
  139. >Thank god he's a unicorn so he can do that levitating stuff
  140. >So there's no asking to scrub certain parts he can't reach
  141. >He does mine though and...
  142. >I don't care who you are
  143. >I don't care how insecure you are about who's doing it
  144. >You're not a stallion till you had your back scrubbed with a luffa
  145. >Still dunno how he snuck one in here
  146. >Along with the rest of his bath products
  147. >Freakin' Unicorns
  148. >I went total secret agent mode to get one Playcolt past the bag check
  149. >He gets an entire bathroom worth of stuff
  150. >Lord knows we need it, the amount of physical stuff we need to do
  151. >Speaking of physical, my right forehoof has been getting its far share
  152. >And a week with no mares in sight makes Mr Shapely Butt start looking nicer and nicer
  153. >Come on Soarin' get it together
  154. >You ain't no colt-cuddler
  155. >You banged more mares than you got feathers
  156. >...yet they're not here and round, fuzzy and plump is here
  157. >And why does he keep bending over to get things?!
  158. >He has unicorn whatzit, he can float everything
  159. >"Hey, Soarin' did you see my hairbrush?"
  160. >He sways it back and forth while he looks
  161. >Bite lip, think of pie.
  162. >Apple maybe...
  163. >Or cherry pie
  164. >Nice golden crust
  165. >Sweet taste
  166. >I lick my lips
  167. >I imagine the cherry compote dripping down my chin as I take my first bite
  168. >...I'd love to pop his--
  169. >Dammit!
  170. ", haven't seen it..."
  171. >Look around on the other side of the room
  172. >Out of the pale moonlight
  173. >Take a deep breath
  174. >34 days....17 hours....
  175. >I feel sorry for the first mare I fuck
  176. >She's going to be flying crooked for a week
  177. >Three weeks now
  178. >Halfway there
  179. >Completed all our exercises for the day
  180. >Dinner then independent study like always
  181. >That used to mean dinner then rub one out to my Playcolt in the bathroom while Shining read a book
  182. >No such luck since the last room inspection
  183. >I still don't know how they found my super secret, secret squirrel hiding spot
  184. >Yet completely missed Shining Armor's bathroom stuff
  185. >They yelled at me for awhile
  186. >Who knew older guard ponies got all angry if your magazine had a pinup of a white mare dressed like Princess Celestia?
  187. >Assholes are probably passing it around right now
  188. >Wanking it to her
  189. >Wings still hurt from all the laps they made me do
  190. >Not as much as my balls though
  191. >Speaking of Celestia's royal ass, I am backed up
  192. >Starting to see 'mates' everywhere
  193. >Nearly had sex with a rolled up gym mat a few days ago
  194. >Shining walked in a moment before I could
  195. >Semi grateful but
  196. >He brought with him his plush, round, curvy buns
  197. >I stared the entire time
  198. >Why did he always lose things?
  199. >Why did he always look under the bed?
  200. >And why always facing away from me?
  201. >While his butt did the 'Maybe if you put your cock in me I'd find what I'm looking for!' dance
  202. >I crawl into bed early
  203. >He looked concerned but I said I was alright, just needed rest
  204. >Satisfied he went to his side of the room and read
  205. >On his side
  206. >Facing away
  207. >Curve of his ass silhouetted by candlelight
  208. >Underneath his thin blankets
  209. >Silently pleasure myself while he read his book
  210. >Came like a rocket
  211. >Nearly bit my tongue out keeping silent
  212. >Just as I finish ruining my sheets with my thick seed
  213. >Shining Armor drops his book
  214. >Leans over to get it
  215. >Full view
  216. >Even make out his tight balloon knot
  217. >And his pair of berries underneath
  218. >Full hard on in an instant
  219. >Balls ache with need
  220. >How is that even possible?
  221. >Longest night ever
  222. >21 days...3 hours...23 minutes....11 seconds....10....9....
  223. >Fourth week
  224. >Hear some rumors that a few of the teams found some extra curriciular activities
  225. >a whole friggin month with no mares, what do you expect?
