The Eternal War, Session 11

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  1. Session Start: Fri Jul 13 22:54:59 2012
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  17. 01[19:47] <Staffen> A few hours after arriving back aboard the Wrath of Justice, you set out once again, fleeing the Lathes and the looming threat of your foes. A few weeks later, the Inquisitors send you an order to redirect for the world of Landunder.
  18. 01[19:49] <Staffen> Further, you are informed in the message that upon arrival you will be compensated for the loss of Horace by an addition of two Acolytes from one of Kith's Cells. Instructions are left for the captain to look for a specific supply vessel and accept shuttles from it - amongst them two new passengers.
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  20. [19:54] <petruswork> "I have some very bad news."
  21. [19:54] <@Ezekiah> Any data about any new cell members would have to be relayed to Ezekiah. He's doing as usual. Praying, meditating, and mortificating. If he was not in his room, he was shouting at the crewmembers about their immortal souls stained by sin, or confessing transgressions, both real and imagined at the chapel/temple. He wasn't... violent about it on the ship, but he would make sure that they heard...
  22. [19:55] <@Ezekiah> his declerations against sin, and the wages of sin, and the lot of the sinner, and the pain of eternal torment on one's blackened immortal soul. It was... trying.
  23. [19:57] <Jericus> Jericus is doing his best to stay away from his room as much as possible. It's hard to sleep when you have someone crazier than you shouting all the time.
  24. 06[19:59] * Jericus finds Petrus in one of the many lounges on the ship. "How's it going, Pet?" He greets him with a cock of the eyebrow.
  25. [20:01] <petruswork> "Remember how I told you about the problem with the winterscales?"
  26. [20:02] <petruswork> "Well let's start here, do either of you know of the winterscale rogue trader dynasty?"
  27. 06[20:02] * @Ezekiah was there as well. "The who? Sounds like a sinner name, Brother Petrus. You wouldn't be... affiliated with sinners, would you?"
  28. [20:04] <petruswork> "Well they are the most powerful dynasty in the sector and I was meant to wed Victoria Winterscale, but....."
  29. [20:04] <Jericus> "Only ever heard that they're a Rogue Tra- Wait, marry?"
  30. [20:05] <Jericus> "Marry some Rogue Trader's woman? Holy Feck, what happened?"
  31. [20:06] <petruswork> "Well, the night before the wedding was when our wonderful employers decided to begin employing me."
  32. [20:07] <@Ezekiah> "Good for you, Brother! Give thanks to the God-Emperor! He hath helped you advert the sinful pleasures of a flagrant and duplicitous sinful family! We should celebrate this! Mortification for everyone!"
  33. [20:07] <Jericus> "Seems like someone must have a personal vendetta against you, comrade."
  34. 06[20:07] * @Ezekiah would have his arm around Petrus' shoulder. He is wearing his full redemptionist regalia, he is smiling and he seems rather... enamored with mortification for everyone.
  35. [20:08] <petruswork> "That's what I'm trying to say, the entire dynasty want my head on a stake for this embarrassment!"
  36. 06[20:08] * Jericus looks over to Ezekiah. "I'd think marriage is something the Emperor and the Ecclesiarchy would approve of, Eze."
  37. [20:09] <petruswork> Wants*
  38. 06[20:09] * Jericus shakes his head. "Well shit, it's not your fault you were whisked away...Any way we could get our employers to smooth this over?"
  39. [20:10] <petruswork> "I'm not entirely sure that would help even."
  40. 06[20:10] * @Ezekiah would look at Jericus. "Ha! You would think so, but the Emperor is only one you need to love! The only one that needs to love you! Only He is free of sin!"
  41. [20:11] <Jericus> "Pah, well I'll be sure to cover your back man, until we can smooth that whole affair over. Consider it repayment for getting revenge on that..." He pauses for a moment trying to think of a description for it, but fails. "On that bloody thing that almost choked me to death."
  42. [20:13] <petruswork> "I believe this is too personal for them to let a rosette get in the way."
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  44. [20:14] <Jericus> "Hot damn, well I'll do what I can to help, however I can. Until then, we have new comrades on the way, right?
