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A New Kind of Cupcakes [Anthro / Hyper / Breast Expansion]

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Dec 11th, 2014
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  4. It was almost unnoticeable as the front door to Sugarcube Corner started to open, just a tiny sliver of a crack at a time, almost completely silent, at least until it brushed up against the small bell that was hanging in the path of the upper frame, producing a soft ringing sound that broke the silence of the quiet confectionary like an explosion. Despite being such an innocuous noise, there was a gasp of alarm from the other side of the wooden barrier, presumably produced by whoever had been pushing it open; everything was quiet and still again for a moment, then there was a soft sigh and the door continued opening the rest of the way. “Um…h-…hello…?” the yellow pegasus called nervously as she stepped into the interior of the building, hanging her head low, her hooves gently clopping against the floor, as if deliberately withholding the force of each step.
  6. Fluttershy was something of a paradox, a pony who simultaneously stood out like a sore thumb and yet at the same time was unassuming enough to easily go unnoticed by most. Her pale pink hair was long and flowing, her mane hanging far past her shoulders and down her back while in the front her bangs were brushed down, obscuring most of her face as a result, only one emerald eye left visible as it warily darted this way and that in search of movement, and her tail trailed behind her, long enough to reach the ground. Her wings would have been broad and majestic if she allowed them to unfurl to their full span, feathery fans easily capable of allowing her to attain flight, but unlike most pegasi she was content to simply walk most of the time, and so she kept her wings firmly folded in place against her back. She wore a simple green sundress that flowed over her slim body, holes in the back allowing room for her wings and tail, and obscured most of the features of her physique, with the sole exception of her chest, the melon-sized globes bulging out against the smooth cloth from within and bobbing slightly with every step she took.
  8. “Is…is there…anyone here?” she called out, having to consciously raise her voice to a more audible volume than the whisper she typically defaulted to, “I hope I’m…I’m not being a bother…I’m just here on a…um, an errand.” She looked around at the shelves of premade sweets and desserts that were on display, but she couldn’t seem to find any carrot cakes, and she hoped it wouldn’t be too hard for one to be made; she knew Angel would be none too pleased with her if she came home empty-handed. It didn’t seem like Mr. and Mrs. Cake were around, typically at least one of them would be managing things out front, which most likely meant they were elsewhere tending to their young foals, and also meant that there was only one other pony who might be in charge of affairs at the store today.
  10. There was suddenly a loud commotion of banging emanating from a room behind the counter, pots and pans clattering and falling over each other, prompting a chill of shock to run up the pegasus’ spine, though not quite enough to make her cry out from her fright this time. “Just a minute!” a high-pitched, energetic voice called from the kitchen, followed by more banging that was steadily approaching closer and closer, until finally a figure appeared in the doorway. “Oh hiya, I thought it might be you, Fluttershy! No one’s quite as soft as you are!” Where Fluttershy had a tendency to avoid being noticed, it was nigh-on impossible for one to not take notice of a pony like Pinkie Pie, with her bright pink fur and puffy mane of bubblegum pink hair. She had a broad smile that almost seemed to make her glow with joyous splendor as she came around the counter, a spritely spring in every step that made her bounce upwards.
  12. But what Fluttershy couldn’t help but take notice of most of all was the earth pony’s bosom, particularly the fact that it was inexplicably several sizes larger than it had ever been before in the years that she knew her. The engorged breasts that had once been of a far more modest volume were now closer to the size of the balloons she would have at her many parties, each easily larger than their owner’s head, far too large to be contained in one’s hands. The blue shirt that was stretched over them was far too small to accommodate their bulk, leaving a fair deal of their undersides exposed, and it was painfully obvious that there was no bra underneath them from the sheer amount of jiggling they were going through.
  14. “Hey Flutters, you’re not trying to fly indoors, are you?” Pinkie Pie asked with a giggle as she came right up to her guest, very nearly bringing their heaving chests against each other.
