3/Askireet - Shining Moon [Moon Dust/Anon/msfw/massage/love]

Apr 22nd, 2014
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  1. Full tags: Anonymous, Moon Dust, socks, corset, tail-bow, crossdressing, gay, trap, pony X human, massage, kissing, character development, magic, love/romance, suggestive/msfw (boners and dicks mentioned but not really featured)
  3. >"Socks or no socks, anon?"
  4. >"Ooh, I even have lacy ones! Wanna try those out? 'dunno how they'd feel though ..."
  5. >"Fishnet?"
  6. >"Ooooh, I even have some black stockings!"
  7. >"Maybe the velvet ones~"
  8. >"Hmmm, but what if we get the... eerr.. 'fluids' all over them."
  9. >"I don't want the town to think of me as even gayer than they already do."
  10. "Why not try white stockings then?"
  11. >"Good thinking, Anon"
  12. >He goes through what seems like drawer-fulls of stockings before pulling out a pair of white stockings and flopping down, lifting his hind leg in the air and carefully putting one on, letting the fabric glide down the curvature of his leg and hugging around his thighs.
  13. >Moon Dust sees Anon eyeing him and slows down
  14. >slowly letting the soft cloth tighten and smoothen around the richness and softness of his long, supple legs
  15. >He slowly wipes away at the creases and irregularities of the stocking, looking deep into Anon's eyes the entire time
  16. >As he finishes with his hind legs, Moon Dust tilts his head slightly and winks at Anon, puffing his lips
  19. >You blink and watch the spectacle unfolding before you, if you didn't have a raging boner then, you did now.
  20. >"Why don't you help me with this other one, Anon?"
  21. >Moon Dust holds out his other leg, bare of any stocking whatsoever.
  22. >You move closer to Moon Dust and take the sock into your hand and pull it over his leg.
  23. >Holy Celestia, he has soft fur.
  24. >You pull the sock down further until it hugs his thigh which is nice and plush that you couldn't help but give his thigh a gentle squeeze when you finished with helping put on his sock.
  25. >Moon Dust blushes at you
  26. >"Anon~..." he mewls, chiding you for some reason.
  27. >You smile. You can't help it.
  28. "What?"
  29. >"I only have socks on my rear hooves, anon. And you're already-"
  30. >You look down to your already eager boner that looks like a groundhog trying to dig it's way out of a layer of jeans.
  31. >"Have you ever had a hoofjob before?"
  32. >Moon Dust places his rear hoof against your crotch, kneading against the thick fabric of your pants.
  33. >Despite the stiff and thick fabric of your jeans, the gesture felt like heaven; pure ecstasy that shot through your body like greased lightning.
  34. "Of course I have ..."
  35. >You try and say all cool and collected. You are hip and happenin' with all the latest pony sex-crazes! Except not really.
  36. >That one kneading and grinding hoof relents for a moment as Moon Dust looks you in the eye with a sincere look.
  37. >"Um, Anon ... the zipper. I can't pull it down for you."
  38. >He waves his forehooves with a smile.
  39. "Well could you blame me, I mean I thought you were... and your butt... and your soft hooves... you're just so..."
  40. >Moon Dust face grows redder from what you imply
  43. >"T-thanks", you say while shaking a bit from the embarrassment and giddiness from Anon's reaction
  44. >Your hooves are a bit wobbly, from the daring step you're taking; this is different from just being made to dress up by a few of the townsfolk
  45. >Very different
  46. >'You're really gonna do this huh?' you ask yourself.
  47. "Um... you were saying?"
  48. >"What?" you question the tall, green biped.
  49. "You were asking me to help you with something, what is it?"
  50. >You squeak in surprise, you forgot!
  51. >Reaching into your dresser, you bring out a few items of apparel.
  52. >"We'll, I wanted your help in putting this corset on."
  53. >You turn to face him with the lacey pink thing in his hooves.
  54. >"And, well if you're interested..."
  55. >You take out a bolt of brown cloth.
  56. >"Could you tie this around my tail?"
  57. >It doesn't take him long. Also for the moment, he's closed his pants up again.
  58. >You breathe in shallowly as he draws the corset deliciously tight on your torso.
  59. >It it's not too tight, but you definitely can't puff your lungs up all the way.
  60. >If you needed more air, you figured, you'd just have to breath faster.
  61. >He ties all the little laces at the back snugly.
  62. "A-and the ribbon?"
  63. >You offer it to him and he takes it from you.
  64. >It's great medium-latte sort of color. You'd picked it out yourself.
