#PassionCraft Rules/FAQ

Nov 19th, 2016
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  1. Rules/FAQ for #PassionCraft:
  3. Who can play?
  5. In the main league:
  7. GMs and Ex-GMs cannot play (for technicalities see #rules or the bottom of this).
  8. Make sure to sign up with your battletag and not just any name. Your battletag can be found by opening your friendslist and copying NAME#1337 from the top of your friendslist or by clicking on your name in the battlenet launcher.
  11. Vetoing:
  13. Upper player starts, ABAB ABC (bo3) or AB ABABC (bo5)
  15. Race-Switching:
  17. Players may switch races between matchups, but not during one series.
  19. How does the #PassionCraft system work?
  21. There is the regular season that goes for multiple weeks until the playoffs.
  22. NOTE: The system of #PassionCraft changes every season to adjust to player wishes. Make sure to check the #important_news feed on discord, as it is the most up-to date and reliable source of information. All changes to rules will be there.
  23. If you are in doubt, contact the admins either ingame or on discord.
  25. How can I contact my opponents?
  27. -Join the discord server:
  29. -Join the battlenet group: battlenet://starcraft/group/2/358342
  31. -Join the ingame chat: /join PassionCraft
  33. How long is the walkover time?
  35. Default walkover time is 15 min. Different rules apply for Playoffs/Finals.
  38. In general, the rules of common sense apply and joining the discord server as well as watching the explanation video are highly recommended.
  40. From June 2017 onwards, these rules apply in regard to players forfeiting:
  42. 1. Players that forfeit during the PLAYOFF stage must at least inform an admin about their absense on the day before the latest. If they fail to do this, they will not be allowed to participate in the next season.
  43. 2. Forfeit one, forfeit all: If a player forfeits a match at any stage (except playoffs), all matches which they have previously played will be forfeited as well. This applies mainly to group stages, but also to SE/DE
  44. -> If the bracket allows for it (in SE/DE), then the last player beaten by the forfeited player can move on instead of them, provided it is possible and doesn't disrupt any other matches.
  45. 3. Players that have forfeited any match throughout the tournament will not be allowed into any relegation/promotion tournaments for that season/tournament.
  46. 4. a) Players are expected to be on time. A 20 minute tolerance is granted for all regular matches and the weekly. This can be extended to 30 minutes only if the player tells their opponent AND an admin that he will be late at least an hour in advance.
  47. 4. b) For the playoffs, players are expected to be there for their matches 30 minutes beforehand to prevent downtimes on stream. Thus there will be no tolerance for being late; Players turning up within 10 minutes after their match time will start the series down a map, after 10 minutes the player will forfeit the entire series.
  48. 5. If you forfeit at any stage, you forfeit all prizes you otherwise would have gained for that tournament - These involve seeds, OSC points, money prizes or others.
  50. Technicalities and nit-picky considerations:
  52. 1. Players cannot play if they
  53. a) Have a career finish in GM on EU or KR (in any expansion) since LotV release.
  54. i) or show signs of disguising their mmr, such as fake losses or leaving league
  55. b) Exceeded 5650 MMR on any server, or exceeded 5500 MMR on korea at ANY point since mmr introduction.
  56. Noteable exception: Players that were eligible at the start of the #PassionCraft season, but exceed the skill-restrictions DURING the season can finish that season and will not be disqualified mid-season.
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