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  1. [IMP]Gamma: Ok, do you like chocolate o.o?
  2. Childish G.: Yes, I am an avid chocolate connoisseur :]
  3. [IMP]Gamma: Me to. What is your favor. poke?
  4. Childish G.: Gotta give it to my man Landorus.
  5. [IMP]Gamma: Its strong, do you like the SpAtk-Set of it?
  6. Childish G.: I loved the Expert Belt set until BW2 came out. Ever since, I've loved the Rock Polish Special Set and the Sub Special Set :]
  7. [IMP]Gamma: Ok :3. What do you think about rage drawers?
  8. Childish G.: Hm.
  9. Childish G.: I don't really mind ragers in general.
  10. Childish G.: I only give draws to close friends.
  11. Childish G.: Or if you can convince me how the game would have changed if things hadn't gone the way they had.
  12. [IMP]Gamma: Ok, and how long do you play pokemon online at a day?
  13. Childish G.: Maybe an hour. A little more, a little less.
  14. [IMP]Gamma: How long have you been playing pokemon and pokemon online?
  15. Childish G.: In november, it will be one year.
  16. [IMP]Gamma: And how do you rate your skills in battles? 1-/10
  17. Childish G.: Hm.. I'd say a 7 or 8.
  18. [IMP]Gamma: Ok, are you in a clan?
  19. Childish G.: Yeah.
  20. [IMP]Gamma: Which clan?
  21. Childish G.: [Phoenix]
  22. [IMP]Gamma: ok
  23. Childish G.: Almost got into IMP
  24. Childish G.: 2 points off :/
  25. [IMP]Gamma: ok
  26. [IMP]Gamma: Do you think, it is easy to go on 1500 points in the ladder?
  27. Childish G.: No. But it's a lot easier than getting 100 points ;)
  28. Childish G.: 1100*
  29. [IMP]Gamma: Yes ;). And what is your favorite team-type? (Stall, offense..)
  30. Childish G.: Definitely Hyper Offense or Direct Offense.
  31. [IMP]Gamma: And why?
  32. Childish G.: Gets the job done quickly, and is hard to counter.
  33. [IMP]Gamma: ok, this is the end :)
  34. [IMP]Gamma: Thank you!
  35. Childish G.: Sure.
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