Sunday Night Chatroom 2015/05/31 Minutes

MegaBossMan May 31st, 2015 240 Never
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  1. Robot Limits:
  2. (18:14:32) AdrianMarceau: The current robot "limit" is supposed to be a suggestion, not a restriction. I'm trying to fix that before the end of the weekend but it's taking a while.
  3. (18:18:07) TheDoc: PBs will remain the same, though, correct?
  4. (18:17:23) TheDoc: Will there be a penalty for selected more robots than the suggested amount?
  5. (18:17:29) AdrianMarceau: Yes
  6. (18:19:50) MegaBossMan: Yes, I'd imagine the limit was rather difficult to work with in the grinding aspect of battles.
  7. (18:19:58) AdrianMarceau: As it stands, each robot you take UNDER the limit grants +10% and each robot you take OVER the limit gives -10% battle points.
  8. (18:20:12) TailsMK4: Even though Trill was much better for grinding anyway...
  9. (18:20:29) AdrianMarceau: I want you to have the option to take more if you're not BP grinding (but rather stat grinding) or bringing less to boost your BP yield while making the battle harder.
  10. (18:20:52) AdrianMarceau: And having SOME reason to not-bring-eight every time is important to me.
  11. (18:20:59) AdrianMarceau: Other than the EXP
  12. (18:21:35) TheDoc: But what about in PBs? Will their be a restricted amount of robots there? I may have missed your answer.
  13. (18:21:47) TailsMK4: There really shouldn't.
  14. (18:21:52) AdrianMarceau: Yes, you could.
  15. (18:22:01) MegaBossMan: I believe it'll work the same way as before? The 2v2, the 4v4, the 8v8?
  16. (18:22:09) TailsMK4: Oh, in that sense, yeah.
  17. (18:22:16) AdrianMarceau: @TheDoc, I haven't programmed it yet, but I think it should work the same was as other battles now.
  18. (18:22:20) TheDoc: Okay, just making sure
  19. (18:23:16) AdrianMarceau: What's your opinion on that? Should you be able to select more-than for PBs just like any other battle, given that you'll face the same penalties if you do?
  20. (18:23:33) MegaBossMan: Nono, I like the 2v2 restrictions.
  21. (18:23:46) TheDoc: No. We need to take into consideration that people may care for their W/L ratio and make it as fair as we can
  23. The Future of Player Battles:
  24. (18:24:13) AdrianMarceau: I don't really like how this W/L ratio has affected the game, honestly.
  25. (18:24:27) AdrianMarceau: Or the entire player battle system as it is.
  26. (18:24:32) TailsMK4: ^
  27. (18:24:36) MegaBossMan: Yes, maybe a bit too much of a deciding factor as it is.
  28. (18:24:41) AdrianMarceau: I like that you can fight other player's data, but I don't like that it's so tied to their account when they have no control over it.
  29. (18:25:55) AdrianMarceau: I plan to eventually replace player battles with custom missions.
  30. (18:26:37) AdrianMarceau: So instead of a random 6 ghost data missions, you can pick and choose which custom missions appear in your game and they don't count toward any W/L ratio. They're just there for fun.
  31. (18:27:21) AdrianMarceau: But for now don't worry too much about the BP ratios in the preview. Too many variables are unfinished and calculations half-complete.
  32. (18:28:12) TailsMK4: I'd love to experiment with the idea of custom missions. Maybe setting rewards for others to try to finish your missions, little things like that…
  33. (18:28:42) TailsMK4: Maybe selecting your own music from the ones used in the game.
  34. (18:27:21) AdrianMarceau: But for now don't worry too much about the BP ratios in the preview. Too many variables are unfinished and calculations half-complete.
  35. (18:27:39) AdrianMarceau: You know how you can scan QR codes for secret bases in Pokemon?
  36. (18:28:44) AdrianMarceau: I'd like to replicate a system like that, but instead of QR codes there would be some other way to insert up to 6 player battles of your choice into your game. The player battles would be generated and customized by the player themselves so you guys can select which robots appear in the battle and which order and which field/rewards/etc.
