18/12/2015 - v2 (T)

Dec 18th, 2015
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  2. ◆ Maintenance: 06:30~07:30(30min extension)
  4. >Fixed an error with every Companion AI
  5. >Market registration changed to cost Silver instead of TP, registered duration has become temporary
  6. >Joypad controls have been changed as follows: (TN: about joypad control)
  7. >Fixed situation in which if you press buttons too fast, sometimes client would crash
  8. >Fixed situation in which you couldn't click buttons in UI mode
  9. >Fixed situation in which using goddess statues to move was impossible in UI mode
  10. >Fixed situation in which UI mode would persist after switching channels
  11. >Fixed situation in which skills would be impossible to use due to overlapping UIs from Riding or Transforming. (Sorcerer and Druid UIs.)
  12. >Client optimisations taken place.
  13. >Fixed the issue where character textures turn white.
  14. >Fixed the issue with screen tearing
  15. >Orsha region quest reward items added.
  16. >Fixed quest errors.
  17. >Fixed abnormal market searches.
  18. >Added new opening scene upon character creation. See either Laima or Giltine in your dream depending on your starting location.
  19. >Fixed UI not adjusting to resolution size changes.
  20. >Fixed situation where using warp scroll would not allow you to click on the world map.
  21. >Fixed region selection button UI not marking properly.
  22. >Chatting changed according to the following.
  23. >Chat pop-up feature has been added to Whisper (/w)
  24. >Druid Transform moved to Circle 2, Chortasmata to Circle 1.
  25. >Fixed the issue with Kneeling Shot not applying increased range.
  26. >Renamed some collections.
  27. >Fixed a situation where upon creating team name for the first time, if it was a name already in use, the client would not respond.
  28. >Fixed Dragoon's 'Equip Two-handed spear' attribute not showing up below 'Equip 1-handed spear' attribute.
  29. >Fixed subweapon without duration being marked on repair list.
  30. >Fixed the error with the 'Like!' feature not working.
  31. >Character Slots have been changed as follows:
  32. - Base amount of Slots: 4
  33. - Can acquire more with TP up to a maximum of 12.
  34. - Slots include both companions and characters.
  35. - If you had more than 4 slots filled on kTest, characters won't disappear.
  36. >Fixed situation where Rapid Fire (Quarrel shooter skill) was activated at max level regardless of charging time.
  37. >Dragontooth's direction can be changed while charging.
  38. >Changed movespeed buff from movespeed potion to persist through moving to another region.
  39. >Fixed Max weight increase attribute not showing on the cannoneer skill window.
  40. >Shoot Down (Cannoneer skill): Crash attribute's debuff duration has been reduced.
  41. >Loading image added.
  42. >Increased the EXP gain from monsters in early areas
  43. >Fixed situation where you couldn't auto attack after being hit by monsters while using Hell Breath.
  44. >Monsters' stats have been changed.
  45. >Fixed Out of Body being able to go through certain regions.
  46. >Changed equipment items' magic amulet's number. (TN: not sure if this is about a property of magic amulet or number of magic amulets that can be used for equipments or even something else.)
  47. >Fixed warp scrolls being usable even when they're locked in inventory.
  48. >Fixed losing target lock when in combat with companion.
  49. >Fixed nearby party information showing up even when there are none and also fixed Party Leader's channel shown incorrectly in the Party recommendation UI.
  50. >Accessory slots have been added to the inventory (3 hat slots, 1 hairstyle slot. Hats now go into either slot 1, 2 or 3)
  51. >Changed to not allow releasing of companion while using Impaler (Cataphract skill).
  52. >Fixed misc. store icon being marked in red.
  53. >Changed Dragoon charged skills to be cancelable while using them
  54. >Swordsman's Thrust skill's range increased slightly.
  55. >Tooltips for Monk's Hand Knife changed.
  56. >Actually removed Warp Scrolls and Megaphones from all merchants (was still available in Orsha)
  57. >Fixed additional damage not applying when Mastema and Cure are used together.
  58. >Fixed the issue with not being able to wear Armbands
  59. >Fixed Detoxify not curing poison. (TN: I missed a word in here and have no idea what it's talking about)
  60. >Fixed Invocation:Transfer attribute giving less effect to characters than stated.
  61. >Fixed the issue with not being able to wear Armbands
  62. >'Revenged Sevenfold: Curse' attribute duration increased
  63. >Peltasta's 'Langort' is now 'Pierce' damage.
  64. >Wugushi's Bewitch and Falconer's Install Perch now have a max level of 1.
  65. >Deploy Pavise and Scatter Caltrops can be used with Muskets.
  66. >Fixed graphics not working depending on certain graphics settings.
  67. >Fixed character name change being applied to team name.
  68. >Fixed Soul Crystal list appearing only when dying multiple times while partied.
  69. >(Revive is indicated when all party members are dead or when point of success is near.)
  70. >Fixed achievements not saving progress.
  71. >Fixed some hair achievements being unobtainable.
  72. >Fixed 'Like!' and cancelling a 'Like!' not working.
  73. >Fixed the issue where you could change character/team name with 0 TP, now TP will be consumed upon name changes.
  74. >Fixed some items' count not going down when being consumed while locked in inventory.
  75. >Added the changes to the market from kOBT to kTest (i.e. Items appear on market randomly between 30 mins to 2 hours after listing)
  76. >Fixed skills not being affected by attack speed.
  77. >TP prices have changed.
  78. >Fixed mouse mode no longer working when using summoning skills while in mouse mode.
  79. >Monster respawn timer in early areas has been reduced (This actually means, respawn times have increased and NOT reduced spawn rates.)
  80. >Treasure Box has been added to some areas.
  81. >Changed warehouse system to increase at maximum 5 times with 10 slots each.
  82. >Fixed situation where If you proceeded during the Tenet Chapel main quest, but a party member who fell into Gesti's trap, the quest wouldn't complete.
  83. >Fixed black screens when questing with party members.
  84. >Fixed movement speed buffs persisting.
  85. >Fixed situation where your character's name and HP/MP gauges (below your character) would vanish when entering cinematic scenes.
  86. >Fixed the issue with 'Display other character's effects' not working
  87. >Fixed friends list showing last accessed time stamp as 1 month when end of the month has passed.
  88. >Wind Runner's Movement Speed bonus decreased from +6 to +3
  89. >Fedimian shop has deleted Cannon and musket from their wares.
  90. >Orsha line collection treasure chest has been added.
  91. >Oracle's 'Forecast' now have a max level of 1.
  92. >Large Red Kepa's spawning location has been changed to cover the entire map.
  94. Credit to 1curryman2 on the forums for the additional translations.
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