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  1. _I paced softly into the dim-lit arena. Or to be correct, the pitch black arena; save my glowing green scar which lit the way. I used to be able to stalk through these types of buildings unnoticed, but with the scar, I was impossible to miss. Instead, I allowed myself to be completely noticeable, to try and strike fear into the heart of my opponent. This form of intimidation worked well in most cases, but it helped if you knew where your opponent was before you strolled into a dark room, lit up like a jack-o-lantern. However, sometimes you just have to go running through the forest, hoping you stumble along the right trail, as was the case now. However, It does help if you go stumbling through the forest with a little experience. I walked through the arena forcefully, with a strong feeling that I was being followed. I couldn’t hear the footsteps, but I presumed he was simply putting his feet down at the same time as me, using my footsteps to drown out his own. In order to confirm my suspicions, I decided to hesitate for a small moment before putting my foot down. The result was perfect; I heard the sound of his foot hitting the floor a fraction of a second before my own. To the untrained ear, it sounded as if nothing had happened, but to my well honed and practiced sense of hearing, It was a distinct giveaway. With my suspicions confirmed, I continued my walking towards the presumed light switch in the back of the room. I really hoped it was there.
  2.     Suddenly, I heard an object whiz by from my left. I dove to the right instinctively as a knife embeds itself in the light switch. Sparks fly in every which direction and I turn to see my opponent. He looked to be about 18 years old with an unnaturally pale face, and a combination of black circles and red makeup around his eyes. And that was all I could tell before the man reached down for another knife. Knowing the light switch was probably completely destroyed, he decided to just go straight for his opponent. Within a second, the knife was already flying towards me. I swing my arm at the incoming dagger, the metal leaving the painful but temporary sting of steel. “You’re going to have to do much better than that…” I say, ripping the knife from my hand. The wound instantly healed itself, and I placed the knife in the hand that was hit; a move that would be impossible for a normal human. Needless to say, I was not a normal human.
  3.     My opponent gave an insane smile; He was genuinely enjoying himself. The next move would come from a surprise location, I was sure of it. “Oh, don’t worry, I’m only seeing how good you are.” He said, slowly and deliberately reaching into his boot. “I’m good enough not to fall for th-“ I start, when suddenly an unexpected metal fist comes crashing into my face with surprising force. I felt my neck twist and snap from the blow, and for a moment, I couldn’t breathe. Quickly flipping my neck back in place, I turned and swung the knife at my opponent’s wrist. I hit him, but instead of hitting flesh and bone, there was a metallic clang. He was probably hiding something in it; most likely a blade. And then his left hand came, the brass knuckles flying towards my ribcage. It never reached its destination. I quickly grabbed the man’s hand and flicked it outward, deflecting it. But what I didn’t expect was the blade that was now embedded in my wrist. Immediately afterwards, I received a brutal kick to the gut, causing me to crumple to the floor. This guy was strong… too strong. Just as I was about to get up, I felt a knife imbed itself in the back of my head, pushing me back to the floor again. As I felt the knife burrow itself deep into my brain, my energy level deplete and my vision fade, I knew I only had one option left.
  4.     He had no chance. Suddenly, green blood coursed through my veins and flames emanated from my skin; each tendril of fire reaching out eagerly for prey. I lifted myself off the floor and reached to the back of my head to pull out the knife, only to find that all that was left of the knife was the molten metal flowing down my spine. I let out a satisfied grin and charged my opponent.  My assailant pulled a knife from a sheath on his hip and swung it backhands, while simultaneously stepping out of my way. The knife hit, but all he managed was to get the knife a little hotter. Little did I know, that was exactly what he wanted. “Nothin’ like a hot knife through metal, sonny!” remarked my insane adversary, flinging his red-hot knife upwards at the ceiling blindly. The knife hissed as it whizzed through the air, and made a dreadful screech as it slashed through something on the ceiling. And that was when the roof started caving in.
  5.     Piece by piece, chunks of the ceiling started to fall. Sure, my aura was melting most of the pieces before they hit me, but you could still feel the jarring impact as the concrete slabs found their way to my shoulders and head. My graceful foe was speeding his way past the falling debris, hoping to make it to the door and escape. “Not happening.” I murmured, grabbing a melting slab of concrete and flinging it across the room. The idiot was so concentrated on dodging the pieces of ceiling coming from above, he couldn’t sense the melted hunk of it coming from behind. He toppled over, letting out a small yelp as he felt the scalding heat of the concrete. I quickly dash over to the fallen sociopath. When I arrive, he is giggling happily. I ignore this and ask him a final question “Any last words?” My enemy smiles, remarking: “Enjoy my parting gift.” At that, I lunge downwards; All 250 lbs of my body weight, plus an aura of green flame came crashing down on the hollow shell of a man. But simultaneously, I felt the searing pain of a lead dagger embedded between my eyes. And then I felt nothing more for a long time.
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