  226. >During springtime at that
  227. >Every time a good wind kicks up
  228. >Can smell the faint leftovers of those girls getting their heat
  229. >Keeping the D in its place was torture when we were standing in line outside
  230. >Keeping my thoughts clean was even harder
  231. >Every sniff brought a new mare to my attention
  232. >Could almost picture them
  233. >Nice, plump, cushy...white....with a short blue tail and the most perfect ho--
  234. >Wait...
  235. >NO that's...
  236. >FFfffffffffffffffffffff
  237. >I can't take this much longer
  238. >"Hey Soarin?"
  239. >I sit up in my bed
  240. >Of course what do I see?
  241. >Shining Armor's plump, delicious behind
  242. >Doing it's 'hey bro I lost something' shake
  243. >"Hey bro? I can't find my primer, you seen it?"
  244. >My hardon jabs me in the stomach
  245. >I don't even hide it
  246. >My wings would have betrayed me anyhow
  247. >Sides he's still facing away
  248. >Shaking his ripe fruits in my face
  249. >My balls are groaning with pain
  250. >I haven't even rubbed one out in a few days
  251. >Everytime I tried I kept thinking of Shining fucking Assmore over there
  252. >" ok?"
  253. >Oh fuck he turned around
  254. "Yeah, I'm cool...just...DO YOU HAVE TO WIGGLE YOUR ASS LIKE THAT?!"
  255. >Smooth
  256. >"Huh? What do you mean?"
  257. "Its been three weeks since I had any mares and they're all in heat and you can smell them and every day you lose something and and youhaveaniceassandIwannafuckitandshoutmygirlfriend'snameout!"
  258. >Shining Armor is my partner for Basic
  259. >We've learned each other's moves, we can execute missions damned near flawlessly
  260. >You could say we're like one superior stallion now
  261. >So when I say what he did next surprised me, you need understand how significant that is
  262. >"Dude...I've been tossing the line out to you since day one"
  263. >What?
  264. >"You really don't think I'm THAT clumsy do you?"
  265. >Blank stare
  266. >He laughs
  267. >"I'm...well, lets just say when I graduate I have my life kinda planned out from here."
  268. >I stand there, dumbfounded, and listen
  269. >"Gonna join the royal guard, and this Princess has the hots for me so, gonna probably marry her"
  270. >"But ya know, I never had time for a wild side when I was in school. Always working hard and doing well and, well ya know."
  271. >I really didn't know because I spent high school sleeping through class and sleeping with my teacher so I didn't have to stay awake in her class
  272. >But I nod
  273. >"Always wanted to...well...I've been told I look like a mare from behind"
  274. >He blushes a little, tossing his hair from his eyes
  275. >My dick trembles in approval
  276. >"Was worried you mighta been the only totally straight Stallion...I tried everything. Srubbing your back, giving you the best view."
  277. >He looked away
  278. >"I even told the Sarge about your...magazine"
  279. >Oh you son of a bitch
  280. >You're gonna pay for that
  281. >I smirk so slightly he doesn't see it
  282. >"So I mean...if you really want to...I don't care if you think about your girl while we..."
  283. >He turns around
  284. >And lifts that little tail
  285. >Perfectly shaped ass a foot from my face
  286. >I salvate but I keep my cool
  287. "I...well...I guess we could"
  288. >He chuckles again
  289. >Thats right, keep thinking you've got the upper hand
  290. >Even his laughing gives his rump a little shake so he's not too far off
  291. >"I never did this before careful, k partner?"
  292. >He's using that unicorn magic on me
  293. >My body is moving without me telling it to
  294. >My cock is starting to reveal itself
  295. >Think of Spitfire
  296. >What would you do if she was here right now?
