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  1. I’m glad I got into AGDQ with the DMC3/4 donation war. Meeting/beating up Cyberdemon will be fun and I get to see and meet speedfriends. Anyways speedplans (I want to focus on stuff I already know how to do instead of learning new stuff):
  3. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition – DMC3 needs to be my highest priority right now. My time is still pretty trash compared to Glaedr’s and there’s a good chance it’ll win the bid war
  5. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition – DMC4:SE is on the backburner but I’m pretty confident I can derust this in a week and get a time way below estimate. Gonna have to go back to Nero/Dante sometime in the near future
  7. JumpJet Rex – If I have time I’ll get back into this for AGDQ but considering that it’s only waitlisted that might not happen
  9. System Shock – I want to beat my SDA run by 4 minutes. Enhanced Edition added a bunch of new stuff to speed up the game and the run is much more fluid now. Doing the run for Shots Fired I was reminded how much I like this game and like running it so expect a lot of this for 2016. Also there’s a remake coming eventually so I want to get in on the ground floor for that
  11. Doshin the Giant – I want to get a 1:10 up on SDA. I’m looking for a cheap PAL GameCube to do runs on
  13. Sonic Unleashed/Sonic Generations – I miss running these a whole lot. I was very good at Generations and it seems to be a waste to let that go just because I got salty at a few ILs. Unleashed was incredible and I want to invest more time into that game
  15. Gimmick! – I want to get back to this. It’s very hard but I enjoyed every second of learning and running this outside of getting frustrated at how hard it was to complete Best Ending runs
  17. Bomberman Hero – I never got the time I wanted but I’m not sure it’s worth still going for when the run is just risky yolo strats now. I’ll keep teaching the game to people who want to learn it and hopefully interest in the game revives fairly soon so I can do races because I do miss this game
  19. CV:LoD – I don’t like this game enough to invest in a PAL N64 and cart. I’m just gonna stand back and watch the crew break it even more
  21. Dark Void Zero – Got my goal time. Can’t get it much lower and it’s not a safe run for marathons so there’s little reason to keep up with it
  23. No More Heroes – I want to get a run on SDA. It’s not going to be a main focus but I do like playing it
  26. My health: I went to a specialist recently, and there’s a chance most of my health issues are being caused by Young-Onset Parkinson's Disease. I’m definitely worried about this because I do have a high genetic risk for it and a lot of my symptoms fit the criteria. I’m going in for more tests sometime later and hopefully this gets ruled out. The other option he brought up was a hormone imbalance so I’ll be just like my hero Narcissa if that turns out to be the case. Carpe diem!
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