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Mar 16th, 2020
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  1. Welcome to Come have a Good Time! while it is a server where you come to have fun, we still have rules. So please read them and don't break them.
  2. This is your one and only warning. Breaking these rules can result in a warning, kick, or ban from the server
  4. 1. Teamkilling is allowed to an extent
  5. It is considered teamkilling if:
  6. -You kill them directly. (Gun, Grenade, Ect)
  7. -You team to get your teammates killed.
  8. -You Teamkill someone else after being teamkilled.
  9. It is not considered teamkilling if:
  10. -Person requested you to kill them.
  11. -D-Class can kill anyone they want, but it's recommended to not kill chaos.
  12. -If you kill the person that is teamkilling.
  14. 2. No Cross-Teaming
  15. Exceptions
  16. -MTF or Guards can detain D-Class.
  17. -Chaos can detain scientists.
  18. -D-Class & Scientist can team so that either one can be turned into chaos or MTF.
  19. -D-Class/Chaos can team with SCP's as long as its not stalling.
  21. 3. No disrespecting staff or other players
  23. 4. No IRL threats toward players or the server
  25. 5. Offensive language is strictly prohibited, such as homophobia, sexism, and racism.
  27. 7. Don't spam intercom over and over again
  29. 8. Don't be annoying with loud music, soundboards or anything of the sort
  31. 9. Listen to staff.
  33. 10. No requesting roles, items or respawn.
  35. 11. Staff imitation is not allowed.
  37. 12. No hacking
  39. 13. No advertising
  41. 14. Unless you aren't banned, use of alt accounts is strictly prohibited.
  42. That's all, we hope you have a "Good time" on our server! (get it? yeah... I'll shut up now) And remember to join out discord! You can also see the punishments for the rules there. Have fun!
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