  45. [20:15] <@Ezekiah> "Then the only recourse is to bring this Winterscale family to fire and sword! SCOURGE AND PURGE!"
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  48. 01[20:20] <Staffen> Days later, the ship finally passes out of warp into space just beyond the world of Landunder. After a couple hours of coasting into orbital traffic, you are hailed by a transport vessel.
  49. 01[20:20] <Staffen> Not long, after you are summoned to one of the Wrath's cargo bays to greet an incoming shuttle.
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  51. 06[20:24] * Jericus heads to the designated cargo bay, outfitted in his armor and hell-gun. He made sure to clean his flak-armor since their last incursion.
  52. 06[20:26] * @Ezekiah is in Redemptionist Red and his eagle nosed mask. Polished to a shine. He's also armed, as usual, with that giant ass chainblade.
  53. 01[20:32] <Staffen> A black-hulled lander slowly eases its way into the hangar. As it puts down a bay lowers from its fuselage, and a door opens.
  54. 06[20:44] * Plex descends the ramp, golden hair pulled back and tied to leave her face clear. A porter hauls a substantial case behind. She wears fine clothes, obviously tailored, and a gunbelt with a pistol on one side and a scabbard on the other. "Greetings," she says, coming to a rest in front of the assemblage, sketching a brief bow. There is something on the back of her right hand.
  55. 06[20:44] * Nyx exits after Plex, beating an unseen servant within the lander with a rolled-up piece of paper
  56. [20:45] <Nyx> "I demand my drinks cold when I want them unless otherwise said!  No thrones for you!"
  57. 06[20:45] * Nyx notices the assembled party
  58. [20:45] <Nyx> "Oh, hello."
  59. 06[20:46] * Nyx steps down briskly, revealing a short-statured man in a long coat and gas mask covered with a faceplate
  60. 06[20:46] * Jericus nods at them. "Welcome to the party."
  61. [20:46] <Jericus> "Always keep that thing on?" He indicates the gasmask.
  62. 06[20:47] * @Ezekiah grimaces, and circles around the two, sniffing at the both of them uncomfortably close. "Is it just me, or is the veritable SIN coming off these two palpable?"
  63. 06[20:47] * Nyx slides down the final three feet of handrail after Plex exits
  64. [20:48] <Nyx> "What is SIN to the faithful? A miserable pile of low-quality drugs.  Mind you, I only take the best, from dealers I trust."
  65. [20:48] <Plex> "...Please. Don't pay too much attention to him. Or, if you must, try not to take him seriously."
  66. 01[20:48] <Staffen> A third individual emerges from the lander dressed in an Arbitrator's carapace. He wears a cape over his left shoulder and holds his helmet under his right arm.
  67. [20:49] <Nyx> "Are you the group of assorted mud-turtles we are to be folded into, like so much precious, fresh fruit topping into low-quality ice cream?"
  68. 06[20:50] * @Ezekiah looks at Nyx. "I can already tell that I don't like you all that much."
  69. [20:50] <Plex> "See what I mean?" she stage-whispers.
  70. 06[20:50] * Nyx takes a bow
  71. 01[20:50] <Staffen> "Hey," the man grunts, "back off, Redemptionist. You're not leaving much of an impression yourself."
  72. 06[20:50] * Nyx takes notice
  73. 06[20:50] * Jericus nods at Plex. Barely suppressing a chuckle.
  74. [20:51] <Nyx> "So /this/ is a Redemptionist?  I've never even seen one.  I thought they breathed fire?"
  75. 01[20:51] <Staffen> "For all their puffed-up blabber, you'd think they would," the Arbitrator says.
  76. [20:52] <Jericus> "Huh, we were told we were getting two new comrades, are you extra collateral?" Jericus asks the Arbite.
  77. [20:52] <@Ezekiah> "Back off? Why would I back off? I... am presented with SIN! I must excise it from the Holy Realm of our Emperor!"
  78. 01[20:53] <Staffen> "You'd back off because I'd brain you with my fucking maul." He pats his hip. "Words need to be said before I get going, I guess. Is there a meeting hall on this ship?"
  79. [20:54] <Nyx> "I should hope so, after that trip. Even a good game of Wake becomes stale after the tenth game."