  65. >You've never worn it because it was so hard to get the bow to form right.
  66. >You need help with it.
  67. >He lifts up on your tail, right at the base to tie the ribbon.
  68. >You breathe in through your nose as he pulls.
  69. >You feel your face getting ready to blush if he keeps doing that.
  70. >He shouldn't wait to see your reaction! That'd be indecent!
  71. >You steal a look at him but it turns out he's just getting the bow oriented right.
  72. >After another moment, he's tying it and that feeling of... stretch... back there... has left.
  73. >It is replaced by a new feeling -- the snug pressure of the bow on your tail.
  74. >You glance at it, and then look at him brightly. He's done it!
  75. >You feel so skittish!
  76. >Not only have you gotten the tail bow at long last, but you're really gonna do this
  77. >with Anon, no less!
  78. >"Oh Anon, I know you're excited and so am I, but we're missing just one more thing... well two to be exact."
  79. >You face Anon and raise your hoof up to him, other hoof covering his cute, red face
  80. >"Could you do the honors of slipping the stockings over my forehooves?"
  83. >You'd daw if you weren't so horny right now.
  84. >He's either being coy and letting me you a feel or two or he's is still uncomfortable with being treated like a lady
  85. >Either way you just wanna hug him and pet him mane and soft belly
  86. >and while your hugging and pressing your face into his soft, downy fur and fluff your petting goes down elsewhere... deeper and lower
  87. >growing more and more where you-...
  88. >you shake your head
  89. >'Soon enough,' you tell yourself, 'Soon enough.'
  90. >You reach for his creamy, plumose hoof and you can't but help run your fingers around his hoof and leg
  91. >You bring it up to your face while you crouch down and take his delightful, soft scent while your hand was still busy stroking the length of his leg
  92. >It's a sin to be this womanly and yet still have a dick
  93. >No matter, it's all been leading up to this and that fact will not hinder you from showing Moon Dust your love, because telling him is just not enough
  94. >You want him to feel the passion and genuine love through the fires of desire and lust
  95. >You don't want him to feel like this was a one-night stand
  96. >Np
  97. >You wanted this to be special
  100. >Be Moon Dust
  101. >Be dolling up for him
  102. >Anon caresses your first forelimb generously, running his fingers through your medium-short, soft fluff
  103. >You shiver under his touch. It's that shiver that you let yourself do when you just allowed the ripples of sensation take their course, and reverberate through you, until the feelings manifest as movement in you before fading.
  104. >You know that anon knows that. You aren't scared, not really. You're happy.
  105. >You giggle as he draws your mild, dusty scent in. You've made sure to be extra clean for Anon.
  106. >He blows some puffs of air into your fluff and into the bottom of your hoof. He's playing now.
  107. >You weren't expecting this sensation so you withdraw it, giggling, then shoving at his nose gently. You just want him to put your sock on!
  108. >He gets a hold of it again and blows gently, right in the center. It sends a tremor all the way up your arm to your shoulder, before he pats the same spot, and holds it.
  109. >He clutches you there like that for a moment. His hands are warm. You aren't used to anyone touching your hooves.
  110. >You feel one group of muscles at your shoulder blade still instinctively trying to tug the limb away from anon. You can't get them to stop, though it is just a gentle spasm.
  111. >Anon gave the current hoof a kiss and you blush a little. Boys aren't supposed to kiss each other's forehooves! That's a thing that knights did for their princesse-
  112. "Ohhhh," you cry with a slight rising tone as you realize this.
  113. >You toss your hooves around the anon in front of you as the gesture dawned on you, forgetting the socks momentarily. He's even on one knee like in the fables!
  114. >He knows you too well.
  115. >For a while you just hold him in a hug.
  116. >He doesn't really hug back because then he would have to drop your sock and then get it all ready again.
  117. >You feel his breaths go in and out. You hug him tighter. For a second, you are *his* corset. You hope he likes this. You hold him.
  118. "Moon Dust?"
  119. >"Yes Anon?" you say while doing that thing where mares blink rapidly.
  120. >(You think you pulled it off well.)
  121. >You see Anon blush and he stutters for a moment.
  122. "W-well, I wanted to ask if you wanted me to start putting your stocking on."
  123. >He coughs into his hand and doesn't look you in the eyes
  124. >You must have done better than you thought
  125. >Your smile brightens at this
  126. >A voice in your head voices some displeasure at what you've been doing.
  127. >You're a manly-stallion!
  128. >An epitome of testosterone and masculinity!