  16. The pegasus blinked, realizing that she had been staring, transfixed, but also realizing that she had been allowing her wings to gradually unfurl, extending to their full lengths, and she blushed profusely as she folded them back, encircling around herself like an embrace. “N-no, I-I, um, I was…j-just…thinking…” she stuttered, trying to put together her thoughts while at the same time keeping her eyes trained on the earth pony’s smiling face instead of listing downward. As much as she wanted to ask the obvious question that was burning in her mind, she couldn’t bring herself to do something so forward right off the bat, and so instead she tried to beat around the bush for the moment. “Do you ever, uh…get a feeling that there’s something…not quite right, Pinkie?”
  18. “Huh? No, not really!” she replied promptly, still grinning giddily, “Why, is something wrong?”
  20. Fluttershy gulped back her curiosity again; it didn’t help that Pinkie Pie was lightly bouncing up and down on her hooves as she was often wont to do, causing her chest to bob in the same motion, hypnotic and entrancing in the way it trembled. “Um…n-no, I…suppose not,” she forced herself to say, donning a thin fake smile in an attempt to keep up the ruse of her intentions, “it’s just…I was wondering…entirely out of curiosity, if…there was anything unusual about today…for you, that is.”
  22. “Hmm…I’m not sure,” Pinkie Pie said, propping her elbow upon her chest, the soft pink flesh squishing and compressing with her touch, as she tapped a finger against her chin in thought, until her blue eyes lit up again with a flash of inspiration and she planted her fist in the open palm of her other hand. “There’s only one way to know for certain: I’m going to have to retrace my steps!” Before Fluttershy could have a chance to make any kind of reaction, the earth pony had already reached out and grabbed her by the wrist, dragging her along – whispering hushed cries of protest as she struggled to keep up the pace – as she started to bolt back the way she had come, around the counter and into the back rooms of the store, which were devoted more to living areas than business.
  24. “Let’s see…” the pink pony thought aloud, nonchalant even as she ran at breakneck speeds through a quaint little den, weaving around chairs and tables, and then up a flight of stairs, “we should probably start right from the top!” She flung open a door that led into a wide room with assorted party paraphernalia strewn everywhere, balloons tied to just about every piece of furniture, a colorful cannon for launching confetti and streamers standing in one corner. “My day started just like any other,” she said as she approached a bed that stood against the wall, “with me sleeping like a baby after a day of pampering-” She threw herself onto the mattress, bouncing and wrapping herself up in a bundle with the pink blankets, closing her eyes as she faked the sound of snoring for a few seconds before sitting upright with another smile. “-and then I woke up and got ready for work!”
  26. “Um…Pinkie…?” Fluttershy tried to interject, but even if she had been more assertive it was unlikely that Pinkie Pie could have been stopped at this point, as she ran back out of the room, grabbing a towel draped over a chair along the way.
  28. “So I went to take a shower,” she continued, coming to a stop outside another door in the hallway, Fluttershy trailing behind, “but Mrs. Cake was already inside, so I had to waaaait.” She assumed a grumpy frown as she tapped one hoof against the floor, glancing at her wrist as if there were a watch there, until eventually she opened the door and went into the bathroom inside. “And then when she was finally done I got started on getting myself all squeaky clean-” She strode to the shower stall on the other side and stepped in, and Fluttershy gasped quietly as she actually closed the curtain and turned the faucet on, letting hot water drench over herself while she made motions of washing her body before coming back out, her fur completely soaked, her mane drooping and hanging over her face, and her clothes clinging even more tightly to her form, and yet she still maintained a smile. “-gotta be presentable for work after all!”
  30. And so the process continued, Pinkie Pie leaving a trail of wet hoofprints across the floor as she ran back outside and into her bedroom again – by the time her pegasus guest caught up to her again, she seemed to have somehow already completely dried herself off, her hair automatically returning to its puffy, voluminous shape. Her movements were almost untraceable, like a bolt of pink lightning zipping all across the room, babbling about all of the things she needed to do, and yet the one thing that was still painfully obvious was the profuse jiggling of her chest. She stopped in front of a dresser to replace her damp clothes, peeling them off and putting on a new ensemble so quickly that there was hardly even a glimpse of her bare body underneath (her new shirt wasn’t any better at covering her prodigious bust, however).