  80. [20:57] <Jericus> "Quite many of them, just follow me." Jericus gestures for the new group of people to follow him.
  81. 01[20:57] <Staffen> "Private," the man warns.
  82. [20:59] <Jericus> "Ah...Captain's lounge then, I'm sure he wouldn't mind lending it to us for...Inquisition stuff." He shrugs.
  83. 01[21:00] <Staffen> Jericus leads you to the Captain, who then directs you to his ready-room behind the bridge.
  84. 01[21:00] <Staffen> When your within, the Arbitrator shuts the door and locks it. "Introductions are in order. I'm Chastener Jarvis Upham."
  85. 01[21:00] <Staffen> *you're within
  86. [21:01] <@Ezekiah> "Maul! Ha! You aren't the first enforced I had to stare down! The first enforcer with the glint of SIN hiding behind his eyes, waiting to slake their sinful lusts on the first thing their sight falls upon! I am armored with faith and armed with zeal! Your maul scares me not!"
  87. [21:01] <Nyx> "It doesn't need to scare you, my dear.  Simply beat you."
  88. [21:02] <Jericus> "Jericus Kainn, prior Guard, demolitions and the muscle, I suppose." He grins at the new arrivals.
  89. 06[21:03] * Nyx spins about, and bows with a flourish and top of his top hat
  90. 06[21:03] * @Ezekiah blinks at the name. "Upham. That sounds... so familiar. Wait! Yes! We saw that statue of an Upham, Jeffery something or the other on Scintilla?"
  91. [21:03] <Nyx> "Nyx, my dear serflings."
  92. 01[21:03] <Staffen> Jarvis gives Ezekiah an odd look.
  93. [21:07] <@Ezekiah> "Either or, welcome to... whatever we are, sinners! Perhaps working together we may cleanse ourselves of any and all transgressions!"
  94. [21:08] <Nyx> "'/Where is our light, the star of our darkened lives?/That far-off holy land, our birthplace./Hail to Terra, hail to His Grace./'"
  95. [21:11] <Plex> "I am called Plex, since returning from Holy Terra and my visit with the Emperor."
  96. [21:12] <Jericus> "The Emperor? You visited Terra? Well hot damn."
  97. [21:12] <Plex> "As all who board the Black Ships do..."
  98. 01[21:12] <Staffen> "Dark words for another time. So. Inquisitor Kith sent us to work with you," the Arbitrator says. "Them, rather. I'm supposed to cycle out to elsewhere. Nyx, you still got the holo-wafer from the Inquisitor on you?"
  99. 06[21:13] * Nyx pulls off his hat and fishes inside, pulling out a small disk from a brown lunchbag
  100. [21:13] <Nyx> "Found it."
  101. [21:14] <@Ezekiah> "... the two of you have been before the Emperor? Inconcievable."
  102. 01[21:14] <Staffen> Jarvis motions to the table.
  103. [21:14] <Nyx> "...Well, it wouldn't be a lie to say were we quite up close to him.  Soul-to-soul, even."
  104. 06[21:15] * Nyx quiveringly places the holo-wafer into the table's input port, missing a couple times
  105. [21:15] <@Ezekiah> Most of this goes over Ezekiah's head. "... you lost me."
  106. 01[21:15] <Staffen> Jarvis quickly shushes you as the lights dim.
  107. [21:16] <Plex> "Nyx puts it...rather more colorfully, but yes."
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  109. 01[21:18] <Staffen> A blue light shines from the center of the table. Kith appears in the projection. The Lady quickly joins her.
  110. 01[21:18] <Staffen> "Agents," the Lady says in greeting.
  111. 06[21:19] * Nyx claps excitedly
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  116. 01[21:22] <Staffen> "By now I should congratulate you on your work in the Lathes," Kith says. "By this point you will be acquainted with Plex and Nyx, and Jarvis as well. While Chastener Upham is to be reassigned to work with the Lady and I, the rest of you have work on Landunder to do."
  117. 01[21:23] <Staffen> "But first, a word on the two psykers who have just joined you," the Lady says. "They're just coming back from work on Malfi, where they narrowly escaped an attack by this creature."