  129. >This is demeaning and absolutely disgu-
  130. >You smother that voice;
  131. >No, not now.
  132. >You're liking this so much
  133. >The attention and the affection...
  134. >It's all too much, and you're just loving it~
  135. >You pull away from his arms
  136. >You miss his touch and the heat of his body already
  137. >You're about to completely leave the sphere of his personal space when an idea hits you
  138. >You bring yourself up level with his face and you give him a quick peck on his lips while your hoof traced his jawline
  139. >You follow it up with a light kiss on his nose
  140. >You turn your back to Anon and press up against his form
  141. >It's clear he wasn't expecting that
  142. >You snuggle yourself into his warmth once more
  143. >You look up to him and sit yourself up, your head connecting to his chin, butt resting on his hips
  144. >You draw circles on his thigh with your right hoof and bring your left hoof up
  145. >you stroke his face with it and give his nose a flick and stretch it out before him
  146. "Well?"
  147. >You don't really have to ask but you do anyways.
  148. >You think you can feel his response already. It's... palpable. You wiggle a little bit on him and confirm this.
  149. >You swirl at his thigh some more and it becomes even more pronounced.
  150. >You like that alot. You can be as girly as you want, and still get Anon all totally stirred up.
  151. >You yourself would just be stirred up when you decided to be, not sooner. In other words, /you/ were winning the game and *Anon* was losing... badly.
  152. >You wiggle again. Anon hnnfs.
  153. "What's the matter, Anon?" you say cutely.
  154. >You don't really hear him but he grumbles a reply. "Stupid sexy moths..."
  155. >You reach and push up along either side of his face. He squints and turns his head away as your hooves get over his eyes, but says nothing.
  156. >/He/ has to put up with you! He knows it, too! Because you're perfect. He helped you get perfect, but now that you were, he can't touch you. Nope!
  157. >That would be unchivalrous of him, so he wouldn't do that. /Your/ Anon would never.
  158. "Do you know what, Anon?" you ask.
  159. >Anon stutters for a moment before he gets out: "Uh-b-f-mh-... What?"
  160. "...I'm really glad that you helped me dress up today."
  161. >He is compelled to d'awww at your childlike sincerity.
  162. >Anon reaches down and strokes your chest ruff and tummy.
  163. >Anon is trying to win back some ground, it seemed
  164. "Are you mine, Anon?" You really like saying his name. It's the best name, so you say it whenever you can.
  165. >Anon continues rubbing in a circle. "What do you mean?"
  166. "I-If you said you belonged to any mothpony? W-who would it be?"
  167. >Anon stopped rubbing for a sec. This is in your plan. But you haven't told him that.
  168. >"That's an... odd question." He sounds dubious, like he suspects a trick.
  169. "Why aren't you rubbing my belly, Anon?"
  170. >He snorts and awkwardly resumes rubbing.
  171. "Well?"
  172. >"/Well/," he huffs, "I'm not exactly just a piece of property, Moony."
  173. "But what if you WERE property?"
  174. >"Th-then I-"
  177. >You find yourself at a loss for words
  178. >Being treated as property...
  179. >Being treated as an object...
  180. >Like you weren't a sapient being
  181. >It's a sore subject for you
  182. >A trauma even, a relic of your days before your wandering has brought you to Equestria and here eventually here in the moth pony village
  183. >It's been quite some time since those dark days, and you've gotten over it
  184. >but sometimes... it comes back to you
  185. >You shudder and your mouth feels dry
  186. >Your mind feels blank and you stare right off in the distance
  187. >"A-anon?" A voice snaps you back to reality.
  188. >His voice.
  189. >Moon Dust seems taken aback at the impact of his words
  190. >He looks worried... sad even.
  191. >This realization fully brings your mind to focus.
  192. >Taking control of yourself once more, you reign in your feelings and you grab Moon Dust
  193. >You press your lips unto his and give it your all.
  194. >As if he was the only thing that matters in this whole damned world.
  195. >To you he really is.
  196. >Long ago you would have scoffed and even feel somewhat insulted at the notion that you would even be in the slightest bit attracted to another male
  197. >But right now you're locking lips and tonguing with one
  198. >And he's a freaking pony no less
  199. >You break apart and stare into the deep pools of his brilliant eyes.
  200. >Oh gods you could just stare at them all day long.
  201. "I-I..."
  202. >You still find yourself struggling to voice anything out
  203. >But you want to get this out
  204. >For him...
  205. "I..."
  206. >You force some air out of your lungs and turn your head to the floor
  207. "I'll be yours..."
