More or Less - 24

Jul 16th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

넘치거나 부족하거나 ----- Publisher Link


{Inner talk / Thought}


Scene Change / Flashback


English Hangul Pronunciation
Miss / Mr. / Mrs. ssi
Madam / Lady / Sir nim
Boy's Elder Brother hyeong
Boy's Elder Sister 누나 nuna
Girl's Elder Brother 오빠 oppa
Girl's Elder Sister 언니 eonni
Younger Brother / Sister 동생 dongsaeng

General Company:

English Hangul Pronunciation
chairman 회장 hoejang
president 사장 sajang
executive director 전무 jeonmu
director 이사 isa
managing [an executive] director 상무 sangmu
general manager 부장 bujang
chief [head] of a section 과장 gwajang
deputy (general) manager 차장 chajang
chief 계장 gyejang
team leader 팀장 timjang
assistant manager 대리 daeri
employee 사원 sawon

(Source ----- Life in Korea)

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Job Relationship
Yu Hanjoon (MC) PR Director Single
Yeon Ahjin (FMC) PR Assistant Manager Single
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative Single
Chung Min-Hyung (Glasses) PR Deputy Married
Choi Ha-Eun (SH) [N/A] [N/A]
Kang Dae Young (Orange) PR employee Single

Chapter - 24

Fun Facts: The Korean Ministry of Gender Equality announced that 260,000 women; 1 of 25 of young Korean women may be engaged in the sex industry, however the Korea Women's Development Institute suggested that from 514,000 to 1.2 million Korean women participate in the prostitution industry.. So now I understand why these fucking authors love having their FMC being prostitutes..
Little reminder, South Korea Population ~51.47 million (2017)

Room Bang

After having a dinner with the whole management team of the sales department, MC followed them inside a Room Salon / Room Bang (Alcohol + Hostess). There is a lot of noise in the room, on the table there are many empty bottles..

Hostess A: Oh, Oppa ~ Don't do this.

Manager A's "forcing" hostess A to sit on his lap.

Manager A: Oh~oh, look we're like a seahorse.

Hostess B is laughing holding Manager A arm.

Hostess B: It seems really comfortable ~

Manager A: Well, I wonder if she's alright ~

He gropes her breasts and fondles them while making her rubbing her ass against his crotch.

Hostess A: Aaah ~ Kyah!

MC looks at them silently and stands up wanting to leave the room, Hostess C looks at him and tries to hold his arm.

Hostess C: Oppa, where are you going?

Manager A: ..ooh, Yu-Bujang where are you going?

MC leaves the room without stopping.

MC: ..I'm going to the bathroom.

FB holds a cigarette in his hand and notices MC leaving the room, Hostess D wants to light it with her lighter.

FB: Oh, it's all right.

He stops her hand before she lights his cigarette.

FB: I need to get some fresh air.


Back alley near the Room Bang

MC is alone sighing thinking about what's happening inside the private room, he lays his back against the wall and takes out his phone.

MC: {Aah.. I need comfort..}

He looks at his phone.

MC: {Ahjin-ssi..}

Recent More details
Hwang Jun Youg-Bujang Cellphone, 24 minutes ago.
Ahjin-Ssi Cellphone, 2 hours ago, 5 missed calls.
Mother Cellphone, Yesterday.
Chung Min-Hyung-Daeri Cellphone, Yesterday.
Ahjin-Ssi Office Mobile, 3 days ago.

FB:'re such a fool.

MC is surprised that FB appeared in front of him out of nowhere. FB looks at MC while smiling.

MC: ...

FB lays against a wall too, next to MC, he takes out his cigarette pack and takes one of them.

FB: Would you like one?

MC puts his cell phone in his jacket not wanting to show him what he was doing.

MC: I won't.

FB: I know, but some people smoke when they drink.

He light his cigarette.

FB: about Ahjin.

He takes a puff of cigarette before continuing what she was about to ask.

FB: Ahjin and you, I heard you're seeing her, is it true?

FMC's Bedroom

She looks anxiously at her phone wondering what is happening between MC and FB.

FMC: {..they are drinking together. Although I already told him to keep his mouth shut, still..}

FMC thinks about the conversation she had with FB 2 - 3 chap ago.

FMC: {Han Jae-Won reaction.. It was weird..}

She lays down on the bed silently thinking about it.

FMC: {Maybe it's like a 'Gereuk / Chicken Ribs'.}
(TN: "계륵" is called "Chicken Ribs" / "Gereuk", it's interpreted in Korean as something of not a big use or profit, it can also represent a bad situation or something to throw away.)

FMC: {It's really a waste of time..}

She gets angry and fights with her bed.

FMC: {Aah, you crazy bastard!}

She puts her hands in front of her eyes, she blushes think about MC.

FMC: {I am anxious about this.. I miss you..}

Back alley

MC looks pissed and FB is still smoking with his back laying against the wall.

FB: I heard about it through Ahjin.

MC: That's right, we're seeing each other.

FB: ..good.

He makes a pause here and smirks before continuing his sentence.

FB: She's a really nice girl, and she has a really nice body for an used one.
Sometimes, it was hard to handle it, even for me.

He keeps smiling taking a glance at MC to see if he managed to enrage him, MC looks straight at him.

MC: Stop playing game with me and say it clearly, what do you mean by that?

FB throws his cigarette on the ground.

FB: Well, you're going to know about that in a few minutes.

MC clenches his fists really pissed about FB.

MC: ..Han Jae-Won-ssi. What you're saying is very inappropriate, do you know that?

FB looks at him unfazed.

MC: To me and toward Ahjin-ssi.
I'll tell you, I don't care about what you want to say or your story with her.

He looks straight at him spitting fact at his face.

MC: Anyways, I'm the one who's dating with Ahjin-ssi.

He begins to leave the back alley.

MC: By the way If you're not sure about what to do, just leave us and do your job.
It's not the place for an assistant manager to brag in front of me, so leave and enjoy the party with your department.

MC leaves, FB throws him a dissatisfied look, then FB's cellphone begins to ring, he takes it from his pocket and looks at the caller name / number and smirks.

FB: I don't want to get involved, either. She's really a troublesome woman to take care of. (Too demanding in a sexual way)

MC stops hearing what FB just said, he turns around and looks at him.

FB: But what should I do..

FB shows him his cellphone, on the screen FMC's name appears in the caller info.

FB: If she keeps calling me first.

FMC's Bedroom

FMC is waling in circle in her room with her mobile close to her hear waiting for FB pick up the phone.

FMC: Hey! What do you think you're..

FB Uh, stay with me.

FMC seems surprised about something.

Back alley

FB: You called me at the right time, I was just talking about you.

He's happy because she called him.

FB: Do you want me to come to your place?

FMC's Bedroom

She's confused about what FB is saying and her whole body starts to shake.

She hears some loud noises through her cellphone and wonders what's happening to him.

Back alley

FB's cellphone is on the floor, the screen is shattered. MC grabs FB by the collar of his shirt and slams him against the wall.

MC: dirty fucker!

To be continued.. <3.

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