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An Announcement from @NullCrew_FTS

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Jun 17th, 2014
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  1. I’ve just heard the news that my fellow NullCrew brothers have been arrested. One word comes to mind:
  3. SKIDS
  5. While this might shock some of you, let’s talk for a moment about some of the reasons that NullCrew, under its old leadership, was completely fucked from the start.
  7. To begin with, and for the love of sweet baby jesus, delete your old fucking personas COMPLETELY before adopting new ones you intend to commit federal crimes with. I told that fucking idiot Timmy (c0rps3, Orb1t_G1rl, rootcrysis) that his dox was too easy to find and provided ways for him to escape it. He obviously didn’t. And Dominik (thebinkyp, zer0pwn, phlex, nop_nc, docofcocks, theindigator, NULL), you seemed to think that no one would ever find your old aliases? Maybe you’ve never seen the hackforums dump that showed thebinkyp = zer0pwn? Maybe you deserved to get fucking burned for being on hackforums in the first place?
  9. Next, your OpSec was fucking horrendous. Don't launch attacks from your home IPs, skidlets! Don't log into our compromised servers from your home IPs! Fucking get a clue, get a fucking VPN! Doxxing these two morons was super simple, which explains why the FBI could do it. Did you really think they wouldn’t subpoena Skype, fucking told you Timmy.
  11. And what should’ve been the most fucking obvious thing ever: don't let just any asshole in the crew, and don't give them the keys to the fucking kingdom. The FBI got someone to get you fuckers, and you deserved it. I've already taken care of that little problem – if it walks like Sabu and talks like Sabu...
  13. Finally, these morons thought it’d be a good idea to go to war with the other hacking groups on the scene. They tried to SE them, stole exploits from them, etc. If the fucking government didn’t bust them, I was pretty confident one of the other groups would.
  15. I wasn’t sure how to proceed at this point because it’s painfully obvious for me that these dudes are going to get caught for sure, it was just a question of when. I decided the best way to roll was to just keep the status quo, because despite the fact that they turned out to be idiots, I still agreed with the message NullCrew was putting out: our systems are fucked up and need to change.
  17. So, what now? Now it’s time to get back to business, of course. We're getting back to basics – attacking the fuckers that are part of the system, the ones keeping the rich richer and everyone else poorer. Governments? In. Shitty corporations? In. Military? In. FBI? Of course they're in.
  19. In the short term, we're looking to add new targets and start fucking with as many people as we can. Got targets? Send 'em our way. Same with AnonOPs Want to help? Let us know...but no fucking skids. Experience has shown they can't be taught, only eliminated.
  21. Hit us up on Twitter or jabber: OTR only.
  24. Oh, and the douchey alien stoner theme is fucking done. You all deserve a better class of criminal.
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