  208. >You whisper as your hands trace his ear
  209. >So soft...
  210. "Yours alone and yours forever..."
  211. >You brush a bang from his eyes with the gentlest of touches
  212. "Yours eternally, if..."
  213. >You finally look at Moon Dust once more in his eyes
  214. >There seems to be some tears in them.
  215. >You brush those away too.
  216. "You'll be mine, as I am to you..."
  217. >You pull him in for another kiss, but different than the last one
  218. >This is slower.
  219. >Less animalistic.
  220. >More intimate.
  223. >Be Moon Dust
  224. >Be was just mouth-on-mouth w/ Anon
  225. >Anon had stopped playing really. It would have hurt him if he hadn't. You know that.
  226. >You see that isn't a game anymore. This is you liking him, and him liking you. An understanding.
  227. >He seems to forgive you for trying to *make* it a game. His lips return to yours. For a moment, you both do little more there than just breathe.
  228. >You almost feel a bit guilty now. He seems to see what makes you different among moths but... you cannot see what makes *him* different amongst humans.
  229. >You've never met another human. You don't /think/ you have anyways...
  230. >He puts his hoov-... his *hands*... around you, and squeezes you tightly behind your shoulders;
  231. >He has read your mind; there is time to learn about him yet, time and time. At the moment it is unimportant, for now he needs your comfort.
  232. >To withhold it would be imperfect of you. Since you /are/ perfect -- as his presence with you and closeness to you assures you of -- you could not, nor would you want to.
  233. >You return his kiss, and push at his short, strange tongue -- learn about it, play with it. There is no contest between you now, just touch, all centered in such a small place.
  234. >You shiver now from emotion just as much as from sensation. Again you feel a twinge; for a while you had thought that Anon just had a dirty mind, but made you feel pretty all the same...
  235. >You realize Anon was not so much lewd for liking moths -- or other boys -- as just... lonely. You think about it now and it makes sense;
  236. >He is in a strange and interesting new world yes, but no-one had come with him. Perhaps...
  237. >Perhaps he's never had anyone who would want to. But /you/ want to. More than anything. You hug him back harder than you'd ever hugged.
  238. >He clutches you firmly in return and you continued to kiss.
  241. >You continue pressing yourself upon the moth pony.
  242. >Just drinking in the moment
  243. >The kiss...
  244. >The feelings charging and bringing life to the room
  245. >The smell of the air
  246. >The smell of his hair...
  247. >The closeness you feel to Moon Dust...
  248. >You have no idea why, but
  249. >You feel, more...
  250. >Closer? bonded? to him?
  251. >As if your being, your soul...
  252. >Is being joined to Moon Dusts?
  253. >You don't know how to explain it, but you feel that is the case
  254. >Damn pony land and it's magic, you'll never understand it
  255. >Despite your confusion you shove it aside
  256. >Such things will be understandable one day
  257. >Or not; not everything is meant to be understood
  258. >But why worry about that?
  259. >Moon Dust... no...
  260. >YOUR Moon Dust will be there for you
  261. >You feel yourself smiling while your lips are intertwined with Moon Dust's own
  262. >You continue to savour his taste when you come to realize
  263. >Your hands have drifted elsewhere
  264. >One seems to be simply mussing and playing with his mane
  265. >The other though
  266. >It seems to be caressing the deliciously soft and plump rump of your Moon Dust and twirling the base of his tail
  267. >You just love repeating that to yourself
  268. >'Your Moon Dust' you hum.
  269. >From the moaning that came afterwards it seems Moon Dust must agree to this train of thought as well
  270. >Or the vibrations you were making felt good.
  271. >You slowly open your eyes and take a peek at his cute little face.
  272. >An adorable shade of red seems to have blossomed on his cheeks, and a smile of his own seems to have taken root.
  273. >You just stare at his cute, happy face for awhile, until an idea catches you.
  274. >You slide your hand away from his head.
  275. >You feel him whimper into your mouth.
  276. >You move it below so it can join its sibling
  277. >Once it's near you slap it down on his butt
  278. >You feel him squeak.
  279. >He squeaks and moans even more once you start kneading it
  280. >You separate from Moon Dust with a loud *POP*
  281. >With your eyes half-lidded you just look at him, panting with the biggest happiest grin on your face.
  282. >Carrying him safely...
  283. >To the bed not too far from the dresser
  284. >You flop down on the bed with Moon Dust in tow, his body tucked safe in your embrace
  285. >And his butt cupped in your hands
  286. >You start kissing him again, running your hands all over his form
  287. >Telling him sweet nothings...