  32. “Alright, and then I was all ready to seize the day!” she announced, and Fluttershy, having finally caught her breath, looked up again only to see the earth pony bounding toward her, and she was only able to utter a tiny squeak of protest before she found herself getting towed along again, yanked back out the way they came. “Luckily it turned out that we didn’t have any big custom orders today!” she said as they practically flew down the stairs to the den and then through another doorway that led into the kitchen, “And the Cakes were leaving me to take care of the store by myself for a while, so it gave me plenty of time to work on my newest recipe for super yummy cupcake party snacks!”
  34. Fluttershy was doubled over on the edge of the countertop, panting and wheezing, when there was another clatter of metal in front of her, and she looked up to see a tray that had been set down there, twelve divots molded into its surface, and there was a cupcake placed in each of those, the chocolate confections topped with vivid blue frosting and bright pink sprinkles, with the exception of one which was empty save for a few crumbs. “It’s still a secret for now though,” Pinkie Pie said in a slightly more hushed tone as she leaned in closer, holding a finger over lips, still set in a giddy smile, “so don’t go telling everypony just yet! I need to get the texture just right! And then after I finished with that I went over here and-”
  36. While her host skipped away elsewhere to continue her shenanigans, Fluttershy remained standing by the counter, staring at the mysterious cupcakes. Blue frosting was hardly unusual amidst the rainbow of colors that would typically be present in any of Pinkie Pie’s festivities, but there was something about this particularly vibrant cerulean hue that seemed odd to her, harkening to something deep in her memory. They had a particularly pungent smell as well, an earthy scent, which she felt would have been more suited to a garden than a bakery, enough to make her question if she would taste more dirt than chocolate if she were to bite into it. And yet, at the same time, there was something curiously enticing about them that filled her with an urge to take a bite out of one, and she couldn’t help but notice the fact that there was one missing – presumably already eaten.
  38. “Pinkie…” she said aloud, making her voice as loud and clear as she could bear to.
  40. “-and then I gazed at the stars,” the earth pony said lackadaisically as she peeled her face from the wall after having slammed headfirst into it, her features flattened slightly and her eyes spinning, until she shook her head and her muzzle popped back into place. “I don’t think that’s too out of the ordinary though,” she commented as she turned back to address the pegasus again, “I run into things all the time!”
  42. “No, it’s…not that,” Fluttershy insisted, even if she found the idea of somepony getting repeatedly injured like that distressing, “it’s just…I was wondering…what exactly did you use to make these?”
  44. “Oh silly, I can’t just tell you that, it’s still secret!” she giggled in response as she came closer until she was standing right beside her, slinging an arm back around her neck and shoulders so that their bodies were conjoined, and Fluttershy’s cheeks blushed faintly as she felt their bosoms press together – and hers was losing. “Since we’re such close friends though,” she added, pulling herself even closer and whispering into her ear, “I’ll just tell you that I mixed in some herbs and serums I got from Zecora. I wanted to make everypony as happy as possible whenever they eat one of my cupcakes, and there was only one way that I thought would be able to do that! I was amazed Zecora actually had something that would do that, but after trying it for myself I can be sure that it works!”
  46. “You mean…so you did eat one of those cupcakes?” Fluttershy asked, feeling anxious as she started to reach the answer she had been so longing for.
  48. “Well of course I did!” Pinkie Pie replied, “Don’t you know that a good cook doesn’t serve anything to their customers they won’t eat themselves?”
  50. “So…then…does that mean…” The pegasus pursed her lips and looked away, still unable to bring herself to ask the pertinent question, as if her jaw locked itself in place as soon as the words came to her mind, but at last she could no longer bear to keep it inside, and all at once she forced it out. “Is that what made your breasts bigger?”
  52. “What, you mean you only just noticed?” she asked back, almost sarcastic, sticking out her tongue teasingly, and Fluttershy couldn’t stifle her gasp of shock when the earth pony reached to her chest and squeezed one of her own engorged breasts, the pink flesh and cloth covering it bulging and overflowing between her fingers. “I thought you were never going to ask why I had such big gazongas! Of course the cupcakes did it, silly; this isn’t the kind of thing that just happens overnight!”