  297. >She'd remember that this jerk told the guards on you
  298. >And instead of telling you upfront that he wanted your dick
  299. >He gave you 4 week long blueballs
  300. >Just when you feel your cock lifting toward his hole, you pull away
  301. >"What...wroooahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"
  302. >Shining Armor gasps suddenly as I plunge my tongue and muzzle into his rear
  303. >I have to admit, I didn't think this through
  304. >Between lust with a side dish of revenge
  305. >I didn't quite imagine them both leading to putting my tongue in another stallions ass
  306. >No matter how amazing it looks
  307. >Even up close
  308. >I know he's clean, I've watched him painstakingly scrub it down
  309. >But I still feel myself losing enthusiasm fast
  310. >What did they always say in the academy?
  311. >'Flying smarter is always better than flying harder'?
  312. >I concentrate harder than I ever have before
  313. >Its not Shining Armor. No sir, its that cute mare from the academy
  314. >All of them
  315. >And every mare before that
  316. >With a much bigger, fuller, ass
  317. >Reach up with my hooves and clamp them down on his cutie marks and squeeze
  318. >My tongue is going crazy now, licking his hole, his balls
  319. >Focusing mainly on that little bit of flesh between the two
  320. >Its driving him wild
  321. >Little bursts of magic are going everywhere
  322. >Typical unicorn
  323. >My eyes are closed though
  324. >Just keep picturing Spitfire's quivering marehood
  325. >Lick her good, make her ready for you gigantic stallion cock
  326. >Just like she likes it
  327. >Don't pay attention to the different feel of it
  328. >Or Shining's loud groans every time you suckle his balls
  329. >This is your ass
  330. >It can be whatever you want it to be
  331. >"L-lower!"
  332. >That wasn't a guy's voice
  333. >You're not wrapping your tongue around the base of a throbbing stallion cock
  334. >While the rest of your head is being grinded on by a perfectly shaped jiggly rear
  335. >Nope, Soarin', it's whatever you want it to be
  336. >You lap and suckle his package, still trying to convince yourself you're eating a mare out
  337. >Not working nearly as well as it was before
  338. >But now, I don't even care, because its mine
  339. >It was a sudden change in mindset but, I didn't need the fantasy anymore
  340. >His pleading moans were enough
  341. >My ears perked and I felt the same lust I did when I heard them from mares
  342. >I wanted more
  343. >Go back to his ass
  344. >Lick and suck on his balls some more
  345. >Every so often giving that trembling hole attention
  346. >I'll never admit it but I love giving oral more than anything
  347. >Its amazing making the toughest mares weak in the knees
  348. >And making them beg
  349. >Right before you give them what they spent all day swearing they didn't want
  350. >Maybe this is the same
  351. >Yea I'm not getting off from fucking a dude
  352. >I like being in charge
  353. >Power is really hot after all
  354. >Go back to his balls and the base
  355. >Suckle at the sheath, slipping your tongue along a swollen vein
  356. >He whinnies in a mix of pleasure and need
  357. >He wants me to finish him off
  358. >No such luck
  359. >He's your mare tonight
  360. >"Ah....S-soarin' gonna....gonna cum!"
  361. >And he doesn't cum till you say so
  362. >Withdraw your mouth
  363. >Slow down
  364. >Admire your work for a moment
  365. >Flared, throbbing red cock
  366. >Clenching, quivering ass cheeks
  367. >Surrounding a swollen set of balls
  368. >A light breeze would make this guy hose off the entire bunk
  369. >He's humping the air
  370. >Like imagining some invisible ass or vag would help
  371. >Feel his magic tugging at your face
  372. >Pulling me back to some sensitive spot on the underside of his flared cock
  373. >Resist
  374. >Leave him there
  375. >Right at the edge of what had to be an incredible orgasm
  376. >Four weeks of denying you this experience, only to find out he wanted it the whole time?
  377. >And he's the reason you did 100 laps around the barracks
  378. >And why you can't look at Fleur De Lis' Summer Sun Celebration edition of Playcolt?!
