White Victims of Black Crime - 1663 - Rowan Sweeney

Oct 3rd, 2020 (edited)
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  1. 1663
  2. ----------------
  4. September 21, 2020
  6. Location: Struthers,OH
  8. Victim(s): Rowan Brandon Sweeney 4,Alexis Schneider 22 (survived)
  10. Attacker(s): Kimonie Bryant,Brandon Crump Jr. 17,LaShawn Scott
  12. Description: Bryant burst into a home in Struthers,OH and began yelling at the people inside, before opening fire, striking multiple people, including Rowan, who died in his mother Alexis’ arms.
  14. Note:There are other victims, but I’m still trying to obtain their information/pictures. If it turns out that any of the other victims are white, then the case will be updated to reflect this.
  16. Names of the other victims:
  17. Andre Stephon McCoy 20
  18. Yarnell Green Jr. 30
  19. Cassandra Marsicola 20
  21. Link(s):
  22. Story on the crime.
  23. Bryant surrenders to authorities.
  24. Crump, now 18, will not face the death penalty.
  25. Report on the crime.
  26. Report on the neighborhood reaction.
  28. Press conference with Rowan’s father.
  29. Report on memorials in the community.
  30. Rowan’s obituary.
  31. Rowan’s find a grave memorial.
  32. ----------------
  34. There’s some confusion with this case, as Andre Stephon McCoy (also identified as Andre Stephen McCoy), is also listed as a suspect in the case even though he’s listed as a victim. I’m unable to locate a picture of Mr. McCoy, nor understand what his role in the crime was. The case will be updated when more information becomes available, likely when the cases go to trial hopefully in the near future.
  36. Another story on the crime.
  37. Another story on Bryant’s surrender.
  38. A story about memorials for Rowan.
  39. Bryant is held without bond.
  40. Bryant’s trial is delayed again.
  41. Bond set for Scott (Bryant’s mother).
  42. Rowan is remembered 1 year later.
  43. Judge urges attorneys to speed up discovery in the case.
  45. Interview with police.
  47. Sweeney surname info
  48. Sweeney surname wikipedia entry.
  49. Sweeney surname info house of names.
  50. Sweeney surname info surname database.
  52. Rowan’s grandfather’s surname was Purnell.
  53. Purnell surname info
  54. Purnell surname info house of names.
  55. Purnell surname info surname database.
  57. Rowan’s great-grandparents’ surname was Tyszyk.
  58. Tyszyk entry. Polish.
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