  54. “But…but why?” she asked plainly.
  56. “I just told you, it was because I wanted to make everypony super duper extra special happy!” Pinkie Pie said emphatically, bouncing and increasing her volume with each adjective, “And what mare doesn’t like the idea of having a nice, big, juicy pair of boobies jiggling in her shirt while she’s dancing?”
  58. “Well…I’m not so sure if everypony would like it that way…” Fluttershy muttered, wary of the burdens that came with having a large bust and the fact that there were few ponies with as much boundless energy as Pinkie Pie; her own chest posed a none-too-small weight on her spine, she couldn’t imagine how bad it must be for the pink pony next to her.
  60. “Well what about you, Fluttershy?” she asked, looking directly into her eyes.
  62. “M-m-me?” she stuttered, her eyes widening, “W-what about m-me?”
  64. “About your boobies, of course!” She reached out and poked the side of Fluttershy’s bosom, to which she responded by squealing in alarm and reflexively covering herself both in her arms and wings, but Pinkie Pie only giggled again. “You’ve always been the bustiest pony I know, I thought you’d be the breast to give an opinion about that!”
  66. “Um…w-well…” Fluttershy held her hands over her cheeks as they started to blush redder than apples, her embarrassment reaching its peak. “I…I d-don’t really…think about my…my breasts, not very much, but…I guess…I do l-like them, the way they are…although…” She trailed away and went silent.
  68. “Although what?” Pinkie Pie asked curiously.
  70. “N-nothing!” she blurted out hurriedly, “It’s nothing!”
  72. “Come on, you can’t just leave me hanging like that!” the earth pony said, her grin broadening as she came up directly beside her, mashing her bosom against her side, “You can tell old Pinkie if you’re hiding something! It’ll be just between you and me, no one will ever have to know; you know I’m always good for my word!”
  74. “Um…well, er…it’s kind of silly,” the pegasus said, tilting her head so that her bangs covered her face again, “really silly, in fact. You don’t want me to bother you with something so silly!”
  76. “Of course I do!” Pinkie Pie insisted, laughing as she reached her arms around Fluttershy and held her in place before she could try to escape, “I love silly things most of all!”
  78. “Okay…if you say so…” Fluttershy sighed, finally admitting defeat. “I’ve just…kind of wondered…sometimes…just a little bit…” she said, her voice growing softer and softer until it was barely more than a whisper, “what it might be like…if I were…even bigger.”
  80. “Ooh, I didn’t think you’d have something like that in you, Flutters!” the pink pony said with an amused snicker, “I would have expected that more from Rarity! You’re already practically the envy of all the mares in Ponyville, if you got any bigger you’d have all the stallions in Equestria at your beck and call!”
  82. “N-n-no, it’s not l-like that!” she cried out, her blush growing so intense that nearly her whole face turned beet red, “I just…I just like…the idea of it, being so…big and…busty…” Her voice trailed away as she looked down at her chest, a narrow sliver of cleavage visible between the two creamy globes, the neckline of her dress cut to a humble length that didn’t reveal too much, and she crossed her arms over them, for once not to cover them out of embarrassment as she was so often used to do but simply to feel them, gently caressing the soft mounds.
  84. “Well it sounds to me like you’re in luck!” Pinkie Pie said, interrupting her thoughts as she put her hands firmly upon her shoulders and spun her around, “Because now’s finally the time for that fantasy of yours to become a reality!” She directed the pegasus back toward the cupcakes, their enticing aura starting to take hold of her again.
  86. “But…but I thought you said you were still experimenting with these?” Fluttershy asked, her innate passive nature causing her to hesitate despite the object of her desires being within her grasp, “Should I…really be taking one of them for myself?”
  88. “Bah, that’s not a big deal!” she scoffed back, “I just wanted to tweak the flavor some more, they still have the intended results, as you can plainly see-” She cupped her bosom in her hands again for emphasis. “-so if you want to boost your bust, I hope you’re ready to glut your gut!”