  379. >He can suffer
  380. >And suffer he does
  381. >He's sweating, panting, even bucks a little
  382. >His shaft and flared head so stiff he can't even get his legs far off the ground
  383. >Its so satisfying
  384. >But he doesn't reach for his cock to finish himself
  385. >I think he might like this more than I do
  386. >For totally different reasons of course
  387. >I grab his legs with my own and give his hole the tinest of licks
  388. >Over and over
  389. >Every time he whinnies and shivers
  390. >Not much different than a mare, this one
  391. >I kept Spitfire like this for over an hour once
  392. >Was intoxicating
  393. >Now with this big unicorn you're on a whole new level
  394. >Lick....lick....lick....
  395. >He's biting his pillow, muffled moans making the bed shake
  396. >Lick...lick....lick
  397. >He pounds his fore hooves into the bed
  398. >Lick....lick....lick
  399. >He humps the air, his shaft getting dangerously close to the bed
  400. >Pull him away so there's no contact
  401. >No accidental mattress fucks for you
  402. >"puh...Puhlease...dude I...ugh...god...I need to cum!"
  403. >Lick
  404. >"Jussttahahhh...I'm right there...please!"
  405. >Lick
  406. >"Ahhhhhhhgoooood Soarin' balls are gonna burst! Ahhh!! AHH!!"
  407. >Lick
  408. >He's borderline hyperventilating
  409. >God I'm good
  410. >Lean over to look at my handywork
  411. >Thought he was hard before
  412. >His flare is even throbbing
  413. >Must be horrible being denied something so simple
  414. >Yet it feeling so good to keep it going
  415. >Trot slowly next to him
  416. >He's frozen
  417. >Sees me leaning down
  418. >Momentary relief on his face, thinking I'm going to finish him off
  419. >Fat chance, pudgy
  420. >Lean in ever so slightly and run the tiniest of feathers painfully slowly up his shaft
  421. >Deliberately trace every vein, indent, spot, you name it
  422. >He nearly explodes
  423. >Nearly
  424. >But not quite
  425. >Hey, that's a lot of pre
  426. >Feather reaches the source
  427. >Tickle tickle
  428. >"Uhhhhhhhhhhh S-s-soarin'....yoooouuuu.... huhhh huhhh....please...I..."
  429. >Teeny tiny lick
  430. >Tastes salty
  431. >Pull my head away
  432. >Blow on his cock, drying his pre and making him tremble wildly
  433. >"Ahhhh AHHH!!! Pleaaaaaaaaase!! Please let me...?"
  434. >Nope
  435. >I keep this up for awhile
  436. >I don't know why
  437. >I mean you think if I was worried about being a coltcuddler
  438. >I wouldn't have spent an hour turning Shining's body into my plaything
  439. >Or eat his ass even after I stopped pretending its marevag
  440. >But fuck it
  441. >If you're going to do something wrong
  442. >Do it right
  443. >That's what Spitfire said after she refused to be quiet when we fucked in the captain's office
  444. >I think I get it now
  445. >Shining Armor is either really liking this
  446. >Or so overwhelmed with his almost-gasm that he can't physically move to belt me for the torture
  447. >He lost the ability to focus magic awhile ago
  448. >Around when he started to beg
  449. >He tried everything with it
  450. >Pulling my mouth, stroking my own cock
  451. >But he never tried to finish himself
  452. >That's how I really knew he liked SOMETHING about this
  453. >I'll find out what twisted part later
  454. >Right now, my cock was dragging on the floor
  455. >And that ass was begging for it
  456. >I start to crawl on his back
  457. >He moans and pleads every inch of the way
  458. >"Fuck me, Soarin!"
  459. >Crawl a little more
  460. >"Please let me finish!"
  461. >Little further
  462. >"I need to cum sooooooooo baaaaaaaaad!"
  463. >Music to my ears
  464. >Always is, even from a throaty, deeper voice
  465. >My mouth reaches his ears
  466. >They flick when he feels my hot breath on them
  467. >Flick towards me
  468. >He wants me to nibble them
  469. >I just exhale slowly
  470. >Feel his whole body shiver beneath me
  471. >Especially his ass
  472. >Where my cock is resting nicely against
  473. "Four weeks, I wanted that ass..."
