LoL Riot Points Hack - Riot Points generator Update 2013

games0020 Aug 9th, 2013 314 Never
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  1. Download Link Here
  4. Red Widow hack includes:
  5. -All champions
  6. -IP Hack
  7. -RP HACK
  9. Instructions:
  10. 1. Download Link Here
  11. 2. Using your anti-virus scan those files.
  12. 3. Drag authred.dll and drop on lol.launcher.exe in \*\Riot Games\League of Legends.
  13. 4. Game will start, login (if you are afraid of being hacked use noob acc or change password).
  14. 5. Run cheat.
  15. 6. Go to the store-Purchase RP-Paypal-click on amount you want.
  16. 7. In the cheat menu choose amount like in paypal.
  17. 8. Click generate.
  18. 9. Profit !!!
  20. Download Link Here
  23. As you can see in video this is brand new hack - Dreampatch time. So it's 15.07.2013 Hack is working perfectly, but if you add too much points like 100000 riot can see that's something is wrong. Hack is working only with those values that i added in cheat. Higher values caused crashes.
  24. Have fun using this hack!!
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