  90. “Al…alright…if you say so,” Fluttershy said as she turned back to face the tray of cupcakes placed upon the countertop, breathing rather heavily as she struggled to balance the mixture of emotions that she was feeling. There was indeed a sort of hunger welling up inside her, but it was not a craving for the nourishment of food that one feels in their stomach, a different kind of thirst longing to be sated that held its origin in the brain. While it was true that she didn’t put much thought to the state of her breasts, ever since arriving at Sugarcube Corner she had been unable to think about anything but breasts, spurred on by Pinkie Pie’s increased size; it was never something she had considered before, but she realized that she indeed had been the bustiest among their circle of friends, and suddenly having that distinction taken away from her awakened a yearning of competition deep within her.
  92. Her hand trembled at first as it reached forward, but the slender limb seemed to steady upon making contact with one of the cupcakes sitting in the tray, delicately clamping around its circumference and lifting it out. The smell became even more potent as she brought the supernatural confection closer to her face, and she was unaware of herself as she licked her lips in apprehension of its taste and, more importantly, its side effects, or of the nervous beads of sweat that were trickling over her brow. She simply stared at it for a time, her eyes scanning over its every detail, while her heartbeat pounded in her ears amidst the silence of the kitchen – Pinkie Pie was staying completely quiet for once, watching her expectantly.
  94. Oh buck it all, a voice that wasn’t entirely her own said in her head, just eat already!
  96. The pegasus’ muzzle opened up as she thrust the cupcake in toward it, barely stopping herself from trying to devour the whole thing in one bite and instead clamping her teeth over a huge chunk of it, slicing through the fluffy chocolate meat of the main body and the soft minty frosting that was spread over the top. She closed her mouth once it had been adequately filled and then began to chew, mashing up the sugary delight into mush that spread over her tongue, carrying all of its flavor in a rush of sensation, and she closed her eyes as a moan rose up from within her, stifled by the locked barrier of her lips. As soon as she had swallowed, she ferociously began to take another bite out of the cupcake, entranced by its taste and her inner longing out of knowing exactly what it would do to her, and it didn’t take long before the whole thing was gone and she was left licking the crumbs and icing from her fingers.
  98. “Wow, I didn’t think you’d be that eager, Flutters!” Pinkie Pie giggled as she stepped closer and put a hand on the yellow pony’s shoulder, “Now turn around here, I wanna be able to see them when they bloomp up, I didn’t get a good look when it happened to me!”
  100. But Fluttershy shook herself free, and instead of turning back toward the earth pony she stood in front of the cupcake tray again, looming over it with her bangs obscuring her face. With considerably more force this time, she took up another one of the delectable desserts, and she exerted less caution as she brought it to her mouth and started to messily devour her second serving, letting crumbs fall downward and bounce over the shelf of her bosom.
  102. “Uhhh…o-okay, Fluttershy, that’s good to see you like them and all,” Pinkie Pie continued, a hint of worry leaking into her voice, her face retaining a smiling expression but it was starting to look strained, “but I, um…wasn’t expecting anyone to eat more than one, Zecora said these herbs were really potent, I don’t know what could happen!”
  104. The pegasus glanced over her shoulder, and from amidst the flowing locks of her hair glared two sharp green eyes that made the earth pony freeze in place, as if caught in the eyes of a predator. “Need…bigger…boobies!” she bellowed, almost monstrous in her tone as her shy demeanor melted away completely, and she unceremoniously shoved the last of the cupcake into her maw and, before she had even finished chewing, she was already reaching for a third. Pinkie Pie was able to move again now that she was no longer caught in the paralyzing stare, but she could only desperately cry in protest as Fluttershy held out a wing as a barrier to keep her at bay while she continued her feast. Her hunger had become insatiable, so great that she could already feel in the middle of eating her third portion that it would not be enough – perhaps not even the whole arrangement of cupcakes would be enough for her.
