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  1. proggit.log.20091028:[11:04] <reppie> would you say you're an alpha geek
  2. proggit.log.20091107:[18:52] <reppie> would you say i'm a programmer
  3. proggit.log.20091109:[18:10] <reppie> would you say you're a top-caliber programmer
  4. proggit.log.20091110:[23:15] <reppie> would you say you're a rockstar developer
  5. proggit.log.20091119:[12:29] <reppie> would you say i'm an arrogant prick
  6. proggit.log.20091123:[18:06] <reppie> would you say you're type A or type B personality
  7. proggit.log.20091123:[22:41] <reppie> would you say i'm a boring person
  8. proggit.log.20091125:[14:05] <reppie> would you say your life is a joke
  9. proggit.log.20091125:[14:52] <reppie> would you say you're teh biggest loser in australia
  10. proggit.log.20091126:[01:59] <reppie> would you say that people who listen to pop music are casuals
  11. proggit.log.20091127:[08:58] <reppie> would you say you're cynical
  12. proggit.log.20091130:[13:51] <reppie> would you say i'm a moron
  13. proggit.log.20091209:[12:12] <reppie> would you say you're down to earth
  14. proggit.log.20091210:[12:55] <reppie> would you say eyepatches are cool
  15. proggit.log.20091211:[11:30] <reppie> would you say yoiu're a pseudo-intellectual?
  16. proggit.log.20091219:[16:30] <reppie> would you say i'm a jerk
  17. proggit.log.20091226:[19:22] <reppie> would you say you're fat
  18. proggit.log.20091228:[13:34] <reppie> would you say starcraft is nerdy
  19. proggit.log.20100102:[19:25] <reppie> would you say you're a real programmer
  20. proggit.log.20100102:[20:06] <reppie> would you say you're happy
  21. proggit.log.20100102:[21:13] <reppie> would you say you're a nerd
  22. proggit.log.20100105:[20:14] <reppie> would you say you're an all-star hacker
  23. proggit.log.20100111:[14:47] <reppie> would you say you love your mommy
  24. proggit.log.20100114:[10:31] <reppie> would you say you have good work ethic
  25. proggit.log.20100114:[14:15] <reppie> would you say i'm dumb
  26. proggit.log.20100121:[19:40] <reppie> would you say you love your job
  27. proggit.log.20100121:[19:49] <reppie> would you say i love my job
  28. proggit.log.20100122:[16:22] <reppie> would you say your waifu is easy on the eyes and buys you food
  29. proggit.log.20100126:[10:16] <reppie> would you say i'm a moron
  30. proggit.log.20100126:[11:04] <reppie> would you say you're a baller
  31. proggit.log.20100126:[13:06] <reppie> would you say you're a slender slave with sluttish sleepy eyes
  32. proggit.log.20100126:[17:49] <reppie> would you say you have aspergersr
  33. proggit.log.20100126:[19:04] <reppie> would you say i'm a lying fucking
  34. proggit.log.20100127:[08:12] <reppie> would you say you're an all-star hacker
  35. proggit.log.20100127:[17:25] <reppje> would you say i'm a fat neckbeard
  36. proggit.log.20100127:[22:35] <reppje> would you say you're a nihilist
  37. proggit.log.20100202:[16:28] <reppie> would you say i'm a neckbeard
  38. proggit.log.20100203:[12:36] <reppie> would you say your life is a joke
  39. proggit.log.20100204:[19:11] <reppie> would you say you're a bad drunfk
  40. proggit.log.20100204:[19:15] <Vellos> Would you say that herp a derp an derpderp derpa doderp?
  41. proggit.log.20100205:[13:13] <reppie> would you say i'm dumb
  42. proggit.log.20100208:[11:34] <reppie> would you say you have an opinion on everything
  43. proggit.log.20100208:[12:47] <reppie> would you say "jenna" is a porn star's name
  44. proggit.log.20100208:[14:33] <reppie> would you say i'm a troll
  45. proggit.log.20100209:[13:55] <reppie> would you say you're an anarchist
  46. proggit.log.20100210:[08:41] <reppie> would you say you're not motivated in school because you smoke marijuana?
  47. proggit.log.20100211:[11:29] <reppie> would you say people who read books are nerds
  48. proggit.log.20100211:[13:08] <reppie> would you say apple is innovative
  49. proggit.log.20100211:[13:28] <reppie> would you say you're a sexual deviant
  50. proggit.log.20100212:[08:54] <reppie> would you say hate should be a crime
  51. proggit.log.20100212:[11:17] <reppie> would you say you're geeky
  52. proggit.log.20100212:[14:19] <reppie> would you say you love them
  53. proggit.log.20100212:[20:19] <reppie> would you say happiness is an illusion
  54. proggit.log.20100218:[15:11] <reppie> would you say girls find guys who are good at something attractive
  55. proggit.log.20100313:[22:09] <cheezey> would you say you're weak?!
  56. proggit.log.20100401:[08:11] <reppii> would you say you're a nihilist
  57. proggit.log.20100418:[21:54] <hjst> would you say more, or less, dudes masterbating overall?
  58. proggit.log.20100426:[15:11] <mjard> would you say nextNeXTSTEP?
  59. proggit.log.20101007:[10:44] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say girls are looking for guts in a man
  60. proggit.log.20101007:[11:15] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say you have avoidant personality disorder
  61. proggit.log.20101011:[07:12] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say you are fun and down to earth
  62. proggit.log.20101011:[09:13] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say you're quite the catch
  63. proggit.log.20101012:[07:16] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say love is not found, but made
  64. proggit.log.20101017:[12:33] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say i have low self-esteem
  65. proggit.log.20101025:[10:40] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say you are "damaged goods"
  66. proggit.log.20101025:[11:39] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say quitters never win
  67. proggit.log.20101025:[13:36] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say things will work out if you try
  68. proggit.log.20101026:[13:33] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say metatron is a robot's name
  69. proggit.log.20101026:[14:04] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say you're apathetic
  70. proggit.log.20101027:[13:39] <dobreira> would you say it's fast enough for a configuration file? Something like 15/30 fields?
  71. proggit.log.20101027:[16:10] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say your happines depends on the happiness of someone else
  72. proggit.log.20101030:[09:38] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say the key to building relationships is to offer something up
  73. proggit.log.20101030:[14:50] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say everybody is special
  74. proggit.log.20101031:[09:28] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say you are better looking than average
  75. proggit.log.20101031:[09:28] <buttbot2> would you say you are better lookbutt than average
  76. proggit.log.20101103:[18:22] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say you're eccentric
  77. proggit.log.20101105:[17:10] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say
  78. proggit.log.20101107:[08:11] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say breaking hearts is a fact of life
  79. proggit.log.20101108:[12:29] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say getting a girlfriend/boyfriend is a completely normal thing
  80. proggit.log.20101108:[15:01] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say someone who keeps to themselves is wasting their life
  81. proggit.log.20101108:[15:03] <xX_vUvUZeLa_Xx> would you say you can't take it easy
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