Gallywix Script

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  1. #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 8
  3. Numpad4::
  4. Loop
  5. {
  6. random, delay1, 60000,90000 ; this is the delay interval in milliseconds. You can change these numbers to get different spamrates ingame.
  7. ControlSend,, 8, ahk_pid 17676 ; the numbers after ahk_pid need to be substituted for your Wow.exe PID's. To see them, open Task Manager, go to Details and look at the PID for your advertising wow.exe. You can add as many lines/clients as you want. This must be changed every time you restart a WoW advertising client.
  8. ControlSend,, 8, ahk_pid 1732
  9. ControlSend,, 8, ahk_pid 3096
  10. ControlSend,, 8, ahk_pid 8028
  11. Sleep, %delay1%
  12. }
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