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  1. I'll bite...
  2. Partisanship aside, Hillary is so astoundingly corrupt...
  3. From backroom deals with Russian uranium miners to her "charity" that funnels money earmarked for the Haitian earthquake relief directly to her offshore bank accounts.  Her blatant lying.  Her obscenely blatant lack of caution when maintaining opsec on sensitive emails pertaining to national security...almost to the point of flagrancy...especially in a time when overseas hackers can (and do on a regular basis) penetrate even our most secure computer systems.
  4. She basically, at the heart of the matter, is a communist infiltrator in the most McCarthian sense of the term.
  5. The cold war is not over.
  6. Everything her and her ilk have been working towards are EXACTLY what McCarthy would have warned us about.
  8. Common Core: Ridiculously moronic mathematics educational system designed to weaken us by dumbing down our next generation of thinkers.  If there's somehow 2 correct answers to a math problem, then how can we ever hope to produce engineers capable of designing the next generation of weapons systems.  How will we ever be able to compete with the Russians/Chinese in designing something like an intercontinental ballistic missile when Common Core is teaching kids that X = A, and X = B, and A =/= B ??
  10. Gun Control: There's a misattributed quote from Isoroku Yamamoto aka Admiral Yamamoto  "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass"  While it's been disputed whether or not he actually ever said that, the gist of it remains unchanged.  The sheer volume of guns in our country makes us un-invadeable.  The first step towards a successful invasion of America would be to demonize guns and slowly get people to give them up.   Exactly what's been happening.  I will leave aside the speculation as to who exactly is behind the recent spate of highly publicized mass shootings.  I won't go into detail on how both Adam Lanza and the Batman shooter James Holmes both had parents connected to the LIBOR banking scandal.  I won't go into detail on how the media goes into complete overdrive over these shootings, but they oh-so-conveniently fail to run the countless stories whereby someone with a perfectly legitimate concealed carry permit saves the day by shooting a deranged mass-shooter before he gets the chance to go on a killing spree....
  11. I won't go into detail (well maybe just a little) about how the most gun tolerant states (i.e. Texas) have both the nicest people you will find anywhere in the country, as well as the lowest amount of violent gun crimes.  Meanwhile, the areas of the country that have the strictest gun laws have the highest amount of violent gun crimes (i.e. Chicago, Detroit).  And of course I won't go into detail on the minority factor connected to all of this.  The fact that minorities in those areas skew all of the data on violent crimes in general.  A very small percentage of people are responsible for a very large percentage of violent crimes.  That data is then used to scare the majority into thinking that we should get rid of our guns...give up a constitutionally protected right.  Even talking about this gets one branded as a racists or a redneck or any number of buzzwords that are designed to minimize or otherwise diminish the validity of the person who brings it up.  It's extremely politically incorrect.
  13. Which brings me to another point.  The very term "politically incorrect".  Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't that term spring up during the Clinton era of the mid 90s?  This whole idea of things you can't say in public?  Yet another constitutionally protected right that we willingly gave up?  An elephant in the room that we can't talk about because it would be somehow backwards-thinking.
  15. And then, of course, there's the fact that they are literally putting illegal immigrants on government tour busses and driving them to republican areas and dropping them off.  Not exactly the definition of "gerrymandering" but it's pretty dang close.  Free health care, free EBT, free school, free this, free that...all you have to do is vote democrat and the free stuff will just keep rolling in.  They're even drafting legislature as I write this that will enable illegal immigrants the right to vote.  And of course they'll vote democrat, because why wouldn't they?  This is all on top of the same sort of thing that's already been going on for years in areas that are already blue.  They give out the free lunch and then can get away with murder because they are guaranteed the vote.  Meanwhile, the people who actually pay taxes are vilified, shamed, and made to feel guilty.  Somehow it's my personal fault that slavery happened.  Even though none of my ancestors held slaves.  Even though my ancestors fought on for the North in the Civil War.  Even though my ancestors (the Irish) were the first slaves in America.  I can't say anything because I'm a privileged white male, and I'm responsible for everything that's wrong with this country.  Even though the complete exact opposite is the truth.  And this is what they are teaching kids in college now.  It's to the point where if you don't toe that line in college, you will find yourself speedily flunked out.  The communist Cultural Marxism is so pervasive that it's penetrated nearly every aspect of our society, and Hillary is the figurehead at the bow of the ship.
  17. I'll end it with a brief discussion into the fact that these same people have driven capitalism out of the country.  With all the taxes paying for the free lunches and healthcare so Shatawndwaneesha and Maria Isabella and can have their 8th babies (while I have no children although I can afford it, and have their college tuition earmarked), the vast majority of American manufacturing has been driven overseas.  Everything is now made in China, Mexico, or Southeast Asia.  Aerospace, Defense, Computing technology, and IT/Telecommunications (and farming) are basically the only things we have left...Simply because those things are so complicated that only Americans are capable of building and maintaining the systems.  Even those things will be gone after the next generation loses the ability to do math because of Common Core.  The communists know that there's no way they can defeat our aircraft carriers and armed forces through conventional means, so they've taken a different approach.. Both Russia and China have a deep history of waging unconventional warfare.  From Sun Tzu and The Art of War all the way to Russia invading Crimea using Spetsnaz troops in unidentifiable uniforms and the way they concealed their fighter jets underneath commercial airline flights to discreetly bring them into Syria just weeks ago.  The communists have perfected unconventional warfare...How can anybody look at Hillary Clinton, and look at the democrat party in America, and the changes that have been happening to our country, and not make the connection that they're deliberately trying to weaken us from within?
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