The Next Cycle: Races: The Gashunk

Aug 19th, 2012
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  1. The Gashunk
  3. Until the Tormin Civil wars, the Gashunk were a primitive and purely aquatic race native to the shallow water world of Harrish. They were uplifted late in the war by the Cy-Tormin. The Gashunk were chosen specifically for what the Cy-Tormin called “The Cold Hate”. They had seen a number races with a sort of berserker mindset, but the Gashunk displayed a unique variation in that they didn’t become blinded or unfocused by this rage, in fact they became more and more focused the angrier they got. This combined with their strong bodies, acute senses and keen predatory instinct made them perfect.
  5. The Gashunk are about 8 feet long by our measurements, they are cold blooded with blue skin, both a set of gills and lungs, large wing-like pectoral fins, prominent Dorsal fins, Large jaws, and broad tails, their bodies are sparsely covered in bony plates and scutes or large dentacles. The average Gashunk female give live birth to 2-4 precocious pups that become self sufficient within about 4 years. The Gashunk come in three sub-species.
  7. Those descended from natives of the southern hemisphere possess a more muted tone with grayish scutes and a wider head with a cephalofoil to aid in vertical and horizontal vision and improve their Electroreception.
  9. Individuals with ancestry in the equatorial marshes have a darker tinted coloration and often sport bone greenish scutes. They also posses notably longer (And less shark like) jaws and larger eyes that give them better nocturnal vision.
  11. Gushunk with mainly Northern heritage posses, a lighter slightly silver color, bone white scutes, more powerful jaws and adaptations for colder climates.
  13. In order to survive extended time out of water, they are equipped with cybernetic walking platforms with neural interfaces, most are quadrupedal in design, but recently bipedal, airborne, and even multimodal platforms have started to circulate. Weapons are usually back or fin mounted, though bipedal pilots like holding them in their “hands”.
  15. During the Gashunk’s time in the war, they received information implying that Cresten (The man responsible for their uplift) was planning to wipe them out after the war. The Cy-Tormin insist to this day that the information was a fabrication and that Cresten had only respect for the Gashunk, but the damage was done. The vast majority of the Gashunk turned on their allies and sided with the Sha-Tormin. Cresten was among the dead when the war was over.
  17. Currently the Gashunk are in a state of political limbo. Often satiating their desire for combat by enlisting in the Tribunal’s law enforcement and army, but are often regarded as loose cannons at best or ticking time bombs at worst. The Yahg and Kritiv are particularly disdainful of their attitude of rules as mere advice, The Cy-Tormin disliking them as traitors and the feeling typically being mutual. The Sha-Tormin are typically friendly to them (Having helped win the war for them), as are the Slynthids (who appreciate their no questions asked work ethic) and Reeluu (as fellow aquatics). The Chellons, Rektines, and Bergasts, are relatively neutral to them.
  18. Only the Terkovians and Kyvex are aware of their own opinions on the Gashunk.
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