  289. >Be Moon Dust
  290. >He's taken you back to the bed now and is all over you. Your cheeks are hot.
  291. >He's telling you nice things that are making you blush, now, grabbing and rubbing your butt with his hands.
  292. >Cheeks burning and eyes shut, you feel like you could burst. Something is building inside of you faster than you'd thought possible. It's something you'd never felt before.
  293. >Is it... joy? Maybe? It's very warm. It spreads to the ends of your hooves and the tips of your ears -- blazing throughout you.
  294. >You feel it like a wonderful fever on your temples. A low white noise rings in your ears for a moment before reaching a peak and ebbing away.
  295. >The warmth remains though, now, homogeneous throughout you. It seems like a gift from Saturniidae -- a peace like you'd never felt, a hot blush over your whole body, constant.
  296. >You look to Anon. He looks not all that different. Happy, certainly, but not really different.
  297. >Maybe for him it's started, but hasn't reached that clear sort of completion you felt, and still feel.
  298. >You doubt that he's *all* the way there, anyways. Maybe he's fighting it. You want him to feel it too, not to leave him behind.
  299. >But you can't really describe what you did to earn that sensation, only what you felt, and even then your words for it so far are incomplete.
  300. >You can bring him up to that wonderful simmer. You think you know how.
  301. "Anon," you breathe. He doesn't slow up. His hands are everywhere. "Anon," now a bit louder...
  302. "I've got something to share, okay? Can you..." you don't have to complete your sentence; he understands there's something important.
  303. >He backs off from you just a bit. Still wonderfully close, but giving you freedom now...
  306. >You're so intoxicated in taking in and feeling up your Moon Dust's luscious form that you don't hear his pleading at first
  307. >But when his words reach your ears you respond immediately.
  308. "Yes?" he asks
  309. >You feel Anon slacken his death grip on your body.
  310. >Well, you couldn't call it a death grip
  311. >You loved what he was doing to you.
  312. >You crave his attention and his touch now.
  313. >You can't find it in yourself to be out of his reach anymore.
  315. >Nonetheless, no matter how you feel about it you need some space if you're gonna speak out
  316. >Anon now contents himself with holding you in a light embrace
  317. >"We-well Anon the thing is..."
  318. >Your cheeks are burning up.
  319. >This is all too embarrassing!
  320. "Well Anon, it's just that I'm-"
  321. >You squeeze your eyes shut and and let out a shrill squeak.
  322. >You feel a hand place itself on your head.
  323. >Next thing you know all you see is darkness.
  324. >You blink in confusion.
  325. >What's happening?
  326. >But the feel of fingers running through your scalp and the weight of an arm draped on your back tell you it's just Anon
  327. >He's giving you a hug.
  328. >You place your fore hooves on his chest and rest your head on it for a bit as you compose yourself.
  329. >You feel so safe
  330. >So secure .
  331. >After you've calmed yourself you speak up to Anon.
  332. >You are ready to say what you need to say.
  333. >"T-the thing is Anon..."
  334. >"I-I'm a virgin and tha-"
  335. >Anon from looking curious about what you were about to tell burst into treats laughter causing you to roll off of his body and fall to the side.
  336. >You scrunch your nose in offense.
  337. >Anon was just laughing at you!
  338. >You raise your hoof up and smacked him on his butt.
  339. >It connects and from laughing riotously, Anon yelps in pain.
  340. >It felt nice.
  341. >His butt, you mean.
  342. >You didn't like hitting him, but you still feel you needed some vindication for what he did.
  343. >His laughter dying down Anon turned to his side and crawled over on his arms and legs over to you.
  344. >Like a pony
  345. "What the fuck..."
  346. >You gawk at him
  347. "I didn't know you could do that!"
  348. >You said while raising your hooves up in the air
  349. >Humans.
  350. >Snickering, he stops just in front of you and just levels himself to your face.
  351. >He's just looking at you.
  352. >You can feel his hot breathe tickling your nose.
  353. >It makes you wanna scrunch your nose if it wasn't already.
  354. >After a while of just staring at you you finally got pissed.
  355. >"What?"
  356. >He blinks innocently at you and pecks you on the lips and crawls away.
  358. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  359. Bad Ending
  361. >Anon was just laughing at you!
  362. >"What?"
  363. >He blinks innocently at you and pecks you on the lips and crawls away.
