White Victims of Black Crime - 1689 - Robert Arthur “Bob” Knox

Sep 16th, 2021
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  1. 1689
  2. ----------------
  4. May 24, 2008
  6. Location: London,England,UK
  8. Victim(s): Robert Arthur “Bob” Knox 18
  10. Attacker(s): Karl Norman Bishop
  12. Description: Bishop, who had a previous conviction for a knife attack on two men, and was under police investigation for robbery, got into an argument outside a bar. He then left the scene and returned with two knives and began to attack Robert’s younger brother. When Robert and his friends attempted to disarm Bishop, they were attacked as well. Robert was stabbed five times and died from internal bleeding. Four others were stabbed as well, with one person suffering permanent spinal damage from being stabbed in the neck.
  14. Link(s):
  15. A description of the crime.
  16. Story on the sentencing. Bishop was given life with parole possible after 20 years.
  17. Another story on Bishop’s sentencing.
  19. A foundation setup in Robert’s honor.
  20. Robert’s wikipedia entry.
  21. Robert’s find a grave memorial.
  22. ----------------
  24. Note:I’ve been unable to get enough info on the other victims to determine if they’re white or not, so they’ve been left off the victim’s list for now.
  26. Interview with Robert’s father in 2019.
  27. Story with comments form Bishop’s father saying he “needs help”.
  28. Additional story on Bishop’s sentencing. Bishop claims that he was attacked because he was black.
  29. A write-up of the crime.
  31. Knox surname info
  32. Knox surname info house of names.
  33. Knox surname info surname database.
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