  37. (18:29:06) AdrianMarceau: And whether or not the downloader wins is none of your concern.
  39. The Battle Point Comet:
  40. (18:29:58) TailsMK4: Whatever solution we do use, though, I'd like the BP to not be so inflated. I mean, sure, allow more BP for finishing these new missions, but nothing like billions of BP...
  41. (18:30:15) MegaBossMan: Yeah, the jump from BP from this Update from the last...It's insane.
  42. (18:30:25) AdrianMarceau: Oh, that's another thing. I am going to implement a very controversial system at some point involving BP.
  43. (18:31:07) AdrianMarceau: The impending robot limits will certainly curb BP overkill, but there's something else.
  44. (18:32:02) AdrianMarceau: I am going to program an automatically reoccurring in-game event that affects every single game file whether they like it or not.
  45. (18:33:44) AdrianMarceau: Once a year, on a specific date, a comet passes through the atmosphere and slightly scrambles the circuits of the prototype.
  46. (18:36:12) AdrianMarceau: In addition to other events that will happen around the time, things kick off with a very unfortunate event... Every single player has their BP reduced permanently by 1%. Every single one. Leaderboard positions will naturally be maintained by this even across-the-board reduction... but it will also give a small window where lower players can play catch-up with the higher players.
  47. (18:37:01) AdrianMarceau: What this means is that, over the years, players who haven't player in a very long time will eventually reach 1 BP and fall to the bottom of the list, while active players who continue raking in BP with the new updates will stay relevant and high on the leaderboards.
  48. (18:38:42) AdrianMarceau: The would also prevent the problems we faced in the past where high ranking players of legacy versions had BP totals that were nigh-impossible to pass even though their time with the game was far easier to than future players.
  49. (18:42:47) ThatGuyNamedMike: 5% doesn't sound so bad, now that I think about it.
  52. The Dark Frags
  53. (18:46:20) AdrianMarceau: I'm anxious to finish the other neutral abilities that will make them more fun, but they do pose a problem in terms of slowing the game down.
  54. (18:47:45) AdrianMarceau: I'm wondering if maybe the RMs shouldn't be immune to everything like the frags are?
  55. (18:48:06) ThatGuyNamedMike: There's ways to favor types over others in a battle without overcomplicating it like that.
  56. (18:48:15) MegaBossMan: Perhaps resistant, but taking out all the spires don't really change a thing for the battle.
  57. (18:50:04) ThatGuyNamedMike: You could, for instance, stop listing 1 or 2 types under each of the Resistance, Immunity and Affinity stats for bosses, for example.
  58. (18:50:12) ThatGuyNamedMike: Try 4 or 5, each.
  59. (18:52:38) ThatGuyNamedMike: well, hold on, I'm the guy here testing Easy Mode, so, tell me something: What EXACTLY are the differences between normal bots, Delta Bots and Sigma Bots?
  60. (18:54:27) AdrianMarceau: Delta bots have their stats boosted by a factor of ~300, Sigma bots have their stats boosted by a factor of ~600. Sigma bots also have access to the Dark Boost/Break/Drain abilities.
  61. (18:54:54) AdrianMarceau: Oh, right, and Delta bots benefit from the (relatively minor) +10 or +20 starforce boost.
  62. (18:55:24) MegaBossMan: Speaking of the Dark moves....They need to be nerfed :/
  63. (18:56:14) MegaBossMan: My maxed-out Mega Man was all 0s by the time I got to Cut Man.
  64. (18:56:55) AdrianMarceau: @MBM Maybe I'll reduce the percentages a bit.
  65. (18:57:08) AdrianMarceau: I wanted them to be challenging, but maybe it's too much.
  66. (19:04:18) MegaBossMan: SOME sort of flaw to capitalize on, at least.
  67. (19:02:52) AdrianMarceau: What if Sigma robots were only weak to their own element - empty? Of course, we'd need to consider how someone would gain access to an empty type ability or item, but what about the actual idea?
  68. (19:03:14) MegaBossMan: Like with....Cores or something of the like?