  364. {... We'd resolved the emotional tension, then here you just toss in a bunch more... we finally had Anon and Moon Dust seeing eye-to-eye but- I'm not really sure there's a great way to avoid running over the same ground we've already visited now but... whatever.}
  366. >Be Moon Dust
  367. >The heat blazing within you falters.
  368. >You must have misjudged Anon;
  369. >You'd thought that he wasn't, but now, he is CERTAINLY acting like the big perverted jerk everypony always says he is.
  370. >You had been okay with them saying that before, because it meant that nopony else would really want him -- and, that way, his softer, kinder, more-understanding side would be left only to you.
  371. >Turns out they are right, though. You wanted someone big and gentle, not crude and oafish.
  372. >In case he isn't already planning on it, you tell him, as serious as you can muster:
  373. "Anon, you can go now."
  374. >He's about to laugh again, but he stops as soon as your sentence processes in his mind. "W-wait, what?"
  375. "Anon," you say, "Go."
  376. >He gets defensive, and starts playing the victim; "Are you serious? After all that? Who else w-"
  377. "You laughed at me, Anon. That's not okay. Get out of my room."
  378. >Anon shakes his head makes to leave.
  379. >You snort at him, and flop onto the bed on your back, grabbing a book from your nightstand and opening it.
  380. >Out your window you see Anon on the boardwalk heading home, his shoulders raised, hunched with tension. He kicks at a rock as he passes by it.
  381. >You go back to your book, which tells the story of a pair of nobles -- two brothers -- who are trying to work together to rescue a princess. Birch had recommended it.
  382. >You exhale. So Anon was an utter brute after all.. no wonder nobody from his world had wanted to come with him on his journey.
  384. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  385. Continuation
  387. >Nonetheless, no matter how you feel about it you need some space if you were gonna speak out.
  388. >Anon now contents himself with holding you in a light embrace.
  389. >"We-well Anon the thing is..."
  390. >Your cheeks are burning up.
  391. >This is all too embarrassing!
  392. "Well Anon, it's just that I'm-"
  395. >You listen intently. Your urge to play with Moon Dust and interrupt him is great, but you restrain yourself as he collects his thoughts.
  396. >It doesn't seem like many townsfolk pay a tremendous amount of respect to the moth stallion, for whatever reason... He is smart, caring, and empathetic. What more could you want?
  397. >It's a shame that such a small community wasn't able to fulfill such a basic requirement for him, but now you are here to do just that. That's what matters.
  398. >"S-so hot," Moon Dust finishes.
  399. "...sorry?"
  400. >"I'm really hot, Anon!"
  401. >A perplexed look now plasters your face. Him saying this is kinda sudden...
  402. >Did his shyness just disappear?
  403. >/You'd/ had a mild boner this whole time, so was he maybe talking about...?
  404. >You look. Nope. No horsey peen showing yet. Now you're even more confused.
  405. >"I'm really hot, Anon!"
  406. "Okay?"
  407. >Moon Dust, clarifying impatiently: "Like /warm/ Anon!" It seems like he knew your mind was in the gutter somehow.
  408. "Oh *that*! Yeah I felt a bit of the same thing, like, a minute ago. A bond. A connection, sorta... I think. Warmish, er- yeah."
  409. >You had ignored it before.
  410. >When the hell did you get this damn awkward? He's a MOTH for crying out loud!
  411. >"Anon, hold still; I wanna try something." You take the time to draw a breath in, and then blow it back out...
  412. >...This whole trust thing? Yeah... not your forté. You *will* try though. For Moony.
  413. >You lay back, your arms at your sides.
  414. >He's going to try something. You just breathe, lay still.
  415. >You wonder whose heart is beating faster -- yours or his.
  416. >Moon Dust gets to the floor from his former position on the bed with you.
  417. >Holding still has never been this difficult -- or this exhilarating.
  418. >Slowly and lightly, Moon Dust runs his forehooves down the center of your chest, from your clavicles to your navel, which withdrew a little bit under his touch.
  419. >He does it again, spacing his hooves out this time to essentially paint two stripes down your front this go.
  420. >You notice it's generating some static, as your shirt clings tightly to you on the areas where he has done this.
  421. >This way, you can feel where he's been even after each hoof passes.
  422. >Moths are apparently good electrical insulators. It makes sense, really. All that fluff, you know.
  423. >His hooves sweep down you again, again with a wider placement. He /presses/ this time.
  424. >You've got a shiver by the time he reaches your mid-torso. Dangit. He's not supposed to be able to do this to you. /He's/ the gay trappy one, right? ...Right?
  425. >You flinch. He's taken a page from your book and is now blowing gently on your exposed neck and underside of your chin.