  118. 06[21:24] * Plex pales slightly.
  119. 01[21:24] <Staffen> An image appears of a man - he seems to be clad in black armor. His face is alabaster, and his lower jaw is noticeably missing, replaced by a terrifying, sharp-toothed augmetic.
  120. 06[21:25] * Nyx stays silent, unmoving
  121. [21:25] <@Ezekiah> "PSYKERS!?" he practically spits the word. "I WILL NOT WORK WITH PRACTIONERS OF VILE SORCERY!" He says that loud enough that the Lady Inquisitor can hear him. Except... it's a recording.
  122. 01[21:25] <Staffen> "Shut up," Jarvis says.
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  124. 01[21:27] <Staffen> "This creature is known to me unfortunately. He is a traitor Astartes who goes by the monicker of 'Torturer' or 'The Torturer'. He is an employee of Yrtzen Vok. His appearance at Malfi has lead me to the suspicion that the work which lead you two to Malfi, Nyx, Plex, was in fact a trap designed to kill you. I'm already aware that Vok has feelers in the Inquisition. Seeing how far down the rabbithole goes is becoming an increasingly disturbing affair."
  125. 01[21:32] <Staffen> "I insist you exercise caution. The number of people you can trust is growing continually smaller." The Lady nods. "Amy?"
  126. 01[21:34] <Staffen> Kith clears her throat. "Landunder is not of concern to your main investigation, but we need you to head there to deal with something we've uncovered on our end: Vok has numerous operations running throughout the Sector, and one of those appears to be a plan to release the Sinner's Plague in Lanunder's undercities."
  127. 06[21:37] * @Ezekiah gasps! "A plague of SIN!? The scoundrel!"
  128. [21:37] <Jericus> "Well, that sounds like some nasty shit."
  129. [21:38] <Petrus> "Indeed"
  130. [21:39] <Nyx> "Going to be honest with you.
  131. [21:39] <Nyx> "No idea what in the galaxy that is."
  132. [21:39] <Petrus> "Well it's a plague for one."
  133. 01[21:40] <Staffen> "To put it short, the Sinner's Plague is an infectious disease that causes spontaneous mutation and dementia in its victims. It turns them into little better than animals and sets them against non-infected. We need you to put a stop to this before it is released into the undercity of Donan."
  134. [21:40] <Petrus> "It would be silly to call it a plague if it wasn't one."
  135. [21:40] <Nyx> "Ooh! How quaint! The Inquisitor anticipated my question!"
  136. [21:40] <Jericus> "We going to need rebreathers?"
  137. 01[21:43] <Staffen> "The best leads we can produce for you are that, as per usual, Vok is abusing the Administratum to quietly move shipments of the Plague into Donan," the Lady explains. "You may want to check the filtration system, as it is very possible he plans to spread the Plague into the oceans."
  138. 01[21:44] <Staffen> "Bear in mind this is one of his operations. It is possible you'll find information here as well that will assist you on your main case. Of import are shipping records or the like. Also, as I recall your new psyker colleagues are trained in the arts of interrogation. Put them to use on the seneschal you picked up in the Lathes, get what information you can from him. Good hunting, Acolytes."
  139. 01[21:44] <Staffen> The hololithic projection dissipates, and the lights return.
  140. [21:45] <@Ezekiah> "Well then! We have our mission! We must stop this plague of sin from consuming... wherever we are!"
  141. [21:46] <Jericus> "First, we need our new additions to get the...seneschal a work over. Need any help?"
  142. [21:47] <@Ezekiah> "... shouldn't the plague take precedence? The seneschal will be in the ship when this is over."
  143. [21:47] <Plex> "Normally I would say no, Jericus, but my skills may be rusty. I have not had a chance to...exercise them in some time."
  144. [21:48] <Jericus> "Strike while the enemy is reeling, as they said back in the Regiment. Shall I show you to our guest then?"
  145. [21:49] <Plex> "Please." She realizes something. "Oh. Allow me to get my equipment first."
  146. 06[21:50] * Jericus quirks an eyebrow. "Sure."