  106. As she was finishing up that cupcake and reaching for another, however, her reverie was interrupted by a gurgling within her stomach as it started to process the food she had consumed. “Oogh…wh-…what?” she groaned under her breath, her voice returning to its normal soft volume, blinking her eyes and teetering slightly from side to side, as if she had just awoken from a long slumber, her mind momentarily clouded. She felt full, her body swollen out and pushing against the inside of the green cloth of her dress more than it had before, but that sensation of expansion was originating not from her abdomen but higher up around her thorax, and she glanced down to see what the source of this was.
  108. It didn’t take long to notice exactly what was going on, as her breasts were growing at an alarming rate, inflating like hot air balloons. They had already been so large that she could hardly hold them in her hands, but in the span of a few seconds they had already become so large that they wouldn’t even be contained in the crooks of her arms, surpassing the size of Pinkie Pie’s bosom and showing no signs of stopping. Despite her previous burning desire for exactly this outcome, she immediately became overcome by her innate timidity and shrieked in dismay (although the wail still came out barely louder than the squeak of a mouse), blushing furiously. It was a losing battle as she desperately tried to wrap her arms around the burgeoning globes, now larger than overgrown watermelons, so large that she couldn’t reach their far ends, and squeeze them back in against her chest, which only seemed to encourage their growth as the swollen flesh bulged around her limbs. Their colossal bulk pulled further and further on her spine, unable to adjust her balance quickly enough to accommodate for the shift in her center of weight, even as she extended her wings out behind her to attempt to act as a counterbalance, and it was with another yelp that she tumbled forward to the floor.
  110. Fortunately, the pegasus’ new breasts were more than large enough to serve as makeshift airbags and cushion all of the impact, even if it meant momentarily smothering herself in her own cleavage before she could start to push herself upward again. The spheres of pale yellow flesh spread out across the floor, each one of them the size of an overinflated beach ball, and they were still in contact with it even when she had extended her arms to their full reach in pushing against the hard tile surface. She couldn’t quite bring herself to try to stand just yet, so she simply leaned backward onto her rear so she could at least reach a sitting position, in which her chest sprawled down across her torso and completely covered everything beneath it, resting snugly in her lap. Unfortunately, however, this growth had been far too much for her dress to take, as she felt the garment had completely split open in the back, and the lower hem of the skirt which before now had reached past her knees was now barely even enough to keep her decently covered.
  112. “Oh…dear Celestia…” she muttered under her breath as she gently touched the swollen mammaries, their skin sensitive to contact.
  114. “Oh sweet Celestia that was amazing!” Pinkie Pie interjected, the sudden noise of which would’ve prompted Fluttershy to jump back to her hooves if she weren’t still so burdened by her newfound mass, as she stood over the pegasus, looking down upon her with the enthusiasm in her smile renewed. “I was so worried!” she exclaimed, babbling at a speed of a mile a minute, “I thought maybe you’d, like, I dunno, blow up or something! But wow, just…look at you!” She knelt down next to her, bringing their chests together again as she leaned closer, but the earth pony now appeared practically flat in comparison. “I don’t think we can just call you ‘Fluttershy’ anymore, Fluttershy!” she said excitedly, prodding one of the colossal breasts, not noticing the pegasus’ hushed protesting, “We’re going to have to call you ‘Flutter…boob…zilla’.” She paused for a moment, pursing her lips, before admitting, “It’s a work in progress.”
  116. “I…I don’t know, Pinkie,” Fluttershy replied cautiously, shifting her bosom away so it wasn’t getting poked anymore, “this is…a little…overboard…I mean…” She grunted briefly as she struggled to get up, having to heave her breasts up in her arms in order to get enough leverage and even as she stood they still hung far enough to completely obscure her torso. “It does…feel…heavenly…” she mumbled, her cheeks reddening again as she squeezed the titanic globes in her grasp, warmth radiating from within as the flesh bulged outward around her arms, “but…when it poses this much strain…I think it might be…going too far.”
  118. “Hah, you could say that,” Pinkie Pie said with a laugh, her own chest jiggling as she bounced back onto her hooves as well, “I almost thought you had gone completely bonkers there for a second!”