  426. >You try to ignore Moony beaming at your reaction, and pretend that you were able to keep your breath steady through that.
  427. >You start to feel a bit hot... well - /warm/, even.
  430. "Moony..."
  431. >Moon Dust just goes on with what he was doing.
  432. >God damn, why do you feel hotter?
  433. "Moony...."
  434. >He doesn't respond to you.
  435. >Fuck.
  436. >Why do your pants feel tighter?
  437. "M-moony!" you stutter out.
  438. >Then he responds,
  439. >"Yeeeeees?" he says with a certain lilt to his tone.
  440. >God- fucking... that was hot.
  441. >He's trying to get you to break.
  442. >And it's working....
  443. "W-what're you doing."
  444. >He slides himself forward.
  445. >You feel his plush chest and lithe body grazing your body, as his cheek nuzzles your chest.
  446. >Yep, you've got a boner.
  447. >With a tender and delicate deftness he brings his face to yours and blows a hot breathe on your face.
  448. >He flicks out his tongue and makes a face at you.
  449. >You feel his sweet-smelling exhales on your face
  450. >He makes for your lips, his tongue still out
  451. >You have no idea what he's doing, but you close your eyes and pucker your lips, waiting for the kiss.
  452. >Instead you feel something wet and long crawl in your ear.
  453. >You gasp.
  454. >Well.... Make a girly 'eeeep' if you wanna be honest.
  455. >You struggle against Moon Dust, but he's pinned your arms sides with his hind legs and his fore hooves are stroking your neck and one nipple.
  456. >He's going all out.
  457. >Then your feel your ear be engulfed in something warm and wet.
  458. >I-Is he making out with your ear?
  459. "What are you doing?" you say in a tone not unlike that of a young boy, high-pitched, childish tone and everything
  460. >Moon Dust separates from your ear with a pop and gives it a final lick with a flick of his tongue.
  461. "I don't know really." he admitted to you while he smacked his lips.
  462. >"But I know I did what I meant to do!" he said happily.
  463. "And just what was that?" you asked him with some annoyance.
  464. >"Give you a boner from something weird," he said with a smile on his face.
  465. >God that's cute.
  466. >You feel less angry now.
  467. >Fuck... He could use that against you.
  468. "What are you talking about?" you ask, perplexed.
  469. >Moon Dust gave you a short kiss and pointed his head towards your crotch
  470. >WHat's he talking abou-
  471. >You see a VERY clear definition showing itself from below
  472. >Well shit.
  475. >Be Anon. Be holding still for Moon Dust.
  476. >After he watches the blush cross your face, his wings flitter and lift him into the air a short distance.
  477. >Once more, he places his hooves on you, this time at your sides, below your shoulders. Gently, he pushes your arms out of the way to lightly touch your torso at first.
  478. >He very slowly drags his hooves down your sides, pressing *very* firmly until he reaches your hips, at which point he lightens his touch and caresses part way down the outside of your thighs on either side.
  479. >You twitch in about a dozen places as he does this.
  480. >Back home, nobody had ever really appreciated your hips or thighs this way. Not that you hadn't- still... well anyways it made you feel girly, which you hated.
  481. >Or at least- you /think/ you hated it. Anyways it's new to you and it made you blush harder.
  482. >Damn you're hot, though. This is beyond the level of just the burning in your cheeks from embarrassment.
  483. >He slides his hooves under your back now, flying still, his head turned away to one side so his nose doesn't bump you.
  484. >He lifts up with them, and just lets the downward pull of gravity on your body press you into his hooves.
  485. >You breathe deeply against his touch as he slowly, firmly works his way down.
  486. >You gasp as he reaches those two protrusions of the sacral ala, on either side of your spine. He stops and just rubs there.
  487. >If what you had been feeling in your face before was a burn, now it's nothing short of an inferno.
  488. >It almost hurts, and the heat blooms throughout your upper chest and down your fingers. He's doing this on purpose!
  489. >You are a bit shaken, and you aren't sure he understands this very much better than you do. But... you have to trust him. You had promised, hadn't you?
  491. >...You can only hope that this reaction or magic or whatever it is doesn't burn you to a crisp or send you into shock.
  492. >He grips your butt through your slacks. Another wave of that heat, now expanding outwards from where he squeezes, it now ripples through you, reaching out toward the other center of warmth at your temples.
  493. >His hooves are moving now, all over your legs and lower body. You can feel the energy practically crackle in the narrowing space between the two pools of heat within you.
