Helghan news ( Sierras party )

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  1.                              (Helghan news room)
  3. H.N.C Caesar flickerman-good morning my fellow Helghan citizens, today we are going to bring you something new today, our great leader Sierra has invited the Helghan news to her massive estate for the Helghan party. Now we go live to Biden Jr in her estate. Biden Jr you're up.
  5.                            ( Sierra’s estate )
  7. H.N.C Biden jr- yeah Caesar as you can see, this party is freakin lit.
  9.                                         ( camera pans to the partiers )
  11. H.N.C Biden jr- these partiers are havin the bestest time in the longest time of their lives. The dj here is the bestest of the helghan empire, and these bikini girls are absolutely gorgeous, especially when their dancing and twerking. And among the hot sexy girls that make this party so good, are the top helghan officials are here to make this party great again.
  14.                      ( camera shows dj playin his shit )
  16.        ( camera shows hot girls dancin to the awesome dj playin his shit  )
  20. H.N.C Biden jr- plus the beer here is best in the helghan empire, and as you can tell the girls that make up 85% of the glorious Helghan military are here,and they are wearing the most gorgeous dresses here at the party, and we want to interview one of the soldiers here at the party.
  22.              (   interview with rouen-pronounced ruin has begun with Biden jr )
  25. H.N.C Biden jr- so Rouen, what do you think about this party?
  26. Rouen- well Biden jr, this party is like you said, is freakin lit, and the girls here are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. The government officials, on the other hand, are a pain in the ass. The DJ here is amazing, as well as the food and drinks.
  27. H.N.C Biden jr- thanks, now what can you tell me about your work as a wanted Helghan criminal turned ally.
  28. Rouen- well when my employer hired me to kill the supreme leader of the helghans I first wanted to do it but realized what would happen would have been deadly, so I left to try and join them, and here I am now, enjoying the great party of our leader Sierra.
  29. H.N.C Biden jr- thanks Rouen, know let's get back to this great par
  32. ( suddenly, the building shakes as a major explosion rocks it, and rebel helghans begin to storm the estate.)
  34. Helghan soldier- biden?!?!??!?!!?!, are you okay? that explosion destroyed the top half of the estate.
  36. biden jr- yeah i'm fine
  38. ( suddenly gunfire erupted somewhere in the estate, as helghast rebels stormed the building, partygoers pulled out weapons of there own and fought the attacking rebels.)
  40. biden jr- if any of you helghans are watching, sierra is safe, her synth bodyguards are protecting her while the Helghan soldiers fight off the rebels.
  42. H.N.C Caesar flickerman- helghans if you are getting this, Sierra is safe, and the Helghan national police are taking care of the situation.
  44. ( shots of helghast emergency response teams treating the injured.)
  46. ( surveillance cameras shows party girl with a shotgun shoots a rebel, and the impact sends him flying)
  48. ( shots of helghast national police forces arriving at Sierra’s estate, shooting any rebels on site.)
  50. Helghast police chief- alright, everyone listen up, who here is alright
  51. Partiers- we all are.
  52.  Helghast police chief- good, I wanted to make sure, because what happened was a little expected, with what Rouen did to their leader Benji and all.
  53. Rouen- bite me
  55. ( suddenly an injured rebel comes out of the estate, and screams something at the national police, and they aim at the rebel but he blows himself up.)
  57. Helghast police chief- HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!!!???? I thought the situation was under control!!!
  59. Rouen- that's what you call a suicide bomber.
  61. ( suddenly a mysterious person jumps into a black sedan and drive off. )
  63. Helghast police chief- SOMEBODY GET THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. Rouen- yeah I'm on it. G5-19 do you copy?
  67. G5-19- yeah go ahead.
  68. Rouen- go after that black sedan, licence plate # I8 BG DICS. We have a possible spy working with the rebels.
  70. G5-19- dead or alive?
  71. Rouen- dead.
  73. (  G5-19 suddenly steals a very fast motorcycle and begins pursuit of the black sedan )
  74. ( scene switch to pursuit)
  76. Mysterious person- god dammit Alfred, drive faster, I don't want that bitch Rouen coming after us, especially since I contacted the rebels about sierras party.
  77. Alfred- relax Mr pool, that police chief of theirs never saw you you're safe.  
  78. Mr pool- god dammit Alfred, I heard him say something and I swear I saw Rouen there to. God we are so fucked. We are fucked alfred.
  79. Alfred- now now Mr pool, we are going to vekta city to leave this damned empire. But I'm going to half to have you cal----Jesus fuck, who's on that motorcycle.
  81. ( G5-19 suddenly pulls out her mp7 and starts shooting the sedan, riddling it with bullets. Then G5-19 jumps off the motorcycle and lands on the roof of the car, and plugs mp7 rounds into the driver and the car flipped over and G5-19 lands on the road, then pulls out her mp7 and riddled the car with bullets.)
  84. G5-19- well that oughta kill em. If that doesn’t kill em, i don't know what will.
  86. ( suddenly a black suv pulls up and Rouen and the helghast swat get out.)
  88. Rouen- are they dead?
  90. G5-19- they should be, i riddled their car with two mp7 round clips, so the driver is well dead, mystery man, well who knows. I mean i could pop him a couple more times.
  92. ( G5-19 unloads another clip into the mystery man's head hoping that will kill him, but he comes back, so she unloads yet another clip into him.)
  93.  G5-19-what the fuck is this man?!?!?!?!?!? I literally pumped 7 magazines into the guy, how is he still alive.
  94. Rouen- that fucker was a mutant. And by the looks of it, he was created by my old employers at umeni security corporation. FUCK. I should have known they do something like that.
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