Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet


Mayur_Pipaliya Jun 6th, 2013 80 Never
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  1. DDoS Protected Server (TCP/UDP/ICMP)
  2. i7/Xeon grand processor
  3. 200GB/500GB/1TB HDD (RAID)
  4. 100Mbit/1Gbit Port (metered/unmetered)
  5. 4GB/8GB Memory
  6. Remote Control/iLO/KVM/IPMI would be plus.
  8. Requires to prevent attack on any protocol including but not limited to TCP/UDP/ICMP.
  9. Needs to rate limit packets per user's IP address
  10. Prevent SYN based attack
  11. BOTNET based attack (bandwidth saturation)
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