  494. >You are afraid to let them connect; you get the sense that once they do there will be no turning back from whatever's going on -- no cooling down.
  495. >He's kneading and lifting so forcefully at your that your hips are being pulled up from where they rested on the bed.
  496. >Your breath staggers. You are afraid to breathe in deeply, as it feels like that warmth will connect with itself if you do.
  497. >Moony puts his hooves back under your ala.
  498. >He starts rubbing slowly, back on those two little spots.
  499. >Your world is a sea of heat. The ocean currents flow and splash with steam rising from them.
  500. >Two islands of safety remain in this world, just above the water, each with a peak to it.
  501. >But now some god reaches down with enormous limbs and stokes the fires of the peaks.
  502. >They are indeed no mountains, but volcanoes. Everything is hot, and the now oceans rage with a new furor. They stir, and soon the land is aglow with magma just beneath it.
  503. >It bursts.
  504. >There is no way you can hold on.
  505. >The two wells you had been forcing to stay separate now joined with the force of a thunderclap inside you.
  506. >It is mind-warping. You tremble and shake. By now Moony is just hugging you around your waste.
  507. >Your shirt has come untucked, and you can feel the fuzz of his cheeks and neck and chestruff upon the bare skin at your tummy.
  508. >He clutches you, hugging with all he can.
  509. >He would not let you go. It's scary, but he holds you through the storm.
  510. >Slowly, the blitz of lightning in your brain calms. You are still abuzz, really, but again you can think.
  511. >Everything is hot, down to your fingertips and the end of your nose -- which are usually cold places, relatively speaking.
  512. >The heat is even, and soothing in a way now. You think it must be what angels were allowed to feel like.
  513. >Your bulge has gone a bit flat through all this, but you don't care. You'd gladly just stay laying in Moony's embrace like this forever.
  515. >After some time, you wake up.
  516. >Your limbs entangled in Moony's own, your face just in front of his sweet face
  517. >You tighten your weak hold on Moon Dust's soft, slender body and feel the sense of lust and love intertwining together as you press against him.
  518. >He moans and squeaks, rubbing into you in his slumber.
  519. >You'd be hard as fuck now if you weren't already when you woke up.
  520. >You just lie there snuggling and lightly feeling up Moon Dust's body.
  521. >After some time of holding yourself back, you begin to be rougher with your fondling and place light kisses on his neck, face and nose, not to forget of course his smiling mouth.
  522. >You feel happy with what you've done.
  523. >You've been able to reach out to Moon Dust how you feel about him.
  524. >Not just how you find him attractive, just what he is to you, what kind of place in your heart does he reside.
  525. >Since your journey of self-rediscovery from your dark experiences in the seedier and dirtier parts of this new world, you find your ability to convey emotions and articulate feelings to be...
  526. >Stunted, to say the least.
  527. >You grew a jaded and grim expression to the world, which has grown over the course of time.
  528. >Stoic and dead.
  529. >Tears fall not from your eyes.
  530. >Grave anger usually just the knotting of the brows.
  531. >Euphoria is but a small smile and weary expression.
  533. >That is another thing you have your Moon Dust to thank for.
  534. >From the thousand-yard stare and tired gaze you once had by default...
  535. >You've become more vocal in general.
  536. >More responsive to your surroundings and everyone, rather than looking dead on, without care to what is around you, you look on the the world with bright and curious eyes once more.
  537. >Your laughter is now a bassy guffaw and chortle rather than the minute bark of bitter amusement that you've adopted.
  538. >You've been slowly nudged out of your pulsing, cancerous cocoon of dull malice.
  539. >He knew you.
  540. >You had doubts before that your queer (heh, pun) affection might just be idealized gratitude
  541. >But that day showed you otherwise.
  543. >As much this has been has been a great blessing to you, a new love, a new outlook on life, the veil of sadness lifted from your soul, etc., etc.
  544. >One thing was missing from all of it.
  545. >The thing you meant to do in the first place when came there,
  546. >aside from confessing to dear Moon Dust of course...
  547. >You've spent enough time waiting.
  548. >Spire of flesh at full mast, balls tingling, and mind willing, you lovingly slide Moon dust's long, doe-like legs and stare at his dick.
  549. >You wonder what he named it.
  550. >Lovingly, you touch it's flared tip and run your finger along it's length.
  551. >You hear Moony's sleepy moans.
  552. >Sexy shit
  553. >Then you begin pumping that motherfucker.
  554. >You wake Moony up with a charged start and more of a throaty moan than a yawn.
  555. >Your body is ready.
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