  69. (19:04:14) AdrianMarceau: Perhaps. Maybe dark robots always drop Empty Frags/Cores which are the only way someone can deal super-effective damage to other dark robots?
  70. (19:06:26) AdrianMarceau: So then Dark Frags/Spires would be immune to all elements except neutral and take SE damage from their own if you someone gain access to that element.
  71. (19:07:08) AdrianMarceau: And the only access you'd have to that would be throwing collected Empty Cores…
  72. (19:07:51) AdrianMarceau: Well, it's not a finalized idea, just something to think about.
  73. (19:08:24) ThatGuyNamedMike: Sounds overcomplicated, if I'm entirely honest.
  74. (19:10:49) AdrianMarceau: Yeah, Mike may be kind of right. While neutral represents the absence of an element, empty is supposed to represent a void... an anti-type if you will. If elements are +1, neutral is 0, and empty is -1.
  76. Player Battles….Again
  77. (19:13:04) AdrianMarceau: I think starforce is totally fine now.
  78. (19:13:27) AdrianMarceau: The only "problem" people have presented is that you're now EVEN in player battles instead of having the advantage.
  79. (19:14:00) MegaBossMan: Really, the only problem with PBs is the ginormous Health stat in some cases.
  80. (19:14:38) MegaBossMan: These battles aren't DESIGNED to breeze through, they're tough.
  81. (19:15:06) MegaBossMan: Stats are definitely king in this new situation.
  82. (19:16:24) ThatGuyNamedMike: Also, Star Force is NOT fixed. It shouldn't take anyone 20 Turns to beat me when they have max stats on about 1/2 their bots.
  83. (19:16:56) ThatGuyNamedMike: I don't have as stat in my army breaking 3,500.
  84. (19:17:29) AdrianMarceau: If you have the same amount of SF as your opponent, then it's like starforce doesn't exist at all. So if it takes you 20 turns when you both have equal starforce... then something else is the problem.
  85. (19:16:45) MegaBossMan: The problem with PBs now though....You're dealing 50 damage on average, when your opponent could have 5950 health.
  86. (19:16:57) MegaBossMan: 50 damage on a 595 robot is fine, but....
  87. (19:18:24) ThatGuyNamedMike: It's because we suck at doing damage. Defense is boosted beyond belief.
  88. (19:22:06) ThatGuyNamedMike: 5,950 health is a BAD thing? nononononono. Doing 4 damage per turn is the bad thing, here.
  89. (19:18:52) ThatGuyNamedMike: All the 'canceling each other out' business isn't working.
  90. (19:19:52) ThatGuyNamedMike: I can only imagine how little damage we'd be doing when 576 MM5 stars pop in.
  91. (19:21:58) AdrianMarceau: I'm sorry Mike, you're wrong here. The defense boost isn't the problem.
  92. (19:22:35) MegaBossMan: I don't know what cases you're pulling 4 damage from, but that certainly wasn't my output.
  93. (19:23:16) AdrianMarceau: Let's say you and your opponent each have exactly one flame star.
  94. (19:23:30) AdrianMarceau: You're both using Mega Man with 100/100/100/100 stats.
  95. (19:23:35) MegaBossMan: Unless your Attack Stat is superior.
  96. (19:23:56) AdrianMarceau: You use a flame ability against him that does 10 damage.
  97. (19:24:05) ThatGuyNamedMike: 100 to 90.
  98. (19:24:22) MegaBossMan: That's already 10% though, and that's a fine amount for what a PB should be.
  99. (19:24:55) AdrianMarceau: Your attack stat is boosted by +10 (thanks to your flame star) and your opponent's defense is boosted by +10 (thanks to their flame star). That means 110 Attack vs 110 Defense.
  100. (19:25:17) AdrianMarceau: So the ability's damage is neither boosted nor broken by the presence of starforce.
  101. (19:25:34) ThatGuyNamedMike: You're saying that 110 attack is the same as 100 Attack?