  120. “Pinkie, this is serious!” Fluttershy snapped, looking up from her bosom again to address with eyes affixed in a stare, although not as harsh this time, “How am I going to go around carrying these things all the time? How am I even going to get clothes to fit me like this? I had a hard enough time flying before now, how am I going to fly with so much extra…ballast!”
  122. “Oh don’t worry about that!” Pinkie Pie said unflinchingly, “It’s not permanent!”
  124. “Wh- what? Really?” she asked back, blinking as her anger deflated.
  126. “Sure! You think I’d want ponies to have boobs like these all the time?” She gestured to both of their enlarged bosoms. “Yeah it looks great and all, but it’d such a hassle to have to deal with it forever! I don’t want this to be a burden, I want being busty to be fun, so that’s why I made sure from Zecora that the effects would only last a few hours!”
  128. “Oh…wow,” Fluttershy said, her eyes wide, taken aback, “you really did put a lot of thought into this.”
  130. “At least now I know the effects of eating more than one of these cupcakes at a time, though!” the earth pony mused while she turned around, “I kinda wanna try myself now, but I need to keep enough to share!”
  132. “Share?” the pegasus repeated, “Share with who?”
  134. “Why all the rest of our friends, of course!” she replied, sticking out her tongue as she walked over to the tray with its remaining contents and picked it up, “You didn’t think I was just planning on giving these to you, did you? I bet they’re all going to want a taste of Pinkie’s Cup-Boosting Cupcakes!” She moved toward a basket that was sitting on the counter, lined with soft pink and white cloth, and placed the tray inside. She then picked it up and was starting to trot away, when all of a sudden she froze in place again, gasping as realization dawned over her face, “But wait! I can’t just go out just yet to deliver these; I need to stay here to keep baking more!” She looked around frantically until her eyes fell upon Fluttershy again, and she gave another smile that made the pegasus cringe.
  136. “Fluttershy!” Pinkie Pie said as she bounded up to her again, but despite her eager grin her voice sounded sincere in its pleading, “I’m so sorry to ask you for this, but could you go and deliver these for me?”
  138. “M-m-me?” she stuttered, self-consciously covering herself in her wings again, although now they had a significantly harder time hiding her chest.
  140. “Sure! You can be like the poster girl for my product!” the earth pony said, growing more and more engrossed in her scheme, “Everypony will see you walking by and wonder, ‘Wow, how’d she get such big boobies?’ And they’ll just have to come to me to find out! We could even paint an advertisement over your chest so you can be a walking billboard!”
  142. “I…think I’ll just take the cupcakes to our friends and get it over with,” Fluttershy said firmly, taking the basket from her (having to turn to the side in order to reach as her chest prevented her from reaching anything directly in front of herself), and then turned around to leave.
  144. “Alrighty then, just be careful not to get them lost in your cleavage or anything!” Pinkie Pie said to her retreating back with continued hearty laughter, “Be sure to enjoy your new breasts while they last!”
  146. The pegasus sighed as she left the kitchen, the sides of her bosom brushing against the opening of the door as she passed through, one hand holding the basket beside her while the other arm wrapped underneath the swollen globes and attempted to keep them held up just enough to mitigate some of the burden. “I just hope I don’t thoroughly embarrass myself before I get back home so I can properly enjoy myself without worry…” she mumbled to herself, gently squeezing a handful of flesh on the underside of one massive mammary for a moment, “I guess I’ll go to Rarity’s first, she’s nearby…maybe she can get me something to wear.”
  148. Fluttershy continued to make her way out of Sugarcube Corner, passing back into the main room at the front of the store, when suddenly she remembered something. “Oh goodness, I completely forgot to get Angel’s cake! He’ll be so disappointed if I come home empty-handed!” she cried aloud, though still softly enough that Pinkie Pie wouldn’t have been able to hear her in the kitchen. She started to turn back around, but she paused when the swinging motion caused her enormous assets to flail and wobble about profusely, bouncing against her stomach as they settled, and she placed her hand atop the heaving spheres again, feeling their weight pulling down and the force they must carry.
  150. “Hmm…he may not be pleased,” she thought to herself, a faint smile forming across her lips, “but I think I have another way to pacify him.”
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