  147. 06[21:50] * Nyx pokes Petrus and pulls along Jarvis
  148. [21:50] <Petrus> "Hmmm?"
  149. [21:50] <Nyx> "Fancy a manly chat, my brosephean friends?"
  150. [21:51] <Petrus> "Alright."
  151. [21:53] <@Ezekiah> "... I don't know what you just said, but I think it's a sinful word."
  152. 06[21:57] * Jericus waits for Plex to grab her equipment before showing her to the "guest's" cell,
  153. 06[22:36] * Plex exits the cell several grueling hours later, with her kit wrapped up and under one arm. She finds Jericus nearby. "I have a name and a location."
  154. [22:36] <Jericus> "Great. Shall we rejoin the others?"
  155. [22:36] <@Ezekiah> "For the plague?"
  156. [22:39] <Plex> "Let's. It would be best to only have to say it once."
  157. 06[22:39] * Jericus gives Plex a questionable look before shrugging, and showing her back to the upper decks, where everyone else is.
  158. 01[22:44] <Staffen> Shortly after, everyone regathers in the ready-room...
  159. [22:45] <Jericus> "So, our talented Psyker dug out some info from that poor bastard."
  160. [22:46] <Plex> "Our friend downstairs was most recalcitrant at first, but saw the right way eventually," Plex begins. "I have a location for the goods, as well as a name we may give to the Inquisitors."
  161. Session Close: Sat Jul 14 22:48:37 2012
  163. Session Start: Sat Jul 14 22:48:37 2012
  164. Session Ident: #eternalwar
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  170. [22:49] <Plex> 01"According to what he said--mind you, this was in the fourth hour, so it may have been simply to gain a break--I learned that he sent the items to Tranch. However, once there, they are to be picked up by other factors, for delivery to places unknown."01
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  172. [22:51] <Plex> "The deliveries, by the way, are scheduled with the Munitorum."
  173. [22:51] <Nyx> "'/So deep is the cancer/We are ridden with corruption/Sin is become us./'  Canticles of Arsoth, Act 4."
  174. [22:52] <Plex> "Also, his particular task was dimly related to the shipping itself, but the order for this particular batch came from one Losa Proga, a lieutenant to one he only called her 'Master.'"
  175. [22:53] <Plex> "Meaning Yrtzen Vok, that is." She taps the bag containing her tools a few times. "I could get nothing further out of him after that, but that seemed germane enough to me."
  176. [22:54] <Nyx> "Excellent work, dear sister of the warp-touch."
  177. [22:54] <Nyx> "I don't like this.  It was difficult enough in our last line of work.  Your cell seems to be very much in the thick of this current mess, isn't it?"
  178. 06[22:54] * Nyx says to the original party
  179. [22:55] <Jericus> "Quite, and if out last little incursion is anything to go by, it'll get messier. Almost got choked to death last time." Rubs his neck as he tries to forget that little mishap.
  180. [22:56] <@Ezekiah> "Do not worry, Brother Jericus! If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't count!" He'd slap the guardsman on the back.
  181. [22:56] <Jericus> "But feck it, now that we have some mind-wrestlers with us, it'll be easier, I'm sure."
  182. 06[22:56] * Nyx throws some coins out
  183. 06[22:57] * Jericus looks to Ezekiah, "Tell that to my old Sergeant, and he'd beat you to death wit his augmetic arm." He chuckles at that.
  184. 06[22:58] * Nyx makes the coins float about, revolving around each party member like miniature moons of Throne-stamped metal
  185. [22:59] <Nyx> "Let us see our futures...  The coins revolve around each of us like fate.  When you feel confident, close a Throne in your fist, and place it on the table, whichever face."
  186. [22:59] <Nyx> "That face shall be perhaps our warning from the Throne."
  187. 06[22:59] * Jericus feels a little weary at this. His only experience with Psykers was very negative.
  188. 06[23:00] * Jericus plucks a coin and quickly slams it onto the table. "Not too sure about this." He backs away a bit.
  189. 06[23:01] * Nyx closes a fist around a coin and lays it on the table
  190. [23:02] <Nyx> "Throne Ascendant.  Luck."