  102. (19:26:48) AdrianMarceau: 100 Attack vs 100 Defense IS EQUAL TO 110 Attack vs 110 Defense
  103. (19:27:13) AdrianMarceau: The actual values are much less important than the difference between them
  104. (19:27:37) AdrianMarceau: If your attack is higher than their defense, you deal more. If your attack is less, you deal less.
  105. (19:28:15) AdrianMarceau: [1 Attack vs 1 Defense] is the same [2 Attack vs 2 Defense] is the same as [9999 Attack vs 9999 Defense]
  107. inserttitlehere:
  108. (19:40:11) ThatGuyNamedMike: Anyway, firstly, is it me, or does EVERYONE only get to view 10 posts a page in the Community?
  109. (19:40:31) TheDoc: Depends on the size of the post
  110. (19:41:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: Ahhh, but, your RP threads have been glitching up, lately, from what I've seen, due to there being 45+ pages of posts.
  111. (19:41:36) MegaBossMan: I think that's mostly just....A lot of posts....
  112. (19:41:48) MegaBossMan: Although, we don't want this happening in Development.
  113. (19:42:06) ThatGuyNamedMike: Sooooooooo, increase the number of posts per page. If I'm honest, I'd shoot for 50, but, 20, 25, 30 or 40 would also suffice.
  114. (19:42:16) MegaBossMan: Like some sort of option?
  115. (19:42:32) ThatGuyNamedMike: option? you want pages to glitch up some more?
  116. (19:42:40) MegaBossMan: See, I'd agree with you, but not being 10 posts per page....Is really un-forum like.
  117. (19:43:46) ThatGuyNamedMike: Most forums don't glitch up at 45 pages, either.
  118. (19:44:11) TheDoc: Well that can be fixed by adding a "..." in between the first and last 4 page numbers
  119. (19:44:21) ThatGuyNamedMike: What would be wrong with 20 posts per pages?
  120. (19:44:44) MegaBossMan: 20 incredibly-long posts have been done before, and it's....Ugly.
  121. (19:45:04) TheDoc: Given the average size of posts in this community, I think 20 would be too much
  122. (19:45:10) TheDoc: ESPECIALLY in the RP section
  124. Page Numbers on the Bottom:
  125. (19:47:00) ThatGuyNamedMike: Speaking of Pages, this has been done to death, but, #2, it needs a repeat: Put page navigations ont he bottoms of pages, as well? Please?
  126. (19:47:38) MegaBossMan: Page navigations on the bottom of the page is reasonable.
  127. (19:47:54) TheDoc: Agreed
  129. The Preview Database:
  130. (19:51:33) ThatGuyNamedMike: Finally, this one concerns our good friend, the Preview site Database.
  131. (19:54:15) ThatGuyNamedMike: There's MANY more on the PREVIEW database, and that's why it's so slow, now. So, I propose a massive condensing of the front Database page, where there's simply category names, visual sprites as a preview, and a description bout said category. Click said category wil THEN show you all sprites in it.
  132. (19:55:24) TheDoc: For me, the Preview database loads up fine.
  133. (19:55:31) MegaBossMan: Same here, even on mobile.
  134. (19:55:37) TailsMK4: It's scrolling that's slow.
  135. (19:55:41) ThatGuyNamedMike: ^
  136. (19:56:01) ThatGuyNamedMike: I never said that it doesn't show up, it just scrolls extremely slowly and freeze up my comp.
  137. (19:56:14) ThatOneEnderMan: I can scroll just fine on the Preview database.
  138. (19:56:17) TheDoc: Scrolling's fine for me, too...At the least it doesn't freeze
  139. (19:56:35) TailsMK4: The scrolling doesn't slow down at all for you guys?
  140. (19:56:41) ThatOneEnderMan: And I have no Freezing issues ether.
  141. (19:56:46) MegaBossMan: No, not at all.
  142. (19:57:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: My comp can load the current database no problem.
  143. (19:57:29) TailsMK4: My computer is still fairly new.
  144. (19:57:48) MegaBossMan: I think that's just the programs used to sort the new database.
  147. Thanks for reading :)
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