  474. >My voice is barely a whisper
  475. >He whimpers from how long I'm taking
  476. >I know his pleasure is beginning to recede
  477. >Even after all that edging, you wait too long and it slowly fades
  478. >But you have to let that happen
  479. >If you don't, when you shove your cock in them
  480. >They cum way too fast
  481. >Can't have that
  482. "Now I'm finally going to get it"
  483. >He nods and weakly squeaks out a 'mhm'
  484. >With skill dozens of mares can attest to
  485. >I rear my hips back and plunge my thick cock into his hole
  486. >I barely get a few inches in before he clenches down hard on me
  487. >Holy fuck he's tight
  488. >His cheeks lock me in too
  489. >Under all that fluff and chub he has some muscle
  490. >Only lights a bigger fire in me
  491. >I give my hips another thrust and he gasps sharply
  492. >Another half a foot of my pulsing length enters his hole
  493. >He whinnies again, beating the shit out of the bed
  494. >He's practically screaming into his pillow
  495. >Not in pain but in utter bliss
  496. >If you've had as many as I have you can tell the difference
  497. >Even if this is my first colt
  498. >He struggles and keeps squeezing my length
  499. >His body is a mix of shivers and bucks
  500. >I whip his big old ass with my tail
  501. >He bucks harder and I plunge my cock as deep as I can go
  502. >Our balls slap together
  503. >So much for that rule
  504. >Whatever, that ship sailed long before that
  505. >"Sah....Sah...Soarin....please...don't...I can't take it anymore..."
  506. >Grinning, I decide he's right
  507. >Besides if I make this last any longer it'll be me fucking a passed out unicorn drenched in his own cum
  508. >Rather he be awake
  509. >For my thrusting
  510. >And squeezing
  511. >And mane pulling
  512. >That was the one he didn't expect
  513. >Balls deep and I pull his mane
  514. >Slapping those plump, perfect asscheeks into my hips
  515. >Oh god they felt good
  516. >Ignore his cries of exstacy
  517. >Ignore the sudden rush of warm cum splattering on the floor
  518. >Just focus on those round orbs
  519. >Hump them hard and fast, barely pulling my cock free
  520. >Just keep rutting him while he cums like a firehose
  521. >An hour's worth of edging soaks his bed
  522. >And just when the last ounce of hot, sticky cum spurts from his trembling length
  523. >I pull out
  524. >And drench that amazing ass
  525. >I'm holding the edge of my flared cock with my hoof
  526. >Stroking the length right under it
  527. >While I ride my own orgasm
  528. >What feels like gallons of cum spraying those plush cheeks
  529. >Along with his tail, his balls
  530. >His pulsing thick hole
  531. >Even the backs of his legs
  532. >Its like I didn't jerk off at all this whole time I came so much
  533. >My own knees begin to buckle as I back off him a little
  534. >Shining Armor is a sight
  535. >He's panting, covered in my seed
  536. >His own fluids covering his bed
  537. >He turns around, hair in his face
  538. >Eyes barely open
  539. >"Dude.....what the fuck was....I never..."
  540. >I'm panting pretty heavily too
  541. >I only walk a little forward and give his neck a nuzzle
  542. >Mares like when you do that
  543. >Don't just walk away and jump in the shower after you hose them down
  544. >Shining seems like the same, he nuzzles back and coos like a pigeon
  545. >Kinda cute
  546. >"I...I never...came...that hard..."
  547. >Course you haven't, you never got fucked be me
  548. "Don't worry bout it...partner"
  549. >I wrap my wing around him and steer us both toward the shower
  550. >Always better to get clean before it dries
  551. >" bed is...pretty messy?"
  552. >I laugh weakly
  553. "You can...share mine tonight"
  554. >He smiles
  555. >We limp to the shower
  556. >And as we go all I can think is
  557. >Only 16 days, 23 hours left
  558. >Better make the most of it
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