  191. 06[23:02] * Petrus grabs one of the coins
  192. 06[23:03] * @Ezekiah would take a coin as well. "I trust that the Emperor would guide me well!"
  193. [23:03] <Nyx> "...Throne Defied.  I'd break that in twain if I were you.  Superstition of course."
  194. [23:04] <@Ezekiah> "Cursed coin!" And he'd do just that... tossing it up in the air... and ZZZZZZR! Slicing it in twain with his chainsword. Away from the rest.
  195. 06[23:05] * Nyx falls backwards onto the floor from Ezekiah's outburst
  196. [23:05] <Nyx> "So /that/ is a Redemptionist!  Well, consider me amused."
  197. 06[23:09] * Jericus recoils away from the swinging of the collosal weapon. "Feck it, Ezekiah! Let's not repeat what happened back on Lathes!"
  198. 06[23:09] * Petrus flips the coin
  199. 06[23:09] * Plex plucks the last floating coin from the air, flicks it up, and catches it square on the back of her right hand, right on the Aquila tattoo.
  200. [23:10] <@Ezekiah> "Did you not hear him! The coin is cursed! It was the will of the Emperor that the sinful artefact be destroyed by my blessed blade!"
  201. [23:12] <Nyx> "Throne Ascendant, dear sister.  It seems the accursed Warpstuff at least is charged with our Emperor's love."
  202. [23:13] <Plex> "It wouldn't have happened but for His mark," she said, smiling almost fondly.
  203. [23:14] <Jericus> "So what was the point of that magic show?"
  204. [23:15] <Nyx> "We're witches.  Sanctioned psykers and pet mutants.  Luck moves strangely around us."
  205. [23:15] <Petrus> "Indeed, parlor tricks haven't amused me since I was 10."
  206. [23:15] <Nyx> "A man may seize destiny around us.  Or be cast down from it."
  207. [23:15] <Nyx> "We're all trained to be Soothsayers.  So let us see our odds."
  208. [23:16] <Nyx> "Lord Petrus, you refrain from draw.  Shall you take your odds, or let fate run its blind course?"
  209. [23:16] <Nyx> "Happiness to the man who allies with it; glory to the main who rails against it."
  210. 06[23:16] * Nyx psychically recovers the already shown coins, and ends the warp-stuff
  211. [23:17] <Petrus> "I shall take my odds"
  212. [23:17] <Nyx> "Brave, brave.  Quite admirable, and quite befitting a man of blue blood."
  213. [23:18] <Jericus> "I believe about Him, guiding us in mysterious ways, but this just seems like tempting fate."
  214. [23:19] <Nyx> "...I shall give you that, despite your low birth, warrior.  I must acknowledge the worldly wisdom of the born-low, I concede."
  215. [23:19] <Nyx> "I apologize.  I am a psyker, whether I like it, or...not.  Each moment we live tempts fate."
  216. [23:20] <Nyx> "...Shards of the Holy Throne, we may as well, considering what we're up against."
  217. [23:20] <Nyx> "The Holy One knows fate endeavors to kill us.  Tempting it under His Will may well be the only way many of us live to see the next day."
  218. [23:20] <@Ezekiah> "... Pfffft. He's only low born if he was born in the bowels of an Iron Spire. LIKE I WAS!"
  219. [23:21] <Jericus> "I've had bad experiences with Psykers, so forgive me if I'm not too trusting in your power."
  220. [23:21] <Nyx> "Understood.  You'd be a fool of a mud-turtle not to.  Hell, even we don't trust it ourselves, less we be sorcerers."
  221. [23:22] <@Ezekiah> "That's right! They're psykers! Warp Witches!" He looks at both of them, and takes the index and middle finger of his right hand... points them at his eyes... and then at either or. "I'm watching you. One slip up, and I shall send your tainted souls to the hellish pit that sure awaits your kind!"
  222. [23:22] <Nyx> "Dearie, I'm quite sure that we'll probably explode before then, if we're lucky."
  223. [23:22] <Nyx> "If we're /not/ lucky, none of us will have a chance at sending whatever happens to hell."
  224. 03[23:39] * Nyx is now known as Mir
  225. 02[23:39] * Mir ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 13.0.1/20120614114901])
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